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    Tori is touring in 2017 to support the release of Native Invader. The European legs runs from early September through early October and the North American leg runs from late October to early December. We do not know if additional dates elsewhere will be added.

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    Current Release

    Native Invader (album, 2017)

    Sala Kongresowa

    American Doll Posse Tour

    Date June 19, 2007
    City Warsaw
    Venue Sala Kongresowa


    Santa opened the show. Setlist from EverythingTori.

    Act I – Santa

    • Body & Soul
    • My Posse Can Do
    • God
    • Dragon
    • Secret Spell
    • You Can Bring Your Dog


    • Professional Widow

    Act II – Tori

    • Big Wheel
    • Crucify
    • Caught A Lite Sneeze
    • Cornflake Girl
    • Bells For Her
    • Glory Of The 80s


    • Winter
    • “I know where I am” improv
    • Baker Baker

    Band Returns

    • Putting The Damage On
    • Black Dove (January)
    • Code Red

    First Encore

    • Precious Things
    • Bouncing Off Clouds

    Second Encore

    • Pancake
    • Hey Jupiter



    Bells For Her (Filmed by mustlovebob)

    Crucify (Filmed by mustlovebob)

    God (Filmed by mustlovebob)

    Code Red (Filmed by mustlovebob)

    Winter (filmed by Kalicjusz)

    Precious Things (filmed by Kalicjusz)

    God (filmed by malrerude)

    Secret Spell (filmed by malrerude)

    Big Wheel (filmed by malrerude)

    Warsaw montage (filmed by wesleyworrel)

    Crucify (filmed by Kajka7)

    Cornflake Girl (filmed by Kajka7)



    1. Antek says:

      There was another song at the beginning of the “solo” part. It was sort of an improvisation, starting with a well – known (in Poland) phrase “I know where I am right now”, which was said during Tori’s first concert in Poland and refers to the message to the Polish fans, “It’s 1:05 and I don’t where I am right now, but my songs are here with you and maybe in a way I am too.”

    2. karina says:

      Hi everyone, I just wanted to share some thoughts on the show.

      The concert was really good, and the sound – just perfect. Tori greeted the audience by saying `i know where i am right now`, which she always does while in Poland, and during the solo part, she did a small improv about a man who brought her bread, followed by fantastic `Baker Baker`. The audience was really enthusiastic, especially during the encores, a fact she seemed to enjoy a lot. Best songs of the evening IMO were `Dragon`, `CALS`, really emotional `Winter`, `Putting The Damage On` and `Bouncing Off Clouds`.

      Thank you Tori for making one strange little girl happy again!

    3. beata says:

      Tori’s tonight concert in Warsaw was one of the best concerts I have ever been to in my whole life. She rocked! Her voice is so beautiful and strong, the band also played so powerful that I hardly could stay in my seat (hm I think that with this kind of setlist it shouldn’t have been a seated concert. ;-) I loved it from the beginning to the last encore – Hey Jupiter was so beautiful, Precious Things – this is my favourite song that I’d love to hear during live shows, Tori did play it tonight and in Poznan a few years back, Winter during solo part beautiful as always. There is not enough words that would describe how I feel how happy I am that I could be there.

      There was a short meeting with Tori after the concert – it was so worth it waiting with other fans for an hour and hoping at least to see her, actually a lot of us did manage to speak with her, me too, and I’m so happy about it! She’s such a lovely person! Thank you Tori for your music and for this amazing concert!!

    4. bazia says:

      Wow, that was AMAZING! I sat mesmerized and laughed, and cried… She began with “Body & Soul” and it was the wonderful, rocking beginning. After that, it got even better. She sang with her strong, pure voice and it was… ahh, the lack of words begins here ;)

      I waited with beata for her after the concert and she came! We talked to her, we laughed, she shook our hands and was so warm and friendly…

      Tori, if You read this, please take note that we love you and we are always waiting for You here in Warsaw :)

    5. Joanna says:

      Antek, it should be: It’s 1:05 and I don’t KNOW where I am right PHYSICALLY IN THE WORLD, but my songs are here with you and maybe in a way I am too.”

      You guys are so lucky to have been there. I must have been really amazing to see Tori live, I hope one day I’ll get my chances to see her.

    6. michal says:

      she was amazing! Tori said that it was her dream to come to Warsaw! her voice was extremely strong and for the first time (i've been to her 3 gigs) she managed to rock the audience since the real beginning. there was no weak moment although during caught a lite sneeze i got the impression that tori and the bad were losing melody. the version was quite strange. but still good. maybe i am a bit disappointed that beside the adp songs she sung only 3 songs from 1998-2005 years. the highlights were definitely bouncing off clouds (with massive support from the audience – everybody stood up, clapping hands and screaming – i felt like in a disco!), putting the damage on (with beautiful violin but first of all its my favourite tori's song) and surprisingly bells for her (tori did it very straight and easy. just astonishing although it is not my fav). And of course hey jupiter – real magic but not that similar to dakota version. i found this live version even a bit orient.

      Thank You Tori and thanks to all fans that made warsaw concert sold out. only fans in italy and uk did it during this european tour.

    7. Nicole says:


      As someone who’d never been to a Tori show before despite being a fan for a few years now, it was PERFECT, and my impression that her voice seemed to be amazingly strong is confirmed here, by other’s who got to be there. She hit all the high notes, whispered, seduced, and rocked her way through the set.. too bad the audience was quiet when she stopped singing during the ‘I am an M. I L. F -don’t you forget’ part and I could barely hear anyone sing, myself being caught off-guard and only managing to yelp ‘...you forget!’ :)

      She really ‘knew where she was’ and I regret not waiting around to see if she’d come out and do a meet & greet. Ah, well.

      The light show was amazing, it complimented the songs perfectly.. the band really seemed to be having a blast, and Tori—she just seemed in amazing shape, and in a good mood, and looked great as Santa.:)

      Highlights— Hey Jupiter, Winter, Glory of the 80’s and My Posse Can Do.

      Pretty effin’ awesome! :)

    8. Primulka says:

      Colourful, magical, wonderfully loud!!! Tori is a perfect Enchanter, Priestess, Goddess…!!! I am especially grateful for 3 songs from “Under The Pink”, my most beloved album.

      I think that gig was wonderfully directed and following “God” with “Dragon” (the best of ADP songs!) was enormously powerful…

      It was the strong, warrior-like face of Tori that we saw in Warsaw last night. With a flame. With strong red light in the end. A fight full of hope and anger.

      But there were also three most shining moments in this perfect evening-the solo songs and “Putting The Damage On”. This unique (even considering all Tori’s stuff as unique :) ) song has, for me, a flavour of summer evening, incredibly sad, yet incredibly calm. A flavour of bitterness and power…

      “but i’ ve got a place to go
      i got a ticket for your late show”...

      i was so happy to have a ticket for That Show :) That was a blessing to my soul’s ears :* thousand thanks to Tori and all the Toriphiles!!!!

      However, i must honestly say that in my opinion “Pancake” was the most horrible way to end this wonderful concert :)

    9. Anna says:

      The text “It’s 1:05 and I don’t know …” is a message recorded may years ago which is played each time when Piotr Kaczkowski is presenting her music in radio at 01:05. And everytime she is visiting us she says that she knows where she is now.

      As ppl already said – the gig was amazing. Fantastic atmosphere. Despite it was sitting venue it changed to standing one. More than 2 hours of Tori who BTW is in great shape.

      The Baker Baker was on request dedicated to one of her fans who is baker. :)

      After the show she showed up and had a chat with ppl waiting for her.

      I can only say: ‘till next time! :)

    10. Maja says:

      Wow… It was just great. The best day of my life. She started with “Body and Soul”, just perfect beginning imo. And then… Well, if you weren’t there, you can only regret. It’s really hard to tell how you feel when your dreams are coming true.
      One thing I regret is that I didn’t know about the meeting with Tori after the show. It must be awesome to see her or even to talk to her.
      Highlights of the concert: My Posse Can Do, Dragon (the song which I hated before the concert and now it’s one of my favourites), Cornflake Girl, Precious Things, Bouncing Off Clouds, Code Red.
      Everything was perfect: the sound, lights, the way she looked…
      I really liked the spontaneous reaction of the audience during the first and second encore.
      I’ve got some photos and videos, I’ll submit it later.
      Well, it was just magic evening.
      All I want to say is thank You, Tori.

      [Sorry for my language mistakes :P]

    11. souris says:

      The Santa part – so energetic that me too could hardly seat still!
      T&Bo was amazing although so terribly short (but that’s how Tori does all her shows this tour so far, isn’t it?).

      • Baker Baker – such a sweet surprise. and it was done with great care of every little note in her voice.
      • Winter – delicate and fresh.
      • Bells For Her was preluded with a very original piano-only intro (Hammond and Bosendorfer taking turns), during which Tori was like floating around and with the piano keys, with its whole potential and power and mystery.
      • Putting The Damage On – a song that I’m particularly attached to so it was like heaven for me to hear Tori doing it without the slightest rush. it was warm and loving. i love her doing the part about the “boy who still looks pretty putting the damage on”.
      • Code Red was played very hard and it really rocked!

      Just like many other fans, I was right by the stage for the encores. and I could see her face and her moves while playing. She was looking at the audience and giving signs to the band all the time, like if wanting to have that connection to everything that’s around her.

      It was a sad moment when I realised that she’d run out of the stage swiftly not to come back again cause I felt like if she’d spent there with us a few days, not just that 2 hours 20 min. Tori – a fairy – told so many beautiful stories that evening. It’s all in her! and I like to see her colours changing..

    12. Kalicjusz says:

      I can only say WOW! IT WAS THE GREATEST NIGHT IN MY LIFE! Thank YOU TORI! Thank you for Winter, it was just like catharsis … tear after tear after tear. Please come back to Poland very soon!

    13. Pietro says:

      I came from Rome to see her! I saw the show in Rome as well, but Tori was better in Warsaw, even if in both gigs she played Santa. She was definitely happier in Poland, and I even got the chance to meet her. The sound was perfect, and her voice was too. I had the impression she had some problems in playing some parts of the setlists because of her hand.

      Anyways, the best Tori Amos concert I have ever been to (and I saw all the previous tours)! The Sala Kongresowa is a perfect frame for her, and her band. Kick ass, Tori!

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