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    Tour Status

    Tori is touring in 2017 to support the release of Native Invader. The European legs runs from early September through early October and the North American leg runs from late October to early December. We do not know if additional dates elsewhere will be added.

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    Current Release

    Native Invader (album, 2017)

    Verizon Hall

    Unrepentant Geraldines Tour

    Date August 10, 2014
    City Philadelphia, PA
    Venue Verizon Hall


    Many thanks to @GardenCat, @velvetrev, and @deseraestage for reporting the set list tonight!

    The printed setlist included Ribbons Undone, which was dropped for Take To The Sky, and, at the end of the encore, Carry, which was cut due to curfew.

    • Parasol
    • Here. In My Head
    • Crucify
    • Toast
    • Ophelia
    • Strange
    • Bliss
    • Cooling
    • Weatherman

    Lizard Lounge

    • Crazy / Wild Horses [The Rolling Stones]
    • She’s Always A Woman [Billy Joel]

    • Purple People
    • Spring Haze
    • Take To The Sky
    • Not The Red Baron
    • The Beekeeper
    • Cornflake Girl


    • Silent All These Years
    • 16 Shades of Blue
    • Streets of Philadelphia [Bruce Springsteen]


    1. Wayne Cunningham says:

      I loved the show tonight. She is playing so many great songs this tour that you don’t know what to expect. Bliss blew me away. Ophelia and Strange were great too. I knew it was going to be a great night when she did Here, In My Head second…

    2. A. N. says:

      I stood outside The Kimnel Center for approximately 10 hours, until I was graced by Tori’s amazing humanness, intensity, and love. Got the requisite photo and autograph completed, yet it was her spirit while we spoke that came through. I’ve never requested a song… Who am I to direct the magic.. But she asked me, so I did. The song was chosen because of a very intimate conversation with Tori previously, and how one of her life situations and mine intertwined to a degree in tragedy and subsequent hope. Every song she played in Philly had an amazing energy, and was seamless. Their seemed to be an undercurrent of something sad, maybe loss, I’m just interpreting. Crucify, Toast, Strange, NTRB, SATY, Wild Horses, etc. Yet Tori looked happy, smiled a lot. There are no words to accurately summarize the performance with due respect and accuracy, as Tori is a force on her own. But it was way beyond expectations, and I thank her.

    3. Elph says:

      10 years ago I made my parents extremely jealous that I got to go to the Kimmel & 10 years later I held true to a promise that if Tori ever came back to this venue I would take them! They loved the show and were absolutely blown away that she plays for 2 hours non-stop, on multiple pianos and how interactive she is with her audience! Her set did not disappoint (well, except that Carry was cut due to curfew and that was the ONLY song my mom personally requested). Seemed a little robbed during the lounge lizard portion, but Tori made it all better with her ‘apology’ – Crazy into Wild Horses turned out quite nicely! Something weird was going on with the Cornflake Girl sound — you could not hear Tori’s voice at all over the backing vocals. However, just to hear: Here, in my head, into Crucify, into Toast was enough to have me grabbing for the tissues.

    4. mara says:

      That show last night was incredible! It was my birthday so that was a great end. Unfortunately I couldn’t do meet and greet. Last time at the Kimmel she got to everyone. The show did hold some sadness, but it was so energetic and full of energy. She was feeling the audience alot. We screamed and hollered, she look amazed at one point. The openers were great. I loved here in my head, glad to have finally heard datura’s bridge during ttts. Everything was great crazy, strange here., and cornflake girl. Really great show. tops on my list.

    5. Pickle Farmer says:

      What a great show! There were definitely some Tori Tears that were shed. Even the red-haired woman screaming like a goat in a youtube video up in the highest seats couldn’t ruin it for me, though it was definitely distracting watching the security guard repeatedly coming in and out and telling her (presumably) to STFU. To her credit she only really started to freak out with the banshee shrieking during “Spring Haze,” but seriously red-haired lady! What gives? I guess I had it coming to me though, as this was my sixth show and this was the first time my experience ran the risk of being “ruined” by a crazy-pants person.

      Anyway, it was a beautiful venue. SO freaky to see Tash working at the merchandise stand, hugging and signing stuff and taking photos with fans. There was an impressively long line of people waiting for her—she has truly become part of the family business.

      Here. In My Head was an amazing opening. Improv near the end of Crucify talking about “chains we bind ourselves in.” Toast, wow, was super intense to get this one so early. Ophelia for me was a treat, the first chorus was played very passionately. Crazy/Wild Horses ended a bit abruptly. Silent All These Years was BEAUTIFUL, especially when she whispered the final “here” in the last chorus. And Streets of Philadelphia was the PERFECT ending—you just got the feeling that she’d LOVED playing in Philly, especially with such an excited crowd. Even the goat screams of red-haired woman were in harmony and blissful at that point as the evening came to a peaceful close.

    6. Tim says:

      Another fantastic show. We just saw Billy Joel last week, and I think Tori’s version of ‘She’s Always a Woman’ was better than his. Both times I’ve heard her play ‘The Beekeper’ have been at the Kimmel, and it never fails to mesmerize.

      PS – To the crazy lady who kept screaming like a howler monkey – thanks for making the show a lot less enjoyable than it should have been. Well done.

    7. Christine says:

      Provocative. Touching. Ethereal. Those are the only words I have to describe this show. Streets Of Philadelphia was a definite highlight, as was Crazy/Wild Horses.
      Unfortunately, I was seated very closely to someone that seemed to be having a psychotic break. It was truly awful. People kept telling her to be quiet and security intervened several times. I wish they had escorted her out, as she was unable to get herself together. I can’t imagine Tori could not also be distracted by this…

    8. livingdeagirl says:

      I have seen tori 20+ times but never have seen her perform Cooling. I think that she could have played One Direction covers the rest of the night and I wouldn’t have cared—because I finally heard Cooling. Fantastic show overall. So much passion, so much love.

    9. Richard A Handal says:

      I don’t have any great insights on this wonderful concert, it was all too complicated for me physically and emotionally. I wanted to give the times, though, as I believe that to be useful information.

      This concert began when lights went down and Tori came out at 8:40, and it ended at 10:26. No time for “Carry” in four minutes. The main set came to a close at 10:10.

      I’ve been asked about curfews. If the concert runs long, venue stagehands need to stay late and they earn a lot more when they work overtime. I’m guessing, but it must add up to at least $2,500 for the first half hour, possibly much more. Johnny?

    10. Andrew Gilmore says:

      I’ll never forget August 10th, 2014. I got to the stage door at 9:05 AM- I sat around with a group of EWFs for six and a half hours, and after five years of waiting for the big moment to happen, I met Tori Amos around 3:30.
      I was very nervous as well as physically ill at the time, but when she started talking to me, I immediately felt a sense of calm and comfort. We had a nice chat, I said everything I wanted to say without breaking down or crying, she gave me three hugs, I gave her a gift which she loved, and SHE actually asked to have a picture taken with me even though I had chosen an autograph instead, so I ended up with both. Before I left, she said to me the unforgettable words “I feel your deep, wonderful spirit.” Which is incredible coming from someone who had only known me for a minute and a half. And I can only say the same of her, she was incredibly gracious and sweet to me.

      The show itself was magic. Her energy and focus were incredible to watch, and it was a pleasure to be in the presence of such an extraordinary artist. I could nitpick about the setlist, but I won’t, there were a lot of fun surprises in there. I’m not a big Lizard Lounge fan, but she sang “She’s Always A Woman” beautifully. And to top it all off, I requested “Silent All These Years” at the M&G and she played it for me! That song means a lot to me, and to have her play it just because I asked was unbelievable. All in all, it was a wonderful day.

    11. Timo says:

      Who was that lady who kept screeching and what was she trying to do? The show was amazing but that woman almost ruined it. So rude and annoying. I think even Tori was getting annoyed.

    12. Chris Williams says:

      A little late with this post but the show was fantastic. I was pretty late with getting the tickets but we had decent balcony seats and the sound was wonderful. The opening act was not too bad, but Tori really shined. I saw her previously in Portland OR 2009 but this experience trumped the last.

      I took my mom to the show, and she had a really good time. She’s new to Tori’s music but she was happy for songs like Weatherman, The Beekeeper, and especially Cornflake Girl. I was ecstatic over those as well as Here. In My Head, Purple People, Spring Haze, Crazy, Cooling, and Bliss. It amazes me that there were only TWO songs in common with the other show I went to – CG and Take to the Sky. Every other performance was a new experience for me!

      We did try to go to the Meet and Greet but we were 20 people behind the cut-off and didn’t make it. We stuck around til about 4 anyway but it was obvious it wasn’t gonna happen (one crew guy — not sure if he’s with Tori or the venue — ruffled more than a few feathers with his rather blunt delivery of this news, as well as his aggressive protection of the water bottles he was reluctantly handing out). We had made it there around 11:30 but it just wasn’t early enough. We did get our requests in (my mom’s was Dixie!) but there were dozens and dozens of requests. I was a little sad that we missed out on Carry (had to sell my 0akland 2011 tickets at the last minute so missed that one) but the set we had was perfect. I’m new to PA but it was still really awesome to hear Streets of Philadelphia.

      It was pretty hot in the theater but that was only a minor annoyance compared to the screaming lady. I was pretty upset by this, as were many others. The gentleman next to me complained (as did a few others) but nothing happened. She really almost ruined an amazing show. I know you can hear her in the boots but it was much, much worse to be physically near it. You literally could not hear parts of Spring Haze and a few other songs over this woman’s screaming. To make matters worse, the couple in front of me talked/laughed/used their phones the whole time — but they came in late and left early, so I hope they’re happy about the money they spent on the show.

      Despite a few negatives throughout the experience, Tori played a wonderful set and had a lot of energy. I’ve been a huge fan for about 7 years but it’s an entirely different experience to be in a room with her.

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