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    Tour Status

    Tori is touring in 2017 to support the release of Native Invader. The European legs runs from early September through early October and the North American leg runs from late October to early December. We do not know if additional dates elsewhere will be added.

    Useful Tour Stuffs
    Current Release

    Native Invader (album, 2017)

    O2 Apollo Manchester

    Night Of Hunters Tour

    Date November 04, 2011
    City Manchester, UK
    Venue O2 Apollo Manchester


    Thanks to @Arkyetc, @itf, @@mrdavidguy and @raspberryswirls for getting the set out as it happened (think that was everyone — phew!).

    • Shattering Sea
    • Scarborough Fair (solo)
    • Suede
    • Velvet Revolution
    • Leather
    • Fearlessness
    • Doughnut Song (solo)
    • Take Me With You (solo)
    • Mr. Zebra (solo)
    • Winter
    • Cloud On My Tongue
    • Star Whisperer
    • Carnival (solo)
    • Apollo’s Frock (solo)
    • Lovesong [The Cure] (solo)
    • Your Ghost
    • Hey Jupiter
    • Siren
    • Cruel

    First Encore

    • A Multitude of Shades
    • Precious Things

    Second Encore

    • Carry
    • Spark
    • Big Wheel


    Doughnut Song

    Take Me With You



    A Multitude of Shades

    Precious Things



    1. Wayne says:

      Tori was on fire tonight. Totally amazing and the atmosphere was electric! For me every song was bliss but Cruel (with those amazing, psychotic strings!) had the edge! Brilliant!

    2. Rich says:

      An absolute belter of a show. Tori was in amazing spirits and definitely delivered a show for the fans. Carnival making an appearance was a winner, Winter with the quartet: simply stunning and the best live version I’ve ever heard, and the “Tori F**ks Up” improv was totally hilarious. The only one minor downside is that Siren really didn’t work with the quartet and is one for Matt & Jon. All in all though, an absolute winner.

    3. Tim says:

      This was my 4th Tori show and this was by far the best show i have ever seen by anyone! Her voice and playing was spot on… and loads of songs ive never heard live before! I am really tempted to get the train to glasgow tomorrow to see her there. Fucking immense.

    4. John says:

      The Manchester show was just amazing – Tori was on fine form and the quartet were just superb. Shattering Sea, Suede and Doughnut Song were truly brilliant, but Cruel was fantastic. It was my ultimate favourite of the night. It was also great to hear a few rarities with Carnival, Take me with you and Apollo’s Frock all putting in an appearance.

    5. Darren says:

      What an amazing show – the best show/concert I’ve seen by anyone ever – it’s my 5th Tori Concert. Shattering Sea, slightly faster live, was dramatic with the Quartet and gave the concert a brilliant start – all the Night Of Hunters songs were better live and even the old ones sounded better for it – Cruel was completely amazing, along with Winter and Cloud. A truly fantastic experience, would love this to be released as a live CD. The only other concert that comes close to this is when Tori was in Chicago (at the Vic) from ADP tour. Ah-fookin-mazing!!!!

    6. Louise says:

      It was such an amazing night. Tori was absolutely stunning and the quartet were just awesome.

      Highlights were Shattering Sea, Cruel, Take Me With You, Star Whisperer, Mr Zebra and of course the WTF improv :). A really amazing night and probably one of my faves out of the ten I have been to over the years.

      My only beef is with the irritating people who were sat round us in rows C, D and E. Throughout the show they were talking REALLY loudly about all the shows they had been to and the hotels they’d stayed in.
      As soon as Tori had finished Cruel they proceeded to jump out of their seats and push past us in a really aggressive manner, pushing us out of their way, standing on our toes and knocking our things on the floor (including my tour programme – not happy) in their bid to rush the stage.

      They were truly abnoxious. Why do these people have to ruin others’ experience ? Just because THEY are following Tori on tour, they shouldn’t ruin others’ experience with their lack of manners and boasting.

      Anyway, beef over.. It was a great night. Thanks Tori and come back soon :)

    7. Joshua says:

      Tori was on FIRE. I was transfixed from the moment she started playing the piano, her intensity was staggering, Shattering Sea was so fast and dramatic and the sound of the piano was stunning, I can’t even begin to describe how amazing it was… the bass… THE BASS!!!

      When she played Cloud on my Tongue right after Winter I thought I had died and gone to heaven. Her solo songs also had great energy. The whole night she was really powerful and full of energy, she sounded brilliant. I really hope there is a good quality recording of it out there!

      The quartet were spectacular too, their intensity in songs like Fearlessness, Cruel and Spark really struck me! And I love how with them the tempo of the songs is kept up.
      My favourite of the night was Shattering Sea for how intense, fast and dramatic it was. But I loved every single song.
      It was a magical night. Wish I could jet off to Ulster and Eire to go see her again!

    8. Minnie the Minx says:

      A magical evening with Tori! She was on fire, even if a great deal of the crowd seemed intent on talking (the disrespect shown to opening act Mark Hole was terrible, people just talked as they entered the venue and kept on talking. By the way, his dad is Max Hole, former head of East West records and buddy of Tori’s from her early days til present day.)

      The instrumental section in Star Whisperer is the most intense wonderful playing by Tori and the quartet, if you haven’t been to a show this tour – buy a ticket right now, it is worth every penny.

      Worth noting that she wore a light blue dress – the colour of Manchester’s number one football team Man City, which seemed to please a lot of the locals!

      Carry gets better and better each time i hear it. A completely moving night for all i think.

    9. GazR says:

      OMG – what a show! My 3rd one of this tour, so I knew pretty much which “mainstay” songs to expect. But hey, never imagined there’d be so many surprises. Every song was top drawer tonight. Highlights were Doughnut Song and Lovesong. Both were sung which such tenderness and intensity (it looked like Tori wiped a tear from her eye during Doughnut). Another high point was the full rendition of Spark, putting to rest the ghost of the 2nd Amsterdam show. Having heard the ill-fated version, it was great to hear it all the way through – especially with the Quartet.

      I can appreciate those who are complaining about the rush for stage. It’s the first time in over 20 shows I’ve witnessed people actually jumping over rows of seats to get to the front for the encore. Yes, I know it’s part and parcel of the gig, but hey, have some consideration for your fellow fans.

      In summary, a truly special night – long may they continue!

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