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    Tour Status

    Tori is touring in 2017 to support the release of Native Invader. The European legs runs from early September through early October and the North American leg runs from late October to early December. We do not know if additional dates elsewhere will be added.

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    Current Release

    Native Invader (album, 2017)

    Heineken Music Hall

    American Doll Posse Tour

    Date June 03, 2007
    City Amsterdam
    Venue Heineken Music Hall


    Act I – Pip

    • Teenage Hustling
    • Bliss
    • Fat Slut
    • Smokey Joe
    • Body & Soul


    • Professional Widow (Remix)

    Act II – Tori

    • Big Wheel
    • Liquid Diamonds
    • Spring Haze
    • Cornflake Girl
    • Doughnut Song
    • Caught A Lite Sneeze

    T & Bö

    • “fun” improv
    • Flying Dutchman
    • Winter

    Band Returns

    • Father’s Son
    • God
    • Code Red

    First Encore

    • Precious Things
    • Tear In Your Hand

    Second Encore

    • Bouncing Off Clouds
    • Hey Jupiter



    Summer improv (filmed by J@ckie)

    My Piano improv (filmed by fairynxd)

    Bliss (filmed by rotturdamn)

    Flying Dutchman (filmed by Robert Schrader)

    Caught A Lite Sneeze (filmed by peepingtommi)

    Code Red (filmed by peepingtommi)

    Winter (filmed by Pelle)

    Doughtnut Song (filmed by Pelle



    1. Frank says:

      Just came back from a wonderful night at the Heineken Music Hall! Tori seemed to have a wonderful night making fun with Matt and Jon by sometimes making funny faces to each other!

      For the set list: the opener Teenage Hustling was wonderful kicking it off with a lot of energy! Pip made the “obscure” handling including greeting the entire public by sticking her middle finger high upon the air! Bliss was a wonderful runner up with great light effects and the band on fire immediately followed by a (by my opinion) too short “Fat Slut”! From then on the set kinda got in a little “dip” with a far too long Smokey Joe and a too flat “Body and Soul”

      The fire got back during “Liquid Diamonds” and exploded during “Spring Haze” with Tori playing a great intro with words like “It’s not summer yet, now we’re living in this colder times”.

      Public favorite “Cornflake Girl” made the mobile phones raise upon the air with everybody wanting to film this classic! (I guess Youtube will be overloaded with dutch Cornflake Girl filming these days)...

      For the “fun” improvisation Tori referred to the venue by singing “Did you all have a Heineken? I didn’t! Because if I would I would fall of my piano stool! Which happened before and I wasn’t even drinking! So I better don’t drink, but I’d love to! But I don’t drink beer so get me a Bordeaux or a Chateaux! And somebody’s smoking something up there, which I would love, but my piano doesn’t smoke! It’s a new one! It only flew on British Air The only one.. No I am a liar I’ve got three… This one is new, she’s in a fight with the Hammond!” That kinda was the lyrics for that one!

      Flying Dutchmen was great even as Winter which made the phones raise again! Then the band returned and we got three great songs! Same for the encores!

      Only downside from this performance was just like 2 years the Dutch public! People were leaving before the regular set even ended; this probably was because the trains in the Netherlands don’t ride that late. Tori started off at 21:15… Other thing were the “Major Tom’s”, guys with beer backpacks which managed to irritate the public by pushing them around to sell their beers! But after all it is the “Heineken” Music Hall!!!

      All in all a great performance which was for me the best I’ve seen! And big up for the support Seth Lakeman! Great band and great sound!!!

      P.S. I managed to take a picture of the merchandise! Not that clear.. But it gives an impression!

    2. Willem says:

      What a wonderful evening it was! Much more inspiring than the last two Dutch concerts I saw in Rotterdam. The songs from her last album fit perfectly with Tori’s enormous back catalogue. Only after a month, Bouncing Off Clouds sounds like it’s always been part of the encore.

      It surprised me a bit that Scarlet’s Walk and The Beekeeper seem to be totally ignored on this tour. American Doll Posse is a better album, but that doesn’t mean the last two were bad.

      Great lights and a great sound did the rest to make it a perfect evening.

    3. Rorasa says:

      The opening band, well, my bro said it was like being in an Irish pub, only way more bussy. That abput sums them up.

      But yay! We got Pip! I was hoping to see Pip after that Fat Slut video on the Milan page, and reading some of her blog while I was following Paris last night (yeah they kinda suck but I like the thing where she sees her dad as a ghost :p ). After an amazing Bliss she was on her knees again, Fat Slut really kicked ass! Pip was wearing a blue dress.

      Tori’s glitter suit was either purple or red, and sleeveless. After Big Wheel she was saying how one of her best friends whom she loved dearly was a Dutchman, so I thought she would bring out FD, but it was LD instead, still great.

      Before Spring Haze she did an improv about summer, something like there was no summer anymore and our generation had killed summer? Correct me if I’m wrong.

      Her voice was absolutely amazing on Cornflake Girl (and throughout the show), can’t understand how people can say it’s gone. Doughnut, CALS <3

      The fun improv should be ‘my piano’ I think, that’s what she came back to all the time. It was extremely funny. She started about Heineken (the venue was the Heineken Music Hall), and how she wanted one but it would make her fall of her stool, which happened once in college or something when she hadn’t even been drinking but she had to crawl on the floor which was so embarrassing. Tori sang she didn’t really want beer cause she didn’t drink it, but a good Bordeaux would be good. Someone was smoking something and Tori’s Bosey wanted it, but Bosey had just quit smoking, which is why she was wearing patches all over, and Bosey and the organ had been fighting over this so Tori was in the middle of it. She was flirting with the piano, said she had only one, no wait that was a lie there was one at home and one in Florida and this one was brand new. You have to hear it. :D

      Then we did get Dutchman which was awesome, Winter is better than Leather or China, and she did a good job on it. Tear in your Hand was another debut on the tour, and she kinda made it seem like she was waving goodbye with that one already. She called the boys to bough to the audience with her, except Matty had left the stage already and she couldn’t get him back. Bouncing of Clouds was a surprise, and Jupiter a solid closer, too bad people were so restless during that one. It had a chorus in the end I wasn’t familiar with.

      Overall a great show, even though there was but one beeside and too many slow songs for a standing concert (I wouldn’t have minded dancing around a bit on Siren, although this setlist was worth standing a lot for).

    4. alex says:

      Tonight’s show was absolutely mind-blowingly good in my opinion. Tori was having lots of fun and had a great voice! High and low parts of various songs were sung almost perfectly I think. Her voice was raw and intense during some songs, while absolutely gorgeous on the much higher bits.

      Pip’s opening was great, especially because of Teenage Hustling and Bliss. During Fat Slut she got on her knees right in front of the audience and made very obscure moves which was funny. On ADP, I love Smokey Joe, but it doesn’t work that well when played live in my opinion.

      Tori then gave fabulous performances of Liquid Diamonds (one of my favorites) and Spring Haze (which had a beautiful intro with Tori singing “who is to blame?”). I absolutely loved Doughnut Song as well.

      Only downside was that the place got so extremely hot that two persons fainted (in almost the exact same spot from my view). One of them fainted in the last 2 minutes before the show started and the other one fainted somewhere during the second half of the show. This caused a lot of commotion in the audience because initially no one of the HMH showed up to help, so maybe that is one of the reasons this Frank person above (no offence) got irritated with the Dutch public. Tori seemed to love the Dutch however, as she stated that they were the best people in the world since one of her best friends is Dutch (Marcel, the sound engineer) and during the T & Bö section she played an amazing Flying Dutchman after she had played an improv that started off really funny with the story stated above and ending in Tori singing some sort of mini-ode to her piano.

      Tear In Your Hand started off a bit low-key (but that might have been just my perception), but ended really well after all. In my opinion this song sounds better when Tori plays it solo, like she did last time in Rotterdam in 2005.

      When surprisingly she played Bouncing Off Clouds at the start of the second encore, everyone in the audience cheered and seemed thrilled to hear this song.

      I think Tori considered playing more songs form ADP (Father’s Son and Clouds) because it is her only show in the NL. All in all, I am thrilled because with my visit to the Florin café included I have now seen her play 11 tracks of the album live!

    5. WoW says:

      I’ve seen Tori live several times since 1994, and this was among the best shows I’ve seen. Tori dressed as Pip opened the night perfectly, and set the mood with her harder-sounding tracks. Teenage and Smokey were VERY good. Liquid and Spring Haze never appealed to me that much on record, and neither did their live versions tonight, and though I am not that fond of the live vocals in Cornflake Girl, I always love hearing that song, so I was quite pleased when it came by. Also, Sneeze and Doughnut were great. Flying Dutchman and Winter were sung perfectly – absolutely stunning renditions. God with the band ROCKED, and so did the encore Precious Things. The song I’d hoped to hear most tonight was added in the final encore, Bouncing off Clouds, followed by a wonderful version of Jupiter. Both Tori and the band were in great form, and this was one of the best shows I’ve been to by anyone. Fab!

    6. Bas Akkerman says:

      Just came home from Amsterdam, sitting here sipping coffee from my much desired ADP-coffee mug. Still a bit dizzy from this fantastic performance! I think this was Tori at her best – she gave us all she had to offer tonight. She didn’t avoid those high pitched notes, she screamed freely and she took her time to stretch syllables and phrases in the solo-piano songs. I went with my boyfriend who was as enthralled as I yet a bit disappointed that there were no more Tori & Bo songs, and he felt that the band put her in a matrix in which she couldn’t improvise and skip around in playfulness too much. I agree, but to me Tori has so many talents and appearances. The girl with the piano is great and I love her, but tonight she was alive and kicking and the band seemed to be the perfect framework for her to convey her energy, power and passion.

      I loved the moments the band kicked in with drums and bass, then was joined by guitar and Tori introducing to us some mellow chords – and then all of the sudden people realise: hey, this is “Doughnut Song”, or: hey, she’s going to do “Precious Things”!!!

      Spring Haze, Liquid Diamonds and Flying Dutchman were my favourites tonight. I’d never seen her perform these songs live before, so I feel blessed.

      There. I’ll put down my ADP-mug, flip through the tourbook, pin the poster to the wall (better yet, frame it first) and I’ll go to sleep now, dreaming of Doughnut Holes, Rabbits & Keys and Clouds I might bounce off.

    7. Sprk says:

      THAT was an amazing setlist! I guess hearing songs live in person is always better than hearing a recording of a live show… But really, Bliss has never sounded as good as it did tonight. Fat Slut wasn’t as laughable and awkward as I thought it was going to be; it worked really well, Tori is quite the ‘performer’ ;)

      The show seemed to last for hours and hours, it was very long. During ‘T & Bö’ I told my friend, "There are 7 more songs after this” and he was really surprised. It was great hearing so many songs from the Pele/Choirgirl/Venus era.

      I was totally expecting Little Amsterdam because I think she plays it quite frequently when she’s in Holland and this time she was really IN Amsterdam (well, the bad part of Amsterdam, but let’s not get into that). She didn’t, but played Flying Dutchman instead, which was really cool because it’s such a rare song. But who knows, it might end up being the ‘Cool On Your Island’ of this tour, seeing how this was only like the 5th show.

      Unfortunately she played Tear In Your Hand again, which was the only song I seriously disliked. Too bad we didn’t see ‘Mac Aladdin’ on stage but Dan Phelps was OK. It came across as if he got added at the very last minute before the tour started, and hasn’t really had a lot of rehearsal time yet. He could have done WAY more on Bouncing Off Clouds.

      I was not too impressed with people ordering beer from those pesky little Heineken people that kept walking through the crowd, and then following their beerguy to a better spot in the crowd. Kind of a cheap way to get up front, if you ask me. Also, people smoking pot at a concert should be shot. And while we’re on the subject of people needing to be shot; I hope karma will eventually catch up with the girls that stood behind me and (off-key) YELLED the lyrics to CALS (including the backing vocals) during the entire song.

      Other than that; great show, great setlist and the sound was awesome.

      Oh, BTW, the meet & greet during the afternoon seemed to have been canceled because Tori was doing interviews, and it supposedly got moved to after the show. I don’t know, because I left right after the last song.

    8. Marta says:

      What a fantastic setlist!
      It was a great combination of old and new!
      Some of my very favourite songs were played (Winter, Precious Things, Caught a Lite Sneeze, Doughnut Song, Liquid Diamonds…) and I was very happy with the selection of the new songs (haunting Smokey Joe, fresh-sounding Bouncing Off Clouds, moving Father’s Son…)
      Tori once again proved to be an amazing talent and a wonderful, colourful personality.
      It was an unforgettable evening!
      Even my husband liked it ;)

      p.s. Great sound + fantastic light effects indeed!

    9. Inge says:

      Absolutely mindblowing. This was probably, no, definitely the best show I’ve ever seen.

      Pip came on stage, pure power, she literally crawled onto her piano stool and started playing Teenage Hustling. The drool was dripping down from her microphone. Bliss was amazing. Fat Slut! I did not expect this one. Pip went down on her knees on the floor to sing this one. Then when Smokey Joe came on, she still sat on her knees while playing the Bosey. During the intro of this song she managed to climb back on the stool and adjust her mic.

      I was very pleasantly surprised to see her play Liquid Diamonds, very powerful performance! The Summer improv to Spring Haze was incredibly gorgeous, and she could not have played a better song after that! Probably one of the best versions I’ve ever heard!

      Cornflake Girl, Doughnut Song (with a long intro), she was on a roll!! Caught A Lite Sneeze was incredible.

      Then the band left and she did a LONG improv about Heineken beer, her pianos and patches, wine, and the Bosey and the Organ being in a fight :) She had everyone laughing. She’s a big laugh!
      Flying Dutchman, an obvious choice.

      Father’s Son, God and Code Red were all so very amazing. The word that once again springs to mind is ‘powerful’.

      Precious Things…... my GOD. By this time it was getting VERY hot, I hadn’t drank much that day, and hearing this song (my favorite) caused me to pass out (grrr!). (thanks to whoever it was that picked me up from the floor! haha) I went back out there for the last three songs though ;)

      The meet and greet was postponed until after the show. Tori was really sweet, very calm and incredibly patient.

      Amazing show, beautiful lighting, awesome setlist. Tori’s in top shape!! SO much power in such a tiny little woman :)

      PS I almost forgot this! When Tori came out after the show, some non-fans walked past and one yelled: “LOOK! It’s Kylie Minogue!” :P

    10. MarianneRose says:

      This was an amazing show. her voice was so so strong and the songs were so great. Of course everybody has their favorites and she can play them all but to see her have so much fun on stage was just mesmerizing.

      I was at the M&G in the afternoon but it got canceled because the sound wasn’t right and she had to do interviews. She was suppose to come out after the show but I don’t know because at the end of standing for like 6 hours I was a bit tired.

      We were with about 300 people outside the Hall at about 6 o’clock. At 6.30 the doors opened and everybody rushed in. I was with 6 friends and we were in the fourth row. Then the waiting began…we were there for almost 3 hours before Tori came on stage. But the crowd was very friendly and the support act was good!

      When she came on stage we could see absolutely everything: every smile, drool and eye contact!

      She really went into the character Pip. The way Frank decscribed it is absolutely correct.

      • teenage Hustling: top top nuch she was absolutely going for it. She really loves this song and she was on fire
      • Bliss: wow mind-numbingly wow!
      • Fat Slut: she went totally overboard which was really fun. The drool on the microphone was enormous and she went on here knees
      • Smokey Joe: From her knees she did the first notes on the piano which was really amazing. I loved Smokey Joe: on the record AND live
      • Body and Soul: again top performance lot of energy
        (I understand why she didn't do Velvet Revolution It just doesn’t fit)
      • Change, PW: a bit odd but it was okay.
      • Big Wheel: when she came out she was a totally different person and was very happy. She started clapping and so did we: very good performance
      • Liquid Diamonds: I never heard this song Live and it was very good! She was on the organ and the piano in her funny red disco pant suit
      • Spring Haze: she did a very nice improve before Spring Haze about summer and dark times and how this generation has to do something about it. Spring Haze is one of my favourites and the nailed it
      • Cornflake Girl: a public favourite. everybody went nuts. And I do think she likes to do it herself. Jon Evans was going nuts at this point
      • Doughnut Song: I never heard this one live and it was just mesmerizing. Loved it and the band fit very well in
      • CALS: my personal favourite: just fantastic, she was smiling the whole time and enjoying it!
      • My Piano improv (it should be called My Piano improv in my opinion): what the guys above me said is true. It was cute and lovely. She began with: helloooo….than we had to say hello and so forth. then came the piece about the drinking and the piano stool and something about secrets etc.
      • Flying Dutchman: fantastic! The crowd went wild! She did a very elaborate piano playing. Just great
      • Winter: another highlight! I never heard this one live. She got very emotional and the piano bridge was very good!
      • Father’s son: WOW! My favourite on ADP and she did it. very good! (only the microphones weren’t so good during the song)
      • God: I was expecting this one and wasn’t sure if I would like it. I never heard it before and don’t like the album version that much but: it was lovely and fun and she had a good time
      • Code red: solid performance lot of energy


      • Precious Things: very nice as an encore because the hissing voices were already on when Tori had to come out! Again a lot of energy and wonderful voice. She did the high notes which I prefer to the long low ones
      • Tear In Your Hand: Dan Phelps was on stage!!!! It was a lovely performance and she got emotional and she did the sweet part: maybe she’s just pieces of me very soft and sweet
      • BOC: what a surprise: very good performance and the crowd went nuts (as was I ;-)
      • Hey Jupiter: I know she does this one a lot but OMG it so good and the high notes were all there and the lighting was absolutely wonderful! I was almost crying…literally!

      This was a very long review but it was just such a great evening I just had to do it.

    11. Robert Schrader says:

      Less of a video and more of sound.


      Oh, and RE: the hating about setlist redundancy, y’all can piss off. It’s called constructive criticism. If Tori goes on and on about her 150 song back catalog during interviews and then plays the same 15-20 every night, it’s a bit confusing. Sorry to speak the truth! I still love the performances but “Hey Jupiter” does not need to be a staple! Sorry!

    12. Peter Pijpelink says:

      hi, enjoyed the concert a lot yesterday, my gf was with me on her first concert ever, she is deaf, but i ensured her she would enjoy it. I personal loved the first part of the show, but me my wicked mind to love pip ;P…. Waited afterwards with the tori-girls :) We had to leave, but do wonder is Tori showed up for some hands and sigs eventually ?? Anyone know?

    13. tip_of.yourstar says:

      I was at the Amsterdam show (my first Tori-show ever!), so here’s an extended review.

      Overall, it was a pretty amazing show. Tori seemed really relaxed and she definitely enjoyed it. Unfortunately, the sound wasn’t that great during the entire show. At some times the vocals and piano sounded really shrill, and the bass was too heavy. But I did enjoyed the show.

      I wanted to be at the venue around 5pm (I live in Belgium, so it’s a 2hour drive normally), so I could get a nice spot at front, but I got stuck in this really nasty traffic jam. I got there at 8pm, right before Seth Lakeman began playing. I still managed to get a good spot in the hall (it was standing in front of the hall, and seats were at the back). I stood in the middle of the standing part, about 20 meters from the stage.

      As I expected, Pip opened. She wore (of course) her leather pants/boots/stockings, whatever it is, and what looked like the same dress on the cover of ADP, but in blue instead of white. It was beautiful.

      • Teenage Hustling – A good opener. Really cool to see and hear live when the hard-rock part kicks in. Pip gave the audience the finger during this song.
      • Bliss – The second song and already the first highlight of the evening. Except for the longer intro, the song didn’t differ much from the album version. She really rocked the song and the lighting was perfect as well.
      • Fat Slut – Oh yeah! It blended right in after Bliss, and Pip did get on her knees again. It’s a shame that it’s so short.
      • Smokey Joe – She really gave herself for this song. At the end of the song she almost was screaming during the “you through black ice…” lines. The intro was a bit (too) long though.
      • Body And Soul – I don’t know why, but B&S didn’t really work for me live. It didn’t sound that good. At the end of this song (and also the end of Pip’s part) she raised her fist and ran off stage.
      • Professional Widow (Remix) – This worked really well as an intermezzo. The band did a great job.
      • Big Wheel – Not the best Big Wheel I’ve heard so far. Tori messed up the beginning a little bit. Tori wore the same jumpsuit as in Rome (the green one), but in red. After BW she mentioned that Dutch people are the best people in the world, and that one of her closest friends is Dutch and that he’s there tonight. I guess that would be Marcel.
      • Liquid Diamonds – A good song, but she stretched it a little too long IMO. The sound wasn’t very good in this song either.
      • Spring Haze – Possibly the best song of the show. Her voice sounded amazingly and the light was magnificent. Before she started SH, she played a sad little improv about ‘Summer and our generation’. I think it was after this song that she introduced the band. No Mac/Mark tonight, it was just Dan on guitars.
      • Cornflake Girl – A crowd-pleaser. It was really well performed. Way better than the WTSF-version. I enjoyed it.
      • Doughnut Song – Another song that possibly could be the best one . It sounded really different from BFP-version. She used the organ/keyboard, which made a good song even better. I had goosebumps the whole time during this song. Her vocals were perfect again.
      • Caught A Lite Sneeze – Pretty much the same as on BFP, but performed with a lot of passion. You could tell that the audience appreciated this song being played. I liked it too.
      • My Piano improv – This was amazing and so funny. She started singing about not having a Heineken (the show was in the Heineken Music Hall) because if she drinks she’d fall off her piano stool. Then she sang about Bösey being her baby and her lady and her only one. And then she said it was a lie and that she also has one in Cornwall and one in Florida, and that she’s just flirting with the one she played tonight. There was also a part about Bösey and the organ having a fight. It was really funny, and a beautiful song as well.
      • Flying Dutchman – A real surprise that she played this one. Even though it’s quite obvious to sing this song in the Netherlands. I liked it.
      • Winter – A beautiful rendition. She reached the high notes in “hair is grey and the fires are burning” perfectly.
      • Father’s Son – Another surprise, since she hadn’t played this one before on this tour. I love this song and Tori did a good job on it.
      • God – Not one of my favourites on UTP, but the live version rocked! She impressed me with this one.
      • Code Red – Nothing much to say about Code Red. Basically, it was the same as it is on ADP. After this song she waved at the band to come and take a bow with her, but only Jon noticed that. It was so funny to see just Tori and Jon taking a bow. They were both looking like: “where the hell are Matt and Dan?”
      • Precious Things – This was amazing. I don’t this song will ever bore me. It reminded me a lot of the TVAB-still orbiting version.
      • Tear In Your Hand – Another LE-song, which no-one minded. The piano and the vocals were perfect. And the best moment in TIYH live is without doubt at the end when she gasps like “Huh!” and then she goes straight on with “Caught a ride with the moon…” You know what I’m talking about. Dan Phelps played guitar on this song.
      • Bouncing Off Clouds – The most suprising moment of the night! Who would’ve thought that Tori would do a Clyde. When that amazing piano intro kicked in, the whole venue went crazy. A magical moment.
      • Hey Jupiter – Not much of a surprise that Jupiter would show up, but this new version is really great. The sound of her organ and keyboard together is unearthly. Hey Jupiter will always be the ultimate perfect ending.

      So, that was my first live Tori experience. I had a great time and I can’t wait to see her again on July 1st at Werchter Festival in Belgium!

    14. Tom says:

      Since so many people already wrote great reviews, I won’t post mine because it will sound pretty much the same. However, I made a nice video of ‘Caught A Lite Sneeze’ for y’all to enjoy!


      [Thanks Tom! The video is embedded above.]
    15. Maartje says:

      What an amazing show! But sadly I was one of those people who had to leave early to catch the last train… therefor I missed the 2nd encore :( I wished Tori had started earlier.

      The Heineken Music Hall is one of the venues in the Netherlands with the best acoustics. This venue really suits Tori`s music fantasticly and it`s my personal belief that`s one of the reasons Tori was in such a great mood. When she performed there in 2001 (SLG – tour) it also sounded fantastic, much better than in Rotterdam`s Ahoy. Great songs, Great Tori!

    16. circles says:

      Wow! Already I’ve been to all her shows in Holland, but this was the best ever!

    17. Shireen says:

      Tori’s preformance was AMAZING, she was in great form last night. Her voice was amazing and the songs right on point. I’m not a big fan of Spring Haze, but I adored this live version. Very raw and strong

      I loved Pip’s body language, she flipped us the bird, wiggled, rocked and her facial expressions were priceless

      Tori seemed to have a real good time, and the Piano/Heineken inprov was like 4 minutes long and soooooo funny. She did an amazing job during T&Bo. Liquid Diamonds was one of the songs I really wanted to hear, so I loved that, same with Code Red, Precious Things. Oh and Flying Dutchman was great, one of the vocal highlights.

      The sound at the HMH was great but that’s the only positive thing I’m going to say about that. The fact that it was a standing concert was a negative. It was very warm and I thought, together with a lot of other people, that water bottles weren’t allowed, which basically ment I didn’t have anything to drink for 6 hours. Also, I’m Tori’s height, so I had to stand on my toes most of the time and had to hold my head up, which together with the heat and the lack of water resulted into a major headache, also more airconditioning please!

      The Meet and Greet: we were so early at the venue. I’m never doing that again, but we had great fun with the crew members though. We talked to the engineer of the support band (who, bless his heart, got us something to drink from their fridge), got some tid bits about the tour (the support band has been wanting to go Amsterdam for the longest time and he (jokingly) mentioned they had just spent 400 dollars on a drug order), Tash (she has a huge box of toys and a little scooter so 3 people have to run after her) and Tori (support band have much contact with Tori and the crew and they love her and the engineer particularly loves Matty on drums); we saw Jon and Matt arrive. Mark came out for a little walk with Seth Lakeman and someone else.

      But, she didn’t have time for the m&g :(:( Smithy assured us it was going to happen after the show, which I appreciate, but it was a downer definately. So at 12.30 pm she finally arrived for the m&g and I got some things signed, but I needed to go home, so I still don’t have my picture taken with Tori:(

      I know I’m writing a lot of stuff down that’s negative, but the preformance itself was more amazing than I could have ever expected

    18. FunnyLipShape says:

      The show was absolutely breathtaking. Her voice was in excellent shape, she sang powerful, strong and sometimes really emotional. This was my fifth concert so far, and one of the best experiences due to the good sound (the HMH is perfect) and the place where I was standing. The Beekeeper tour in 2005 was something I really looked foreword too, being a piano player myself, because she played solo, no band. (so the piano is much better heard, which I prefer). But the sound was poorer then the HMH.

      At this tour she would be playing with the band, and therefore the piano was less prominent. Overall she didn’t do as many improvisations in the songs themselves. I also missed songs from the Beekeeper and Scarlet’s walk.

      She started as Pip, and although she is not my favorite girl, the songs where given a new dimension. It was fantastic to hear them live.

      Bliss was spectacular and with nice lighting effects. The Pip part was over too quickly though and she quickly came back wearing this strange catsuit which she cutely presented to the audience.

      The highlights of this part, for me where Spring Haze (never heard it live before), CALS, and Doughnut Song, which she partly played on the Hammond/organ.

      She held a nice interlude where she sang about her piano, heineken, patches and so. Personal and very funny. Flying Dutchman was a surprise, fantastic! Winter: a classic, it moved me. It reminded me of the time I got to know her music.

      The band came back and after a beautiful performance of Fathers son, she played one of my favorite songs: God. Amazing and rocking, with backing vocals. She ended the show with Code Red. She came back twice, and Tear in my Hand was also a surprise. Jupiter is a song she often ends encores with, so that was not a total surprise, but it was spectacular and her voice awesome.

      The concert was definitely fantastic, her voice was very, very good and she proved herself again to be an absolute gifted & talented musician. For me, the concept of bringing another girl to stage each night works well. It is an interesting concept in my opinion. One of the things that makes her so great is that she is so personal; therefore its strange see here dressed up like a ‘different’ Tori. But thing cannot stay the same, and it is good she tries new things.

      After the show there was an opportunity to meet and greet, and after a long time (we had too wait for an hour or so) she came out, casually dressed in jeans and wearing a nice hat.

      She looked lovely and to see her as ‘herself ‘moved me even more. She is such a tiny women. She took her time on every fan and when she saw me , (I had nothing to sign on at me) she looked at me and said: How are you, are you okay? She grabbed my hand, a magic moment. After all, it was a night never to forget.

    19. Dennis says:

      This show was one of the best she did. I asked my friend if he has ever seen a better show of her… But he admitted this was one of the best. Tori was realy having fun, and it made the show so much more better!

    20. Indra says:

      I just looooooove ‘my piano’!!!!!! I almost peed my pants!

      It was a great concert! (my first Tori concert!)

    21. Maria Magdalena says:

      Just got back from Amsterdam. What a concert it was yesterday! I managed to get a seated place and enjoyed every moment. It is amazing how her charisma fills everyplace. I felt that I heard her voice througt the years as I have been listening to her music for many years.

      It was a healing experience. I felt that her example gave me strength to live througt all the changes in my life and that I have to follow my way. As a human beeing and as a kind of artist.

    22. Jon says:

      Sorry to disagree with most of you on here, but I was disappointed last night. The set list wasn’t my favourite and on the whole I could do without all the “concept” bollocks of Tori’s different personas (and the “comedy” piano bit- it wasn’t that funny- if I want to see a comedian, I’ll go to a comedy show but she’s a great singer and that’s what I want her to do!). The set I felt lacked balance/pacing and my enjoyment was also spoiled by people endlessly trooping in and out to take on or expel beer, talking all the time and so many people smoking so much (the air quality was awful).

      Going to a gig does not seem to be “special” in NL compared with other places in Europe- people seemed more concerned to be the first ones in their car than staying to the end. Having said that, a better balanced set with the best songs from ADP (where was Almost Rosey?) along with some better older material might have kept them there longer.

    23. Tom says:

      Aaww Jon, I’m sorry to hear that you were disappointed with Tori’s concert. But I guess she cannot please everybody all the time since she’s doing a different setlist each night.

      I personally wasn’t too fond of the whole doll-concept at first either, but when Pip came out and did these great songs, I loved it and I think it added some more excitement to the show. And I guess you’re the only one complaining about the ‘My Piano’ improvisation: it was cute, it was funny and it was adorable. C’mon man! The woman played for more than 2 hours… can’t she have one moment of breath and joke around a bit with a cute, silly song? Too bad you didn’t like it. For me it was one of the many highlights of the show.

      And about the people there that surrounded you: please keep in mind that it was a pretty huge venue, and that not every single soul in there is a die-hard fan. Some people just go to concerts to have fun, listen to music, meet new people… you know? Although I can understand that it’s irritating if there are lots of people talking, smoking and drinking, while all you want is just to enjoy the music Tori is playing. I guess the fact that there were no seats at this concert (or at least not in front of the stage) did the damage a bit. So even though I do not agree with everything you wrote down, I do get your disappointment.

      I, however, was pretty close to the stage, I could see everything perfectly and I was surrounded by lots of sweet and adorable fans and we had the best of time together singing, dancing and clapping along with the songs! So I personally wasn’t disappointed at all and the setlist was perfect!

    24. Amber Westkamp says:

      Tori Amos rocks!!

      The first band with Seth was kinda okay. It made your hips want to move ;-)
      So this was my first tori concert and I know for sure that I will go again one day!

      Even live she can sing so beautiful.
      My friend and I are in the clouds, we are still talking about the concert.

      x- big fan

    25. Daniel says:

      Tori was amazing and the show the best I've seen of her in a long time.

      There was a big production mistake that pissed me off and it is when the Pip section ends and she goes offstage and “Professional Widow” gets played AND you get all those crew people changing stuff. That was such a letdown and it killed the fantastic atmosphere Pip had created…I mean, she had only been on-stage for 30 minutes and then you get all these crew members moving things around. Weird, unnecessary and totally unprofessional. Sorry to be so critical but this is Tori Amos we are talking about, not Nelly Furtado.

      The Dutch kinda annoying as usual in live concerts (trying to make their way to the front even though they arrived late, leaving in groups before the concert was over, only truly going wild with “cornflake girl” yawns and smoking joints and cigarettes even though it is not allowed) But Tori rocked and she gave her very best, so I tried to focus on her instead of the public.

    26. Wijnand says:

      I thought the concert was great. The band sounded great and also Tori was fantastic.

      And Jon, i don’t think it is about getting in your car first but more thanks to the great Dutch railways (NS) who still don’t have more trains available for people who go to concerts!!!!

    27. Saar says:

      We rushed out ‘cos there was a M&G held after the show… plus many had to go, since they had to catch public transport. Duh. The set was VERY varied. And I knew Pip would show up, since it was half a standing gig, therefor I expected a more upbeat show then the night before (Paris). Two different shows, but both as great. :o) This was my 12th concert and this is prolly the best one I’ve ever seen. She was SO passionate and she was constantly making faces and gestures. She was on a roll. I also want to say that T’s voice was just PERFECT. It was like I was watching her back in ’98, growling… sighing… LOVE!!

    28. Tom says:

      A part of ‘Code Red’ that I filmed:


    29. paulien says:

      My first Tori concert and I loved it. Tori put a smile on my face immediately with Teenage Hustling, couldn’t have imagined a better start of a concert.

    30. Peorth says:

      Great concert, loved her voice! I was standing almost at the front with a very clear view….and the best part was Bouncing off Clouds where the crowd finally went into ‘concert mode’! =]

      Downside were the Heineken beavers walking around all the time…

    31. mr. zebra says:

      Well.. I must say this was a magical night for me and for sure a many others at the concert. Higher learning indeed, so any critique is simply beyond and besides. Take To The Sky, oh boy Amsterdam def rocks!! (somebody bring me some water)

    32. Pelle says:

      Great show, here are some video’s i made, cam is a bit shaky, but the sound is reasonable given the fact it was recorded with a phone.


      large part of Doughnut Song:

      [Thanks for the videos -- they've been embedded above!]

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