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    Tour Status

    Tori is touring in 2017 to support the release of Native Invader. The European legs runs from early September through early October and the North American leg runs from late October to early December. We do not know if additional dates elsewhere will be added.

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    Current Release

    Native Invader (album, 2017)

    Heineken Music Hall


    Date September 17, 2009
    City Amsterdam, NL
    Venue Heineken Music Hall

    Set List

    • Give
    • Body and Soul
    • Cornflake Girl
    • Little Amsterdam
    • Concertina
    • Flavor
    • Space Dog
    • Carbon
    • Virginia
    • Bells For Her

    Lizard Lounge

    • Leather
    • Here In My Head
    • Vincent (Starry Starry Night)

    (band returns)

    • Lady In Blue
    • Little Earthquakes
    • Fast Horse
    • Precious Things
    • Strong Black Vine


    • Talula
    • Big Wheel


    Concertina (posted by thecylonprisoner)

    Flavor (posted by thecylonprisoner)

    Virginia (posted by thecylonprisoner)

    Here In My Head (posted by thecylonprisoner)

    Vincent (Starry Starry Night) (posted by thecylonprisoner)

    Precious Things (partial) (posted by oneimaginarygirl5)



    1. Nancy says:

      Just returned from the concert, which appeared to be a combination of both the London shows with the exception of Lizard Lounge and LE.
      It was a great show, though it was a bit annoying that loads of people went up and down all the time to get some drinks.

      Another thing that bugged me was that the same US people who apparently sit at the front at each show, pretty much made other people leave their seat cause it was theirs. Even though those people seemed to have been appointed those seats before them. It’s fine to go to all the Tori shows, and I can even understand if Tori loves to see familiar faces at shows. But I really think this is beyond anything really. It’s becoming a kind of status cult to sit front row, dead center. If you see Tori at each show this tour, how hard is it then to just once, or even twice say to people “You know what, I’ve seen her tons of times, this is your first concert, here, have my seat!”? Seriously.

      Besides that, I really enjoyed the show. Highlights def. were Lady In Blue, Carbon, Virginia, Little Amsterdam, Here. In My Head and a really powerful, amazing Strong Black Vine! Tori rocked the show this evening!

    2. Maaike says:

      I’ve been checking these tour pages out so many times for the past few months that i can’t believe i just experienced the real thing! I just wish i would’ve danced more.
      The friend i took with me and who never saw Tori in concert before, who hardly knows any of her songs, said: “She’s got spunk!” and was in awe of her professionalism, and the fact that she never sang out of tune. :)) It made me realise how spoiled us Tori fans are.

      Some of the (unexpected) highlights:

      *Cornflake girl (Aw, that groovy piano! Never ever gets old)

      *Flavor (wow, that one really works well live. Mesmerizing)

      *Bells for her (!)

      *Vincent (Starry starry nights) (For me Tori and just the piano is still the most magical, and with this cover she really pulled us in)

      *Lady in blue (everything i hoped it would be live)

      *Strong black vine (MF, she pushed it!)

      *Precious things (Fresh)

      *Big wheel (Probably because it was the last song. Half of the audience up on their feet and i was finally dancing. Great vibe)

      We were sort of expecting a second encore. Instead she kiss-kiss-kissed us goodnight, which was a sweet ending, hopefully leading to many sweet dreams…

    3. Michiel van de Sande says:

      Absolutely brilliant concert.
      Very inspired. Tori seems to get even better over the years.

    4. Peter Pijpelink says:

      Best concert in a long time, saw all her concert the last 10yrs and this was is precious to me…. Special “Vincent” was a surprise which gave me goosebumps and happy smile. Little Earthquakes and Cornflake girl gave me a good vibe back on good old days…

      Enjoyed this concert a lot, felt so good to be there!

      See you next week in Groningen (and Antwerp).

      Thanks Tori, you were lovely tonight !

    5. Rob says:

      Yesterday I attended the concert Tori gave in the HMH in Amsterdam. I’ve been a fan for nearly 16 years, and I was expecting a lot.

      As always, the ‘oldies’ were great: Cornflake Girl, Little Amsterdam (why do I seem to hear that all the time when playing in Amsterdam?), Space Dog (FABULOUS version!), Leather, Little Earthquakes and of course Precious Things sounded fresh ad forceful.

      Strong Black Vine sounded vicious and fierce, a very intense version of the song.

      But most of the newer work, for instance Lady In Blue, Give and Flavor sounded a little flat and uninspired.

      Maybe I’m hurting a lot of die-hard fans with it, but I thought overall the concert was less forceful then I expect from Tori. A lot of electrical vocal ‘tricks’ (echoes, sustains etc.), al lot of highs and very difficult to understand at most of the time.

      Given the emotionality of the songs and the way Tori performs, I think the reactions on this concert will be very diverse. With this reaction I only wanted to express my view on the concert.

      Hoping to see a more intense concert the next time,

      PS: keep up the good work, Undenters! Great site! :-)

    6. MarianneRose says:

      It was such a wonderful night! aaaw she was in blue and silver! It still a weird outfit but she pulled it off!

      She said that for the first time in a year she had a date with her husband Wednesday night so she was feeling good! And we noticed!

      Give – I knew this was coming of course but it was HOT!

      Body and Soul – very much energy! love this song

      Cornflake Girl – the crowd went wild she was very happy singing it!

      Little Amsterdam – I secretly knew this one was coming too! I love the new arrangement! With the organ it was so heavy but with the keyboard and piano it was more light and very well done!

      Concertina – OK HIGHLIGHT of the evening! Concertina is my favorite from TVAB and one of my faves from all her songs! It was SO lovely done and beautiful! I shed a tear…

      Flavor – Love this on the album and love it life! So beautiful vocally! very very nice

      Space Dog – another HIGHLIGHT! WOW I’ve heard it before but MAN did she nailed it tonite! seriously lush…

      Carbon – YAY! At this point I knew my night would be perfect! At first I thought it was Siren but then the arrangement changed and it became Carbon! so so so so beautiful! SW is my next to BFP favorite album and I was so happy!

      Virginia – OK now I died… Virginia is my favorite song from SW…. it was SO good and after Carbon!

      Bells For Her – I love the new arrangement on this Lady! Yummy yummy

      Lizard Lounge
      Leather – OK when she hit the first notes I was like… no…. I know this song heard it a million times… BUT she sang it so pointy and happy not dragged out at all! So it was just lovely

      Here. In My Head – ANOTHER AMAZING HIGHLIGHT! I love here.in my head… the piano on this is so cool… yummy

      Vincent (Starry Starry Night) : she said this song wanted to come tonite coz we would understand it (its about a famous Dutch painter Vincent Van Gogh) Her vocals were right on the money! very very nice!

      Lady in Blue – not my favorite song and a lil to slow at first after Vincent but the second half had everybody movin’

      Little Earthquakes – died again! so so so so beautiful her vocals and the arrangement! wow! so great!

      Fast Horse: yay yay yay my favorite from the new album and in my top 10 from all her songs! I was SOOOO happy! cried again ofcourse… I’m such a softie!

      Precious Things – every body rushed the stage and people stood on chairs at rocked! I also jumped up and down! very good energy!

      Strong Black Vine – wow I heard about the ending, I saw the you tube vids… but MAN to be there in person…. it was a breathtaking experience!

      Talula: yay! wow didn't expect this to show up in the encore! loved it! love BFP and was so happy one more showed up!

      Big Wheel – oh I was so sad…… I knew this was the last song! But man did we party on this one! Just great!

      wow what a night!

    7. Leonie says:

      Just woke up. Yesterday was amazing. My sixth time seeing Tori play live, she still rocks! The first half of the show I felt a little irritated by people behind me talking loudly and singing along to the songs. What did you come here for? Well at least I didn’t come to hear you sing anyway. When I politely asked them (for the 2nd time) if they could please shut the fuck up they told me I was rude … I was distracted by this and there were also lots of people walking around so at one point I was just very annoyed.

      During the Lizard Lounge I decided to not be bothered anymore. Here in my Head was beautiful. Her voice was completely on and I totally loved it. Same goes for Little Earthquakes. I was hoping she would play Fast Horse and she did! So I was jumping up and down, trying to remain seated. Then all of sudden everyone started running towards the stage. I know this happens, but usually it does when the encore starts. I guess everyone was just fed up with sitting around.

      So I also got up, ran and stood right in front of the stage. Strong Black Vine was amazing! I have no words to describe what I felt when she played that. She did some kind of improv in the middle including lyrics like: motherfucker/cocksucker. She was raging and showed so much passion: it was great.

      During Talula she changed the lyrics a little bit. I can’t remember everything but what I do remember was something like: “so tell me who the fuck your father is”. From the moment the Lizard Lounge started the show just got better for me. I can honestly say that from that point it was the best Tori show I have ever seen.

    8. Kristof / tip_of.yourstar says:

      This was my first show of this tour and (of course) I loved it. A lot.

      Before CFG Tori said Amsterdam was one of the best places in the world and that she went “on a date with Husband yesterday. The first date this year! So I’m feeling really good today.” You could tell she had a good time. Plus she looked great in her blue dress with white leggings (I should’ve known Lady in Blue was coming).

      On paper the setlist looks kinda meh, but in reality it worked really well.

      Lady in Blue and Carbon were at the top of my want-list, so I’m glad I got to hear them both. Especially Lady in Blue was amazing. Other highlights for me were Virginia (perhaps the best song of the evening for me ), Bells for Her and Fast Horse. Flavor and Strong Black Vine (two of my least favourite AATS-songs) both surprised me in a very, very good way. And the 3-song Lizard Lounge was nice as well (so I forgive her for playing Leather ). She announced ‘Vincent’ as a song she played all over the world and that she wanted to play it tonight for the people “who understand what the song’s about”.

      I also loved the intro to Talula. It sounded very ‘tropical’. The song I liked least was Little Amsterdam, but it was obvious she’d play it.

      What more can I say? It was nothing less than an amazing evening and definitely one of the best concerts I’ve ever seen.

    9. dutchgirl says:

      Amazing concert! Great energy, she was so sassy! ;-)

    10. Sophia says:

      I was so excited to be in this concert, I have been a huge Tori fan for years and this would be the first time I would see her live! She didn’t disappoint: she gives off SO much energy on stage, her piano playing is simply wondrous (especially when she played the piano with one hand and the Hammond organ with the other without missing a single note!) and her voice sounded absolutely incredible: crystal clear and full of emotion.

      I was a bit disappointed by the playlist, since she didn’t include any songs from “Choirgirl” or “The beekeeper” (2 of my most favourite Tori albums ever) and none of my favourite songs from her other albums (and I have many!) Still, the songs worked well together, with personal highlights: “Give”, a strong concert opener, “Cornflake girl”, an oldie but goldie that the crowd loved and cheered to, “Virginia”, one of the prettiest songs on “Scarlet’s Walk”, “Leather”, sung very coyly, “Little earthquakes” with amazing piano playing by Tori, “Fast horse”, a song that, like ‘Virginia’, has a similar feel of the American South to it,“Strong Black Vine”, played very energetically and almost provocatively, with the ‘motherfucker’ improvisation and Tori almost in a frenzy, “Talula” and “Big Wheel” were absolutely great endings, with the crowd dancing, singing and clapping like crazy.

      The most personal touch for me was when Tori said that a certain song wanted to be played where people would understand it and then started playing “Vincent (Starry starry night), which I had never heard before. It was a magical moment, with Tori giving such an emotive and heart-warming performance, that it brought tears, not only to my eyes, but to many people sitting around me as well. It was such a wonderful performance, that for me it has become my favourite memory of the concert.

      Overall, it has been absolutely fantastic being at a Tori concert, and I’m anxiously waiting for the next chance to see her live again!

    11. Faerie says:

      Wow what a show! Loved it! Very bad ass strong black vine! Good comments above, not much to add really… and I agree with Nancy, never seen so many peeps walking up and down during the concert, I secretly wished for Tori to tell them to F off.

      Normally I wouldn’t share this, but had a laugh at the end, standing around the tour bus, talking to Matt with a few people, when the security guy asked us to stand at the back of the bus he also strongly persuaded Matt “you to sir’.. Matt: ..But… I’m the drummer… Whahahaha.

    12. Theo van Dijk says:

      Bo, Arjen and I went to see Tori Amos’ Sinful Attraction Tour at the Heineken Music Hall in Amsterdam yesterday. The show was no less than wonderful! This was the 8th time I saw Tori in concert, but it was easily the best one so far.

      There was a great balance between old and new songs, and Tori’s voice and piano playing were both in top shape. She didn’t talk a lot (although she did mention this was the first date with her husband this entire year, haha) but that doesn’t matter. When it comes to Tori, I don’t need her to talk to the audience, I just want to absorb every minute of her wonderful songs.

      Highlights for me were a stunning version of Vincent (Starry Starry Night), Here. In My Head, and an absolutely amazing Virginia. But choosing highlights is difficult, as literally every single song in this concert worked. Whether Tori was playing the piano solo, or rocking it with drummer Matt Chamberlain and bass and guitar player John Evans, she never missed a key.

      I’m so happy I’m going to see Tori again next week, in my hometown Groningen. If she’s anything nearly as good as today next week, I’m in for another amazing night!

    13. Erikwithak says:

      Just want to add that the Meet and Greet was amazing! Tori was really relaxed and spend a lot of time with each of the 25 fans present. It was great to hug her again!! It was also great to see the “old schoolfans” again!

    14. Jurgen carper says:

      What a dreamy night.
      She told us she went on a date with her husband the night before in a long long time. She was really happy and amazing.

      Highlights of this evening were:

      Space Dog
      Bells for her
      Little Earthquakes
      Here in my Head

    15. Cora says:

      Can not get the smile of my face today. Loved it. At my age (almost 40) I am so fortunate to have this M-I-L-F as a role model. I will pass it on to my daughters. For all you EWF-women: learn from Tori. Take good care of yourself: Body and Soul.

      And she would make a good midwife: PUSH it out like a MOTHERfucker. I was trembling.

    16. Kris says:

      I was there last night. My 11th show.

      I agree with Rob. I was a bit disappointed by the effects on the voice and made it difficult to now and then understand what she was singing.

      The setlist contained some great songs but I sure missed some of my favorites like Flying Dutchman, :-)

      Although the band adds a lot of basic beats (great bass playing), I still prefer Tori all by herself at the piano. Lizard Lounge was my favorite part and showed Tori at her purest self.

      Thank you Tori, see you next time.

    17. Laura says:

      I really enjoyed the show, as it was the only European show I am going to. In reference to anyone being kicked out of front row seats- I sat in the front and we were all given bracelets with seat numbers on them. The seats were not labelled with numbers which was the problem, not the people. Security counted and told me where to sit based in the number on the bracelet. No one pushed anyone out of their rightful seat. They later came and put numbers on the seats.

    18. LaFemmeRouge says:

      it was a brilliant day, and a brilliant show. i enjoyed every minute.

      i made it to the meet and greet and met her for the first time. i’m still overwhelmed by her friendliness and patience! she was incredibly concerned with every one of us.

      the show was great, filled with energy.

      i thought of requesting “bells for her”, but forgot it, and there it was! and all my favourite aats songs! i almost could not stand “vincent”, it touched me deeply and made me cry – it was too beautiful!

      “precious things” was very intense, almost scary.

      and she looked absolutely gorgeous! those blue glitter shoes where amazing!

      i was one of those front row people who had to give up their center-seats and move over more to the left – but it was still front row and after one minute of disappointment i just relaxed and enjoyed every minute. it really was a seat-number fault, and i am still very grateful that i could be so very near! i will never forget this.

      thank you so much, tori!

    19. Noa says:

      I was in this concert and only now have the opprotunity to write here.

      My friend and I came from Israel, and we went to the M&G and I asked for Here, In My Head because this song means so much to me and has such strong impact over me, and I didn’t think she’d play it because she doesn’t play usually. But she did, and it killed me, it meant the world to me and she did it so beautifully I was just mesmerized.

      The whole show was really, really good. In Israel she played lots of hits, cuz it was the first concert, so here I got to hear other songs, and it was amazing. Little Amsterdam was simply amazing. Also Vincent, and Leather, which I love so much. Strong Black Vine was strong indeed!!! And Space Dog was just soo good. Carbon made me cry, and although Bells For Her and Little Earthquakes were better in Israel (hearing the crowd sings with her gives the songs so much), of course it was touching and preformed beautifully.

      I enjoyed the concert, in so many levels. Tori just gives me so much.

      And we met some incredible people, that also helped me with my camera crisis, and it’s just so good to know that you can always count on Tori fans to be nice and welcoming.

    20. Flying Dutchman says:

      This was my first show of the AATS tour – and since I am Dutch – the obvious one to attend! I saw the first 15 and last 18 shows of the ADP tour.

      The show was very good… but definately the Tori show that has left me most “unmoved” of them all. She was on stage doing everything (technically) perfect. And even though she gave it all – it felt to me all a bit “mechanical”… great arrangements though. However, she seemed to be a bit on auto-pilot.

      The previous Amsterdam show was standing with Pip blowing the roof of with her darkness. This time a blue and silver “happy” Tori came on to play some polpular songs. Still nice – just less WOW!

      I sat in row 1 and had the chance to speak with her after the show. Clearly she is at a good place – and came to do what she do best: Entertain the crowd with the keybords and her beautiful voice.

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