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    Tour Status

    Tori is touring in 2017 to support the release of Native Invader. The European legs runs from early September through early October and the North American leg runs from late October to early December. We do not know if additional dates elsewhere will be added.

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    Current Release

    Native Invader (album, 2017)



    Date October 07, 2009
    City Berlin, DE
    Venue Tempodrom

    Set List

    Thanks to @ta_ru for tweeting the setlist from the show.

    • Give
    • Sugar
    • Cornflake Girl
    • Beauty Queen/Horses
    • Beauty Of Speed
    • Flavor
    • Space Dog
    • Pretty Good Year
    • Hotel
    • Northern Lad
    • Abnormally Attracted To Sin

    Lizard Lounge

    • Take Me With You
    • Flying Dutchman

    (band returns)

    • 1000 Oceans
    • Curtain Call
    • Police Me
    • Precious Things
    • Strong Black Vine


    • Raspberry Swirl
    • Big Wheel


    Abnormally Attracted To Sin (posted by pinklotusalex)


    1. simulator says:

      Having not seen her for five years and after getting a bit bored and concerned with an artist who seemed to feel rather underwhelmed by touring and perhaps even by herself I was a bit skeptical. But this was a great night.

      I can’t think of any artist who has this much courage to express herself on stage and who also just plays what she wants to. She did only one album track from LE (no matter what still her most famous album to date) but did six from the new record that doesn’t seem to have sold shitloads. But apparently there have been other nights where she only played two or three from that album. This is artistic freedom at its best, and if it comes along with this energy and this passion there is no reason to complain.

      The end of Strong Black Vine was rocked out to an unimaginable extent, three minutes of growling and shouting – Motörhead should watch out. Pretty Good Year and Northern Lad were very tender and very bittersweet. Police Me worked really well even though it’s four songs in one and hard to get into for the untrained.

      Flying Dutchman was my highlight though. Even in this cut short form (she left out the “Keep the boys spinning” part) four bars of this epic have more elegance and beauty and warmth than other musicians scrape together in a whole career.

    2. christof says:

      Absolute perfect setlist.

    3. atmoravi says:

      it was a sunny day in Berlin. magically i managed to catch the only show this tour and did not believe my luck even until now!

      meet and greet as a family meeting. so sweet to see the same faces tour after tour. how i wish i could join the caravan for at least few more shows!

      but i could say hello to Tori and she brought me to tears already during m&g.

      the venue seemed to be perfect. and visually it was.

      Foy Vance sounded very very good and i congratulated myself to catch a show with such wonderful sound.

      Tori started with GIVE and went into SUGAR – it was an incredible feeling to hear and see her even from the 16th row after 2 years… But i noticed some sonic difficulties. The bass remained unreadable for the most of the concert. Which is a pity since John Evans is a genius.

      The set list was perfect indeed!

      Some songs got me more than others – vocals on PRETTY GOOD YEAR scratched my surface and shaken me well.
      HOTEL, CURTAIN CALL and STRONG BLACK VINE showed an unseen for me before beautiful sides :)
      BIG WHEEL rocked!

      the big pity besides unreadable bass notes through the show was also some keyboards parts falling out of the picture – she did play the riffs and i could not hear them. The vocals and the piano did sound amazing and i guess that’s the most important thing :)

      I think this is the first tour that Tori uses in-ear monitoring. I thought she’s not yet very comfortable with the cable hanging behind. Being myself a performer i know that it can be a bugger…

      after the show the high did not leave me for a few days… but hey – that’s Tori! Oh how I wish I would get rich and see next tour at least 5 shows!

    4. cornflakey says:

      WOW !! After being in Hamburg, i didn´t think Berlin could get any better. Well , she proved me wrong.

      So glad to hear Sugar, Horses,Space Dog and Hotel live – i had been hoping for these for years. i would not have ever dreamed of getting take me with you or flying dutchman.Soooo beautiful!

      I love how she´s having so much fun on stage.

      And i totally agree on “Could i please get very rich so i can see more concerts …”

    5. Beti says:

      My third show on this tour – it’s going better and better!

      Sugar – big surprise! Amazing!

      Pretty good year – woohaaa! Love this song SO much!

      Northern Lad – beautiful and so emotional (I think Tori went really into the song).

      Take me with you – one from my wishlist – gorgeous!

      Flying Dutchman – OMG!!! Prob the biggest highlight!

      1000 oceans – tenderness was all over the place…

      Curtain Call – WOW! One of my fav from the AATS and I really wanted to hear it live and I got that :)))

      Strong Black Vine – intensive as hell! Tori has rocked the place with enormous strength!

      Tori, THANK YOU! Love you!

      And some photos from me.

    6. Nine says:

      This was my third show and I have to say I was a bit disappointed. Tori was in a great mood and the first 3 songs were perfect.

      Of course all other songs after that were nice, but they were all slow songs or ballads – which felt a bit depressing in the end. There was no good mixture.

      Setlists of other places in Germany looked much better. Of course I knew to expect sth. different from this tour than from the ADP tour, but the whole show was so “quiet”. I also felt the keyboards/synthesizers were used a bit too much. Her piano was not the “star” this time.

      When she started Precious things the energy came back to the place, but I saw many people leaving early (even before the encore) and also the german journalists got this impression. You can read e.g. at www.kulturradio.de that it seems the fans are not yet familiar with her new sound. I really like the CD and admire how she tries out different things. The new songs were great, but the old songs don’t go so well with this different style.

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