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In Memory Of Violet's Husband, Kim Flint
1969 - 2010

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You: Tori Turned Me Stupid

Has this ever happened to you? ... You want to meet Tori, maybe you have something you've wanted to say to her for years, or have some special little trinket you want to give her, or have a meaningful story you want to share that you just know in your heart-of-hearts would truly touch her, so you trot your little self to a M&G somewhere and then when the big moment arrives — it's finally your turn to speak and the air is sparkling with energy and magical pink unicorns are dancing through your head and you are so totally ready, yay! — you turn into the biggest doof on the planet and come off like a complete imbecile?

1. Brianne's Stupid Story

March 2005. Barnes & Noble in Washington DC. My first opportunity to meet Tori and I blew it.

After waiting in line the previous morning since a bit after 12am, I finally scored my wristband at about 9am. Later that afternoon, the lucky wristband recipients were all escorted up to the second floor of the bookstore in a few different groups. I waited patiently, taking pictures here and there of Tori, taking it all in. When my turn comes, Tori asks for my name. “Brianne” I said. She then proceeds to sign my Piece by Piece book, and I mutter to her “I knew what I wanted to say to you before I came up here, but now I forgot”, in the lowest tone possible. I doubt she even heard me. She signed the book and I said “thanks”, and went in for a hug. Little did I know that most people were were polite enough to ASK her before they approached her in that manner, while I just went for the gold. The woman looked at me with eyes of pure terror, not knowing what I was going to do. Suffice to say, once she realized what I was doing, she hugged me back. Upon walking away and exiting via the escalator, each of us were to give up our wrist bands. The person in charge of making that happen simply let me walk by and didn’t take it from me. I cried all the way to the car because a) I was in complete shock that I finally met the woman, and b) because I screwed it up.

Meeting Tori Amos and screwing it up: Made of FAIL.
Being able to keep the coveted wristband: Priceless!

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