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    Tour Status

    Tori is touring in 2017 to support the release of Native Invader. The European legs runs from early September through early October and the North American leg runs from late October to early December. We do not know if additional dates elsewhere will be added.

    Useful Tour Stuffs
    Current Release

    Native Invader (album, 2017)

    Theatre of Marcellus, Emperor's Palace

    Night Of Hunters Tour

    Date November 12, 2011
    City Johannesburg, South Africa (1)
    Venue Theatre of Marcellus, Emperor's Palace


    Thanks to @strange_lil_boy, @RKGraeme and @LindiAtieno for the updates! “China” replaced “Baker Baker,” which was on the printed setlist. The setlist on ToriAmos.com has “Landslide” between “Doughnut Song” and “Blood Roses” but it was not played.

    • Little Earthquakes
    • Cloud On My Tonque
    • Bells For Her
    • Virginia
    • Mother
    • Beauty Queen/Horses
    • Taxi Ride
    • Honey
    • Doughnut Song
    • Blood Roses
    • Me And A Gun
    • Black Swan
    • Silent All These Years


    • Bouncing Off Clouds
    • Your Cloud
    • China
    • Take To The Sky (w/ “Room In My Heart” bridge from Datura)


    Blood Roses / Me And A Gun


    1. RP says:

      What a silly show for a 3rd world country! Really, we have been waiting for this for 20 years?

      Let’s face it – Tori is a great performer, but surely, at least one song could have been from the new album.

      PS: Yip that was the setlist. A little stuck in the 90s.

    2. Ferial Dayal says:

      Last night I experienced Divinity Personified. Tori Amos was, and will always be, Paradise Incarnate. I am both humbled and empowered by Her. She emblazons the spirit, flirts with the soul, dances with the body and invites the mind. Hers is a magic of fantastic worlds made manifest on Earth.

    3. sweetsangria says:

      Tori’s first show in South Africa was magical. It was the first time for many locals to share the love of Tori Amos before the show. Seeing how most people always dreamed to see her, the crowed was one big nervous wreck.

      There was a meet and greet, but unfortunately we arrived just after. We were told by the venues security that everybody came out crying and they were very concerned why this celebrity is making people cry (which is kind of funny). Well I was one of many that cried throughout the entire show. Tori was at her best, and her presence overwhelming. My favorites was Mother; Doughnut Song, and properly the best version of Blood Roses I ever heard. She had the crowd by the balls and we were all amazed by her stage presence.

      The show was out of this world and I really hope this is the first of many South African shows to come!!

    4. ashley says:

      There’s something so surreal and magical about seeing Tori in your country of birth. The meet and greet was a lovely experience. We were taken into the venue two at a
      time and Tori as usual spent as much time with each person as that person wanted. I
      had met her overseas before and when she saw me she was so excited to see me and run
      to me and hugged me. This floored me so much that I totally forgot to get my Little
      Earthquakes booklet signed.

      Now to the concert. Wow wow wow wow!!! When she began playing Little Earthquakes I
      just started crying. It wasn’t that I had a particular connection to the song; it
      was just the fact that here is this amazing woman playing her amazing music in my
      country of birth. Virginia and Mother(which I didn’t think I’d liked) was simply

      Before Taxi ride she told the story about writing the song for Kevin and how living
      with the disease he had to live with you really get to know who your friends are.
      She looked like she was going to burst into tears. She didn’t but I think I did
      enough crying for the both of us!

      Loved Honey and Blood Roses, well what can you say? When she played the harpsicord
      part on the keyboard it was nice and sweet but then she hit those base notes on the
      Bose and the crowed went crazy!
      The first song of the encore she said she wanted to do something fun and what better
      than Bouncing off Clouds. Your Cloud was so pretty and one of my favourites off
      Scarlet. Before China someone shouted a request and she went into an improv about
      how many requests there were and that she can only play so many and that some girls
      had to come out because they needed to speak to someone in the audience. Take to the
      sky was a brilliant show closer especially with the room in my heart bridge.

      This was by far the best concert I attended. I’m so looking forward to today and
      thursday in Cape Town. Tori love to all.

      PS RP I am really sorry you feel the way you do, but I think Tori has her reasons for not playing NOH and probably cause the songs would sound “empty” without the quartet. I’ve been lucky enough to see her with the quartet and these shows are very special in their own right. I hope you’re not burning your fan card just yet.

    5. TH says:

      I did not know about the meet and greet – I am completely devestated!! Loved the concert, though. Every minute of it!

    6. Monique says:

      Hi guys!
      I went to all three shows! it was amazing!!!!! The first night we sat in row E. Great seats. Can’t begin to explain what I felt.
      Sunday(13th) was in afternoon she looked so beautiful. We(my husband)sat in row A right in the middle. I could see every expression.
      Monday(14th) my husbands’ birthday. we have seats in row T but got upgraded to front row(Tori row) right in the middle seat 15 and 16. I am RIGHT
      in front of Tori!!!!!! We sit SO CLOSE my husband says he can smell her perfume!!!! And that she had alcohol!!! She looks directly at me. It was religious. Awestruck! The music unbelievable. The crowd fantastic. I met a lot of Tori fans. Amazing! I miss them already. some I will see again some lives in other countries. Tori brought us together. Everybody is nice
      to each other. It feels like I’ve known these people my entire life!
      My husband got to know Tori because I always play her in the car. he had/has no choice. he will listen with me but not on his own.
      His not a fan, but he has some fave songs. He was SPEECHLESS! during and after the shows, especially the last one!
      He can’t stop talking about it/her!!!! It brings tears to my eyes that he know sees what I have seen 20 years ago.
      Meet and greet: It was very private. Four people went in at a time. Two with her and two waiting about 4 meters(12feet) away.
      So when I wait my turn I start to cry when I see her in real life for the first time. She is so beautiful and tiny. Calm. Poised. In total control. Exudes strength. She really listens!!
      I stopped crying before I met her though.
      I bought Tori a book of “symbols”, for Mark a South African golf cap, and for Tash a key ring(angel).
      When I meet her I can’t stop telling her how tiny she is. (Was so nervous).They take a photo. I give her the book. She wants
      to look through it (glance) but I am so nervous that I take the book from her and put it on the table and then placed Mark and Tash’s
      on the table as well. Fast. She tells me she loves my shirt/top. I tell her Vee bought Beekeeper for me and got it signed and posted it (2005).
      She asks who is Vee and where does she live. I then comment again (like an idiot) how small she is. she then takes
      both my hands in hers and pulls me real close to her face and says: Let me tell you the real truth.(says it real slow)
      She then takes off one shoe and stands flat on the ground. She’s even smaller. She tells my husband to take another photo!!!!!
      Idiot me blurts out: oh my God I feel like a giant! I ask her if it will be ok if I make a request. She says it is fine.
      I request Tear in your hand, Hey Jupiter and Purple Rain. She played Tear (cried my eyes out) and Jupiter Dakota! When I told her
      why I loved her cover of purple rain she says: Yes, he is a good one. (The song). Then I have to leave. People outside ask why we took
      so long. I tell them. Amazed! It was hard to listen to Me and a gun, especially on last night only 3metres away. Blood Roses took
      my breath away and during Precious things when she sang “let them bleed girls (…) let them bleed, boys (…) let them bleed, gays”! the
      crowd went mad! the improvs were great! Have to take blame for the first one Saturday A friend and a girl behind shouted play Take to the
      sky!!!! then she started improv about songs that come when they want to, but thank god it was on the set list. I am still on a high and dazed and can’t even
      begin to describe the shows and all the details but will eventually. This was the best experience in my life apart from my wedding. I got to meet
      Tori, see her live and meet lots of fans and make friends, but most of all it was amazing to experience these 3 days with my husband,
      even though he is not a fan.
      I have only respect and awe for Tori. She is one in a trillion.

      I forgot to add that is was a very small venue. Very intimate. Only 900 people. She said at first show: “Let’s pretend this is a sitting room and I play for you
      and have fun.”
      It is also confirmed on gum for lubrication. she said it helps to lubricate her voice in order to reach the high notes.
      Before Taxi ride she was very emotional. she talked about Kevin Aucion (spelling?). How she cared for him. The way some people behave/ed towards
      gays. But that we get c*nts in the world.” something like that. beekeeper was amazing. I got goosebumps. she pointed at the audience
      for quite a few seconds with the part “But don’t be confused One day I’ll be coming for you…”.
      Gold dust was very emotional. it was a request. I know the guy. Tori definitely related to his story.
      She played Belles for her, Toast and Gold dust for him. I was speechless. I don’t want to say more as it is not my place.
      it is private, but because of the back story we KNOW she played it for him. The crowd joined in with Leather.
      A-f***king-mazing! Even my husband knew the words. Speechless again! I know I am mixing up the shows
      but I am only writing as I remember it. With Scarlet’s walk crowd sang along and it was amazing when we got to
      the part “‘you just lift your lamp”- the audience lifted their hands as she did with lamp during ADP tour. It was so thrilling!
      During Me and a gun the crowd was so quiet that I was scared to breathe. the respect that the people showed was inspiring.
      With last show when she came out the crowd stormed staged and went wild!!!!! She touched a lot of hands. she said it was a
      privilege to play for us. and then she put up the best performance of the 3 shows. the crowd was excited and clapped and sang
      along they went wild at all the right places. it made her play with more intensity. she drooled a lot and during Can’t see NY the spit literally
      fell out of her mouth on her lap. like 2 BIG blobs. During here in my head with the lyrics: What this is doing to me?
      Here(she touched her heart)
      Here(she touched her stomach)
      Here(she touched her groin)
      It was very powerful and the crowd went wild.
      During Take to the sky she really slapped that piano so hard that it hurt my ears, but amazing!(sorry I have a limited vocabulary)
      Improv “If I Were a Gambler “so funny as the theatre is inside a casino and she said not a good place
      to be as she might gamble and then Tash would be f*cked as they won’t be able to pay for her studies. I am waiting for the bootlegs. know
      somebody. will share as soon as I get them.(I will ask first of course). She really stretched out the Guurrrrrrlllll in precious things, like during
      the Rainn concert. Ok don’t hate me but when I realized she was playing Ophelia I was upset. there are so many other songs to choose
      from Tori????? BUT: once I heard it live I have change my mind and now loveeeeeeeeeeeee the song! that’s the power of a live show!!!!
      Each song was special in each own way: hand signals, looks she gave the audience, changing the song up and so on. I couldn’t care less
      by the third show what she played as long as she played. the shows were very short, or I thought so. only 17 songs? but it’s ok. security
      wasn’t strict at all show I am sure great pics will show up soon and videos. second night a guy in 5th row actually had a tripod. wasn’t
      press cause I heard the promoter say the next day that he was furious security didn’t remove it. oh and last show with encore, when
      crowd rushed stage security stepped in but she stopped during the song and said very kindly: security guy don’t stop them they
      can come. they can love me to death if they want to.(something like that) Aaaaaaw so cute!! Oh and also it felt so intimate because the
      stage was not the normal height. it touched my hip. That’s why it felt so intimate. low and close. lol.
      Ok I will stop gushing. just wanted to share with you guys.


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