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1969 - 2010

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    Tour Status

    Tori is touring in 2017 to support the release of Native Invader. The European legs runs from early September through early October and the North American leg runs from late October to early December. We do not know if additional dates elsewhere will be added.

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    Current Release

    Native Invader (album, 2017)

    Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall


    Date July 11, 2009
    City Portland, OR
    Venue Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall


    Many thanks to Brandon C. and Alicia for catching us up on tonight’s setlist.

    Main Set

    • Give
    • Caught a Lite Sneeze
    • Welcome to England
    • Graveyard
    • Cornflake Girl
    • Icicle
    • Little Amsterdam
    • Siren
    • Starling
    • Black-Dove (January)
    • 1000 Oceans

    Lizard Lounge (solo)

    • River
    • Winter

    (band returns)

    • Playboy Mommy
    • Little Earthquakes
    • Fast Horse
    • Take to the Sky
    • Carbon
    • Honey
    • Precious Things
    • Strong Black Vine


    • Big Wheel
    • Tombigbee


    Caught A Lite Sneeze (posted by femmeluna)

    Welcome to England (posted by carbonmade658)

    Little Amsterdam (posted by femmeluna)

    Siren (posted by femmeluna)

    Starling (posted by evilcarmine)

    1,000 Oceans (posted by evilcarmine)

    River (posted by evilcarmine)

    Winter (posted by evilcarmine)

    Little Earthquakes (posted by femmeluna)

    Take To The Sky (posted by femmeluna)

    Carbon (posted by evilcarmine)

    Honey (posted by goldtoof77)

    Precious Things (posted by goldtoof77)

    Big Wheel (posted by carbonmade658)

    TomBigBee (posted by robertschrader)



    1. Johnsface says:

      Fantastic show. I think it lacked the energy that the ADP show had, but she was great. I think she was at her best with the new material. Fast Horse was my favorite, although I’m hearing talk that there was some keyboard issue with it. I didn’t notice. But she played 5 different keyboards on that song! Amazing!

      She had an awesome fuckup, but I can’t remember which song. Siren?

      Icicle! YAY!

      I don’t ever need to hear Cornflake Girl. Ever again.

      No big surprises. No huge revampings. But still a great show.

      Her dress collar was labia-like.

    2. Lindsay says:

      I’m floating on Cloud Tori!! AMAZING show tonight! I also saw her at the Schnitz 13 years ago, and it was like not a day had passed. I felt 16 again. The woman has a power to transcend everything, and just fills you up with so much pure, truthful energy. It’s hard to describe unless you’ve been to a show :) The lights and set were stunning, Matt and John backed Tori like only they can (so much talent!!) and The Goddess filled the concert hall with her shrieks, howls and unbelievable talent. Thank you Tori, for sharing yourself with us. xx

    3. Jasond says:

      Amazing! Her voice was exquisite! Too bad the Schnitzer concert hall needs shows to end at 11. We saw the early set list from the mix board man and a second encore (which didn’t happen) was supposed to end on “Curtain Call” … But Tori, regardless, sounds amazing… Just wanted more! :)

    4. Dana says:

      Beautiful show, but dark. Tori seemed distracted, and didn’t really interact with the audience much. She mentioned how it was nice to spend a day in Portland without having to go around a flood, referencing last tour when her tour bus had to go like 5 hrs out of the way to get to Portland from Seattle because I-5 was flooded and impassable. Other than that, and the typical band introduction, she was strangely silent.

      Still, her voice was spot on, the songs were well played. She did “f- up” Siren, though she was able to recover nicely.

      Highlights of the show for me definitely included 1000 Oceans – the bass had some issues, so it was played almost entirely w/o. That song was just stunning with only piano and drums.

      Little Amsterdam…. oh man. Love it.

      Take to the Sky really got the house moving, even Tori seemed to light up when she pulled that one out.

      Overall, a good show, with minor hiccups. I’d be interested to hear if she did a meet-and-greet after; last tour she didn’t, and I didn’t have the energy to wait up this time.

      Hope everyone else had a great time!

    5. ChicagoToriFan says:

      Another lively set with a few gems tonight..Honey and Tombigbee were fun, and her cover of River was a special moment. I was in Seattle, and a little disappointed the setlist in Portland was not as varied, but she and the band improved on these songs tonight. Looking forward to more shows on the tour.

    6. Choirguy30 says:

      Tori was on FIRE tonight. Not loving the graduation dress and tights but did heart the shoes. Setlist was amazing aside from the lack of a second encore. WTF? Guess Portland had to close up early. Big Wheel was definitly a highlight which is funny since it was done on every show on ADP. Loved the f*ck up on Siren. There was some sound issues during Fast Horse and you could tell the DIVA was not pleased. I am stoked to see what she pulls out for Oakland and San Jose. The “usual suspects” were thrilled with Take to the Sky with the “I Feel the Earth Move” bit. I hearted it too. This was show 16 and it was truly SWEET!

    7. Jacob W. says:

      OK SO AMAZING!!!!!!! Ummmmm. Wow words cannot describe! Tonight I saw a whole new side of Tori! A side kinda mysterious yet fun loving! My mom, my aunt, a friend and I and… many other “Ears with feet” waited outside after the show for a quick exchange of thoughts with the goddess only to find that the goddess fled away in her chariot. LOL but absolutely amazing set list great sound great lighting! I especially love the synth flutes in “Strong Black Vine”. And the extra bass booooost in “1000 Oceans” LOVED IT!

    8. Jodie says:

      Tori looked lovely in blue, tonight. Her voice sounded great, and she seemed lively, even playful at points. There were a few sound issues, at the beginning of some of the songs, but overall, it was an enjoyable “sonic experience.” The “River” cover was unexpected, as well as lovely.

      The only song I didn’t like at all was “Strong Black Vine”…I enjoy the album version immensely…this song live, however, sounded like a mess to me. I could hardly hear Tori’s vocals here, at all.

      I think it’s obvious that at this stage in the tour, there are adjustments still to be made…iron the kinks out..but on the whole….it was a lot of FUN…will be interesting to watch the tour, and the songs progress!

    9. MelindaLu says:

      Last night’s show was simply amazing. I missed Curtain Call. There were a couple cute moments: Durning the opening seconds for 1,000 Oceans, Jon’s Bass sounded like a sonic boom was going off. He just stood there and shrugged and Tori was laughing. Jon also looked confused when Tori started the opening to Starling…the little poppy synth notes were missing, so he didn’t know what song they were plying for a moment, and Tori put her arms out like a little bird and he said “Oh! Got it!”. Very darling.

      I also am sick of Cornflake Girl and now Big Wheel. But it looks like those are some of the bones of this tour. Too bad. I would have preferred to see almost ANYTHING off of ADP but that AND CFG…Yeah, it’s a catchy little tune and I am sure Tori is proud of the success of that song, but whatevvv. I’ve just heard it SO much over the years. I’d also like to hear SOMETHING off Beekeeper. I mean, I know it will be hard to always make everyone happy, but it would be nice to touch on each record.

      Last night’s highlights were
      ~Siren (w/the fuck-up…they recovered nicely and I adore Tori’s humanity around that issue. She isn’t a machine who lip-synchs.
      ~Starling. LOVE the sitar=sounding keys on that.
      ~Black Dove. I could hear that song every night and not get one bit tired of it
      ~Winter…she really took her time with it and the vocals were otherworldly. Stunning!!!
      ~Playboy Mommy
      ~Honey (thought I was having an auditory hallucination for part of the song). It was haunting, mesmerizing, beautiful and it seems to be my “Portland Song: (for personal reasons). The vocals were pristine.
      ~Tombigee! What a way to go out! The show did end abruptly…but it was OK. Tori doesn’t typically end on such a rocking note, so that part was unusual and fun and left my seat partner, Gina and I a bit breathless.

      My seat partner got the whole Siren fuckup on video (my sound quality is horrid, but if Violet decides to post it, it may be entertaining.

      All in all, a superb show…worth the 6 hours of driving. Next on my list is San Diego and LA and then my tour is finished. The Attractful Sin show is not as big, dynamic or showy as the ADP tour, but it has it’s own unique energy and the selections she is playing from AATS rock. Especially Fast Horse (I agree they still have some sound issues to work out but by the time they get to recording some boots, they will have it fixed, Mark is a whiz with the sound.

    10. Julie says:

      The opening band was really good and well-received by the audience, who cheered enthusiastically.

      Give – a good choice for an opening.
      Caught a Lite Sneeze – at first I was unexcited to hear this, ‘cause I wanted to Siren, but it ended up being a really good performance. It fit in good as an opener: a song about “takers” following Give…

      Welcome to England – good. One of the few first singles from Tori’s album that sounds pretty tight live. It was exciting to see her play all four keyboards for this one.

      Graveyard – this may have been my favorite song of the night. What a sad, sweet little song! She did a little riff about “going down with my brother.” I admit it, I cried… third year in a row I cry right at the beginning of a Tori show (last time it was “Almost Rosey” that did it for me.) My bi-annual Tori catharsis, I guess.

      Cornflake Girl – always good! classic live Tori.

      Icicle – amazing with the band, definitely one of the highlights of the night. The band doesn’t play the whole time… Matt plays this little tinkly wind-chime thing, but then they kick in fully during “getting off getting off.” Super good.

      Little Amsterdam – Another good performance. The “father only you can save my soul” part was particularly passionate. Cool red lighning.

      Siren – Didn’t recognize this at first; thought it was Carbon. So happy to get this! Unfortunately she messed up at the end (I never notice it when she claims to have messed up!) and did a little improv… as a result the ending of the song wasn’t as passionate as I wanted it to be… but I am still really happy I got this song (Fast Horse and Space Dog were the other two I was hoping for.)

      Starling – This song is good live. She plays a cool sitar-sounding keyboard. The lyrics are very interesting.

      Black-Dove (Janaury) – at first I was BUMMED this wasn’t Fast Horse but then I gave a little gasp when I realized it was Black-Dove. Am very pleased I got this. The lights during the galaxy and Texas verses were very epileptic seizure inducing. This is a cool follow-up to Starling.

      1,000 Oceans – She played this last year. I like the song (especially the PS22 choir version of it) but I’m sorry to say it is a bit boring live. This is when my mind started wandering and thinking about going to the bathroom.

      River – very passionate, sad version. She sang “jingle all the way” and repeated “I made my baby cry” a couple of times.

      Winter – good to hear this! A long version.

      Playboy Mommy – another Tori song I’ve been pretty into lately (along with Winter). My country-loving boyfriend liked this one.

      Little Earthquakes – Man, the crowd liked this one a lot.

      Fast Horse – there was something wrong with the keyboard at the beginning so I didn’t realize it was this song until the chorus and then I let out a huge gasp. YAAAAY! Actually, and it kills me to say this, I feel like the song would be much better live with the acoustic guitar… I dunno, I got the feeling that it is still kind of unrehearsed, and that near the end of the tour it will be pretty tight live.

      Take to the Sky – awesome! another highlight of night. Crowd loved this and clapped along. A lot of people stood up and started jumping around during the I Feel The Earth Move part.

      Carbon- good, but another song that i feel will be better with more rehearsal.

      Honey – excellent version. another highlight of the night. She did a very long “tight.” The lyrics were very clear and audible for this song.

      Precious Things – classic live Tori. She didn’t do the crotch grab an she didn’t sing “girl” at all after “at the heart of every nice young.” I dunno how I feel about the omission of this lyric; I know it’s good to change songs up and stuff but it’s such an important part of the song, you know? I think I’m gonna be waiting to see if the “guuuuuurl” makes an appearance on this tour or not.

      Strong Black Vine – good. Hard to hear her voice, drums loud. Played all four keyboards. The crowd rushed the stage before the end of the song.

      Big Wheel – a great choice for an encore. Everyone clapped along at the beginning.

      Tombigbee- at first I was bummed to hear this cause I heard it last year and was still crossing my fingers for Space Dog. But it turned out to be one of the best performances of the night. A very passionate “I’m raising you five” and “roll me a carpet.”

      She didn’t talk at all except for once in the beginning (I can’t remember when, during the first four songs… might have been before Graveyard) when she introduced the band and said that it was nice to have spent the whole day in Portland…

      All in all a great show. I’m sure the technical difficulties will get resolved as the tour continues. Highlights included Graveyard, Take to the Sky, Black Dove (january), Icicle…. my list got too long after this so I deleted them : )

    11. Gwen says:

      Amazing show! The meet and greet was around 2.. only around 20 people. We drove in from Seattle just in time! My friend requested 1000 Oceans which has alot of personal meaning to her. What a beautiful rendition which brought many tears.

      A Tori fan for 20 years and I will never tire of Cornflake Girl, Winter, Precious things, Icicle, Caught a Lite Sneeze and any other favorite.

      Little Earthquakes was a beautiful surprise as was Black Dove.

      Tori’s voice is more beautiful than ever, which is hard to believe!!

    12. K says:

      Tori sounded great and the guys were good as well, but the setlist was my biggest disappointment (mostly because she played a lot of the same songs she played last time she was in Portland). Siren would have been my favorite, but she messed up and kind of phoned in the rest of the song by not singing the high notes (which is the best part). Strong Black Vine was kind of a mess. We couldn’t hear anything she was singing. Hopefully they’ll fix that. Winter and River were very emotional. The best River I’ve heard since SLC.

      Big Wheel as (seemingly) an encore staple is the biggest head-scratcher for me. It was played every night last tour. A song from the new album (like the title track) would make much more sense. I’d also like to see her retire Cornflake Girl and Precious Things as staples in favor of some lesser-played singles like Pretty Good Year. But I understand she wants to appease the casual fans who show up late and drunk.

      Other than setlist disappointment and some technical issues, Tori put on a great show!

    13. Char says:

      Ah so lively last night….. she was so amazingly lovely in blue.

      What a totally different vibration from the night before. I sat back about 14 rows and was so okay with that….I absorbed the energy of the audience, the music and Tori…


      I loved Honey for some reason…sounded fantastic. Winter was amazing. Icicle again…. off the hook.

      Tori’s voice sounds so incredibly strong.

      Thank you Tori~

    14. Chris says:

      Amazing show. I agree that she wasn’t as “aware” of the audience as she tends to be, but it was still a fantastic set nonetheless. I loved how she jumped into Cornflake Girl right after Graveyard. She definitely shined with the new material; I was never a fan of Welcome to England when I first heard it, but she brought it to life on stage.

      Icicle was probably my favorite performance. That or Fast Horse. Amazing show all around, though.

    15. Austin says:

      I thought it was a fun show. Tori looked beautiful. I didn’t know what to make of the huge gold/blue leaf collar. :-)

      I thought Caught a Lite Sneeze was particularly good.

      Icicle really blew me away. I thought the mixing on that particular song was the best of the whole night. The sleigh bells that Matt is fiddling with throughout Icicle are really haunting. When the drums kicked in for the “getting off” bit I was stunned and a big smile stretched across my face.

      The technical problems during Fast Horse caused a rather withering “fix that now” look to cross Tori’s face. It was directed towards the back and then to the side. They seemed to have a lot of problems with making the mix even out last night. It was all over the place. Tori and Jon were constantly doing “up” “down” hand gestures.

      But despite all of that, I really enjoyed myself. There were moments of the show when Tori was obviously blissful. Carbon and Precious Things were highlights for me. But I couldn’t believe she didn’t sing “GURLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!” It was rather anti-climactic to a degree, as that is my favorite part of the song. Well executed none-the-less.

      Good crowd, respectful and attentive.

    16. Lisa071573 says:

      Just a couple random notes… last night’s show was really great and Tori sounds fabulous! I was a bit disappointed in so many repeats from Seattle, but I enjoyed all of the duplicates regardless, so it’s hard to complain :P (and I assume they’re still practicing). I was surprised with the winter theme (Black-dove (January), River and Winter) considering it was a pretty warm day, but somehow during 1000 Oceans I saw Winter coming on. Take To the Sky was a rocker and included the “I Feel the Earth Move” ending (at which everyone jumped and cheered).

      A few random people walked down the middle aisle to take photos of Tori and security didn’t seem to care. It was out of place and not cool; I’m really surprised security wasn’t on it. Following on these people, a girl wandered down during the end of Strong Black Vine and crouched behind the pit, which started the stage rush before SBV was done. Everyone should be respectful and wait for Tori to finish the song before rushing the stage!!

      Tori came on around 8:53 and TomBigBee (excellent closer!) finished up at 10:57, so no second encore due to time.

      I really love SBV as the main set closer… she’s really hammering it out, playing all four keyboards. The new songs sound wonderful with all the different keyboards being thrown in to simulate the over-dubbing on the CD. Playboy Mommy was about half played on the piano which was really nice (as opposed to all on the organ/keys we’ve gotten for the last few tours). Looking forward to Oakland!

    17. Toriless says:

      I thought it was funny her solo set is call Lizard Lounge since that’s the name of a clothing store in Portland and we all know how much she loves clothes.

      Anyhow, I’m going to be somewhat biased since I had great seats for the first time ever. Unlike all the previous pre-sales iTunes snagged GOOD seats. As a results I could see all the work Jon was playing, besides the portable upright bass like in Seattle (using a bow on one song and his hands in another) he also played guitar parts in a song.

      That said …

      I thought the audience was more into it at most points but Portland is a Tori friendly place (liberal) despite it being the brewpub center of the US. I assume they hadn’t heard what she said in Seattle.

      Give – about the same as in Seattle. Expect this one to be solid at her shows. It made me miss Lady In Blue. I love the way it wraps around to Give on her album which I listened to during the whole Seattle
      to Portland drive. They sound good together.

      Caught A Lite Sneeze – A bit of a surprise but fairly well done, I think it was a request on her hand as was Spark which she didn’t play.

      Welcome To England – similar to Seattle but less problems.

      Graveyard / Cornflake Girl – This was even better than in Seattle but I might be biased on this one.

      Icicle – This was even better than in Seattle. The intro was the same as in Seattle. Both were good renditions but I felt this one more but I might be biased on this one.

      Little Amsterdam – Wow! (figure it out)

      Starling – something was funny here? I’m not sure what.

      Black-Dove (January) – nice

      1000 Oceans – OK except for the earthquake rumbling at the beginning. Another request.

      Winter – This was about as good as I’ve heard it. Again, I’m biased since I could see her expressions, for once, but it seemed a bit more honest than usual.

      Playboy Mommy – this got a pretty good reaction

      Little Earthquakes – She gave us the real thing this time, it was on her face and in her voice. I love this song again after seeing her “give” like that. It was a good example of she’s grown as a performer.

      Fast Horse – Any song would be just another song after her version of LE and I had heard it last night so it was more like a palette cleanser before she cranked it up again with …

      Take to the Sky – another highlight along with LE.

      This concert hit another level from this point I felt lacking during most of Seattle but that may be because I could she how happy she was which would create a bias in my judgment.

      Carbon – good

      Honey – I have too many stories related to Honey and Sugar to fairly judge the beauty of them. I liked it.

      Precious Things – Yow! Strong yet I’m not sure what she’s dropping that huge note. It’s like taking the frosting off of a cake because you think it’s all they like and you want them to eat cake and not frosting? I guess? It’s still great so long as you know it’s not coming or else you feel like you had sex but didn’t orgasm.

      Strong Black Vine – I was shocked when I saw she ended with it in Seattle. Just like with Precious Things I knew what was coming and was more at ease with it.


      Big Wheel – I’m glad I only her this only once and during an encore. That’s about right for any one tour.

      I really expected a one song second encore after this since the main set was longer than Seattle but NOTHING. A real bummer ending to an otherwise nice day but some Mirror Mirror took care of that.

    18. brandoncarmodytour@yahoo.com says:

      I was the one who was able to TWITTER the entire setlist
      LIVE to Undented. Glad to help you guys out. There were people on both sides of me were able to fill in the blanks on a couple songs I was fuzzy on the names…

      Hope it all worked out!

      P.S. You must check this out my friend Carmine Eville shot 6 amazing videos of Tori including the version of “ICICLE” with the band that blew me away!


      [We've got 'em embedded above now!]

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