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    Tour Status

    Tori is touring in 2017 to support the release of Native Invader. The European legs runs from early September through early October and the North American leg runs from late October to early December. We do not know if additional dates elsewhere will be added.

    Useful Tour Stuffs
    Current Release

    Native Invader (album, 2017)

    National Palace of Culture Hall 1

    Unrepentant Geraldines Tour

    Date June 20, 2014
    City Sofia, Bulgaria
    Venue National Palace of Culture Hall 1


    (We had no live reporting for this show.)

    • Parasol
    • Taxi Ride
    • Crucify
    • Roosterspur Bridge
    • Cooling
    • Siren
    • Selkie
    • Silent All These Years

    Lizard Lounge

    • Take My Breath Away (Berlin)
    • In Your Room (Depeche Mode)

    • Lust
    • Suede
    • Marys Of The Sea
    • Etienne
    • Secret Spell
    • Cornflake Girl


    • Wedding Day
    • Jackie’s Strength
    • Winter


    Taxi Ride


    Roosterspur Bridge




    Take My Breath Away

    In Your Room



    Marys of the Sea

    Secret Spell

    Cornflake Girl



    1. Dimitris says:

      My tori experience in Sofia.

      It’s been quite a few years since I last travelled abroad. With Tori touring the world again I didn’t want to miss the chance seeing her solo for the first time ( my first tori show was back in 2007 in Athens with her band members) so I decided to travel to Sofia, Bulgaria as she didn’t stop to Greece this time around. As me and my friend were already discovering the beauties of Sofia since Friday morning, we arrived at the national palace of culture or NDK for short (as the Bulgarians like to call it ) and started to look around just in case any meet and greet was taking place. We were probably very early, cause there weren’t a lot of people around so we sat at the nearby coffee shop to enjoy a nice cup of coffee while waiting impatiently… And then, all of the sudden the skies started to weep! Not just rain, but heavy haze hitting the ground everywhere like stone bombs! We were so amazed by this happening in the middle of a summer day, that we started laughing nervously, I mean haze on the 20th of June??? Rain I can accept…but haze???

      And I joked saying to my friend “even the skies can’t hold their excitement and emotions for Tori’s show tonight!” this must be some kind of a god sent sign! And it turned out to be exactly that for us, indeed! As we were waiting for the heavy rain and haze to stop, I only had one thought in my mind. Tori is inside the NDK right this second probably already doing her soundcheck we must find a way to get in! We entered the venue to discover that some type of an art exhibition was taking place at the same floor with hall 1. Weird thing was that people were gathering for that and I couldn’t locate any tori fans anywhere yet.

      The doors of hall 1 were sealed shut but I went and stuck my ear on one of them to have a listen. To my surprise I heard some keyboard sounds and thought: oh my god tori must be in there doing her soundcheck and nobody knows it except us! I tried to open any doors I could find around the hall but no luck…Until…one door opened and I heard Tori’s voice! I didn’t care if they would kick us out We had to get in no matter what! The hall was empty, Tori’s sound crew was in the back and on the stage was tori doing her soundcheck sounding Fantastic!

      We just walked right in, nobody said anything and I went down the aisle closer to tori as she was rehearsing her 2 chosen cover songs for tonight. Take my breath away and In your room! What a moment! We are inside an empty venue with tori singing heavenly! Somebody pinch me I must be dreaming! Tori was talking to her crew about the sound and then started playing “Mountain” but said she would probably leave that out for her show in Instanbul instead.

      She was dressed in jeans, checking her papers on the piano and being super professional. She already noticed me staring at her as she was playing, and I was shaking like a leaf thinking what could I possibly say to her if she approached or talk to me? Unfortunately she didn’t but I had the privilege to listen to 2 amazing covers before everyone else! She then left the room and so did we.

      Time has passed so we went out for a smoke and wait for the show to start. A lot of people were outside the venue chatting and waiting and my friend noticed a lady talking to some hardcore fans and giving them tickets. I said to him, I think that must be Mindi, Tori’s tour manager! He said to me: Go talk to her! I introduced myself to her and asked her if We can make any requests for songs like wild way, sugar, cooling or hey Jupiter. She told me the setlist was already decided but we might hear some of those songs tonight…and then she did the unthinkable. She asked me what seats we had (we had VIP tickets 4th row) and told me to wait a bit cause she could upgrade our tickets to the front row! Cut story short, she did! Thank you Mindi! What an amazing lady! Told you the haze was a sign, didn’t I?

      The show was about to finally start we got in and found our seats in the front row :) after a while around 8.30 I think Tori got on stage and the crowd went mad! She did her signature wave, smiled and sat on the piano and began playing Parasol as she does every night for this tour. I never liked Parasol that much to be honest but this version is amazing! One of the show’s highlights for sure. Tori was on fire all night, her voice sounding better than ever, and I was totally transported to another magical ethereal world as if being in a foreign country wasn’t enough already…

      One thing about Tori’s shows is you never expect the same setlist every night, so I had no idea what she was going to play except the two covers I secretly experienced during her soundcheck ;) The highlights for me were in no particular order: Parasol, Cooling, Crucify, Taxi Ride, Siren, Selkie, Lust, Suede, Mary’s of the sea, Cornflake girl, Winter, Etienne, and the fantastic cover versions of take my breath away and in your room! Mindi was right she indeed played one of my favorites: Cooling! If sugar and wild way were there instead of wedding day and secret spell It would have been the greatest setlist for me but still was a very eclectic one with suede being played for the first time on this tour. Take my breath away was the first time she ever played it period!

      Tori is an amazing artist and performer but most of all she is a true inspiration to everyone who experiences her music and voice live. She is like a fairy that sprinkles her fairy dust and makes you fly for almost 2 hours. If there is one word to describe how this show was id say without a doubt: MAGICAL. THANK YOU TORI!

      Dimitris from Thessaloniki, Greece.

    2. Luky Annash says:

      This was my very first concert after being a fan for over 17 years. I really couldn’t expect for anything and was just ready (and nervous) for whatever she’d bring on stage.

      The meet and greet was a bit surprising. She came a bit late at around 4 pm for the concert so she could only do it very briefly. But I did get to talk to her, gave her a letter and asked her to play Silent, Selkie and Rattlesnakes (two of which she did play on stage!). She was really friendly and warm. She was quite shocked to find out that I have come all the way from Jakarta, Indonesia as she asked me to confirm that twice.

      The concert was just amazing. She is such a fantastic performer, pianist and above all, great singer. I just couldn’t stop thinking how clear and powerful her voice is live. My highlights were of course Silent and Selkie. But I was really, really captivated by Marys of the Sea and Suede. She was really on fire for that two. Couldn’t really decide if I liked that version of Cornflake Girl or not but it was really fun though as everyone came closer to the stage and started dancing. Overall, it was one truly memorable first gig of Tori Amos for me (plus the fact that I saw it in Sofia, Bulgaria, made it also more interesting!)

      However, the most shocking thing for me is that I met Tori at Sofia airport this morning as I was checking in for a flight to Istanbul. She was just standing right in front of me, waiting in line, and apparently we were on the same flight! I went up to her and had a brief chat about how great the show last night was and how we both really like Istanbul. Later we were also waiting for the plane in the same waiting lounge. It was a bit awkward having her like standing just a couple of meters away from me and so I just couldn’t deal with it and instead I decided to read an article about Britney Spears – that’s how nervous I was!

      Anyway the whole thing was really lovely. Beside meeting Tori, I also particularly liked meeting other fans at the meet and greet. Coming from Jakarta, Indonesia and meeting other fans from Macedonia, Serbia, Turkey and Greece just made it such a great experience.

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