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    Tour Status

    Tori is touring in 2017 to support the release of Native Invader. The European legs runs from early September through early October and the North American leg runs from late October to early December. We do not know if additional dates elsewhere will be added.

    Useful Tour Stuffs
    Current Release

    Native Invader (album, 2017)

    Le Grand Rex

    Night Of Hunters Tour

    Date October 05, 2011
    City Paris, France
    Venue Le Grand Rex


    • Shattering Sea
    • Way Down
    • Suede
    • Snow Cherries From France
    • Fearlessness
    • “Microphone” improv
    • Crucify (solo)
    • Garlands
    • Mr. Zebra (solo)
    • “I Forgot To Let The Fantastic Four Tune” improv
    • Cloud On My Tongue
    • Girl Disappearing
    • Star Whisperer
    • River (Joni Mitchell cover)
    • Bells For Her (solo)
    • Programmable Soda (solo)
    • Cruel
    • Nautical Twilight
    • Siren
    • Carry

    First Encore

    • A Multitude Of Shades (Quartett piece)
    • Your Ghost

    Second Encore

    • “Whoopsie” improv
    • Jeanette, Isabella (solo)
    • Holly, Ivy and Rose (solo)
    • Winter


    1. Chris says:

      A real success: the place, the arrangement, the setlist as well as her status. It is the best moment listening to her last two albums: MG & NOH. I noticed that the concert was recorded. I do not know whether it is a custom or not. But it is true that this tour worth an album or more! Again bravo for the AMQ!
      Bonne route for those biggest fans such as the blue T-shirt one. I wait for her next visit in Paris.

    2. erik withak & Christophe Fontan says:

      There was no meet and greet, but all who were waiting for Tori could exchange their ticket for a first row ticket.
      That way Tori can be sure that the first row is full of fans. It was great to hear crucify , cruel and river.
      It was not the setlist we hoped for, but it had some really nice highlights. See you all in Einhoven.

    3. inkwell says:

      No matter how hard I try to guess how Tori with a quartet would sound like live, I never was too close. The concert was simply… amazing ? transcending !

      I was with a friend who came especially to see Tori all the way from… Beirut ! And I witnessed her blown away (in her own classy chic conservative way, but that’s just useless detail).

      OK, Tori showed up with a glittering, thick, chic anthracite dress. I usually don’t like Tori’s “costumes”, but this one was just fine ! It was sober and rocky “à la fois”.

      Shattering Sea is such a beautiful opening, because it is emotionally charged with mystery and those low piano notes heavily played. The mood is set.

      Way Down is solo performed.

      Suede was played with a hand on each keyboard… Another wonderful moment.

      The mic had some trouble staying “straight”. And Tori carressed it frequently in a very subconsciously suggestive way lol !!! I mean this is the least I expect from Tori. But at the end, there’s a technical guy who came to fix it which earned us a very nice improv… the “Mike” improv.

      Crucify was good, although she always sings it in Paris and I don’t like the cliché side of this song (Tori, are you aware of your panel of majestic songs ?).

      Garlands was… oh my God ! Did not expect she’d sing it. What a beautiful haunting song. Such a great moment with such a great… B SIDE !

      Cloud On My Tongue is probably her most played song live by our Tori. But with strings it works just… hell well. The quartet is really wonderfully tuned and very well synchronised. The violonists are in perfect musical harmony in matters of vibrato and timing. This really casts a studio-like interpretation per moments.

      Girl Disappearing was played a bit too fast or Tori was just not on top of top, but it did not feel like it’s about a girl disappearing but more of “let me rest during this song”. Never mind ! I loved it still ;-)

      Star Whisperer is… no comment ! The people applauded at the end of the intro and I thought she won’t play the whole of it. But she did and oh Lord ! the artificial stars of The Rex transformed into a clear sky on a cliff ! My God !!! This song should’ve been 20 min, it would still pass like water.

      River was “funny” especially that she repeated “jingle bells…” :-)

      There were basically no percussion in the whole concert, except for cruel where the quartet instruments became living percussions. I won’t speak more and let the people discover this… cruelty of beauty.

      Tori has overall difficulties to reach high notes (yes it is normal, people don’t grow younger with time). But her voice is still powerful and sexy-low. Except for Siren, where she aimed high and beautiful and POWERFUL !! so here’s a yihaaaaaa for this Choirgirl Era.

      Carry is a song that reminds me of all my family members who passed away, so this is a personal moment and the interpretation which fans find “cliché” spoke straight to my heart and it was transcending.

      Your Ghost is such a beautiful nighty song to hear on piano with Tori’s melting voice… at the end of the concert, her voice is warmed up, so it gets more pure… suits Your Ghost perfectly.

      Winter : is it just me or it right now talks about her daughter who’s about to leave winter and go to spring… Anyway, NEVER CHANGE MY DEAR.

      among the audience, apparently were present Nolwenn Leroy and Brigitte Bardot.

      And now I am seriously considering going to see her in Bussels.

    4. Little B says:

      Wow! what an amazing show! I have to confess that I was a little hesitant about how it would be with Tori having less freedom to improvise, but I was so wrong. Her voice and piano playing are on top form (even if some of the top notes were missing in some songs). It seems that this project has pushed her to be better than her best. Oh, and the new songs sound even better live. The thundering opening of Shattering Sea is breathtaking. I thought she would fall off her piano stool, she was concentrating so hard. I should also comment on the sound quality, which was excellent – much better than the last Paris show (or perhaps I had better seats).

      Personally I would not care if she played in jeans, but for those interested she wore a gorgeous black number with a long black skirt and sparkling top that twinkled in the lights like stars in the night sky.

      The ‘Fab Four’ as she is calling them are outstanding. The first violin at the end of Cruel deserved a standing ovation (although this cover worked less well for me than others like Snow Cherries from France and Siren, which sounded like they were made for string quartet. Am sure they will have it nailed by the time they reach the States though ;) The energy between her and the boys is brilliant. She did a cute little improv when she nearly forgot to help the strings tune. The tuning is discreet and done very quickly, so is not obtrusive.

      Before playing Garland, she said how it is dedicated to a particular kind of person, a visual artist from this country and how looking at the art makes her hear things. She also teased the audience as no-one seemed to recognise ‘River’, although it had been the most requested songs for this show. (I didn’t realise we could request songs, so those who have tickets take note!)

      Overall, probably the most memorable show I have been to. If you don’t have tickets already, go get some!

      Hopefully some of the nice people filming with their iPhones will post video somewhere…..

    5. char says:

      Ummmmm Garlands…..enough said.

    6. Aurélia says:

      What an AMAZING show.
      I’ve seen all of Tori’s shows in Paris since 94 (not counting but that makes approx 10) and this one was probably the best and my favorite one.

      Venue (Grand Rex) is very good (not too big, not too small), great comfy seats with space for your legs and a very good sound (plus I was lucky to be at the 4th row).

      Show lasted 2 hours.

      The quartet’s presence is such an incredible added value, revisiting surprisingly some songs of the back catalogue, giving a new sound, a new energy. I was totally blown away by the result, and the combination of Tori’s piano and the quartet gives a lot of depth to the songs, another dimension.

      Tori herself looked stunning, in great shape and energy, solid voice, and as usual, passionate, fiercely inspired, very comfortable, cheeky sometimes, sensual most of the other times, and happy to be here.
      I felt she was closer to the audience than the previous shows I saw.

      It was really nice to get the “short” songs as mini interludes that we don’t usually get live (Mr Zebra, Way Down, Programmable Soda)

      We were lucky enough to get 3 funny improvs: first one because her microphone sucked, second one because she forgot to tune with the quartet, and the last one because when she pressed the synth, it was the wrong program and therefore delivered a mystery sound (last program was for Cruel). I’m always mesmerized by how quickly she can improv and turn the situation into something funny, original and in tune!

      She explained Garlands was written for a few people from France (artists). Before River (amazing cover she did) she said it was the most requested song for tonight and seeing that audience didn’t seem to recognize it she said cheekily “but it was the most requested!”. She said “bonsoiiiir” to us (we love it when she speaks French).

      My personal favorite highlights were: – Suede and Cloud on my Tongue because I’m normally not a big fan of them, but listening to them with the quartet made me totally fall for them! – Snow Cherries from France sounds really beautiful with quartet. – It was so nice to hear Bells for Her played with both piano and synth. – Cruel was a strong moment, almost devil at some point, the quartet were banging their instrument, Tori was moving as if possessed on her stool… Intense. – And Winter, with the violins and the cello was just… it gave me goosebumps.

      If only she could play Gold Dust with the quartet. That would be totally amazing.

      I’ve had a wonderful, powerful and intense night thanks to Tori and the Fantastic Four. After all these years, she still manages to surprise us and to be so present, sincere, passionate and charismatic.

      ps: sorry for all the mistakes but as you can tell, English isn’t my mother tongue!

    7. Yannou says:

      It’s my 6th shows and it was my favorite show !
      My god, this album is amazing, and oh my god : star Whisperer is a performance amazing. I waited this song in real and it was so deep and intensive !
      She ‘s so perfect for me, my mind and my heart, i love you Tori, your music and your sensitivity in the choice of your music! thank you very much Undented and fans to love her heart and to follow her mind !

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