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    Tour Status

    Tori is touring in 2017 to support the release of Native Invader. The European legs runs from early September through early October and the North American leg runs from late October to early December. We do not know if additional dates elsewhere will be added.

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    Current Release

    Native Invader (album, 2017)

    Heineken Music Hall

    Summer 2010 Tour

    Date October 08, 2010
    City Amsterdam
    Venue Heineken Music Hall


    Main Set

    • Star of Wonder
    • Jackie’s Strength
    • Snow Cherries From France
    • Baker Baker
    • Marianne
    • Flying Dutchman
    • Our New Year
    • Silent All These Years
    • Maybe California
    • improv > Holly Ivy and Rose > Snow Angel
    • Programmable Soda
    • Girl Disappearing
    • Yes, Anastasia
    • Winter


    • Snow Cherries From France (repeat for recording)
    • Jackie’s Strength (repeat)
    • Star of Wonder (repeat)
    • Precious Things

    Three songs were performed a second time since the concert was recorded for a radio broadcast, according to what Tori said from the stage. The encore was to include “Mother” (performed solo) as well but it was dropped, probably due to time.


    Introduction / Star of Wonder (posted by madisonen)

    Star of Wonder (posted by harmen22)

    Jackie’s Strength (posted by harmen22)

    Snow Cherries From France (posted by madisonen)

    Baker Baker (posted by LysWantTwo)

    Marianne (complete, posted by Knight0rc)

    Marianne (first half, posted by TauRush)

    Marianne (second half, posted by madisonen)

    Flying Dutchman (posted by TauRush)

    Our New Year (posted by injektilo47)

    improv (posted by Sprknl)

    Holly, Ivy, Rose > Snow Angel (posted by injektilo47)

    Programmable Soda (posted by sculmully)

    Silent All These Years (posted by littletwinstarsvids)

    Maybe California (posted by Knight0rc)

    Yes, Anastasia (complete, posted by seenINsoul)

    Yes, Anastasia (posted by injektilo47)

    Yes, Anastasia (posted by sculmully)

    Winter (posted by TauRush)

    Star of Wonder (retake) (posted by blistexfetish)

    Precious Things (posted by littletwinstarsvids)

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    1. MelindaLu says:

      Wow… WOW.. I am a bit overwhelmed and speechless. We just got back from the show and there really aren’t any words to describe how amazing of an experience it was. There was a brief break between the repeat of the first 3 songs and right before Tori went into Precious Things she brought John Philip Shenale out for all of us to applaud him. The conductor was so charming and delightful and he announced to us right before the show started that the week that they had been rehearsing with Tori they found out that the government wants to pull financing for the orchestra. We were urged to fill out protest sheets (which we did after the show) and when Tori talked about it (as she was there, with them when the news broke) she got very choked up and was on the verge of tears. She had to quit speaking and start playing again…and she made up a little improv about “If I could, I would change the Government…” I hope someone got footage of that. It was very sweet and the orchestra members all looked very appreciative while she did this little improv. It was also announced that this show was being taped for a radio show, so that is why they wanted to re-do the first 3 songs. She said “I was the one who fucked everything up..they were perfect”. She said that she understood and respected it if we had to leave due to time constraints but we were thrilled to get to hear Star of Wonder, Snow Cherries From France and Jackie’s Strength twice. Right before they went into Programmable Soda she said “Please count me in… I don’t want to fuck this up” and with the orchestra backing her the song just popped and sparkled as never before. My wish was for Flying Dutchman, Yes, Anastasia and Strong Black Vine (which would have been amazing but 2 outta 3 ain’t bad). The performance of Winter just grabbed me as never before. Tears just streamed down my face.. I just couldn’t hold it together… it was indescribably beautiful and powerful in a new and magical way. I can’t wait to hear this repeated again on the radio, but they made no mention of where and when. I took a ton of pictures, but I forgot to bring the cord the connects the camera to my laptop, so that will have to wait until tomorrow. My seat partner got some amazing shots (her camera is better than mine). I never got to see Girl Disappearing before, so that was a huge treat…along with Marianne. Both songs were so beautiful…again…very hard to describe. After the show was over one of the French Horn players went around and collected all of the setlists and handed them out. Just an incredible evening of extraordinary music. Thank you Tori and The Metroppole Orchestra…and we ALL need to rally around them and support them until the government decided that they are a valuable asset to Amsterdam. Or.. I suppose, they could all go on tour together like Sting is doing now… that would work for me, too! :)

    2. TauRush says:

      Tori did leave the stage after Winter, so there was a little encore break.

      Here you can see some photos (and the setlist):

    3. Margriet says:

      Beautiful, beautiful concert. My admiration for Tori has grown after this. She is such a professional artist. I wonder what’s next…

    4. Nancy says:

      I had no idea what to expect of this show. I just knew it would be special. But it really was beyond anything really. And I was there. I loved everything from beginning to end. And am just extremely sad it’s all over now! Highlights where definitely Yes, Anastasia and Precious Things. But everything was simply divine and lovely. So happy I got to be here. Out of all the Tori shows I’ve seen this one was the most special.

    5. Jeff says:

      As I drift off to sleep after this amazing show, which brought me all the way from America, I feel like I was given a gift by Tori Amos and the Metropole Orchestra, which was unique and amazing and featured a setlist that was to die for.

      The energy in the croud was electric; however, Tori Amos seemed to be in heaven working with this orchestra, in deference, the croud was very reserved and sat throughout most of the show. The whole show was overwhelming in it’s splendor.

      The mutual admiration between Tori Amos and the orchestra was palpable.

      Snow cherries from France twice AND Maybe California made the show for me.

      The whole evening was a treat.

    6. Faerie says:

      Amazing. And I cried too when Tori and the orchestra gave away this breathtaking performance of Winter…

    7. JP says:

      Well, it was my 8th Tori show and since I’m not a diehard-fan anymore, I wasn’t very sure what to expect. I know her first three albums by heart and hardly play the latter ones (which I have to change). A lot of songs, I’d recognized but I didn;t really knew them.

      Alas, the show was good but short. The orchestra was marvellous but the soundmix could be better. I was in row 8 (surrounded by lots of diehard forumpeople) and sometimes her piano was too loud in comparison to the orchestra. Also, we would you amplify such an orchestra thru the P.A. ???? It sounded a bit plastic sometimes.

      Tori was in a good mood. No regrets I went and I will look up all the songs she played on my CD’s to relive it in the original way :-)

    8. Maart says:

      Hi everybody! Like many of us I`ve been looking forward to this event for quite some time. Bloemendaal was a treat, this was something else! When Tori first played Star of Wonder I was a little worried; her voice didn`t sound great. High notes were skipped and she seemed to be out of breath a few times. Luckily Tori played it again and the 2nd time was much better imo! In advance I guessed she would play Yes Anastasia and she did! Really well! The audience` reaction after this was amazing; many people got off their seat and it felt… ecstatic.

      Loved that 3 Midwinter songs were played, my personal favourites though were Anastasia & Flying Dutchman; the orchestra added só much to these songs! Precious Things was a great ending (but I`m not sure if it was played as it was supposed to haha). Tori was emotional, funny (did anyone tape the little-boy-story?) and totally into the orchestra. You could tell she`s usually the conductor of the band; a few times she directed the orchestra with a few, quick handgestures while playing (it`s in her system :) )My husband loved Jackie`s Strength and didn`t mind hearing it twice! Thank you Tori!

    9. Zussie says:

      Tori was truly amazing and enchanting. I’m very curious about this ‘radio show’ she mentioned!

      By the way, if you’d like to sign the petition to keep the Metropole Orchestra (and other Dutch orchestras and cultural music projects), please sign it at the top of this page: http://www.mco.nl/mco_page/actie (for non-Dutch people: ‘bericht’ means ‘message’, so you can leave a personal message why you think the orchestra should stay).

      Tori could barely hold back her tears when she told how she feels about ‘stopping the music’, so even if you’re not too thrilled about classical music or orchestras, you can show your support to Tori by signing it!

    10. Peter Pijpelink says:

      Wow what à lifetime experience and memory. Tori with orchestra is great. THE combination with violins and other instruments is amazing. Tori was herselfs lol as she used the same language on stage as normal. “i’ve fucked up” ;) I did my best to Twitter all songs, some from Midwinter I did not know. My neighbour lady saved me à few times, thanks for that. I do not like Midwinter that much so did not listen to many of those songs. Anyway It was great in row 2 right in front of her piano. Pity we did not get Mother as she did the First 3 songs again. She said they did à radio broadcast recording. What about à cd Tori??? And NeXT time get some camera’s in and make this à DVD. IT Will sell great I am sure. Amazing happy she played Winter! So pretty and so precious with the orchestra.

      Thanks Metropole and thanks Tori.

      Shall we meet in the same setting NeXT year?

      And Dutch goverment! I did not give you my vote to close this orchestra!!! So follow my vote and let them go on. Otherwise you go home.

    11. Theo van Dijk says:

      Tori Amos performed the last show of her tour at the Heineken Music Hall in Amsterdam tonight, and it was anything but a normal show. The rest of her tour was a solo joint, performing on her piano. I saw her earlier this summer in Bloemendaal, and, as usual she was perfection.

      Although she was perfectional as well last night, it was a very different sort of show. For the first time in her career, Tori performed with a full orchestra. The Metropole Orchestra from the Netherlands was joining her on stage, and the sync was just incredible!

      Although each and every song worked out amazingly with the orchestra, there were indeed a few highlights. For me, the first two were Snow Cherries From France and Baker Baker, songs I´d been dying to hear live, and of course the marvellous versions of Marianne and Star Of Wonder. However, the real highlight of the evening was an absolutely amazing version of Yes Anastasia. The last time I heard this song live myself, was back in 1999 at the Royal Festival Hall in London. However, that version didn´t stand a chance between this one. It was, in one word: outstanding!

      Thank you Tori, for such a wonderful and unique show! I’m glad I was able to be a part of it!

    12. Kris C. says:

      Great setting, intimate atmosphere, beautiful arrangement.
      I am happy I was part of this. Glad to have witnessed some songs rarely played like Girl Dissapearing.

      Hope the orchestra will stay, Tori take them on a tour!!

      (@Peter – you should have known before you voted, read programs)

    13. MarianneRose says:

      OK guys full review! :)

      * Star of Wonder:
      the orchestra started and I thought! OMG :blink: its star of wonder…. then she came out and she looked at the conductor and started to play on the small organ. She began to sing and (like I said before) you could hear something was wrong… her voice… but like instantley you felt the audience tense up and there was this thick emotional atmosphere! The strings were great and I loved it. :)

      * Jackie’s Strength: I was dying to here this so very excited! And again Tori’s voice was beautifull was rough and a lil nasal.. she wasnt really at ease you could see that. She looked nervous! didnt quit found the notes and it felt rushed somehow!

      * Talk: then the emotional talk about finding out with the orchestra that they lost their funds she choked up.. and I think everybody did

      * Snow Cherries From France: soooooooooooooo emotional…. they ending just made me wanna cry :crying:

      * Baker Baker: wow they orchestra solo and then her voice! It seemed to clear up and she sang it sooooooooooooo beautifull (she fucked up the first words… she sang: can you make me a day twice instead of the first one cake!

      I cant remeber if her second talk was right before Marianne or after. Anyhow she told us about a lil boy of 4 years old whop learned to speak English from his dad who said to her (and Tori did a cute lil boysvoice): “Towi, you know you are gonna play with a big BIG orchestra. And Tori said: Yes I know. Then the boy said: NO Towi, you dont understand, these are BIG BIG instruments, bigger then demons. And Tori said: hmmm I didnt look at it that way. And then the boy said, When I’m big, my daddy is gonna talk me to concerts. Then Tori looked at the crowd and said: NOw this boy should run the Dutch government! It was so cute and you could see Tori was getting a bit more at ease and becoming a lil happier.

      * Marianne OK Marianne…. cant explain how this felt for me… My alltime favorite song and then with the orchestra and Tori singing it so emotional… I’m listening to it now and the goosebumps are on my arms and tears are streaming down my face.

      * Flying Dutchman WOW soooooooooooooooo beautifull the strings and Tori! Wow! I was soooo sad she didnt do the highnotes with the orchestra but I guess she just couldnt get them out

      * Our New Year: oooh the beginning.. with the cellos and Tori… WOW! I love MG and love this song! When I hear it I always think of her brother! It was a very emotional moment! The “you’re not there” part was very intense… omg man those cellos!

      * Silent All These Years: OK so not my favorite song! I heard it A MILLION times…. BUT…………………. WOW did it rock with the orchestra! :) she sang it really pointy and fast! not dragged out! I adored it!

      * Maybe California: WOW so so so neatifull I always see Tori with her hands stretched out by the see as is in the visualette of this song and when she sang “dashed upon those cliffs” it felt like the whole audience could feel it! amazing!

      * Improv: Tori sang: “I know you, I know you, you are there waiting me for me to do this, waiting for me to sing a song” She sang it to the conductor. Then she sang:
      “If I could breath, I would breath,
      I would breath music into government,
      If I could be, be anything
      I would be someone who could make decisions
      for them (pointing at the orchestra)
      to play forever, for them to play forever
      Ivy, there she is, Ivy…”

      and then she started with the solo Ivy! It was really beautiful!!!! Very fierce! Listen to her piano…. wow! And then into Snowangel! :faint: just amazing! I felt like her voice came back after this improv!

      * Programmable Soda: she started and said: Oh no I’m gonna fuck this up, and the conductor looked at her and she said “Oh no, count me in”! So funny!
      We laughed through the whole song! It was sooooo funny!

      * Girl Disappearing: very moving and cute! Loved it!

      * Yes, Anastasia: WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW When she started with the first verse we knew she did the FULL version It was SOOOOOO amazing! I was so wanting her to hit the high notes.. seriusly I was trying to breathe them in her! ANd she hit them and the orchestra, seriously I was blown away!

      * Winter: Tears again….. so so so so so sweet! And sooooooooooooo beautifull! I wish her dad could of been here for this!

      Encore-break! It was a LONG encore break we didnt know what was going on! But when she came out she explained. First she told the funniest story about her working on Under the Pink and had asked this mighty string arranger to arrange her songs. SO she came to the studio and she heard it and thought: I dont recognize any of my songs…. Then she said, she was thinking * pleace, pleace not baker baker, not baker baker * and she lowered her voice and said: then mr. bla said: That would be baker baker. And she said she had made the downpayment of her life but she deleted the whole thing. She called John Philip Shenale and said: how would you like to be my new string arranger. Oh but I’ve blown the budget so we have to make a deal! And we are making deals ever since, she said! Then John Philip came to the stage and whe all cheered!

      Then she said she fucked up the first three songs and because it was a radiorecording they had to do them againg! We all cheered!

      * Snow Cherries From France (repeat for recording): WOW sooooooooooo beautiful and It was better sang then the first one, but I did love the first one too! * Jackie’s Strength (repeat): OH man the lovely jackie again! So lovely! I was very happy!

      * Star of Wonder (repeat): a LOT better then the first time! Loved it!

      * Precious Things: WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW that was a threat! Didnt expect this one and OH MY GOD! it was THE best! the orchestra went wild and so did the crowd and Tori! It was AMAZING!

    14. OrenLovesTori (Oren and Shiri) says:

      We had a lovely and unique evening with Tori and the Metropole Orchestra. Our thoughts:
      The hall was full! It was great to see so many people come and enjoy. It is sad to think the Metropole Orchestra might be closed soon, and Tori seemed to take it very strongly. The improv about this subject was beautiful. But it was amusing to hear Tori swear in front of the respectable-looking orchestra…

      It seems to be difficult for Tori to perform with an orchestra. It is constraining, she cannot improvise freely and has to keep thinking clearly. We felt this led to a more technical and less emotional show. She did it beautifully, but there was a price to pay.
      The songs were very similar to their released versions. On the one hand, it was great to hear them in a live setting, as real songs that can be played live by an acoustic Tori + orchestra. On the other hand, we love the interpretations and nuances in Tori shows, and we felt (as can be expected from such a show) that there was much less of that.

      The setlist was beautiful, but we really were very sure we would get Gold Dust and almost sure we would have A Winter’s Carol, so we had a slight disappointment.
      Yes Anastasia was definitely the highlight of the evening… until the encore! Precious things was rearranged for a string orchestra, it was gorgeous and kicked some major ass!

      We felt that Tori’s vocal wasn’t perfect, again compared to recent shows. Certainly the first few songs suffered from this, she seemed very nervous and agitated in the beginning, but even in Anastasia which was in the middle we felt she did it less well than in Milan.

      All in all, it was a beautiful show, very unique, we would not miss it for anything else, even though we thought that the two shows we saw in Milan and Zurich three months ago were “better” (I know this sounds silly LOL).
      Thank you Tori for existing!

    15. Lisa071573 says:

      With sincerest apologies to anyone who couldn’t make the trip to Amsterdam for the show, I must say that this was really one of the best days I can ever remember having…

      I was traveling with my friends, Char and Sam (Samantha Hale, filmmaker of Map the Music) and we got to the venue super early, before sunrise. Since Sam wanted to be able to hand Tori a copy of the finished product, the Map the Music dvd, we wanted to stake out a spot for the meet and greet nice and early. More people started showing up by 10 or 11 and by 2pm, there was a pretty good crowd. Somewhere around 2:30pm, they corralled us into the barricades and I think it was 15 minutes or so after that when Tori came out. Sam got to hand the movie to Tori (at which Tori said, “You’re a filmmaker now!”). I had picked up a small Cornflakes box from our hotel breakfast bar and had Tori sign that (pure silliness!). I asked her if she was nervous for the show and I think she said she was good, and that she’d had an amazing time working with the orchestra and something along the lines of that it was really like nothing she’d ever experienced before. She also said they were going to be making an announcement [at the show] but that they’d all found out together on the last day of rehearsal that the Dutch government was planning to close the orchestras. She also thanked everyone for coming.

      After the meet and greet, everyone headed to Jinso’s, an Asian restaurant in the same plaza as the HMH for the pre-show meet-up that Rachael and Lucy organized. I think there ended up being about 80 of us spread across a bunch of tables. What really struck me about the meet and greet and the dinner was that I really felt the camaraderie of all the Tori fans, as one group. A lot of times it feels like we separate ourselves into groups or cliques and we lose sight of the fact that we’re all there for the same reason. This day it truly felt like we were all friends, all happy to be there and it really was lovely and moving. Later during the dinner, a Tori song (I think What Child, Nowell) came over the PA system in the restaurant and we all cheered.

      When we entered the inside of the hall to find our seats, my first reaction to the stage setup was “holy shit – wow.” Just seeing the Wurly and the Boesy in front of all the orchestra seats was amazing and waiting for the show to start was torture! Eventually (about 5 minutes late), a guy came out and spoke some Dutch at us for a minute and then Jules Buckley, the conductor, came out and introduced the show (luckily in English!). He told us about the Dutch government’s plan to close the orchestras and had us (twice) sit in silence for 20 seconds to imagine that the orchestra didn’t exist.

      One of the most exciting things about the show was really having no idea what song was coming next. Then, after figuring out which song it was, I was in suspense just waiting for the orchestra to come in behind Tori. Star of Wonder really sounds wonderful with the orchestra! The only thing I noticed during the first three songs that Tori thought she fucked up was that she seemed a bit out of breath trying to keep the pace with the orchestra, but really, the songs sounded amazing. Baker Baker was just lovely and Marianne was dazzling – the bridge left me speechless. Honestly, words cannot explain how awe-inspiring the performance was; just watching Tori and hearing the orchestra kick in at different spots was breathtaking. (I think I spent half the show with my mouth open in shock.) I was surprised at how many Midwinter Graces songs made their appearance, but since I’d never seen any of them live, it was great (although I really thought that Snow Angel was Father’s Son for a minute there) and it gives me a much better appreciation for the album. Programmable Soda was hilarious and dead-on perfect despite Tori’s worry that she was going to fuck it up! Silent All These Years was done in the fastest tempo I’ve ever seen and gorgeous with the orchestra. Yes, Anastasia was one I was expecting and really terrific, although I waited in vain for the “if you know me so well” bit (alas…). I was surprised at Girl Disappearing, because I’d forgotten all about that one. Winter was just perfect and brought tears to my eyes.

      It seemed like Tori was gone for about four whole minutes before Jules Buckley came back out and introduced the encore (for a minute, I thought Tori was changing into a doll!). She came back out, introduced John Philip Shenale and told the story about how she’d hired a famous string arranger for Under the Pink but when she heard the arrangements, she couldn’t recognize her songs in them. Even though she’d blown the whole budget on the arranger, after a margarita she erased the whole damn thing and called John and asked if they could make a deal. The re-takes were fabulous and Star of Wonder really was made for an orchestra. Precious Things – there was a collective gasp (at least where I was sitting) when Tori started the piano on this since the orchestra started first and we had no idea what song was coming. I really hadn’t expected it and although I miss Matt’s drums on it, the orchestra really kicked some ass and listening to it again now gives me goose bumps. We were so hoping for Gold Dust (and according to someone we spoke to, it was supposedly on an early version of the setlist), but really, it was hard to be disappointed after such a magical show. Also, my thought was that perhaps because she was feeling so emotional over the idea of the orchestra closing that Gold Dust just would have been too hard to do.

      I’ve run out of adjectives, but the whole day and the performance itself were simply amazing.

    16. Red Rose says:

      What an amazing treat to have seen this performance in person. Thank you so much everyone for posting your videos. I really enjoyed them. Especially: ‘Marianne second half, posted by madisonen’. At that point in the song, to me it seemed like Tori and the Orchestra really started to flow a lot more then the first half. She is in her element and looking gorgeous.
      I also love Jackie`s Strength and Baker Baker. They definitely brought on the teary emotion that only Tori can give.
      Long live The Metropole!

    17. Erikwithak says:

      It was so beautiful….. every minut, Tori took our breath away and huged our soul.
      Thanks for everything Tori. Hope to see you soon…
      Until the next tour guy’s, ( Angelo, Eric with a c, Christophe, Christophe , Marcus, Matt, Elyse, Kirsten, Melanie, Michael.

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