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    Tour Status

    Tori is touring in 2017 to support the release of Native Invader. The European legs runs from early September through early October and the North American leg runs from late October to early December. We do not know if additional dates elsewhere will be added.

    Useful Tour Stuffs
    Current Release

    Native Invader (album, 2017)

    Sony Centre (formerly Hummingbird Centre)

    American Doll Posse Tour

    Date October 23, 2007
    City Toronto, ON
    Venue Sony Centre (formerly Hummingbird Centre)


    Act I – Pip

    • Cruel
    • Bliss
    • Fat Slut
    • Smokey Joe
    • Teenage Hustling
    • The Waitress


    • Professional Widow

    Act II – Tori

    • Big Wheel
    • Space Dog
    • Spark
    • Cornflake Girl
    • Liquid Diamonds
    • Glory Of The 80s

    T & Bö

    • improv
    • Take Me With You
    • Winter

    Band Returns

    • Horses
    • a sorta fairytale
    • Code Red

    First Encore

    • Precious Things
    • Bouncing Off Clouds

    Second Encore

    • Hey Jupiter


    The complete recording of this show is available as a digital download from Legs & Boots.


    Smokey Joe

    Winter (posted by ZombiePirateLeChuck)


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    1. Stephanie says:

      Tori was fantastic. Pip was sassy, crude and hilarious.

      The lighting was beautiful. But Tori was in top form, with the wig and jumpsuit. She was sharp as a tack and didn’t let anyone get away with anything.


    2. drinian says:

      Just got in from the show. It has to be said that T is so back on form and Pip rocked the house. I was so disappointed in ‘The Beekeeper’ shows that I saw. Something seemed to be missing then but this was one of the best shows I’ve seen her play EVER. The ‘What do you do when your kid is smarter than you?‘ improv was genius. Worth getting the boot just for that. Am gutted not to have got tickets for more shows now. BOOOO! Roll on the dvd!

    3. Jennifer says:

      This is my 6th time seeing Tori since 1996, and as I’ve grown 11 years older, so has she — and in a good way!

      I really enjoyed her embodiment of Pip – she played the character with authenticity, and the songs matched the persona to a T. I also felt the rest of the set list followed a ‘Pip’ theme – lots of forceful energy, never a sappy moment. Even the piano interlude on Winter was especially strong.

      Of all the Tori shows I’ve seen, I found this one to be the happiest. Tori has this incredible ability to put a spin on all the songs – and she did so tonight with joy.

      If there’s any critique I could add, I would say that at times the songs lacked a certain kind of Tori passion. Meaning, I didn’t feel that she was bleeding, crying, or sweating out the songs like I have felt on previous tours. This is not necessarily a negative, it was nice to see the girls out having a good time!

    4. Josh says:

      What a stunning show. Her performance of Pip was pure energy…she was having as much fun with it as we were watching. When she came back to perform the rest of the setlist she brought back the energy and her own personality was able to shine through to deliver a breathtaking show. Stand out numbers include: Winter (i cried…i knew i would), Horses, Precious Things and Hey Jupiter was the perfect close.

    5. Deanna says:

      What a setlist. This was my first Tori concert, and it was breathtaking. Winter and Take Me With You were absolutely gorgeous, and Horses was such an awesome surprise. I met Tori today and she seemed so sweet. What a great day.

    6. gregburnscds says:

      Tori has changed. The whole show, save for a few performances felt like it was phoned in. Pip is the worst doll of the bunch and for days I was praying that she wouldn’t be the one to open the show, because quite frankly I could do without her lackluster versions of Cruel, Bliss, The Waitress, Smokey Joe (which is SOOOO much more boring live), and the horrendously bad Teenage Hustling. I found myself just waiting for that part of the show to be over so that the real Tori could come out.

      When that finally did end, I realized that the real Tori would never come out on stage. Instead we got a tired version of the woman I used to know and love playing songs she’s played a million times before. EXCEPT! (and this is a big except), Her rendition of Space Dog is phenomenal and her voice was really sweet during it. Glory of the 80s was cool because I had never heard her play that with the band before—and I like that song. And finally when the band (who Tori said make her play better—oh no Tori, they just drown you out, you are better than they are), finally left, we got a taste of the old Tori. Take Me With You is so much better solo, and Winter kicked so much ass with her 2 minute solo intro and again during the song when some idiot screamed out during one of the most heart-wrenching moments. Horses was interesting, and a treat because she hasn’t done it before, and A Sorta Fairytale was listenable.

      I like Code Red, and I like it live, however, it was during this song where the spotlight was on the audience and I looked back at the half-empty balcony of which I was apart and realized just how much Tori has become a parody of herself. I felt sorry for her. Everyone in the balcony was bored (or looked really bored) while Tori was belting a song trying to convey some kind of urgency and social significance, when she lacked any. It’s hard to take an artist seriously in an orange sequenced, one-sleeve, jump-suit who has abandoned the artist that gave her the social significance in the first place. Little Earthquakes, Under The Pink, and Boys For Pele made people stand up and take notice. American Doll Posse is just embarrassing, and this tour (or show at least) didn’t do any to make it better.

    7. @ndrew says:

      Wow… Tori was having an amazing time in Toronto. The event was full of contrasts— a rock show taking place in a formal theatre building… a rock show with champagne. Middle-aged business people beside trashy punk teenagers. And beautiful eloquence beside intense anger coming from Pip.

      When Pip came out on-stage it was incredible. She sort of humped the piano bench, even laying down on the stage after one of her first songs. She threw down her microphone, she shouted “You fuck!” in Cruel as well (!) as in Teenage Hustling, and she brought out some songs never seen before in this tour, or at least not this leg of the tour.

      The crowd was very into it, and there were many funny and silly moments, (ie. screwup in Cornflake Girl and her altered words “Peel out these words”, the improv that in the end poked fun at Madonna’s intelligence, her whispered “Eat me” response to some men who yelled to her during a quiet, reflective performance of Winter, her cheeky smiles and giggles) as well as intense and powerful ones. (ie. Pip’s energy, intense anger and bouts of swearing, the hopping Bouncing off Clouds, etc. etc.)

      The renditions of songs she played tonight were amazing, and the energy of the place was absolutely awesome. I am officially addicted to live Tori performances.

    8. Dawn says:

      WOW..What a night. It was my first time seeing Tori with the band and I must say, what a great experience. It was cool to have Pip come out and do her set as she one of my favorite Posse members. Cruel and Teenage Hustling were great but for me The Waitress was the major highlight of that part of the show…I have always loved that “Hang Ten” improv part on live recordings but have never been able to experience it live.

      Since I have only see Tori play solo before, I was obviously excited to here classic songs like Cornflake Girl and Precious Things which were both awesome!!! But, in my opinion, the best songs of the night were the solo version of Take Me With You, which was absolutely beautiful, and Horses, which was really cool with the band. Winter was gorgeous too until some people started yelling in the middle of it prompting Tori to let out a whispered “eat me”. She then went on to finish the song wonderfully.

      All in all a great show!!! Thanks Tori:)

    9. Armen Shahnazarian says:

      One word WOW.

      All things were great about this show, the M&G was fantastic. The set list was rockin’ and the venue was great.

      It’s hard to formulate my thoughts at this time, just because I am so excited, but for sure Cruel, Take Me With You, Horses, and Fairytale were joys for me. Although I cannot complain I think we got a bitchin’ set list and an amazing improv about Tash being at Indigo Books…

      I’m off to bed to have wet dreams about Pip. Le Sigh,

    10. Megan says:

      Tori was full of sass tonight!

      Loved her improv. Lyrics as I remember:

      What can you do when your daughter is smarter than you
      What can you do when your kid is smarter than you
      What can you do when you are standing in Indigo somewhere in Toronto and she is looking at the 9-11 section (and she is only six) and she says “Mummy I’m not feeling very challenged” and then you find a book by someone who does what you do and you say “look it has pictures and you can probably figure out the words” and she says “Jesus Mummy, if it's a book Madonna wrote i’m sure I can read every word”

      ...or something to that effect.

      Also cute when she messed up on Big Wheel while doing the countdown part and laughed. Also she messed up on Cornflake Girl and sang “oh my fucking god” in place of the next lyrics.

      Boo to the annoying people who ruined the spell created by Winter (what a lovely version, just so perfect) Person one by screaming “I LOVE YOU TORI” at the top of their lungs and the second by screaming back “SO DOES JESUS” but Bravo to Tori for her response “eat me” (she got a big cheer for that one)

      I loved Pip flipping us the bird and mooning us with her rubber tights (although my partner was a little crushed that it wasn’t Santa).

      One question. Why do people come late to shows, drunk, scream to each other through the songs, text constantly on their cellphones, leave for a smoke break, come back in the middle of a song and then leave early? I just don’t understand.

      But overall a great show. I loved Spark and Bliss and Horses. Take me with you was also beautiful.

    11. mr.microphone says:

      Wow! My 18th Tori concert since 1994 and the best by a landslide. Tori is in top form. She’s comfortable on stage and embodies a true performer. The lights were beautiful at times, distracting at others, but definitely the most PROFESSIONAL lighting of her career thus far. She didn’t disappoint, neither did Pip! What outstanding energy! Great set list, hello, Take Me With You?!?! Toronto was blessed last night.

    12. Amber (iciclespark) says:

      OMFG. I’ll start with this: if I could have only done one show on this tour, this would have been perfect. Utterly perfect. I have no complaints about the set at all. Tori was ON. She was in good spirits. This has been an incredible day… I need sleep badly, but I must review!

      Some comments from Tori from M&G:

      Datura – “in a couple weeks… it’s really hard”
      Zero Point – “I promised it by the end of the tour but it will definitely be towards the very end”

      Buffalo: she said she’d whip out Cocaine, Swirl, Carbon with band or Barons of Suburbia. My call is Carbon or Barons…

      The show itself… was fantastic. Best Toronto show I have ever seen and I would say right now it’s in my top 3 shows ever of hers. She flubbed lyrics a lot, but she was in such a good mood, and she was very into the show. We requested Pip at the meet and greet and she said she’d see what she could do, but I was truly shocked when the band came out and it was most definitely NOT Body and Soul starting. Pip is INSANE. LOVE her. So amazing! I’d never seen Cruel live, I love Bliss, I love all Pip’s songs… YUM. The number of ‘fuck’ uses was crazy! ;l

      Big Wheel is super-fun! I love it! Especially the call and answer MILF – Don’t you forget!

      Space Dog… One of my favourites. I cried. Yup. Beautiful with the ‘Hold those tears’ intro.

      Spark… Once again, I was in disbelief that I was getting my request. My friend looked over and said it, and I was like “No, I won’t believe until she sings the first line!”... And then, she did, and I cried of course, because I’m a wuss. It was PERFECT. Just as I dreamed of it being. Tori was looking my way a lot and from events later, she could see us, so um WOW. AMAZING.

      Cornflake Girl – We are starting a new dance. It is called the rabbit dance. Every time T sings ‘rabbit’, you make bunny ears on your head. T saw us and kept cracking up. Ha! She flubbed a line in the first verse and the first chorus she changed the peel out the watchword to “Just throw out these words!” So cute!

      Liquid Diamonds – Just when I thought I could recover… BOOM. Tears. I love this song and it was so ON… the mic switches for this and Spark were so well-timed. Gorgeous version…

      Glory of the 80s – I had a shit fit of glee. Glory has always been a highlight of Venus for me and it was the only TVAB song I’d never heard live that I WANTED to hear. Such a shock and SO good. Loved her voice on it.

      Take Me With You! SO didn’t expect that guy to get his request but YAY! So sad and haunting solo compared to the studio… She flubbed a line towards the end but whatever.

      Winter… You know, in the past I’ve gotten bored due to overkill, but not tonight. This trumped even the Baltimore ’05 one where she kept saying ‘dad’ since he was at that show. Gorgeous, gorgeous vocals… I was a wreck. My dad’s health is failing, so Winter is hitting me in a soft spot. During the piano bridge, some ass yelled out “I love you Tori!” Then another yelled “Jason/Jesus loves you too!” and then ANOTHER guy yelled, and okay, Tori was near tears at some parts prior to this, and just as I was about to yell “STFU”, Tori simply leaned in, and quietly said, “Eat me.” Cue wild applause of support from audience.

      Horses!!! Yes, it was with the band, and creepy-ethereal like Plugged tour. Oh WOW. SO good.

      ASF – Love it. Love it. Love it. Very on, very wistful sort of feel… you really felt the emotion in the ‘didn’t think we’d end up like this’.

      Code Red – Is awesome. You knew this. WOWSA. Mini-freak at end.

      Stage Rush! Whee!

      Precious Things – IS AMAZING. It’s fanfuckingtastic this tour.

      BOC – Lesson one: It is now “Clow-hee-hows”. Lesson two: there is a hand gesture now during the chorus that the regulars have adopted. ‘Tis fun. Plus, I LOVE BOC.

      Hey Jupiter – I knew the second encore was going to be short when this started. Dakota version of course. I will NEVER tire of Jupiter. People can bite me. ;)

      Seriously…. that show was so, so good. I can’t imagine how Buffalo or Detroit will EVER beat that. Thank you Tori. Just… thank you.

      Weird thing! While heading to our seats for Tori, I saw what I’m almost dead certain was a video camera being set up in the back of the orchestra near the soundboard area, and I’m pretty sure it was Mark adjusting it. There are no screens in the venue. Test run for the DVD?

    13. ahmed says:

      WOW! This was my first Tori show ever and I was so glad with the way things turned out! The M&G was great and I met a few other Toriphiles (haha you people rock!).

      The show itself was very good. The only thing that I have to say that is a little negative is that at some points during very band-heavy songs, Tori seemed to be drowned out. That is why for me, the highlights of the night include T&Bo, extended Waitress, SPARK (I nearly cried haha), and Horses. The improv about her daughter at the book store was so adorable! Pip was rocking it like no other and although her anger seemed to be a bit excessive at first (“fucking hell” during Cruel), it totally worked out in the end and it was fantastic. I love you, Pip!

      Thank you Tori for the great show and I do hope that you will be able to come back to Toronto.

    14. jeremy says:

      i’ve seen 6 tori shows since ‘to venus and back’ and my favourite was either tonight or lottapianos. tori’s voice is in top form and crystal clear. i know everyone bitches about the band being too loud…but it’s called evolution people. i love tori alone at the bosie as much as anybody, but if she still did totally acoustic shows people would complain that she wasn’t changing enough. tori is a consummate artist and the only thing for a true artist to do is constantly push forward. that’s exactly what she’s doing with her shows, her sound, and with the dolls.

      the setlist didn’t have that one big mind-blowing surprise i was hoping for (love me or hate me, but i would sell myself to hear dolphin song live just once) but glory of the 80s, horses, space dog, and liquid diamonds were all welcome not-so-standard songs.

      above all, i think the energy she puts into each doll in a weird way allows her to be even more comfortable as tori when she comes back out as herself. i originally was hoping for clyde, but pip was a fucking rockstar and microphone throwing should always be highly encouraged. plus….black latex. ‘nuf said. tori herself was happy, buoyant, cheeky, playful and i’ve never seen her have as much fun as tonight. even though almost all these songs i’d seen live before, either their re-invention through pip or the way tori allowed herself to be so completely fun and relaxed made them awesome and seem new again.


      - when she forgot the lyrics to cornflake girl and screamed “oh my fucking god!”. the woman hides nothing.

      - pip. just…all of pip. the writhing, the fingers, the drooling, the screaming “fuck”. pip is the shit.

      - liquid diamonds. the whole right hand on the piano left hand on the organ thing just doesn’t get old.

      - take me with you. tori laid it down old skool. she’s simply the best pianist in the history of the universe. end of story.

      - the bookstore improv. tash is going to grow up into the coolest fucking chick the world has ever seen.

      - winter was almost perfection. the douches who screamed out during the most tender part of the song should be shot. tori was going for broke with the vulnerability and they fucked it up for all 3000 of us. thanks cletis and dwaine. i’m sure they were both excited to get out of the doublewide and not fuck their cousins for a night, but seriously. when tori whispered “eat me” back to them i got a semi. she would snap those morons in half.

      - the crazy trance guy down right. you go get ‘em big boy. work it out and next time, share some of that shit with the rest of us.

      - my tickets. thanks ticket man.

    15. fidus achates says:

      Second time I’ve seen her. First was Sept ’99 (5 and a half weeks tour) with the band. The Posse concert was more powerful and longer with more punch and DEFINITELY more theatrical. Acoustics and lighting were great and the guitar wasn’t as searing as I’d thought it would be – based on other concert comments – so earplugs weren’t needed. Most of my favorites were played, except 1000 Oceans, but overall can’t complain (except for the slack jaw yokels previously mentioned – the good thing is you can barely hear them on the bootleg, which sounds really good BTW). Matt Chamberlain is an incredible drummer and Tori was very theatrical and “ON”. So…......“eat me”.

    16. MK says:

      I was a first time Tori concert go-er. Heading to the theatre that night with a rather well knowledged and impressive fan – I knew I was in for something special, but not sure what. Having only been introduced to the concept of the “dolls” 2 hours before the show, I was thrilled when the dark energy graced the stage. From the beginning of her first song, to the end of her second encore – all that can be said is that Tori Amos has a dedication to her craft that takes her audience from their own safe realities, into one where only Tori exists. It is a place where gravity no longer pins us down and the simple tonal quality of her instrument wreaks havoc on the senses.

      I think for most it was the forbidden place where music and sex merge, however, for an Amos virgin having their cherry popped for the first time, I felt as though I was 16 again, only this time it did not disappoint. The sexual energy that was charged with each song and the feeling that her wrists were being slit every time she opened her mouth was almost voyeuristic in its nature. In addition, the feeling that from the severed limbs poured the soul of humanity made me both tear and emit a war cry, internally. It was like watching the sun peek through a storm – when there is a moment of absolute calm and knowing that this moment will never exist again.

      So real, so touching, graceful, elegant and yet all the while she holds that little glimmer in her eye that she knows a secret that you may or may not get to know – personally, I think there is a little secret.

      Needless to say that in my 7th row seat, I got an extremely impressive show and Ms. Amos has demanded much accolade and respect. I will very much look forward to delving deeper into the world that is Tori Amos as I see her as a breath of fresh air as well as the individual responsible for introducing me to this world – also a breath of fresh air.

      P.S. to the individual who thought it would be really really really funny to yell out something stupid like “I Love You” during one of the most tender, emotionally driven/charged moments the walls of the Hummingbird (for it will always be that in my heart) has ever witnessed – you’re an idiot – but after spending about 10 seconds during the show thinking that – Tori Amos took care of it for me with the simple words “Eat Me” – (whispered in a voice reserved only for a bedroom pillow) that I think every genital in the place was quivering with absolute delight – soooo good. All in all, like nothing I have ever seen, and quite possibly, (in its own right), like nothing I will ever see again.

    17. Michael Heiker says:

      @jeremy: “- the crazy trance guy down right. you go get ‘em big boy. work it out and next time, share some of that shit with the rest of us.” – merci beaucop :) Maybe it would work on the stage also, but at this day I had to release a certain amount of anger and other feelings like that, so it was a release to dance that all away. It may sound strange, but during this concert and the first one of Boston you could literally feel a connection when I touched the front of the stage – especially during the Pip-Part and when Tori said “Eat Me” during Winter and the energy kept flowing. As I said, strange but wonderful.

    18. kensei-san says:

      i’ve been a die hard fan since i was 14. 9 years later this was the first time id seen her live, up close and personal. devirginization COMPLETE XD the show, my mouth was literally open half the time like an idiot. i could not believe what i was seeing and hearing. sweet baby jesus.
      first m and g. meeting other ACTUAL toriphiles, ie. crazy kraut trance german dude (michael? jorane rocks!), the girl with her laptop who knew ABSOLUTELY FUCKING EVERYTHING ABOUT TORI AMOS (amber?). my friend actually made that request for Take Me With You and GOT IT. *dies

      my god…im “still in recovery”

    19. Lins says:

      I really don’t think there’s much I can praise anymore without repeating others’ comments, but to make a note of the bootlegs, ‘Legs & Boots’, the only thing they’re missing is Tori’s (and Pip’s) physical presence; the cheeky smiles thrown at the audience over her shoulder, pip lying flat on the stage, Tori bouncing up and down and grinding her piano and bench…it’s not exactly the same without the visuals but the audio is absolutely incredible and the quality is amazing! Some of the tracks are better than CD quality and it really does take you back to the concert. It’s awesome that they decided to do the bootlegs because now I can have more than pictures and memories from this concert…I actually have a recording of Tori’s “eat me” whisper :P Anyways, enough of that. If anyone is interested in the accurate improv lyrics they are as follows:

      What do you do, when your daughter is smarter.
      What do you do, when your kid is smarter than you.
      What do you do when you’re standing in Indigo,
      somewhere in Toronto, and your daughter is smarter than you

      So you try and laugh and everyone thinks “Oh my!”
      What can you say when you’re standing in front of the 9-12
      books and she’s only 7 and she says “I’m not very challenged”.
      What do you do? Oh please tell me, please tell me!

      So we stood, so we stood, and we stood and I saw
      Something I recognized a book with an illustration that was
      similar to something I did and I said “Oh my God I know that guy!”
      and she said “Mommy, I don’t think you know this man.” I said
      “Yes I do, yes I do, and I think that you could read this Tash,
      you could get these words, its not that complex” she said “Jesus,
      mommy don’t you understand, if Madonna wrote it, I can read it.”

    20. RedHeadDancingGirl says:

      The Meet & Greet was great…we were able to meet with Tori in the foyer of the venue rather than outside. Tori was super sweet (2nd time I met her) and very interested in who the EWF were and where we were from.

      Pip was my last choice of Doll to come to Toronto, but I honestly loved this part of the show…I had chills throughout the whole set. Bliss was great to hear live!!

      Tori was fantastic as usual…I like the band, but I think I do prefer her just with the keys. I loved hearing Space Dog and Glory of The 80s!!! Take Me With You was awesome & Winter (although played often – at least to concerts I’ve been to) was such a moving performance.

      I had asked for Mother at the M&G, but she didn’t come :(

      Horses with the band was AMAZING!!!!!!!
      I wish she’d done 2 songs for the 2nd encore…but I’m pretty greedy when it comes to TORI!!!!!

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