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    Tour Status

    Tori is touring in 2017 to support the release of Native Invader. The European legs runs from early September through early October and the North American leg runs from late October to early December. We do not know if additional dates elsewhere will be added.

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    Current Release

    Native Invader (album, 2017)

    Boston Opera House

    Unrepentant Geraldines Tour

    Date August 15, 2014
    City Boston, MA
    Venue Boston Opera House


    (Thanks to @xxretepxx and @deseraestage for texting the setlist in.)

    • Parasol
    • Caught A Lite Sneeze
    • Bliss
    • Beauty Queen/Horses
    • Secret Spell
    • Baker, Baker
    • Jackie’s Strength
    • Oysters
    • Mr. Zebra
    • Dragon

    Lizard Lounge

    • Please Come To Boston (Dave Loggins) / More Than A Feeling (Boston)
    • When Doves Cry (Prince) / Edge Of Seventeen (Stevie Nicks)

    • Black-Dove (January)
    • Black Swan
    • Little Earthquakes
    • Another Girl’s Paradise
    • iieee
    • Cornflake Girl


    • Wedding Day
    • Hey Jupiter


    1. maria says:

      This show was pure divinity; her Boston sets are always so thoughtful, heartfelt, and personal- tonight was no exception. This was my third Tori show (saw her On Scarlet’s Walk in Providence RI, and Night of Hunters in Boston), and this was hands-down the best show. I’ve always wanted to see her solo, especially during her Boys for Pele tour; this show was pure bliss and was heavy on the Pele (which just melted me completely). The set-list was amazing, even though 2 songs had to be cut during the encore due to the curfew (Bouncing off Clouds and Riot Poof were cut—super bummed about it, but the show was still stellar). Her voice was just phenomenal— she was full of so much spunk and energy, she was very happy to be in Boston, and her piano playing was superb. She wore a gorgeous silver-white gown, gray leather pants, and turquoise heels. The lighting during each song seemed to be very well planned and thought-out; it added so much richness to the show and wove a beautiful story with each song. I really felt the lighting captured the songs beautifully, and looked stunning against her gown.

      The Boston Opera House is one of the most beautiful venues I have ever been in, and the acoustics are the best I’ve ever heard anywhere. We sat in the center orchestra, 18 rows from the stage, and we were incredibly impressed at how close to the stage we were; I could see Tori perfectly without anyone in my way, as well as her facial expressions (and I’m 5’0” tall, and always have trouble seeing at shows!). The songs were performed with so much depth and emotion—as if the songs had just been written and she was in those deep, raw moments with each one. I have been following this tour consistently on Youtube (thanks to all those uploaders!), and I must say (in my humble opinion), the best performances of these songs came to Boston.

      We were blessed with a wonderful audience too—people were courteous and not going drunk-ass crazy bonkers during the songs; just about every song had silent, tender moments in which she would whisper lyrics, and they could all be heard perfectly. The piano, electric keyboard, and organ sounded sublime in the Opera House— incredibly clear and just vibrated your whole being. I really like the tour book (much more so than the NoH tour book); the photographs are from her album shoot, but they aren’t the ones that were published with the album booklet. There is also a personal story that carries through the book that she has written, making this tour book feel very special and worth buying; it’s certainly a lovely piece of art to have in any Tori collection.

      The overall theme to the show had a lot to do with mythical creatures and animals, and it complimented the cool autumn-like weather we had tonight. I felt like she really thought this theme through, and I loved how unique it was. It was as if we were sitting around a campfire making s’mores and wrapped in blankets with these animals/creatures, drinking in all their wisdom as their souls called out to the Universe. There was a lot of improv tonight with many of the songs, and they were deeply touching and complimented the moment we were all sharing together. Each song seemed to be played on the slower tempo spectrum (for the most part), but it made the songs so powerful and haunting—all the energy for each song was captured beautifully and made tonight’s theme really shine through. When I saw her in Boston for the NoH tour, the theme was very much about water, so I was excited to see what theme was going to show up tonight. She did not have a M&G today, so I was intrigued to see what she would cook up for us.

      Parasol: I’ve been in love with the way she has been playing this on the tour, so deep and touching. I was never a big fan of this song on the album, but hearing it on this tour, and tonight, just melted me and brought me to tears. I have noticed on this tour that she has been playing this song with varying tempos, and tonight’s version was on the slower spectrum. I adore this version, and she really belts it out, and gives her piano an amazing sonic boom when she bangs the keyboard cover against the wood.

      Caught A Lite Sneeze: One of my all-time faves and was hoping to hear it tonight. She added some nice extra improvs throughout the song, and it just elevated the emotion and mood of this song. This was the second time I have heard this performed live (I heard her play this with the band during the SW tour), and had always wanted to hear it solo—it is just so beautiful solo. You really felt her vamping and aching on this song tonight. I’m so happy this girl showed up!

      Tori says hello: She was so happy to be in Boston! She gave a shout-out to Jon and Allison Evans (who were, for the second time in Boston, sitting a few rows away from us!). She laughed and said that she hoped she didn’t fuck up the bass tonight, and then placed her hands on her heart saying that Jon and Allison were with her tonight. She said that we were in store for a few surprises (and of course the crowd goes wild!)

      Bliss: BLOODY NAILED IT! I’ve seen the videos on Youtube of Bliss on this tour, and I felt a bit “meh, something’s missing from this.” Not tonight. Whatever she needed to get Bliss to really blossom and soar she received in Boston. Just perfection and extremely powerful— no band needed for tonight’s performance—such an intense version, and just shook the venue. Bliss was a stunning surprise for tonight, and the lighting for this song was particularly intense. It also sounded like she had a little something extra added to the song either coming from her electric keyboard or an effect that was being added by Mark or a pedal, I wasn’t quite sure what it was or the source— but wherever that extra flavour was coming from, it really made the song rich and give it the uumph it needed to really soar.

      Beauty Queen/Horses: Melted completely in my seat- was not expecting either of these girls to show up. Hearing BQ evolve over the years with more piano added to it has really made the song rich and lush, and hearing the different distortion pedals that she uses with Horses really adds a lot of depth and personality to the song. I heard her play Horses (without BQ) with the band during SW tour, and was so thrilled to hear it solo with BQ (and BQ wasn’t originally on the set-list for tonight).

      Secret Spell: Another song that I am not a fan of from the album, however, tonight was just stunning. I feel like this is how the song was meant to be played- solo and slowed down. The emotion really shined through, and she had a lot of improv added to it. The song opened with a beautiful improv “You have a secret girl” and she kept adding more improv into the song throughout the performance, really making it relevant to her life right now. It really made the song special for me, and it spoke to me in a way that the album version never had. I’m very happy she played this song, and that it brought me to tears—this song really held my hand and heart tonight.

      Baker, Baker: Gorgeous and heart-aching. Heard it during the NoH tour with the quartet, and it’s just so stunning to hear live. Always a fave of mine, and always played with so much emotion- another one that brought me to tears, and another one in which you felt her aching on it, like she was holding back the tears just to get through the song.

      Jackie’s Strength: Powerful and touching. There were a few points during the song you felt as it Tori was going to burst into tears.

      Oysters: One of my top faves from UG, and yes, more tears for me. She messed up a wee bit during, “and there are forces of conflict taking portions of my mind” and without missing a beat she started playing a great improv about her mind being taken from her. The improv flowed seamlessly into the song again, and she really poured herself into the song. This is another song that has been holding my hand and heart since the albums’ release.

      Mr. Zebra: Another great treat! It wasn’t part of the original set-list, so I’m glad she was able to fit this little gem in. The venue acoustics really elevated the piano, which allowed you to hear the complexity of the song, even though it’s a short one.
      Dragon: A super treat to hear and again, wasn’t expecting it; I adore this song! You really felt her heart go out to the men for this one, and again, you felt her aching with this one. This song is an all-time fave of mine, and an understated song on the album which doesn’t get played a whole lot on her tours; it’s so beautiful and deeply touching to hear live.

      Lizard Lounge
      Please Come To Boston (Dave Loggins) / More Than A Feeling (Boston): A haunting and touching mash-up of both songs. PCTB is such a beautiful ballad and a heart-breaking back-and-forth between a couple growing apart— she really added so much to the story of this song. She was tender and hopeful when it was the man singing to the woman, and angry and fed-up when it was the woman responding to him. She ended the song with MTAF, which really gave the song a wonderful conclusion. A very special mash-up just for Boston, and it was a highlight of the show.

      When Doves Cry (Prince) / Edge Of Seventeen (Stevie Nicks): An incredible highlight of the show! She had a funky loop to go with it, and you really got the feeling that she was going to follow this up with Black Dove (January)—and of course she did—it would have been strange if she hadn’t! This mash-up was so amazing and strong— the whole venue just burst with energy; it was such a wonderful surprise and the crowd loved it. She definitely got a standing ovation for this one.

      Black-Dove (January): Love this song, and it was very strong tonight. I heard this played on the SW tour with the band, and I am so happy to have heard it solo tonight. It really felt like the song was calling in the energy she had when she played Bliss, as if there was a common current feeding them both tonight; bloody perfection.

      Black Swan: WOW WOW WOW! A request I put out into the ether (and didn’t think it would get played) and it was gorgeous; my personal highlight for the night. She played a sweet improv at the beginning about a little girl requesting it because her mom would sing it to hear when she would go to sleep, and at the end of the song that little girl screamed out an adorable “thank you!” from the crowd.
      Changeover to B3 Organ

      Little Earthquakes: Damn this song is so powerful solo; loved every moment of it. She was calling out to the Universe on this one; it’s such a power-horse of a song, and sounded so thunderous tonight.

      Another Girl’s Paradise: Another song request I put out into the ether and not expecting to show up, and was floored when it did. She played it on the organ and piano, and it’s so stunning with them both. She sang all of the parts of the chorus, and she did a fantastic job with the tempo. I was so glad she did this with the chorus, as it’s something she hadn’t really done in past tours. She really made the song special tonight by singing the full chorus, and she added some wonderful improv to the chorus as well. The organ sounded wonderful tonight, it was very rich and clear (no popping or cracking, and it didn’t sound muddled at all); it really made the song shine. A very unique and fantastic version of it tonight came through.

      iieee: I ached for this song to come tonight and I’m so happy she did. Another stunning one to hear on both the organ and piano; she really took her time with this one, it wasn’t rushed at all, and she really howled at the moon with this girl tonight when she banged it out on the piano. I always wanted to hear this song live, and never thought she would ever play it solo. Her version of it on this tour is just delicious.

      Cornflake Girl: Everyone jumped to their feet when the loop started. Another fave of mine, and I didn’t mind the loop that much. She had a lot of fun playing this one, and the piano sound was so clear and soared over the loop—really packed with energy on this track, and seeing her pound it out on the piano is divine. I heard it on the SW tour with the band, and it was interesting to hear it played with the loop (as if to hold that energy when she plays with the band). The part I loved the most is when the loop played “don’t close this door I know it’s so easy/ to close this door I know it’s so easy” and she sang the Golden Gun part over it; I thought it blended really well together. That part of the song held both messages very well, and it didn’t sound muddled or distracting, it sounded very clear and strong.

      Encore (changeover back to electric keyboard): I was excited to see that there was another changeover. And even though 2 songs that I really wanted to hear had to be cut due to curfew (Bouncing off Clouds and Riot Poof), I was happy to know that she was planning to bring them to Boston, and that a space was going to be held for them.

      Wedding Day: I very much love this song on the album; however, the loop was a bit distracting for this one. The electric keyboard was drowned by the loop and it was very hard to hear it. When she moved over the piano, it was very clear and complimented the loop well, but not so much when at the electric keyboard. Still enjoyed it thought, as it is a new fave.

      Hey Jupiter: I will always love this song, ALWAYS. I heard it on the NoH tour and it was gorgeous with the quartet. It was no less stunning tonight on the electric keyboard and piano. Again, this song really felt like she was aching deeply, and my 2 fave parts of this song really got a beautiful rendition: 1) she sang “and I thought I wouldn’t have to be with you a magazine” which is a part of the song that doesn’t get played a whole lot on her tours (and you felt as if she was going to break out in tears when she sang it), and 2) she sang “I go from day to day” 3 times with so much emotion and heart-ache, she really had her soul calling for him tonight. HJ was a sincere and deeply touching end to a magical and tremendously unique show; absolutely one of her best shows during one of her greatest tours ever.

    2. kristine says:

      fantastic show! Tori still brings down the house!

      this was our 17th time seeing her since 98 and it was easily one of the best shows.

      highlights – the whole show was great, but…
      -Sneeze into Bliss was phenomenal. i had to remind myself to breathe. I could have gone home happy right then.
      -Zebra was great because our daughter wanted to hear it, and it’s always a fun song.
      -the prince/stevie nicks mashup was perfection!

      not so good parts –
      -do we NEED the backing track for Cornflake? Nope. I know Cornflake is a staple at shows, but it’s evolved so much over the years and having the backing track i think limited her getting into it less than she usually does. just my opinion.
      -too bad there was a curfew =(
      -the girl behind us was belting out Hey Jupiter – WE PAID TO HEAR AND SEE TORI SING IT, NOT YOU. I get it, it’s easy to mouth the words and want to sing, but please be mindful of the people around you that just want to experience Tori’s moments.
      -lots of intoxicated people at this show, more so than we have ever seen. it’s one thing to have a few, but we witnessed several people stumbling and tripping up stairs. don’t you want a clear head to experience the ride???

    3. Andrew says:

      This isn’t the setlist I would have chosen for my perfect Tori Amos concert but I have to say that it was surprisingly satisfying all the same. Tori is a beast.

      Bliss is a song I’ve always loved live and she banged it out. She also played my favorite obscure-album-track-played-live Dragon to perfection. I’m obsessed with this song. Edging to the older stuff (although Oysters fit right in and sold me on the track) made it a magical performance.

      The Lizard Lounge covers were amazing. The groovy backing track transformed When Doves Cry / Edge Of Seventeen into a psychedelic disco prom night.

    4. A Boston Attendant says:

      This was certainly a night where Tori played with passion and I’m glad my husband and I attended the show.

      Not sure if there were some technical issues beforehand or she was late because of a private show earlier, but there was a delay which I predicted would cause some songs to be cut due to a curfew (Bouncing of Clouds and unfortunately Riot Poof which I would have LOVED to hear). We heard a lot of Led Zepplin playing while waiting. Not sure if it’s just Boston that has these lame early curfews!!!

      She wore her white robe attire (I love the UG tour robes!) this time with grey leather pants and blue/green heels.

      Loved the teal lighting in Caught A Lite Sneeze. It matched well with the mellow keyboard sounds and piano.

      Jon Evans was there, so she said she would try hard not to “f” up the bass.

      Bliss was one of the highlights complete with a powerhouse voice, powerful piano and dramatic lights that ended with a strobelike effect on the stage. I really think the audience loved the performance.

      So, so, so happy she played Beauty Queen and Horses!!! I’ve always loved Horses, so I found it a real treat to hear it live. The Leslie Cabinet effect sounded excellent and very clear.

      Not a fan of Secret Spell, but she turned it into a noticeable performance with vivid lighting and ferocious singing on the piano. She played with a lot of intensity!

      Baker Baker is not and has never been one of my favorites at all, but it was one of the performances most memorable to me in this show. It was like she was speaking to the audience and I noticed some hands in the crowd moving to wipe a tear or two.

      It was either Jackie's Strength or Secret Spell she slipped up and made an improv about not knowing where her mind goes sometimes.

      I was thrilled to hear Dragon, definitely one of my favorites! She delivered well with an intense red lighting in the background.

      Lizard Lounge rolls in and she tells us she loves Boston. She appropriately plays “Please Come To Boston” with “More Than A Feeling” thrown in at the end. I was BEYOND thrilled to hear her Prince and Stevie Nicks cover. It flowed very well together and I’m glad she used the loop I loved when I first heard her AATS in Oslo. That was my personal favorite and highlight of the night. Even my husband who isn’t a Tori fan said he thought it was pretty good. Some of the audience was clapping along to the beat though in a small portion of the song :/

      Black Dove was beautiful.

      Tori played “Black Swan” for someone who requested it. I don’t remember exactly what she said but something along the lines of “This is for a little girl…”. If I remember correctly, she incorporated a string type of synth in the song. At the end, I heard the girl shout “Thank You!”, lol.

      Pleased to hear Little Earthquakes. I would be pleased to hear it live in any way, but she really delivered with such intensity and power both in the piano playing and vocals. The audience absolutely loved it.

      I’m obsessed with the sound of an organ, so I was looking forward to B3 time. Paradise was nice (I find it an inverted version from 2005 where she used the b3 for the chorus and the piano for the first verse). I like the 2005 versions slightly better, but her performance was still lovely.

      Iieee was gracious and her voice really shines. I love that the set list had 3 choirgirl songs so far.

      Cornflake Girl plays and I see people by the stage. There was someone dancing by the dress circle, but the usher saved them the embarrassment and had them sit back down.

      Wedding Day was nice to experience live and the night ended with Hey Jupiter. The audience seemed to appreciate it. Due to the curfew, unfortunately Riot Poof and Bouncing Off Clouds were left off. My husband was impressed by her voice (which really was excellent).

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