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    Tour Status

    Tori is touring in 2017 to support the release of Native Invader. The European legs runs from early September through early October and the North American leg runs from late October to early December. We do not know if additional dates elsewhere will be added.

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    Current Release

    Native Invader (album, 2017)


    American Doll Posse Tour

    Date June 08, 2007
    City Vienna
    Venue Stadthalle


    When Tori greeted the audience after “Big Wheel,” she made a comment about the Bösendorfer “coming home”.

    Act I – Santa

    • Body & Soul
    • My Posse Can Do
    • Programmable Soda
    • Secret Spell
    • Dragon
    • You Can Bring Your Dog


    • Professional Widow

    Act II – Tori

    • Big Wheel
    • Caught A Lite Sneeze
    • Liquid Diamonds
    • Cornflake Girl
    • Doughnut Song
    • Glory Of The 80s


    • Improv
    • Upside Down
    • Mother

    Band Returns

    • Father’s Son
    • God
    • Code Red

    First Encore

    • Precious Things
    • Pancake

    Second Encore

    • Bouncing Off Clouds
    • Hey Jupiter



    1. thinkabit says:

      intense, versatile, wonderful

      it was good to see her again live after so many years, must’ve been 2001 when i had last seen her with “strange little girls”.

      i’m not very much into the new album (yet?), so it took me some time to warm up. but as soon as some of the older songs slowly emerged from their intros i knew why i liked this woman’s work ;-)

      especially one of my favs, “upside down”, turned out to be a special experience, the intensity of “doughnut song” ran shivers up and down my spine.

      i was quite surprised to find many of the older songs sounding very much like the album versions, technically perfect, crystal clear, whereas i thought that especially the posse stuff often primarily was loud. but maybe that’s because i know the old precious gems,those accoustic diamonds, better.

      2h20’ without a pause, baby, what have you been smokin’?

    2. Christian Garland says:

      YEZZ! Santa opened the show in Vienna very rock style, jazzy and entertaining before Tori entered the stage and gave us her goose bump moments which we were all waiting for. The dream i had the night before came true except that we three didn’t pick flowers together. ;)

      Like some of you said too, I could hardly hear the piano during Santa’s and Tori’s performances because the drums were really loud; I still liked that, though because the combination of Tori’s voice and the drums was quite unusual. In my opinion she was in a very good mood because she moved a lot with her arms and hands and danced in a funny way, talked to the audience and said thanks a lot. And of course she mentioned that her “Bösi” can feel that “she” is at home. Tori also said that she was deeply touched that she met some really good old friends here. She also gave an intense performance with Big Wheel and Caught a Light Sneeze. However, for me the climax of the show began with the Doughnut Song and lasted to the last encore, “Hey Jupiter”. She performed all of these songs in excellent versions with brilliant music and a thrilling voice. :)))

      Although this was not my first concert, it was my first meet and greet with Tori – and she really appeared, though it was far past midnight. The meeting was very silent and even after her bodyguard had said that it was time to go she continued chatting warmly with her fans and kept signing autographs. I was the last but one to get an autograph signed and the guy right in front of me was asked by her to spell his name. Since he wasn’t able to spell it in English because he was so excited, I screamed out his name from behind, spelling it wrong. Tori looked at me quite astounded and said “thank you!”. I was so astonished and embarrassed that I turned round and ran away. Although I didn’t get an autograph signed (because I ran away) I was happy that I had the chance to spell something to Tori!

    3. Eva says:

      I was at the show yesterday and as expected, it was just fabulous!! Though I’ve never seen Tori live before (what a shame!), I was really impressed and thought she played a good concert. The flair was amazing and I’ve never seen anyone sing and play with such an enthusiasm before.

      Afterwards she came out and gave tons of autographs and talked to her fans. I never thought that she would be THAT great, really.

      The setlist was well chosen, although I really missed Siren since I was looking forward to it the most (it’s like THE Tori song for me).

      And the best thing ever happened to me and my friends. We were about to get seated in the 31st row when Tori’s bodyguard (I think it was him…he was with her after the concert when she was writing autographs) came to us and asked if we wanted to move to the very first row. Of course we didn’t say no so we got those incredible seats in the very front row with the most amazing view on the stage.

      I think the concert couldn’t have been better and the next time she’s on tour, I’ll be definitely going to be there!

    4. lunearo says:

      Everyone expected Isabel but Santa came on stage and opened the show with Body & Soul. A strong performance of My Posse Can Do followed. During the first set, the piano could have been a bit louder, but overall the sound was quite good.

      The first song of the non-ADP-songs was Caught A Lite Sneeze and it got a huge reaction from the crowd. Doughnut Song had a long intro and you couldn’t figure out which song it was before she started to sing the first words.

      During her solo set, Upside Down was absolutely beautiful, she played it rather slow, but it fitted perfectly. Mother was as moving as always. When the band came back, Tori played a mellow version of Father’s Son and then came God, another highlight. Guitar player Dan Phelps did everything to reproduce that scratchy guitar sound from the album version and it came out really fierce.

      Pancake as an encore was another highlight and Hey Jupiter a perfect closer with a strong Jon Evans on upright base.

    5. finnporter says:

      I’m glad I’m not the only one who was misled into thinking Isabel would open for Tori…

      It has been too long and will be too long until Tori comes back to Vienna.

      for more on what I thought go to http://soundcafe.wordpress.com -- I don’t wanna type it out again :)

      [woj's note: cut'n'pasted for the link aversive!]

      Thank god for Seth Lakeman the tradition of not-my-kind-of-music support acts for Tori Amos concerts is broken. The lad is good! He has rhythm, style and he dares to experiment. I was very impressed with his multitasking. Gf and I had been cautious to be on time cuz my experience told me to take some time choosing at the merchandising stand and don’t listen through the very long 45 minutes of support “music”.

      This time I was pleasantly surprised to find a musician on stage who actually didn’t wanna make me listen to fingernails on a black board rather than his performance.

      Kudos to Seth Lakeman and his band not only was he better than the other support acts I’ve seen with Tori, he was very good without the comparison.

      A little later than planned Santa opened the show at the Stadthalle in Vienna, Austria. With a twinkle in her eye and lots of humor she entered the stage to play the songs she contributed to the American Doll Posse album. She danced a little and presented herself in a puffy gray balloon dress (I’m not a fashion expert, so forgive me if there is a special name for that dress). I had Thought about it all day who of the girls would be opening for Tori and I was wronger than wrong although there were a couple of things that were hints maybe. Anyway, Santa’s performance was brilliant and I welcomed the familiar feeling of my body remembering. Remembering previous concerts, songs, tones, sounds, feeling I had when first listening to Tori, etc.

      Maybe you’ve already noticed…I’m a huge Tori fan and proud to say it :)

      After Santa had left the stage Tori claimed it. Oh and how she did. Previous Vienna concerts took place at a different venue, where they would perform a near-to-cavity-search before they’d let you in. So this year I was clever and left everything at home, my camera, my phone, my everything. Guess what, they must have x-ray vision to scan the audience cuz they looked right through me as gf and I entered the venue. I wish I had brought the camera because in her blue, glittery cocktail dress gone overall (again, what do I know about fashion…) Tori looked glamouros but it took a little getting used to. But armed with her piano, she gave us something for our money.

      First things first, kudos to Mark Hawley plus crew. they did the finest of job in sound engineering that I’ve seen (or heard) in a very long time. The glitches were minor and instantly repaired after they occured. Like for instance when Santa started off with Candy Lies her mic was fighting with the voice instead of carrying it. Problem occured, problem was solved, end of story. It is a pleasure to be at a concert were the pre-conditions are as perfect as here.

      Tori herself, the ever mesmerizing performer. she created that special atmosphere that makes time fly by while the audience does nothing but look at her, stunned. I’m always fascinated when she plays the Bösendorfer and the Rhodes at the same time. I had my attempts to play a piano and it only made me more fascinated with how well Tori and her instrument go together. Also I’m always fascinated by the way she plays, I mean the way her body becomes one with the piano. So, I do get why people compare it to her having sex with “Bö”.

      Musically, I really lack the words. I always have my brain switched off during a Tori concert. Because my mind is less reliable than my body. My body remembers stuff for years and recalls the feeling instantly when the right trigger is used. Tori gives and takes [memories] at the same time, that’s what makes her music so intense. Most of all, after all these years she is having fun and sharing it with the audience. So gf and I left content and happy and nearly broke (merchandise stands are from the devil) I’m glad I brought her along to share something so important to me.

    6. Scaramouche says:

      Wow the show was amazing! Tori really was in a good mood. Her strong voice impressed me.

      Santa’s performance was really cute. Loved My Posse Can Do. The new songs really rocked.

      Then Tori performed the old songs in a very intense way. During the encore i was standing right in front of the stage (and one of the speakers ooo) - she sang the most powerful versions of Pancake and Precious Things. and Hey Jupiter really gave me the shivers.

      sadly the set-list didn’t feature many of my favourite songs.. but i found a new “girl” i didn’t listen to much before the show -upside down. what a great song!

      Tori was so warm and friendly at the meet and greet afterwards and signed a lot. I got an autograph on my copy of LE.

      This was my first tori concert and I’m already looking forward to the next!

    7. Frank Sharman says:

      It was really great to see and listen to Tori live. The Vienna show was a real pleasure. The only thing what was disturbing is the volume. Honestly I couldn’t enjoy Code Red much, it was simply extremely loud to me, but it was OK. The concert was great as a whole and in details too. The lighting was stunning, and she really acted like a Santa should act :)

      To me the highest points were Upside Down, Doughnut Song and Father’s Son. Some wrote here that Big Wheel wasn’t intense or fierce at some concerts, here in Vienna it was. Big Wheel Fun :)

      Me and my Hedgehog:) would like to say a very big Thank You for this great evening. Looking forward to the next shows.

    8. Carrie says:

      I still have goose bumps… what a great concert! I’ve seen Tori a few times on stage before, but when she played “Upside down” I almost cried – not only because it’s one of my favourite Tori-songs, but she did it so beautiful this time, it was just breathtaking.

      Other highlights were “Mother” of course, and “Doughnut Song”, and the whole Santa-performance was just so much fun. The way she moved and sang – all just fit together.

      Some of the time it was too loud for me too, “Code Red” especially, with the lights and everything, was almost annoying :/.

      When the encore began I was rushing to the stage – and good a pretty good spot. It was even more intense to see Tori that close (even though the sound was terrible there ;)). Just unforgettable…

      I’m already considering going to another show, maybe in Munich or Zurich, if there are still tickets… Tori is just so addictive!

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