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    Tori is touring in 2017 to support the release of Native Invader. The European legs runs from early September through early October and the North American leg runs from late October to early December. We do not know if additional dates elsewhere will be added.

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    Current Release

    Native Invader (album, 2017)

    Norwegian Wood Festival

    American Doll Posse Tour

    Date June 14, 2007
    City Oslo
    Venue Norwegian Wood Festival


    Santa opened this show. Thanks to moirasoma for the setlist.

    Act I (Santa)

    • Body and soul
    • Cruel
    • Dragon
    • Secret Spell
    • You Can Bring Your Dog

    Costume Change

    Act II (Tori)

    • Big Wheel
    • Cornflake girl
    • Bouncing of clouds
    • Bliss
    • God
    • Code Red
    • Precious Things


    Body And Soul (filmed by milehily33)

    Dragon (filmed by milehily33)

    Cornflake Girl (clip) (filmed by milehily33)

    Cruel (filmed by milehily33)



    1. Henrik says:

      Just got back from the concert, to continue studying for my oral exam. That is tomorrow morning. But it was worth it. I watched her last time she was here, in 2005, and I’ve waited two long years. But finally I got the chance to see her again.

      The concert was awesome! The weather was beautiful (it an outside stage) and Tori was heavenly.

      This evening she began her show as Santa, and it was hot. The sound was a bit on and off, sometimes the piano was gone, sometimes her voice, and the drums were a little loud. But she had the energy there all the time.

      As Santa she was a cool, hot ice-queen, but when Tori got out, in her sparkling costume, she just smiled all the time. She looked really happy today.

      Sadly, she was not the only one to perform, so the show just lasted for about 80 minutes. And with no encore! But the ending was perfect: Precious Things. And the Giiiiiirl part was really long and cruel. Awesome.

      Her voice was really good today, but a hard to hear sometimes. She did a great job on the high ones. Cornflake Girl was great!

      So: Short show. With no Tori & Bö. And few songs. But she really made my day. Awesome concert. I’ll never forget it. She’s still number 1!

    2. moirasoma says:

      It was short (it's a festival) but it was incredible! I have never seen her better, she rocked! I really cant find any words right now.

    3. Anders says:

      After hearing previous tour comments about Tori’s voice being weaker and her not being able to sing as high or as low as before… HAH. She blew everyone away in Oslo. From Body and Soul out through Precious Things, her voice was amazing. The show in general was very bass heavy, and sometimes the piano was almost completely drowned out. It’s a shame it was such a short show, and I was really disappointed that there was no room for solo songs, encores or more interaction with the audience. But hey – it rocked.

      And like Henrik said, Tori looked amazingly happy and was really cheerful all the time, making a comment on being in the land of the Vikings.

      • Body and Soul: Heavy on the bass, so the piano sort of came in the background. Tori’s voice was amazing and strong, especially the long, drawn out “sooooul”.
      • Cruel: One of the definite highlights. Started out with extreme bass, and it was hard to hear Tori’s voice, but that soon changed and she kicked ass. This version totally owned the studio version from Choirgirl, and the opera like vocals in the mid section were mindblowing. Weak voice? Not a chance in hell.
      • Dragon: Extremely pretty, and the piano was much clearer now. Very nice voice, though it was a bit shrieky. Awesome guitar.
      • Secret Spell: Never really liked it, but it’s definitely better live. Again very bass heavy, and Tori’s voice was still strong.
      • You Can Bring Your Dog: Strong and elegant. A real class act with Tori being very sensual and graceful. It’s not among my favorite songs from ADP, but it was great live. Especially the beginning. Good voice, clear piano.
      • Big Wheel: It was hilarious to see Tori coming out in a sparkly orange jumpsuit all happy and cheerful, and then she started to clap her hands to the beat, bringing the crowd along with her. Someone forgot to put on her microphone, and we missed nearly the entire first verse. One of the definite better live versions of Big Wheel. Her voice was strong and the bass actually managed to not subdue the piano for once. Great charisma.
      • Cornflake Girl: She managed the high notes really well and the piano was clearer now than many of the other songs. Very nicely played, no big surprises here.
      • Bouncing Off Clouds: Another highlight. Really great work by the band, and the intro made the crowd really cheer. Strong vocals by Tori, hitting the high notes well without sounding too shrieky. Bassline was killer. The bridge was so well played and sung I just stood there with a huge grin on my face.
      • Bliss: Perhaps the best played song of the concert. Tremendously strong, powerful vocals and a really well played song by the band. Again, the bass was a bit heavy but this time didn’t overshadow the piano. Tori spellbound most of the audience with her amazing presence and hit the high notes perfectly.
      • God: As with the other songs, well played and sung. No other comments, really. It didn’t stand out very much, and I was sort of felt she could have played something else instead. It was nothing special.
      • Code Red: God, what an awful bass! You’d think there was no piano on the track at all. It really ruined the performance, but Tori had intense vocals. Worth it still, but the bass was incredibly annoying.
      • Precious Things: Weak sound on the piano at first, it was very hard to hear clearly, but she pounded it a little harder and it all went great. Amazing vocals, strong and clear. There were no real surprises here, a very standard version of the song. Nice, long and loud “giiirl”. Again, heavy on the bass, but a really great performance. People were a bit shocked to see the band getting up front and taking a bow after it was done. Seemed like the concert was over before it really had a chance to sink in.
    4. Annika says:

      I went with a friend to see the concert in Oslo. I saw her in Florence in 2005, and that concert was magic. This one was a lot different, because it took place in a festival. Tori unfortunately was in between two bands, so the Nordic light and the sun was still up. I thought that she would start later so that the lightshow would come through better. I had a great time, though. Like someone else said, she seemed to be in a very good mood. She looked happy and she rocked heavy, it felt like she wanted to give as heavy and good music she could in these 80 minutes. She looked very self-confident on stage, like she really enjoyed it.

      I know the music so I didn't have so much problem to hear what she sang, but my friend that doesn't know her music, couldn't hear the words.

      I was really shocked that she didn't do any encore or Tori & Bö at all. I almost like her quiet songs better…but I still got that Florence-concert in mind, so it's ok.

      I'm not one of the kids, I'm almost 40 years old and have listened to her for 15 years now. It's really a privilege to get to a concert.

      After the concert me and my friend tried to meet her at a fence, young kids stood there for a while, waiting and I think we saw her passing by a couple of times, waving at us (if it was Tori I don't know), we waited a good while. I really wanted to meet her, because she didn't have time to talk to me in Florence, but…no.

      The last band from Australia started to play so loud, we gave up. It was too loud, although I wore earplugs. Thanks to Tori that she doesn't play so loud! The day after I bought several Norweigan papers, and the reviews were really good, in spite of the sudden end…

      One more reflection, in 2005 it was the first time I saw her play the Bösendorfer and a "keyboard" at the same time, and today it feels like the 2005-tour was a kind of a "loading up" for this tour; this year she was mature to do this thing, in this posse-package, and she does it really well and professional, with a great portion of joy.

      I also want to thank Tori for being such a good role-model for young people these days. She fills an empty space in several aspects, both for me and for other people I hope. Keep doing what you are doing, it is great, and I almost can't find words.

    5. milehily33 says:

      I was at the concert with a friend, and this was the second time I saw her. The last time was on the Scarlets walk tour in Hamburg, and it was amazing. She played for a long time and the concert was extraordinary. I had high hopes for this concert in Oslo, but I kinda knew before she started that it would probably not be the same because she was playing at a festival. I was right about that.

      The concert was amazing, she came out and she seemed so happy and full of energy! It was great to see her like that. She was dancing and jumping around and smiling a lot! She really put on a show and she kicked ass!! She showed everyone that the new album was great.

      She didn’t play any songs alone or any calm songs, and that’s probably what I missed the most. But I can definitely see why she didn’t do it! On an open festival stage with the sun up it didn’t get as intense and powerful as it would be on a normal stage. The sound was also different. I think this is why she chose to play the songs she did.

      She also seemed to have problems with the sound almost throughout the concert, especially in the beginning. She made the “peace-sign” a lot (as you also can see on the videos.) It got better, but you could definitely tell that it didn’t stop her from doing her best. She was fantastic on stage, she looked great, her voice was strong and intense.

      For me, Tori has been an huge inspiration. She helped me a lot through some though years, and the music and her has really meant a lot to me. My biggest dream has been to meet her, and that happened at this concert. We waited outside the fence for a while, and she walked by 4 times, waving at us! And then she finally came! She was so stunning when she walked out of the bus, so beautiful and sweet. She signed my book and talked to me. It was a moving moment for me, and meeting her was a strange and happy experience. I was speechless, so I didn’t say a lot.. But just to see her was amazing.

      So, the concert was great! It wasn’t as intense as it would be on a different stage, but it was still amazing!

    6. Siri says:

      I loved this concert, and somehow the best part of it was when we met her after the show, and got autographs and a hug! Tori is amazing, and a fantastic person to look up to.

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