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    Tori is touring in 2017 to support the release of Native Invader. The European legs runs from early September through early October and the North American leg runs from late October to early December. We do not know if additional dates elsewhere will be added.

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    Native Invader (album, 2017)



    Date March 19, 2009
    City Austin, TX
    Venue SXSW


    And so it begins…with an introduction by Perez Hilton…Tori is playing solo.

    Main Set

    • Lady in Blue
    • Curtain Call
    • Crucify
    • Cloud On My Tongue
    • Beauty of Speed
    • Mary Jane
    • Take To The Sky
    • Silent All These Years
    • Barons of Suburbia

    And that’s all she wrote.

    Set list being fed to us by the millions of Twitter folks at the show! Thanks to them! Especially SpinnerTweet who must have a copy of the album since they recognize the new songs… ;)

    Thanks also to the usual suspects for old-fangled cell phone updates too!


    Lady In Blue and half of Curtain Call

    Tori Amos South By Southwest 2009 Austin Texas from Mr. Luna on Vimeo.

    Cloud on my Tongue from Mr. Luna

    Tori Amos South By Southwest 2009 Austin Texas Cloud on My Tounge from Mr. Luna on Vimeo.

    Take to the Sky from Mr. Luna

    Tori Amos: Take To The Sky SXSW 2009 from Mr. Luna on Vimeo.

    Crucify (posted by tr3ntisthenewpink)

    Mary Jane posted by tr3ntisthenewpink)

    Lady in Blue (posted by sakreh)

    Curtain Call (posted by sakreh)

    Mary Jane (posted by sakreh)

    Cloud on my Tongue (posted by sakreh)

    Beauty of Speed (posted by sakreh)

    Lady in Blue (w/Perez Hilton intro posted by :hayley580)

    Curtain Call (posted by :hayley580)

    Lady in Blue (posted by casey75204)

    Curtain Call


    Cloud on my Tongue

    Beauty of Speed

    Mary Jane

    Take to the Sky

    Barons of Suburbia



    1. Patrick Boothe says:

      I just moved to Austin about a month ago, I’m THRILLED that I’ve been able to be in this great scene… and being about to see Tori at an intimate venue in SXSW was awesome… though being 5’6’‘ I was struggling to get a good view of her, it was all worth it.

      I showed up to the venue at around 9, thinking that there was no way I was gonna be able to get in (i didn’t to the badges or wristbands this year) but all I had to do was lay down a little cash and I was there.

      Erin McCarley went on before Tori, she was great live! I’m not usually into the kind of sound that she makes but it kept me intrigued.

      About 20 minutes to change the stage and Tori was on by 10:05, all solo. She started out with Lady In Blue, a very jazzy number that reminded me of the slower song she covered for the Mona Lisa Smile soundtrack. Next she premiered Curtain Call… I was similar in it’s jazzy nature but sounded like it wouldn’t stand out with extra instrumentation on a recorded version either…

      Then Tori told us how much she missed us…
      Crucify was just fine but we’ve heard this song live SOO many times it just is.
      I was THRILLED to hear Cloud On My Tongue, one of my favorites, though the woman in front of me kept moving back further until her hair was practically in my mouth, ugh!

      Beauty Of Speed sounded really good, and went over really well with the crowd… but Tori seemed to have cut it short… Seems like she left off what would have been 2 minutes of the regular recorded version.

      Then she wanted to tell us a “true story” of a teenage boy and she wasn’t going to name names… but He thought something about how “Mary Jane” was gonna solve everything, or something to that effect… And then she went straight into “Mary Jane” which is, in fact, a song that seems to be about my favorite little green substance… Many of us loved that one ;)

      At this point of the show, you can tell that Tori was pumped and the crowd was right there with her… She banged out Take To The Sky which sounded, like always, fantastic… It was complete with the “I Feel The Earth Move” medley, which the crowd also loved very much (and so did i, as always).

      Since Tori probably knew that many people in the audience hadn’t kept up with her since her hey day, she wisely chose Silent… as her next song, and the crowd went wild.

      She decided to close mysteriously with Barons Of Suburbia, which sounded great. This song was meant for just her and her piano, though I love the recorded version too. After she finished this song she said her thank yous and walked off the stage blowing kisses to the Audience.

      It’s nice that, after 15 years of being a massive Tori fan, and always hearing about other towns that got to hear her songs on the radio first, or see her play live first, that I finally made it to one where I can say that myself now. I’m looking forward to being able to hear her show on KGSR tomorrow at noon.

    2. Rudy says:

      Glorious. Absolutely glorious.

      First off, Tori hasn’t looked so sexy and fashionable (as herself) in years. She wore a gorgeous beige dress and her hair looked amazing (there is much debate of wig vs extensions, but who cares, she looked ridonkulously hot).

      “Lady in Blue” was lovely and had a distinct cabaret feel to it, reminiscent of Cole Porter or Marlene Dietrich.

      “Curtain Call” . . . there are no words. IMO, maybe her most personal song since “Playboy Mommy.” Seemed to be about people telling her it’s time to wrap up her career, or at least about her looking back on her career. One of those Tori songs that goes right to your heart and your gut.

      “Crucify” was well done, and the crowd loved it; there was a line about how she wouldn’t “Crucify her land” again which someone thought was a reference to Bush being out of office. “Cloud on My Tongue” was introduced as an oldie that wanted to come out that night, and it was a beautiful rendition. She was interpolating some throaty growls in the end. She carried over some of the lyrics into “Beauty of Speed” singing about “beauty over the bridge.”

      “Mary Jane” was hilarious. She introduced it by saying it was about a “very cool teenage boy” that she knew, talking to his mother about wanting to “have Mary Jane over” and asking for her consent. The song is their conversation, which includes a mention of the boy’s puberty and a few words about baking brownies. Decidedly in the spirit of “Leather” or “My Posse Can Do,” and it also had a cabaret feel to it.

      “Take to the Sky” included the “I Feel the Earth Move” improv; everyone went nuts when she sang, “I feel . . .” the first time. “Silent All These Years” was her usual self, and a crowd favorite.

      She closed with “Barons of Suburbia,” and holy crap. She went nuts at the end, singing “Piecing a potion” over and over as the crowd cheered her on, even adding a few extra “She is risen!“s in there. And she is. She is risen. Tori put on one of the best shows I’ve ever seen (this is my 21st) and seems willing to go to the intensely personal places she hasn’t gone in a while.

      She did a meet and greet after the show and was lovely and gracious.

      Again, she is risen, folks. Get ready.

    3. Hayley says:

      Welcome back, T! She was absolutely stunning last night. I love, love, love the new songs! Mary Jane was funny and beautiful. Curtain Call was breathtaking. I knew we’d hear Silent All These Years and Crucify but they were good too. I think this was my fave version of Take To The Sky w/ the Feel the Earth Move ending. It was awesome. Tori looked fab as usual and had some bad ass shoes. This was an amazing show!!

    4. Alison Zemell says:

      Just a quick note about the setlist, “Maybe California” was supposed to be played before Barons, but wasn’t.

    5. jessie frye says:

      hey all. i risked being late to my own show to see tori…dedicated!

      it was a dream. she seemed a little out of her element- which made it even cooler because she made it her own.

      much love to all the people chatted with at the show. it was great to see tori at such an intimate setting.

    6. Casey says:

      Having gone to the University of Texas in Austin, this wasn’t my first SXSW but it’s one of my favorites, that’s for sure! My friend Leah and I were lucky enough to know the Universal Republic rep who was working the show, so were able to skip the line and head right into La Zona Rosa.

      I got to see all three acts before Tori, and for the most part, enjoyed them. First up was Tyrone Wells. He was likeable, if kind of generic (think Augustana or Vertical Horizon). He did a cover of The Cranberries “Zombie” which I enjoyed. Gabriella Cilmi was up next. She was okay; I don’t think her voice is quite as bluesy-strong as she’d like to think, but she did turn in a surprisingly rocking cover of “Whole Lotta Love.” Finally was Erin McCarley. The crowd seemed to really enjoy her set and I would agree. I thought she was a real talent and had a great stage presence. I think I’ll be buying a few of her songs on iTunes.

      Tori took the stage just a couple minutes after 10:00 and looked amazing. Her dress, shoes, and hair all just worked so well together; Leah and I both agreed that she looked really healthy and beautiful. We thought she sounded great, too. She struck a nice, happy medium between “big star” and “fresh new talent” that I thought was just right for SXSW as well as the crowd in La Zona Rosa.

      We all know the old songs, so I’ll just comment on the new ones. “Lady in Blue” was pretty, but not all that dynamic to me. It wasn’t bad, it just didn’t grab me as it did some others. “Curtain Call” was fantastic. Lyrically speaking, it was incredibly direct and cutting and I agree with others that it sounds like one of Tori’s most honest and personal songs in a long time. Finally, I thought “Mary Jane” was a lot of fun. It may be one of her silly songs (think “Happy Phantom” or “Mr. Zebra”) but with the story she told beforehand putting it in context, I think there were a lot of us there that could relate!

      All in all, I thought it was a great performance and I was both humbled and so gracious to be there for it. I’m really, really looking forward to the new album! Having heard both “Welcome to England” and “Fire to Your Plain” on KGSR in Austin, I think sonically they sound like a really interesting mix between stuff from SCARLET and CHOIRGIRL. May 19th can’t get here fast enough for me!

      Undented has embedded my videos about. However, I was very near the front (like 2nd row) and am 6’ 4” tall, so had a nice vantage point plus shot all the videos in 720p HD. So, if you want to see them in all their high quality glory, you can do so from my YouTube channel.



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