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    Tour Status

    Tori is touring in 2017 to support the release of Native Invader. The European legs runs from early September through early October and the North American leg runs from late October to early December. We do not know if additional dates elsewhere will be added.

    Useful Tour Stuffs
    Current Release

    Native Invader (album, 2017)

    Olympia Theatre

    Unrepentant Geraldines Tour

    Date May 07, 2014
    City Dublin, Ireland
    Venue Olympia Theatre


    • Parasol
    • Ireland
    • Horses
    • Cool On Your Island
    • Silent All These Years
    • Here In My Head
    • Tear In Your Hand

    Lizard Lounge

    • On Saturday Afternoons In 1963 (Rickie Lee Jones cover, with improv about requests)
    • Rooting For My Baby (Miley Cyrus cover)
    • Three Babies (Sinéad O’Connor cover)

    • Purple People
    • China
    • Leather
    • 16 Shades Of Blue
    • In The Springtime Of His Voodoo


    • Trouble’s Lament
    • Never Seen Blue
    • Strange



    Trouble’s Lament

    Rooting For My Baby / Three Babies



    1. Lorraine Eakin says:

      I think the show may have started a little late – it began at 9:10 and was two songs shorter than the prior night. But it was packed with lovely, emotional moments.

      I would describe this as a living room show – very intimate and comfortable. The setlist favored LE heavily, and B-sides. Her voice sounds stunning, and her playing was quite strong. I worried that perhaps she forgot she had a new album coming out, but 16 Shades of Blue and Troubles Lament belatedly showed up to the party. 16 Shades has a backing track – a little jarring, in a good way, after all the older songs. OMG THOUGH SPRINGTIME WAS FIERCE. It was the only song she did on the Hammond and it was definitely worth wheeling out the organ for! She played the crap out of it.

      Other highlights for me were Parasol (eerie), Purple People, SATY (made me cry), and Strange (back to eerie). She forgot how the second verse of Strange went and did a beautiful improv to cover it.

      I didn’t know the Miley Cyrus song, but the Sinead cover was awesome. I suppose it’ll all end up on YouTube soon enough.

      Thanks to the good folks of Dublin in the Upper Circle who were wonderful seat mates!! Everyone was nice as can be – thanks to Kat in particular for keeping me company!

    2. David says:

      I have seen Tori live many times and I honestly would rate this as the best gig I have seen her at. Voice very strong venue just suited this type of gig. I love the way she has gone back to roots and I enjoyed this as much as the first time I saw her in the National Stadium in 1994

    3. andy says:

      Soooo… I’m still a little hung over from last night but I wanted to get a review down for you guys. All in all it was probably one of the best Tori shows I’ve been to. The Olympia is a great venue, beautiful, and very intemate and she made the most of that fact, playing whatever came her she felt.
      Started out really really strong. This version of Parasol was unlike any version I’ve heard her do before – she milked the dark out of the song, and it feels very much like she is singing it about turning 50. I actually think that songs like this would fit well on the new album, and are thematically about the same thing as songs like 16 Shades. Great opener anyway.

      Ireland was also really really great. It was surprising just how good it sounded. The choruses were really sweet and heartfelt and the choruses seemed whimsical and worked way better with the song when it was played solo. Horses was again a stellar performance. I closed my eyes a few times during the show and just listened to her sing. This is one of those moments and I felt like I could have been in a 1996 show. I never thought I would hear Horses played like that in my life, so I was so pleased that she did it. I’ve heard Cool on your Island a couple of times live now, one time in Dublin, and it was a lovely performance. Again – as with a lot of the songs – it sounded fresh and like it could have been written recently. I actually felt that she had a real connection to the emotion of the song, which was true for nearly everything she played last night.

      Silent All These Years was solid. It wasn’t slowed down, and the “years go by” really made sense in the context of an older woman singing a song she wrot when she was young a la Both Sides, Now. I can see it becoming a staple this tour (when isn’t it?) but if she delivers with that kind of whistfulness I’m sure people will enjoy it. Here. In My Head was really a pinnicle of the night for me. At my first Tori gig I sat beside two people and got chatting about what we really wanted her to play. They said Crucify and Concertina and I said this one. They got theirs that night and I didn’t – hearing it for the first time live, years after it first shook me to the core brought be right down to the core of my fandom and I felt again like a 16 year old at my first Tori gig again. Beautiful rendition.
      Tear In your Hand is ALWAYS a pleasure to hear, but to hear it solo was a treat. I think the crowed appreciated her energy for this one, and she felt it. She gave the piano the most almighty smack after the “time to say goodbye” part and it echoed around the theatre.

      The Lizard Lounge was probably a highlight. I knew Saturday Afternoons, and it was a good verion, but nothing particularly pretty. She did a little improv about how two of the songs were her choices and one was her own. And then she did Miley. I have to admit, I have a download of Bangerz but I didn’t twig the song. I thought she played it off like a really dark ballad. It sounded most like the studio version of After All to me, really gruff and tired and was incredible. I listened to the song when I got home to get an idea of how much she changed it. It really felt like a Strange Little Girls b side, and was a highlight of the whole night, probably would have been THE highlight if she hadn’t gone straight into Three Babies. I was floored. I mean. I gripped my fells hand and was just like “What the actual fuck?” I’ve loved that song for many many years, and I believe it was written by Sinead about her own miscarriages. To hear Tori deal with that matter so head on, with that particular song was… haunting and beautiful. When she sang the lines “Cause you’ve thrilled me, silenced me, stilled me… shown things I never believed…” It was one of those magical moments where she slays with a lyric, and a tone of voice, and I was really unprepared for the feeling it gave me. Gorgeous, harrowing, stunning. And going from that straight into a solid version of Purple People. I mean, come on Tori, give me a second.

      Being a bit of an old fan at this point, I took a bathroom break for China, because, you know, I don;t mind missing that so much, but the crowd loved China and Leather, and I don’t to see her live much so it was cool to see, but it was also definitely the low point for me personally. Strong performances though so no complaints here. 16 Shades was played with the backing track, which was alright, but it was really the direct backing track from the album. The chorus vocals were still on the backing track, and it was ok to hear her sing the same vocal line, but really I feel like the vocal should either have been cut from the backing track completely or she could harmonise with it instead of mimicking it. The song was good though and she seemed to like performing it. Springtime was great – probably the most high energy piano playing of the night – she switches between both keyboards almost constantly and adds a ton of little flourishes that aren’t in the original. It’s a good closer as well. Very… lush I guess.

      Trouble’s Lament was as you have seen it played on the TV but was good. Never Seen Blue, another rare highlight that she pulled off perfectly, high notes and all. I love the song so I’m biased, but it was a special moment. Strange was a good closer, because of the last line, I know she does that sometimes, but she got off the stage and the lights came up really fast afterwards. Light came right up. That was the first thing. I don’t need Tori to play 25 songs in every set, but it felt strange to not have a second encore and the show felt like it went by VERY quickly. Afterwards, we talked about it, and I have to agree with my friends, the audience was low energy and not very supportive. There were a lot more lder people at the gig than I have seen before. Not so many fairy wingers, and I kind of felt that. They were there to see a nice lady play her piano and not to see a rock show. There were a couple of moments I felt like Tori sang the first line and paused for a split second waiting for a burst of whooping or applause, and there were none. I know maybe the crowd came expecting something else, and they were older, but I really feel like Tori, who always vibes with her audience, felt the lack of energy – she only talked once to say hi and I’ve never seen her be that quiet before. Anyway – overall, amazing show, this tour looks like a tour for fans where she is gonna play whatever the fuck she wants. It will probably translate better in the states where her following is more… into it. But there you have it anyway. I loved it. Great show. Go see her on this tour – she’s gonna be on and she seems more invigorated than I have seen her in years.

    4. Nini says:

      Great review by Lorraine so just a little few extra words. You could hear a pin drop with most songs, I think the crowd respected her so much but on the other hand were afraid to sing along. So it was like a classical concert, the crowd, although very nice, were a bit stiff. Except for the going to the toilet all the time?! Who wouldn’t wait, anyway…

      Tori was superb, singing was pitch perfect, I wonder why she stops and starts in songs as for me it loses continuity but I’m not criticizing it’s just a thought. Her voice is just perfection though. Piano playing was unreal, she’s such a genius. She didn’t play any of my particular favourites but in a way that’s good as you get to enjoy other, for example, I absolutely loved Strange. Other highlights – 16 Shades, was art-poptastic, Horses and Leather were fabulous also. She has such amazing songs I can’t understand why she does so many covers, I just want to hear her work. I couldn’t believe when it ended, only 18 songs later, it sounds mad but I felt disappointed just because I could have listened to Tori all night. I regret not going to the next night and those lucky guys in Glasgow: Mother and Doughnut song etc. I really want to see Tori again on this tour!

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