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    Tour Status

    Tori is touring in 2017 to support the release of Native Invader. The European legs runs from early September through early October and the North American leg runs from late October to early December. We do not know if additional dates elsewhere will be added.

    Useful Tour Stuffs
    Current Release

    Native Invader (album, 2017)

    Grand Ballroom at Manhattan Center

    Midwinter Graces Tour

    Date December 07, 2009
    City New York City, NY
    Venue Grand Ballroom at Manhattan Center


    Thanks to @talkingtori, @skrieger2533, @districtbelle, and multiple others for helping us piece together the setlist.

    • Lady in Blue
    • Star of Wonder
    • Silent All These Years
    • A Silent Night With You
    • Gold Dust
    • Pink and Glitter
    • Winter
    • Children, Go Where I Send Thee [jam at end with all]

    The show was recorded for the episode of eTown slated to be broadcast between December 23rd to 29th. eTown is carried by many radio stations in North America, Ireland, the United Kingdom, the Philippines and, of course, the Internet. Additionally, the show is podcast so any and all should be able to listen to this performance once it is available.


    Gold Dust and Pink & Glitter (posted by joshejosh)

    Children, Go Where I Send Thee (posted by joshejosh)

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    1. Carl says:

      Tori wore this 80’s neon getup with blue heels. She opened with Lady in Blue, played Star of Wonder, then there was a 20 minute interview which she was spot on and very funny, talking about how Tash and her own philosophies. She then played Silent All These Years.

      Other songs she played were Gold Dust, Pink and Glitter, and Winter :)

      Tori was very playful and at the end she jammed out on the piano with the other guests to the song “children go where I send thee”.

    2. Josh says:

      a brilliant night in new york last night, tori was on top of her game, she looked fabulous. she did an interview which was very funny, at the end she did jam out on the piano with the other guests, to the song children go where I send thee. a night I will never forget, onward to the soundcheck thing, tomorrow.

    3. Heather says:

      Tori was great – very animated and happy. During the interview she was asked what Tash had to rebel against since Tori is so open about religion etc and she told a story of how Tash has a red “bindi” mark on her third eye. Tori’s dad told Tash that meant God had marked her as special to which Tash replied “Grand-dad, you know that years ago I would have been burned for having the mark of the devil and it’s the Goddess Kali who marked me anyway.” Or something along those lines. Tori forgot the words briefly during SATY. Loved hearing the Midwinter Graces songs live! Gold Dust is always great. This was such a treat since I had no expectations of seeing her again this year after tour ended!

      Loudon Wainwright was very entertaining and funny. Loved his Christmas song about how it starts right after Halloween and doesn’t end for seven weeks so no wonder we are all depressed in January…

      Was very disappointed in the crowd though. We are representing Tori when we make up the whole crowd at an event like this – and yelling her name and other inappropriate things while Loudon was performing doesn’t make us look good and I’m sure doesn’t make Tori happy either. Let’s show some respect people! Luckily Loudon handled it very well and made jokes about it…

    4. Jeff Paradise says:

      Tori was amazing and looked sexy as ever with dark blue shiny TOWERING pumps and short 80’s-ish dress.

      Star of Wonder was the standout for me…as that is by far the standout track on the new album IMHO. There was no M&G before the show but it was great meeting some more crazy Tori fans that flew in from all over God’s green earth, even standing out in the cold and snowflakes in midtown. She did shake some hands and say hello to some fans crowding around the stage after the jam session with Loudon and the house band and hosts / interviewers.

      Lady in Blue is delicious stripped down without the band as well. Gold Dust….yes, always amazing…and of course I felt tears starting to gather. Maybe it was something about being back in NYC this time of year, maybe a little bit of Tori magic, but it all came together on that one, as it always seems to.

      Part of me was wishing Tash would come out and do Holly, Ivy, and Rose with Mummy….but T said she was finishing up school in the UK. And as soon as I heard Jesse Winchester had to cancel and Loudon Wanwright III took his place, I immediately began to hold out hope of a family medley with any (or all) of his kids – Rufus, Martha, or Lucy. I know a lot of people may be familiar with Rufus’ amazing talents, but you should also check out Martha Wainwright (a little angsty but amazing, unique voice) and Lucy Wainwright Roche (sweeter, innocent, perfect pitch voice). See you all tomorrow in Tribeca for NPR taping!

    5. Psyryn says:

      I made the 2 hour trek to NYC for this event. It was certainly interesting. The interview was great, even though Mr. Forrester seemed a little nervous. I had no idea what to expect and was pleasantly surprised to see such a mix of songs! Her voice was amazing.

      However, I must note…Thank you to the kind gentleman who finally went to security to have someone removed. It’s a shame that people really need to draw such attention to themselves. Honestly, grow up. Loudon Wainwright handled the ‘heckler’ beautifully. Such a poor display of respect for those other musicians… and including Tori. We represented her fan base…and then someone ends up screaming out “I love D*ck.” Sir, you showed absolutely no respect for yourself, the musicians and those who were so unlucky enough to be around you.

      To end this on a higher note… this was my first time hearing songs from her new album. I’m not a fan of the ‘holidays’ or ‘holiday music,’ but the songs sound very good and got me ready to take on the upcoming marathon holiday.

    6. TheVinnys says:

      Tori was in rare form.

      We will post pictures asap.

      She was very patient as she was suppose to perform 9 songs but due to the messing up of the host and Wainwright doing a song 3 times she had to stop short.

      Jeanette Isabella was the song. Tori’s interview was funny and sharp and Marcel was giving us info on the old Boss piano that was there after the show.

      Tori embraced the roses we gave her and gave us her hands on her heart thank you. The fans were awesome as every time they mentioned Tori’s name the crowd went wild. This was a stellar special evening in New York City. They had beautiful Mid Winter Graces promo posters that only the staff were able to get autographed by Tori. They were awesome and we would have loved to have one. If they were available to buy I think they would have sold out in a minute.

      Tori’s sound was amazing also

    7. Stephen says:

      Such a treat! — I knew nothing about the format of the radio show and was only expecting about three songs, four tops; getting to hear SEVEN of them (and such a nice mix!) was an unexpected delight.

      Having said that, it’s been stated above, but I have to chime in: People…Learn how to behave. Screaming at Loudon Wainwright to sing “Crucify” and asking “Where’s Tori?” in the middle of his set…c’mon. And just minutes after Tori responded to the question about tolerance, tastes and beliefs. Shame on you. It was embarrassing.

      If Santa is checkin’ her setlist twice to separate the naughty from the nice, your favorite songs will never be played when you’re in the audience ever again!


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