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    Tour Status

    Tori is touring in 2017 to support the release of Native Invader. The European legs runs from early September through early October and the North American leg runs from late October to early December. We do not know if additional dates elsewhere will be added.

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    Current Release

    Native Invader (album, 2017)

    Brucknerhaus - Großer Saal

    Unrepentant Geraldines Tour

    Date June 07, 2014
    City Linz, Austria
    Venue Brucknerhaus - Großer Saal


    • Parasol
    • Black Dove (January)
    • Crucify
    • Father’s Son
    • Oysters
    • The Power Of Orange Knickers
    • Silent All These Years
    • Butterfly

    Lizard Lounge

    • Songbird (Fleetwood Mac)
    • Rise Like A Phoenix (Conchita Wurst)

    • Take To The Sky
    • Roosterspur Bridge
    • Secret Spell
    • Cooling
    • Another Girl’s Paradise
    • iieee


    • Cornflake Girl
    • Wedding Day
    • Tear In Your Hand


    Rise Like A Phoenix



    1. landor says:

      What A show!
      This was just the most amazing concert I’ve ever been to! Tori brought down the house tonight in Linz! A truly beautiful setlist with so many precious goodies: “Crucify” and “Oysters” at the beginning, with “The Power of Orange Knickers” she already rocked! Then “Silent all these years”, an alltime classic and one of my favorites when played live. I have to admit – though I’m a huge fan of Tori for 20 years by now – I haven’t completely recognised “Butterfly” when she started (shame on me), but then it was like opening a trunk at your parent’s attic and finding a book or your old teddy and smiling, cause all your childhood memories come back.
      But then, after Fleetwood Mac’s beautiful “Songbird”, she covered the front of her piano in sheets of paper and said she’s never done this bevore, like “fuckin’ never”. The first few chords played, and my heart nearly stopped. She did it. She really did it! She really, like “fuckin’” really, played “Rise like a Phoenix”, the one song with which Concita Wurst won the Eurovision Song Contest for Austria (after like nearly 50 years!) a month ago in Copenhagen! Austria made a (sadly by so many) criticised statement by sending a 25-year old drag queen with a beard to the Song Contest, but Tori brought down the house by singing her song! Half the audience jumped to their feet at the chorus. Unbelievable! A truly breathtaking cover! And Tori made my day!
      The set was continued by the wonderfully strong “Take to the sky”. So powerful and intense! “Roosterspur Bridge” came as a huge surprise (at least for me), followed by already the next (pleasant) surprise: “Secret spell”. I didn’t actually expect those two to show up tonight. I don’t actually know if I like the playback for “Cornflake girl” and “Wedding day”. It does sound cool, but I have to admit that I would have preferred her to play it “solo”. But nonetheless it was a terrific show – the best I’ve ever witnessed, and she said Good-bye to Austria with “Tear in your hand”.
      Thank you Tori Amos for this! You “fuckin’” rock!

    2. another girl's paradise says:

      Pure unadulterated, unbridled ENERGY – that’s how I would describe last night’s show. I don’t know how Tori could top her vocal performance from last night. Someone by the name of “thunderpanda” summed it up beautifully in their review of the Vienna show, by describing her vocals as confident and unrestrained. Absolutely agree. And emphasis on “unrestrained”. At times, her vocal power just left me sitting there stunned, shaking my head in bafflement at what was going on.

      Her playing? She pounded on those keys! I say more visits to the Bösendorfer showroom for Ms. Amos, please! Clearly that little visit to Vienna had Tori on a high that lasted until the next evening in Linz and it seems it also fuelled her performance that night (as it probably did at the Vienna show :) ).
      First of all, a couple of details: to confirm – yes, there were in fact TWO standing ovations last night. After Butterfly, the entire front row was on their feet. I was seated on the balcony, so I have no idea which other rows further back in the auditorium possibly got up. The second ovation, of course, came after Rise Like A Phoenix. I saw at least the first five rows in the auditorium give her a standing ovation.

      When she said hello to the crowd, she seemed very excited and mentioned that there would be a number of surprises and that with mutual support (heehee, so funny!), we’d all get through the evening. Oh, and the supporting act said that they particularly enjoyed playing for Austrian audiences both in Vienna and in Linz.

      There were so many highlights to this show for me (actually, the whole show was a highlight for me). Father’s Son, Oysters, Orange Knickers, Butterfly and another girl’s paradise. Crucify was funky; she really got into that one. If I remember correctly, she added some new lyrics to the “never going back again to crucify my land” improv at the end.

      I was in Zurich last week and Secret Spell was a highlight of that show, but she delivered a completely different arrangement of the song last night! That means, in one week, Tori reinvented the song again and she ROCKED IT HARD.

      It should also be mentioned that Roosterspur Bridge featured an interesting arrangement. She used a setting on the keyboard which made it sound like a guitar and there were parts played piano-keyboard that made her sound like a piano with guitar accompaniment. So, she sounded like a piano and a guitar at the same time. :) Genius.

      Where Rise Like A Phoenix is concerned? What could one possibly say? The video speaks volumes. She was so funny before she started. Incredible performance!!!! I couldn’t believe that she would perform this song and go as far as to project the Austrian flag on the backdrop.

      She launched into Take To The Sky immediately thereafter, which was such a fitting transition: Songbird —-> Phoenix —-> Take To The Sky. I felt that there was a clear theme there concerning Conchita Wurst. That version of TTTS was just phenomenal with a double <thump> against the piano face toward the end: “have a seat <thump-thump> while I take to the sky”.
      I thought to myself at that point: “if she’s bringing out TTTS so early on in the show already, where is this show headed? Where can it go?”

      Finally, we’ve got a video of Phoenix now, but it should be mentioned that the theatre ushers told several people on the balcony that there is a strict prohibition on the use of electronic devices during the show. Several people were told to switch off their mobiles immediately even if they were just texting shortly before the start of the opening act. So, not sure how many other videos of this incredible, mind-blowing show we will end up seeing though. I do hope that we get lots more!!!! I hope someone managed to record this show.

    3. matthias says:

      it was such an amazing day – being part of (my 2nd) meet & greet which i extremely enjoyed (although i was still very nervous) – and then such a setlist, OMG!

      rise like a phoenix – actually i wanted to include that in my requests (but then go for secret spell again) as i noted that she appreciated local circumstances (e.g. playing little amsterdam in amsterdam, ireland in dublin) – i’ll check my record, hope the sound is good!

      take to the sky was soo intensive (as already said by landor) and great, than roosterspur bridge and my request in an XXL-version (at the m&g in vienna, she asked my which concerts i’ll be – in linz she told me that she can’t do big wheel alone but it’s the night for secret spell :) ), cornflake girl was as amazing as in vienna and i was happy about the wedding day.

      all in all, one of the best days in my life and the best tori concert (for me) yet!

    4. lunearo says:

      I want to add a few things to the entries of the other fans: for me her performance of The Power of Orange Knickers was extremely powerful. Tori seemed to be really pleased with her performance of that song, as she did those moves with her hands a boxer would do afterwards.
      Rise of the Phoenix was a nice surprise. I didn’t recognise the song from the beginning because I am not so much into the european song contest. As soon as the austrian flag was displayed, it was clear that song had a connection to the location and by the time she sang the chorus, I was overwhelmed by her voice and her choice.
      Secret Spell was very long, but nice and Cooling had the “Brambles Bridge” in it.
      This was my sixth Tori concert overall and the fourth tour. Although I would have liked to see (and hear) Matt and Jon again, I have to say that her solo performances are incredible to watch.

    5. manuel says:

      it was such an amazing show…we met her in the afternoon and requested oysters…later on we were invited to sit in the first row…that´s been very generous! Most of all I must say that I´m very glad Tori still develops such a huge energy on stage and devotion in sounding. I don´t know any other artist who changes his or her setlist with such a passion every night.

      Without the band – I enjoyed the tours in 98, 03 and 07- Tori is now able to work out what she is best in: just her voice and the piano.

      I can imagine this woman will rock the stage even when she is 60 plus…
      And: she has a message!

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