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    Tour Status

    Tori is touring in 2017 to support the release of Native Invader. The European legs runs from early September through early October and the North American leg runs from late October to early December. We do not know if additional dates elsewhere will be added.

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    Native Invader (album, 2017)



    Date September 23, 2009
    City Groningen, NL
    Venue Martiniplaza

    Set List

    • Give
    • Hotel
    • Cornflake Girl
    • Icicle
    • Beauty Of Speed
    • Starling
    • Carbon
    • Liquid Diamonds
    • Siren
    • Your Cloud
    • Take To The Sky

    Lizard Lounge

    • Never Seen Blue
    • Jackie’s Strength
    • Beauty Queen

    (band back)

    • Horses
    • Sugar
    • Fast Horse
    • Precious Things
    • Strong Black Vine


    • Caught A Lite Sneeze
    • Big Wheel



    1. Theo van Dijk says:

      Last week I wrote the Sinful Attraction show in Amsterdam was the best Tori Amos show I had ever seen. No more than a week later I have to amend that report, since tonight’s show at MartiniPlaza, in my hometown Groningen, was even better!

      After opening song Give, Tori played a fantastic version of Hotel, and then introduced the band to us. Except, she just didn’t just introudce them to us. She had a very special ‘guest’ for this show: Marcel van Limbeek! Although he’s with her every show on every tour, this was the very first time they would play on his, and mine, hometown Groningen! She called him ‘her man’ and was very sweet to him!

      The show went on with a setlist very different from last week’s setlist in Amsterdam. As I went to that show as well, I was very happy with the alterations! In the end, even though this was my 9th Tori show, I ended up seeing many songs for the first time live: Siren, Liquid Diamonds, Never Seen Blue, Jackie´s Strength, Caught A Lite Sneeze, Hotel, Starling, Beauty Of Speed, Your Cloud and Sugar. I know many of those get played many times, just apparently not around here that often!

      When the security guy tried to get people back into their seats during Precious Things, Tori yelled ‘THIS IS MY FUCKING SHOW, LET THEM STAND UP!!!’ at him, forcing him to let the people, and the whole venue, for that matter, to stand up. Great! The whole show turned into a party from that moment on!

      Encores Caught A Lite Sneeze and Big Wheel were great, as expected! I went with my mother this time, and both of us had a fantastic great time!

    2. Peter Pijpelink says:

      Very nice show, lots of lovely songs and great fun she told the security guy it was her show and he could…..

      Very nice theatre, sound was good from the balcony seats. Tori looked lovely like a honeybee in yello/black.

      Antwerp is next oct 4th :)

    3. Nancy says:

      I’ve been to both London shows. I’ve been to the Amsterdam show. All of which I loved. But last night was just simply amazing. She played a setlist that was pretty much a dream setlist. The theater was simple amazing. Quite small, really intimate.

      When she started to play Beauty Queen I was in heaven! So wonderful she played that before Horses. Icicle was simply wonderful again as well, but I doubt I’ll ever get sick of that song!

      Beauty Of Speed was breathtaking, as was Hotel, Starling and all the other songs. Loved to hear Your Cloud, but also Take To The Sky and Never Seen Blue.

      The freak-out was brilliant! I was just told by a security guard to return to my seat when Tori stood up and yelled at them. Totally awesome!

      I’m still on such a high from this show and am so sad this was my last show of this tour. Gosh….Tori concerts are just always so amazing!

    4. Maartje says:

      This show had in my opinion a totally different ‘feel’ than the one in Amsterdam. It`s hard to decide wich one was better because of that. This venue was very intimate and the crowd was also very differend from the crowd in A`dam. I loved the setlist; Tori played nothing but highlights for me (well… except Your Cloud to be honest haha). I do hope that tori will play more in venues like this; great soundquality and no matter where you`re seated; always near the stage.
      The ‘this is my fucking show’ was a bit weird; she was very agressive towards the securitydude, who`s apparently not used to popconcerts at the Martiniplaza. I did find it amazing that Tori seems to be in her own world when she`s playing, but she does exactly know what`s happening in the audience during her performance. Amazing.
      Loved it.

    5. Leonie says:

      The Amsterdam show was great. This show was simply amazing. A dream setlist in my opinion.

      I was swept off my feet by Hotel. I can’t really explain why. Same goes for Liquid Diamonds. To be honest I think her voice is better than it was during the ADP tour. The high notes are spot on and her voice sounds very clear.

      Siren! Oh my, siren & never seen blue in one set. Who ever would have guessed. Those songs are brilliant. I’m so glad she playes them live. I’ve been listening to horses a lot lately, trying to understand the song better, but while hearing it live it suddenly made sense to me. Like the pieces fell in place.

      As is mentioned already during Precious Things Tori got up to tell the security guard to back off. I’m so glad she did but I also felt bad for the security guard, I was standing right next to him and he looked completely shocked.
      Standing right in front of the stage was great though. I was all smiles during Big Wheel. It felt like one big party. Loved this show! Loved it!

    6. MarianneRose says:

      OK full review!

      It was a wonderful veniew really small and beautiful theatre! The accoustics were to DIE for! really!
      she was wearing the bee outfit so I was afraid of a lot of sleepkeeper… boy was I wrong!

      Give – good solid!
      Hotel – OK I knew I was gonna love this show! very very lovely vocals! great arangement and just wow!
      Cornflake Girl – she told us groningen was Marcels home. She brought him on stage and they hugged really cute!
      Icicle – WOW I know she’s done this a lot but man did I love this version… JOns bass is just WOW! really really moving!
      Beauty of Speed – Bossie! I immiadetly thought of you! and was so happy it got played! It was really really amazing! she drums were yummy!
      Starling – love this song on the album and was blown away by this! really nice!
      Carbon – love this song! She was so good and really powerfull!
      Liquid Diamonds – YAY again one of my faves! the high vocals were just lovely
      Siren – This was the best performance in the show so far! so energetic and fierce! I shed a tear coz I loved it so much by now!
      Your Cloud – aaaaaw I forgot how beautiful this song was… a certain person made me skip it… but oooh “stay right here” was just soooooooo moving!
      Take to the Sky – yay! my favorite B-side! I felt like she was singing it just for me…. I know that aint so but it was a wonderful feeling!

      Lizard Lounge:
      Never Seen Blue – I died…. seriously died…. this one is SO beautiful oooh and her vocals were so so right! aaw
      Jackie’s Strength – YAY YAY this one has a special meaning for me…… oooh so so so so beautifull
      Beauty Queen actually the band came back for this one… the drums were already beating and Jon was making a weird sound with some bass….. it was truly moving and beatifully sang!

      Horses (with band) – oh so so so so lovely! her vocals were so right and just I was by now…… it was so so moving!
      Sugar – yay i LOVE LOVE LOVE sugar! and this new arrangement is to die for!
      Fast Horse – OMG I was sure she wouldnt pay this one coz she played in in Amsterdam… I was so so so happy that it came by again!
      Precious Things (Tori scolds venue security) – this was so funny! the first row stood up during this soing (this was a veniew whre no stagerushing was possible coz the first row is SO close to the podium. SO they stood up and clapped and all and a security guard told the first person that she should sit down. Tori saw this and said: Go away, sit down. The poor girl thought she had to sit down so she did… Tori went crazy and said: NO NO not you! Go away this is my fucking show and if these people wanna stand up, they can stand up! The she made a gesture with her hand to stand up and THE WHOLE VENIEW stood up and was cheering and clapping! She went on singing giving this song so much anger and fierceness… it was OMG!

      Strong Black Vine – really really good! The ending was even more forocious then in AMsterdam We were all standing up and I was so close to her…

      Caught a Lite Sneeze – love love love this song… loved to here it live again!
      Big Wheel – that is just a PARTY!

      Tear in your hand was supposed to be befor BW but she was already 2,5 hours on stage so it was cut!

      what a show! I was in 5th row centre and we were so so close to her face it made the experience so much better!
    7. Elke says:

      This concert wat FANTASTIC
      Look at the setlist, it is just amazing!
      And Tori was so happy, (especially during Liquid Diamonds).. so good to see!
      “this is my fucking show”.. haha, unbelieveble.
      And then also the meet&greet that afternoon, something I will never forget..

      Tori Amos, You rocked my world!

    8. Morgane says:

      I was at the Gröningen show and have to say it was the best experience I’ve had at one of Tori’s shows so far. It even beat Toronto when Joel moved us from the very back of the room to the first row… Where I was sitting this time, the sound was perfect. I think it has something to do with where you are seated in the room.

      Anyways, the evening started on a good note with the opening act (can’t recall the name now.. note to self: buy album). I thought he had some intonations of old Louisiana blues singers, which I like a lot. He sang one song completely acoustically, without amplification. It was truly delightful – why amplify instruments so much when these halls are designed to have great acoustics in the first place? I does remove some of the nuances as soon as you add a mic.

      Then Tori came on, extremely energetic and in top form generally, similar to what I’ve read about other concerts. Like I said, I never heard her sound better. She made a point of mentioning Marcel van Limbeek in particular since Groningen is his home town. She played, among others (in no particular order) Carbon, Liquid Diamonds (back-to-back, and I’d never made the connection between the two but now it seems obvious); Never Seen Blue, Siren, Take to the Sky, Starling, Hotel.. When people got up towards the end of the show (I think during Precious Things?), the security guards told them to sit back down. That kind of thing drives me nuts, personally – why stop people from doing anything that brings no harm to others? It’s the security people’s jobs, it’s not really their fault, but some rules are just silly. Some people like to establish petty small rules and create their own small little dictatorship.. Anyway, Tori stopped short in her tracks and said "sit down".. then some of the audience sat down but she immediately added "this is MY fucking show and people will dance if they want to" (approximately). Then the whole crowd stood up and danced. Now, I wasn’t surprised but for me this absolutely brought tears in my eyes and I had a lump in my throat. Fascism would not happen in this world if more people voiced their thoughts and stopped being afraid of other people’s judgment. It’s something I have to learn to do.

      ANYWAYS, people stood and danced for the rest (4 songs?) of the evening and it totally made my day.

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