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    Tour Status

    Tori is touring in 2017 to support the release of Native Invader. The European legs runs from early September through early October and the North American leg runs from late October to early December. We do not know if additional dates elsewhere will be added.

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    Current Release

    Native Invader (album, 2017)

    Nokia Theatre


    Date July 24, 2009
    City Grand Prairie, TX
    Venue Nokia Theatre

    Set List

    Many thanks to @torifan13, @AgiDoll_fin, @treethirteen, and @christinelaw for getting the set to us over on Twitter.

    • Give
    • Caught A Lite Sneeze
    • Cornflake Girl
    • Starling
    • Black Dove (January)
    • Cars and Guitars
    • Beauty Of Speed
    • Icicle
    • Fire To Your Plain

    Lizard Lounge

    • Taxi Ride (for Kevyn Aucoin)
    • Mother

    (band returns)

    • Putting The Damage On
    • Marys Of The Sea
    • Police Me
    • Precious Things
    • Strong Black Vine


    • Body And Soul
    • Raspberry Swirl
    • Big Wheel


    Black Dove (January) (posted by casey75204)

    Cars and Guitars (posted by casey75204)

    Fire To Your Plain (posted by robertschrader)

    Taxi Ride (posted by robertschrader)

    Taxi Ride (posted by casey75204)



    1. Sadie says:

      This show was fantastic! Tori seemed to be in very high spirits and playful with the audience. A few forgotten lyrics but one of the strongest Dallas shows in the past few years.

    2. Chris&Chauncey says:

      Well. That was…what’s that word? Oh yeah: AWESOME. (Big surprise, eh?)

      Speaking of surprises, the Lizard Lounge combo of Taxi Ride and Mother must’ve clocked in at around 15 minutes. So moving and powerful – even when she “forgot the f**king words” on the line “the phone has been disconnected.” It was actually a wonderful moment of levity during a great song.

      The Beauty Of Speed. Need we say more?

      Dallas shows tend to be pretty up-tempo, and from Marys Of The Sea on to the last note of Big Wheel, Tori and the boys didn’t let up. Jon and Matt know how to ride that line between fantastic musicianship and genuine humility – they never forget who’s center stage. And the choice of keyboard orchestrations for this tour is especially great (particularly on Starling). All in all, another fantastic show from Tori.

      But don’t take our word for it…go see a show or ten for yourselves!

    3. Lynn says:

      Tori was on fire tonight!! So energetic and gorgeous. Dallas fans could barely stay in their seats! Almost too many highlights to mention.
      Black Dove in Texas was fitting and getting to Texas had been my goal. =) Cars and Guitars rocked. I have been chasing the fire again this tour, so Fire to Your Plain was my favorite.
      While many people feel differently, Taxi Ride may not have had to do with MJ but Kevyn Aucoin. At the meet & greet someone had brought his book signed by Kevyn. Regardless, it was the best live Taxi Ride that I have ever heard. Poigniant and touching.
      Mother and Putting the Damage on were icing on the cake. The rest of the concert was pure bliss.
      Can’t wait for Austin! Thank you Tori!

    4. I. R. says:

      Amazing. My first show. Songs I could have been good not hearing: Cars and Guitars and Mother. Other than that it was an amazing set. She forgot some words on Mother though…which was hilarious. Taxi Ride made my soul seep out of my pores a bit. EVERYBODY got up and shook their ass for Raspberry Swirl (in which she dissed Bush). I don’t know if she referenced MJ in Taxi Ride or not…she did an improv where she sang about “him” painting sunsets and sunrises with his make up paints and how he made people pretty…so I assumed it was her make up artist friend. Unless I misunderstood and MJ is not Michael Jackson.

      My favorite moments were CALS, Icicle, Precious Things, Raspberry Swirl, and Strong Black Vine. The improv for SBV was AWESOME! “Push like a mother, fucker!” Which she sang over and over at the end and something about a “motherfucker.” It was great.

      I can’t wait for my next show!

      She outed Matt too lol She said he walked the streets of Dallas and smoked pot.

    5. Daena says:

      Amazing show!! Tori had so much energy and was full of smiles tonight — dancing, gesturing and in great spirits. This was my 2nd Tori show and it blew the first away by far.

      The highlight of the night for me was “Taxi Ride” — she did a spoken intro to it about how the song was about a talented friend whose loved ones turned on him in his darkest hour and at the end of the song there was an improve about him “painting the sunrise with his makeup paints” — there’s no doubt it was about Kevyn Aucoin!

      What may or may not be connected is that at the Meet & Greet I brought my copy of “Making Faces” which I was lucky enough to have had signed by Kevyn not too long before he died. Tori signed the same page he signed for me with a brief but touching note.

      In any case, the show was just incredible — such a great mix of both old and new favorites. Couldn’t be happier and just can’t wait to see her again (though I hope she doesn’t tour in summer again b/c waiting for the M&G was torture in that heat — thankfully water was sent out to us!)

    6. Kellie says:

      Show was fantastic as usual. Definitely more of a rock show than usual…little talking from Tori, but lots of dancing. My impression of taxi ride was that the intro was a nod to MJ, but then developed into a tribute to Kevyn Aucoin. I will always listen to that song differently now. Mother was such a surprise. I love when she whispers the line “He’s gonna chage my name”. My only disappointments were not hearing Carbon and no second encore. I felt sure from previous set lists that we would hear Carbon, but I think we got Black Dove instead because of the Texas lyric. But its hard to stay disappointed when she puts on such a fabulous show.

    7. Simply Chad says:

      I have seen multiple shows on each tour starting with Little Earthquakes and last night Dallas show Was definitely in the top 3. It had everything needed for a spectatular evening: great set list, great performance, great sound and Tori’s voice was spot on.

      Highlights for me were Blackdove, Icicle, and of course the breath takeningly beautiful Taxi Ride – which was clearly a tribute to Kevyn Aucoin and not Michael Jackson. Before she began to sing Tori said something to the effect of “this song is for a great person. In his final days nobody was there for him. But they were all at his funeral”. And at the end she improved about how he paints sunsets with his make up brushes and “makes us beautiful”.
      The only downside to the show was the audience. I do not understand why/how people are so inconsiderate. So many people stood through most of the show. Especially people in the front few rows. Really? You’re lucky to have great seats and you feel a need to stand and cause others to not be able to stand. Yes I’m talking about you, Crappy Dancing Guy.
      A group of girls with bad seats stole the empty seats in front of me. When I realized she was a “stander” I asked her “if you’re going to steal those seats can you please sit”? And she responded “but I can’t see”.H Seriously? And what about everyone behind you?
      Okay rant done. Just be considerate of the others who want to enjoy the evening too.

    8. jess says:

      My boyfriend got my sister and I tickets at the last minute, he is much too busy to go along. Thanks a bunch chef. :)

      A point I haven’t heard in previous reviews, it is absolutely amazing to see the chemistry Tori, Jon and Matt have. Before Raspberry Swirl, T was doing a rave dance like she was wearing those neon bracelets, we all know her dancing (Cornflake Girl in 1996, Big Wheel on ADP and this year, which she did dance again last night), and Jon looked over at her when she stepped to the keyboard and began to imitate her dance, making fun of her. During Precious Things, Tori and Matt went back and forth, like they normally do during Siren, Matt filling in while Tori, using the musical term, rests. Point being, they genuinely looked like they were having a great time, the last tour seemed very uptight. This was more like 2002. And that played off into the crowd. I know they were going back and forth of is Matt going to tour, is he not? And it wouldn’t have been the same without the band.

      Highlights for me:

      Caught a Lite Sneeze – this is one of my all-time favorites, I listened to it when I was pregnant and the fishy fish would groove along inside to Jon’s bass.

      Black Dove – obviously, the Texas part, the ‘kin’ part. This song is just magical.

      Beauty of Speed – Not quite as intense as ADP, but beautiful, nonetheless. The exchange of background colors was brilliant.

      Icicle – I don’t think I’ve ever heard a version better than this one. Videos on youtube simply do not do it justice. It was absolutely powerful. And to the guy who yelled out ‘Christ’ or something in the beginning, I’m surprised you survived the people sitting around you, because, seriously? Seriously?

      Taxi Ride – Definitely for Kevin, Tori actually told a story, actually talked, before the song, about this great guy who is no longer with us, and during his hardest days, his friends, his ‘friends’, turned their back on him, (all the while, people trying to guess who ‘he’ is, Michael, her brother, Michael Jackson, Kevin), but during the improvs she mentioned that he paints the sunrises and makes people beautiful, and even said his name, ‘Kev’ several times during the song, which I’ve never noticed before, but realized it isn’t the first time she’s done that. It was really touching, very emotional.

      Mother – Tori has never played this at any of the shows I’ve attended, and I was so happy to hear it. So beautiful, she did mess up the lyrics, ‘I don’t know these fucking words.’ Matt and Jon were walking on stage when Tori was still playing the song, realizing it wasn’t over, ran back off stage. Way to go, boys.

      Putting The Damage On – It should be noted that the Lizard Lounge sign was still up during this song, now, whether or not is was part of the LL, I don’t know. Anyway, I love this song. It is probably one of my favorites and first time live. The girl next to me was sobbing. And I felt her, Tori played this beautifully. Anyone have a video of it?

      It was Club Tori from Police Me to the end, but everyone was respectful of the band and other concert viewers. Tori was real flirty during Cornflake Girl, waving to the crowd, and Raspberry Swirl, giving the crowd cute looks over her shoulder.

      Such a great concert. Special thanks again, to the chef for the awesome seats and my sis for sucking it up and going with me, not a Tori fan, but I think she secretly had a good time. :)

    9. Casey Christian says:

      Echoing what others have already said, this was a very strong show. I’ve seen every Dallas show since ’98 and this was one of the best in recent years. She was in quite a mood and seemed to be having a lot of fun. This was probably the most straight up, big old ROCK show I’ve seen her do (at least in Texas) since the Plugged ’98 Tour.

      For me, the highlight was certainly the solo version of Taxi Ride. It was the best version I’ve ever heard, with or without the band. It was breathtaking. And, just for the record, it was all for Kevyn! No MJ there. Swirl and Strong Black Vine were also really epic. The “motherfucker” part at the end rocked my face off!

      A few HD videos coming soon to www.youtube.com/casey75204 … enjoy!

    10. Danny says:

      at the m&g, I told her I am from L.A. and that I had seen her last week there. I further said: “Mother means a lot to me. My mom’s bday would’ve been in August, and it’s been 6 yrs since she’s been gone. I’d love to hear it in TX.” She said “let’s see what we can do,” and wrote it on her hand… to my surprise, SHE DID IT!!!!! To the ones sitting around me… I’m sorry for the sobbing, but it meant a lot hearing Mother… WOW.. FANTASTIC SHOW.. besides, TX fans are so respectful and beautiful…. M&G was fantastic, my best ever (aside from the Ryan on Air in Hollywood).

      one word… WOW

      I’ll write a complete review once I get back to L.A. on Monday, and I’ll upload M&G photos on facebook/myspace.

      THANKS TORI, you have simply reiterated my love for you.

    11. Mike Holliday says:

      Blown away. The best Tori concert I’ve been to in years. I got goosebumps at least 10 times and reared up at taxi ride. Thematically, it was a very forceful show. Thank you Tori and see you all in Austin!

    12. erin says:

      pretty good set. dallas always gets a great show. though i have to say, almost nothing beats her original sinsuality concert in dallas a few years back!

      she looked like a greek goddess last night. i was hoping for a cover…or maybe a few more from LE but all in all wonderful energy. not so much feisty like a usual dallas set…but more energetic.

      the crowd was not too bad. no sound issues.

    13. Mindy says:

      The Good:

      Black Dove (January) was STELLAR. Excellent performance. It was so very classic Tori. Loved it.

      Marys of the Sea was gorgeous.

      Beauty of Speed was great.

      Tori was chatty, which is always fun. She seemed to be in good spirits—a lot of dancing, a lot of audience interaction, etc.

      The new songs sounded great, even better than the album versions (with the exception of SBV, which I think still needs some time to come together).

      The guys sounded great as well, and how fun to see Jon play guitar!

      The Bad:

      The audience was atrocious. The place looked like a disturbed ant pile. I have never seen so many people walking around and chatting at a Tori show before. My friends and I alone had to get up no less than 6 times to let people come and go for beer, and then for the bathroom, and then for more drinks, and then for the bathroom again (not to mention the row in front of us, which also had a lot of coming/going). And because everyone was drinking, they were not just chatting but chatting LOUDLY, discussing the peanuts they bought out in the lobby, their anti-depressants, and so on (seriously). This is usually not a problem at a loud show, like say a Tool show, where the person next to you has to scream in your ear for you to hear him. But this is a Tori show. It’s not that loud, people. Plus, I had the pleasure of sitting behind the guy who insists on singing along very loudly to every single song, even during Lizard Lounge. It was so painful to hear him try to keep up with whatever slight changes she made while singing. Totally ruined most of the show for me. And let’s not forget the token group of girls that drop it like it’s hot during Cornflake Girl. A bit much. It just sucks when you have to actually try really hard to listen and watch your very favorite musician perform. I’ve never had such an experience at a Tori show.

      The Ugly:

      Cars and Guitars. Surely I’m not the only one who cringes upon hearing that terrible “chaw ch-ch-chaw ch-ch-chaw chaw,” right?

      The crotch grab during the “woman’s gold” line of Body and Soul disturbed me. It’s like, ok, you’re a little old for that, no? Why aren’t we beyond that yet? It’s just kinda cheesy at this point.

      The Disappointing:
      Raspberry Swirl was almost great. The boys were spot-on and Tori was singing like she meant it. But the keyboards added nothing to the song. In fact, it was hard to hear it at all. And considering the killer piano parts that are on the studio version, it was a shame that they didn’t get played.

      CALS fell a little flat for me. Definitely heard better, stronger versions.

      The forgotten Mother lyric. Sigh. Really one of the most powerful lyrics of one of her most powerful songs! And then the “I don’t know the fucking words” part. Double sigh. Not the kind of song where I want to hear the f-bomb. I know she’s only human and these things happen. But I only wish it would’ve happened during Cars and Guitars instead of one of my favorites!

    14. neverher says:

      Okay…seats really matter at a Tori show. I suppose I am a fool for thinking itunes pre-sale was the way to go, but MAN! I was totally duped. I have had great luck with seats in the past…if you can’t see her face, the show is almost not worth it. Oh well…sorry to be one of those people who complain on here. I WISH I had been closer, because from what I could tell she was wearing something awesome and kinda grecian, with gold tights…also, it seemed like she was giving the crowd a lot of facial expression and fun moves on the bench. Great setlist (with the exception of one song I am not going to mention, but I only DESPISE about 4 songs in this woman’s huge catalog, and she always manages to play one here!) I knew we were going to get Taxi Ride because of the incident at the Rainbow Room in Fort Worth, but I was hoping for Riot Poof to go with it. I also wish she would can it with the George W every time she plays Dallas. I just wish she wouldn’t stereotype and alienate. We aren’t wearing cowboys hats and boots, either…I hate GW so I just find it insulting. On a great note, I cried all the way through Mother and Damage the way I did when I was an emo teen seeing her for the first time. :)

    15. TexasTiburon says:

      Dallas was a great show! Honestly, I thought we had the best set lists of the tour so far (Until I saw the Austin set list). I gotta admit that I’m jealous that they didn’t even get ONE clunker song! (Hense: Cars and Guitars) – Her performance was good of it, it’s just not a song that should ever be done live for anyone, ever. Where was our Carbon? Oh – That’s right it was C & G’s! I’m seriously not bitching. It was a GREAT show and she was really into it, you could tell. I was frozen during Taxi Ride, Mother and Damage. The intensity of Icicle was something that can not be described with words – The lighting was awesome for it! And neverher, I did have my boots on, but that’s all I wear (Grin) – From where I was, the crowd was very considerate, we didn’t have to get up once for anyone! There were a couple of people at the front of the stage duing “Police Me” doing some kind of strange “Let’s act out this song” dance that was distracting, but it was more comedy than annoying.

    16. Sage says:

      This show was FANTASTIC!

      Tori’s voice was so pristine and clear for almost the entire show; she was right on target.

      Huge Highlights: Black Dove, Caught a Lite Sneeze, Strong Black Vine, Mother, Raspberry Swirl and Icicle.

      The setlist was fantastic and the sounds were amazing. Tori actually reworked Cars and Guitars very well and it sounded a lot better than the album version.

      Mother was beautiful and the little mess up was funny but she didn’t stop playing.

      Strong Black Vine was so full of energy and she did this wicked improve about pushing the evil out “like a mother fucker.”

      Raspberry Swirl sounded way better than any of the ADP shows, I think she’s finally got that one sounding right live except for the keyboards. She should probably just have pre-recorded synth if she needs it and play on the piano like in the studio version.

      Black dove was fun and she made sure to really vocalize the part about Texas.

      Police me was fun, as usual, and made it’s way to the main set list.

      All of the songs were performed very well and it was well worth it. My seats were dead center but almost as far away as you could possibly get and I still had a really good time. I recorded the entire show on video but UNFORTUNATELY I lost my damned camera at six flags and half of them got lost. But I digress.

      The only negative thing I can say is that the fans were just ridiculous. I don’t understand why people want to get drunk off their asses at a concert. Luckily The people directly around me were very nice but down below was more chaotic.

      Getting out was even scarier, I’ve never seen so many drunk drivers. One woman took out two damned cones and then started clapping about it!

      Positive: Great set list, Great performances.
      Negative: Drunk Fans, no 2nd encore.

      Aside from Anaheim 07, this was the best show I’ve been to.

    17. Jen says:

      “And let’s not forget the token group of girls that drop it like it’s hot during Cornflake Girl.” LOL. I could barely see tori through the wall of blond hair waving all over the place. (I’m blond, so no offense) it didn’t make me mad though, made me giggle, probably just one too many of the nokia’s $22 “specialty” drinks.

      enough about that though.

      I haven’t missed tori in texas since UTP, and i wonder when it will feel like going through the motions, because how many times can you see one person?? MANY TIMES if it’s tori! once again the show was totally unique. “Icicle” was amazing with the band!

      Great show! Thanks again Tori!

    18. jefferson says:

      BEST FUCKING NIGHT EVER!!!!! The setlist was incredible! it was my second tori amos show… first being in nashville 07. And i could not contain myself first off when i got there we had terrible seats far to the left of the stage so i asked a guy after the first act before tori came out if i could move to these empty seats in the third row and he said yes!!! it was so amazing i got third row seats through tori’s whole performance!!! she did some of my favorites cars and guitars being one and yes i love the chaw cha cha chaw part thank you very much mindy! starling was awesome caught a lite sneeze! black dove! mother! a haunting icicle! a beautiful rendition of taxi ride with amazing improv! and during strong black vine i was standing and screaming i love you tori and she pointed at me and looked directly at me and said the lyric “boy i can save you from your evil faith!” i went wild!!! and then the push like a motherfucker improv in strong black vine sent us in a stupor of bliss! i wanted to see pip last tour and didn't get to but during that part i saw pips character fucking awesome!!! during the encore i got to the stage and she smiled at me and my wife so much!!! we had such a good time thank you sooooooooo much tori!!!!!!!!!!!! oh yeah and raspberry swirl was friggen awesome!!!!

    19. inkybrown says:

      I’ve seen every tour since Pele, and this one was great. I have seldom seen Tori so animated, I mean she really seemed to be in a great mood that night! I love her solo pieces, Lizard Lounge. BTW that’s the name of a popular local nightclub. I thought maybe Tori uses the name of a local place in each town where she plays, but apparently it’s always Lizard Lounge on this tour. But yeah the audience around me included a guy who pantomimed vigorously along to every song and a fat super-drunk girl screaming and dancing. And hey, those things behind you… they’re called seats. Use them!

    20. kris says:

      One of the BEST shows I’ve ever seen from Tori and the boys. The crowd was incredibly receptive and there was a definite exchange of energy happening, as Tori was extremely happy and playful during the entire show. So many people were up and dancing, which I didn’t find annoying at all, I thought it was quite awesome and I think Ms. T did too! Oh yeah, during Raspberry Swirl she changed it up a tad and sang, “If you want inside me well, boy you better make my raspberry swirl” as she showed off her grinding/dancing skills. :-) This show kicked ASS.

    21. Anthony Chapa says:

      Where to start, THIS CONCERT WAS SUPREMELY FANTASTICAL AND GOOD!!!! SO many good choices, every song was rockin and/or beautiful and so amazingly performaned.
      Taxi Ride an spectacular gem of the night, so amazing and sad. I cried, tori’s emotion and performance were too great

      Give was awesome as was Strong Black Vine.

      CARS ANG GUITARS was GREAT!!!! I love this song, and it was so funky.

      Marys of The Sea Blew me away, completely entrancing and full force. Tori threw this down like she’d been waiting years to throw it down with the band.

      Raspberry Swirl was one of my favorites,and one of the best versions of it Ive ever heard. And, yes, I’ve seen T on vh1 storytellers, but this raspberry was phenomenal.

      Ever song was great, I had the best time i will have for a long time there, at least until Tori tour again :( Ill miss you T, can’t wait for the Solstice record and the Europe “Legs and Boots” lol and the musical.

    22. Logan says:

      Ah, alright, this was my second tori show. (sadly, I discovered her only 3 years ago.) But this show was superb! Perhaps a little short, but stellar none the less!

      I’ve waited for so long to hear the likes of Raspberry Swirl live, & she completely exceeded all of my wildest expectations! There was (or so I think there was) a third verse & this WILD siren-esque singing going on during the end of the performance. Black Dove of course was beautiful. No surprise there. For me the only one that lacked a bit was Starling. It’s a beautiful song, but the bridge just kills the magic of it. Okay, onto the highlights!

      GIVE was amazing! Absolutely breath-taking! Especially in the way that she chopped and skewered her chorus lines! It was truly awe-inspiring!

      CARS & GUITARS has never been a favorite of mine, but it was delicious live! Her voice in the chorus was soul-melting! So warm and vital!

      TAXI RIDE has long been a favorite of mine, & I feel more than privileged to have been given opportunity to hear this beautiful piece performed live, & acoustic with improvs at that! Very, VERY captivating.

      MARYS OF THE SEA & POLICE ME were both friggin powerhouses! Marys truly was a gem, especially as she gestured to the audience during the “last time I checked he came to light the lamp for everyone” line. It was very heartwarming! & Police Me? It was a funkin’ groovething! I never would’ve expected so much rock to come from that song live!

      PRECIOUS THINGS was quite precious indeed, especially with it’s rearranged drum & piano section in the bridge. It had this amazing start/stop thing going on. Truly riveting! Her vocals, again, were majestic.

      STRONG BLACK VINE was truly great! Although, I do think that the live chorus needs the guitar to really fly. Excellent improv at the end though!

      BODY & SOUL was sexy and grinding! I’ve never danced so much in my life! I attended her Houston show in 11/25/07 & was very sad that she didn’t play this, but now? Wish granted & I’m happy as a clam! :)

      & while I never would’ve figured Big Wheel a good closer song, it truly was wonderful! Especially with the whole call/answer of “M-I-L-F/DON’T YOU FORGET!” Very amazing show. & her attire was superb. =D Overall, this show was stunning! Although, very few things could compete with witnessing her “Burn Until Then” improv back in Houston 07. That was a special moment. Magical & dear.

    23. Hope says:

      Tori’s performance was awesome, and I hope she never plays the Nokia Theatre again. My friends ditched me, I drove over 200 miles to get there, and I had to tolerate the city of Dallas in all its glory, so it is not easy to be objective.

      The Nokia is cavernous which affects the acoustics. The sight lines on the far left and right were limited. I could not see Matt at all from my seat.

      They charge a self-parking fee and it was $15 cash only. I was fortunate to have brought an emergency cash reserve. I’ve never paid more than $6 or $7 to self-park at a concert. The concession prices were beyond any acceptable profit margin. The management of the theatre are just greedy fucks, period. There’s no other explanation. It doesn’t go to charity. They sold their naming rights to the highest bidder and they gouge patrons. The reason they do it is because we let them get away with it by quietly dumping out our wallets for them and never complaining.

      But, I digress. Tori’s performance was fantastic. She could rock out in an airplane hangar if she had to.

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