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    Tour Status

    Tori is touring in 2017 to support the release of Native Invader. The European legs runs from early September through early October and the North American leg runs from late October to early December. We do not know if additional dates elsewhere will be added.

    Useful Tour Stuffs
    Current Release

    Native Invader (album, 2017)

    Auditorium Parco della Musica

    Night Of Hunters Tour

    Date October 08, 2011
    City Rome, Italy
    Venue Auditorium Parco della Musica


    No live setlist for this show.

    • Shattering Sea
    • Way Down
    • Suede
    • Snow Cherries From France
    • Girl Disappearing
    • Beauty Queen/Horses (solo)
    • Ribbons Undone (solo)
    • Mr. Zebra (solo)
    • Cloud On My Tongue
    • Siren
    • Star Whisperer
    • Doughnut Song (solo)
    • Tiny Dancer (Elton John cover, solo)
    • Graveyard (solo)
    • Cruel
    • Fearlessness
    • Baker Baker
    • Winter

    First Encore

    • A Multitude Of Shades
    • Your Ghost

    Second Enore

    • Northern Lad (solo)
    • Playboy Mommy (solo)
    • Nautical Twilight
    • Big Wheel


    1. taxigirl says:

      What an amazing show! Unfortunately no M&G – according to Mindy because the venue security were worried that a crowd of 30 people was a ‘security risk’ and so they basically wouldn’t let Tori come out. They were also very strict over cameras and filming during the show.

      Highlights: A lioness version of Ribbons Undone. Cruel was stunning – even better than expected or imagined. Tiny Dancer was beautiful, and she was clearly having such a good time playing it. Mr Zebra was jaunty, and Siren with the strings just delicious. Playboy Mommy was my request so it was amazing to hear that.

      When Tori went off after Your Ghost, Mindy came out and kicked a security guy off the front row/stage rush, because he wasn’t letting people lean on the stage, adn Tori wasn’t happy about it. He didn’t look too happy.

      It was a fantastic show, Tori is at the top of her game this tour and it’ll be brilliant to see how much better she gets from here as the tour progresses :D

    2. laura says:

      I was a the show in Rome yesterday and it was amazing for me and yet more and more amazing for a girlfriend of mine who was attending her first Tori concert ever (she kept commenting saying things like: “so much… so much ‘stuff’ all together…”).
      There were huge mike problems at the beginning of “Shattering sea” as the first three verses only sounded like mike squeaks and after that Tori’s voice wasn’t well balanced for almost another whole song. Anyhow this didn’t spoil the energy of the performance, though I must say that Tori has been very quiet (meaning she really didn’t speak much): yet I tend to think this more due to the kind of show and the kind of effort it requires.
      I was really amazed by the Quartet (I liked their solo piece very much) and by the strong feeling between them and Tori.
      “Cruel”, “Mr. Zebra” and “Siren” are three of my all-time Tori-favourites so I was extremely pleased to hear them live.
      I loved the string arrangements of the old sonfs and – considering that I’m loving NOH very much – I think the new songs live sounded amazing.

    3. Jasmine says:

      The show was EXCELLENT! What a beautiful venue. It was my first Tori concert outside of the US, and I loved it!

      There were mic issues at the beginning of Shattering Sea. We missed her first several lines! It was resolved pretty quickly, fortunately!

      She told a story before Tiny Dancer, about her first concert at the age of eleven. Her father made her go with someone from church. She managed to get a standing spot in the front row, and it was an amazing experience. During the concert, the artist threw his bottle of water at the crowd and she reached up and touched it as it flew over. Years later, he came up to her and said he wanted her left hand, and she told him that she believed he gave it to her. Then she played a song from that concert, Tiny Dancer.

      Also, she restarted Northern Lad after a couple of lines….the Italian audience didn’t seem to notice when she sang “Had a northern lad, well not exactly had….I think I’ll start over…” and then did so!

      It seemed that Ribbons Undone meant a lot to her last night. To me, Playboy Mommy was especially powerful. So much love behind it.

      An excellent show! The quartet was SO incredible!

    4. alebi says:

      Probably the most beautiful Tori concert I’ve seen over the last ten years .. the auditorium is a great place for us and for her (..I’m sure) and the piano and string quartet fusion is perhaps the perfect combination.. The atmosphere was magical, that woman has a special power to enchant, we know ..
      The setlist was perfect, sorry about the initial jamming .. I would never want to be in the shoes of the sound engineer at that time!!!.. and I had a pressure drop … fortunately ended after a few seconds..,)
      Great Tori

    5. Jan Sundström says:

      When Mindi came out for the M&G, she filled an A4 paper full with song requests.
      Since my wife and I are expecting a daughter, we asked for anything suitable from the Beekeeper, dedicated to the baby. I made a joke that she might do Ribbons Undone.
      After we sat down in the venue, Mindi actually walked up to our seats and passed on a greeting from Tori that she had no time to rehearse with the quartet, which made it difficult to fit in requests. But she would try for us…
      When Tori did play Ribbons, I felt that she was looking at the audience repeatedly, sort of trying to make eye contact, even though she hadn’t met us. It was a very emotional moment!

      I’ve never been to a Tori show where the security was so petty about cameras. As soon as anyone’s phone camera screen lit up, guards were there to stop it.
      Only after Winter, when the crowd ran towards the stage they gave up chasing us.
      The upside was that I could actually concentrate on the stage instead of getting distracted by camera screens. I saw a girl at the M&G carrying an oldfashioned analogue camera. Now I realize what it’s good for!
      Of course the Italian fans noticed the false start of Northern Lad too, they were just too polite to point it out. :-)

      I uploaded a bunch of photos to http://www.flickr.com/photos/tags/lastfm%3Aevent%3D1930106/
      Nothing great though, just some poor snapshots.

      BTW, the setlist on the official site is wrong (http://www.toriamos.com/tours/setlist_100811.html), there was no Programmable Soda and no improv. Maybe they took the planned set and listed it without last minute changes?

      [Note from Violet: Yes, the official site normally posts the setlist that Tori planned out BEFORE a show, so substitutions don't always end up there.]

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