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    Tori is touring in 2017 to support the release of Native Invader. The European legs runs from early September through early October and the North American leg runs from late October to early December. We do not know if additional dates elsewhere will be added.

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    Current Release

    Native Invader (album, 2017)

    Hard Rock Live

    American Doll Posse Tour

    Date November 16, 2007
    City Orlando, FL
    Venue Hard Rock Live


    Thanks to the Julia Goolia/spinnyboy tag team extraordinaire and romandj for sending in tonight’s setlist!

    Act I – Pip

    • Cruel
    • Heart of Gold
    • Fat Slut
    • Smokey Joe
    • Teenage Hustling
    • The Waitress


    • Professional Widow

    Act II – Tori

    • Big Wheel
    • Space Dog
    • Bouncing Off Clouds
    • Cornflake Girl
    • Doughnut Song
    • Caught A Lite Sneeze

    T & Bö

    • A Case of You
    • Toast

    Band Returns

    • Past the Mission
    • God
    • Code Red

    First Encore

    • Precious Things
    • Not David Bowie

    Second Encore

    • Hey Jupiter


    This show is not slated for release as an official bootleg.


    Heart of Gold (posted by dreamfetus)

    Space Dog (posted by robssouto)

    Bouncing Off Clouds (posted by robssouto)

    A Case of You (posted by dreamfetus)

    Toast (posted by dreamfetus)

    Past The Mission (posted by dreamfetus)


    1. Nathan says:

      One thing I love about Tori is how reliable she is. You always know going into the show that it will be something special and well worth your time and money. Tonight’s show was no different. But it sure as hell was the most energetic show she’s put on.

      The show was at Hard Rock Live- a venue that’s well known for a spectacular sound system. We pretty much figured that Pip was going to show up, and sure enough, she came strutting out, fiery attitude, and tore into a crystal clear version of Cruel- complete with an arsenal of R-rated language (gotta love her!)

      The setlist took heavily from Doll Posse and Under the Pink (no Scarlet) with a few big surprises thrown in. She premiered “Not David Bowie” during the encore. For solo time- she played “A Case of You” and “Toast”- both amazingly beautiful.

      While Tori’s music always comes first- the theatrics here are a close second. It’s crazy just to see such obvious differences in personality between “Pip” and “Tori”.

      Overall, a fantastic show. I will be looking forward to the (supposedly, hopefully) DVD which should showcase all the dolls in their glory.

    2. Sara says:

      I was at both MSG shows last month, and I thought I could never see a better tori show. until tonight. I can’t wait for this weekend. The Florida fun doesn’t stop until Tuesday!

    3. Chris says:


      This is my fourth time seeing Tori and I have to say this was my FAVORITE show! Obviously, Pip would be performing at Hard Rock thank goodness. Pip ROCKED. I really didn’t appreciate Smokey Joe until I saw it live. Tori was stunning as well. I was very surprised by hearing “Not David Bowie” in the encore. She did a lot of Pink songs and I was quite pleased.

      I CAN’T WAIT for Melbourne!

    4. Monique says:

      The Orlando show was EXCELLENT!!! That was the first ever show I had been to and I was blown away! When PIP came out she was her regular ‘fuck you’ self and as always very pleasing to the ear with Smokey Joe, Teenage Hustling, and the remix of Waitress. When Tori came out everyone went CRAZY! Everyone was lip-syncing to all the songs and it was just great! She made a comment about Hard Rock that it was an excellent place to perform there because of all the different musicians that had been there. I was trying to get her my little present which was a little Unicorn for Tash and a letter for her that I would have thrown but was such a wimp. I am gonna try to get to one of the other shows here in Florida but that will be hard! But Orlando was by FAR a great show! Anyone going to a later show will not be disappointed!

    5. Susan says:

      Tori was fantastic. This is probably my 10th time over the years seeing her, and she did not disappoint. It was interesting to see the Doll concept live; you could really tell a difference between Pip and Tori. Everything, down to the body language, demonstrated their differences.

      Tori’s set borrowed a lot from UTP. I loved hearing God, Past the Mission (awesome), and Cornflake Girl is always a crowd favorite. I loved her intro into Doughnut Song; it was so pretty and moving.

      I was so excited to hear Joni Mitchell’s Case of You, which I’ve not heard her sing live before, and Toast was simply beautiful.

      The big highlight for me was hearing “Not David Bowie.” It’s awesome live! She really got into the groove on this one.

      Tori truly pulled out all the stops! An amazing 2 hour set list. I couldn’t be happier!

    6. Chad says:

      Awesome show, I expected Pip to show up at the Hard Rock Live, and she didn’t disappoint. Tori looked and sounded great. I was really impressed with the venue also. The lighting was excellent, and the opening act was lively and entertaining.

      Tori never fails to put on a good show, and she pulled a few surprises last night. Heart of Gold, I would never in a million years expected to see it live. A Case of You, during T & Bo section, was awesome along with Toast, which was another surprise. The biggest surprise of the night was the premiere of Not David Bowie. I had just discussed how it had never been played live and was highly anticipated, and she played it. Amazing.

      The only negative thing I can say is that I am disappointed that it will not available on Boots and Legs, it was such a great show. Perhaps it will be released later like the box set Bootlegs.

      Can’t wait to see Tori in Clearwater.

    7. KT says:

      Great show as always! Tori looked and sounded amazing, and I was thrilled to see Pip play here (even if she didn’t do Bliss, which is one of my favorite songs…). Plus the general admission meant I got to be closer to the stage than ever before! Awesome :)

      Hearing A Case of You live was definitely a highlight as it’s probably my favorite cover she does, and I hadn’t yet gotten to hear her play it in the many shows I’ve been to over the years. Also, Not David Bowie was a great surprise! Was a bit disappointed that there wasn’t much from Choirgirl or Scarlet, but it was great to hear Past the Mission, and Doughnut and Hey Jupiter are always beautiful!

      I do have to say that the crowd was at times annoying (I guess general admission can bring out the worst in people) as it was distracting to hear loud talking during the T & Bo section, and I could have done without some of the drunken, way too loud, singing in my ear…I came to hear Tori, after all! It was definitely worth it, though, as it was a great high energy show.

    8. Josh says:

      So, this was probably the best night of my life. The song selection was perfect. The vocals were strong and clear. Pip packed in a lot of anger and authoritative energy into her bit of the show. Dropping F-Bombs, touching herself in her no-no-spots, and threatening an invisible character in front of her, she was awesome (and also scared a few people.) The songs were really fun. Past the Mission showed up in the set list, featuring a bit of harpsichord-esque electric keyboard on the line “Hey, they found a body. Not sure it was his, but they’re using his name.” A Case of You was beautiful, and I liked Toast even better than the studio version. Of course, the set list ended with Hey Jupiter, a song which never seems to be able to disappoint. I’m just really hoping someone was taking pictures. The lighting was one of the best parts of the show, it seemed to change with the mood of each song flawlessly. Tori and Pip were beautiful, I was actually surprised. I hadn’t seen Tori live since the Original Sinsuality tour. The studio and bootleg (official or not) versions of her just can’t match up to seeing her live. To anyone who’s never been to a show, you’ve got to, it can really change a person.

    9. Stephanie says:

      This was my third Tori show, and I had never seen her with the band, so I was really excited. I knew(hoped) she would bring out Pip, I mean, it was the Hard Rock and all. When she entered stage I marveled at how smoking hot she was! Pip had it going on in her white pleated dress, black belt and vinyl boots. When the lights shined right you could see Tori’s silhouetted frame…it was a really nice detail to the Pip doll.

      Cruel – Amazing. Had Pip’s aggressive appeal and lot of f-bombs. The base nature, the root of cruel. It was an intense opener that let me know I was in for one helluva show.

      Heart of Gold – a nice passionate surprise

      Fat Slut – Pip on her knees singing, her voice spot on.

      Smokey Joe – Pip slowly crawls back up to the piano and starts playing before she’s all the way up. This is one of my favorite ADP songs and one of the best of the night. Tori/Pip’s sculpted arms motioning and gesturing, you could see the intensity in her poise and angles. I just stood, mouth open as Pip’s character played out.

      Teenage Hustling – another ADP highlight. I love how Tori expresses the “dirty girl”

      The Waitress- quite a highlight. they had “I believe in Peace bitch” t-shirts. I knew this was a Pip song, so I hoped it would get played! great transitions between chorus and verses and nice end extension..with the breathy exhales of “wai” “wai” “wai” over and over again.

      Big Wheel- don’t you forget! Happy to hear this ADP track, the crowd responded well, all dancing :) Band did really good too (in all songs)!

      Space Dog – A surprise delight! I felt she messed up a little on the first line, but it doesn’t matter, it was an excellent performance

      Bouncing Off Clouds-very energetic, Tori up there in her gold glimmering dress and tangerine hair.

      Cornflake Girl- I had been waiting for this one. A classic that never gets old. It was amazing to watch the stark contrast between Tori & Pip. This was Tori all the way. I like how “the keys” part sounded a little different at the end.

      Doughnut Song- soft & sweet

      Caught A Lite Sneeze- wasn’t expecting it, but what a glorious feeling (my myspace headline is currently “lightweight lightning seed”) it did seem she started singing prematurely, sang the first 2 lines, paused for a few riffs and then started it over again. This was also a crowd favorite

      A Case of You- You can totally see the Joni in Tori and I love that Tori showcases it.

      Toast- I felt a strong ode in this song (as it was written about her brother who died in a car accident. she wrote this on the way back from the funeral). She played it for her brother at the Hard Rock Cafe where hundreds of famous musicians have set foot and to have his spirit remembered there was truly magical and I felt privileged for being present. You could feel how much she missed him in the song. It was sadly beautiful.

      Past the Mission- Oh la la! It was only missing Trent. I love how her voice scales all over the place. She did a fantastic job.

      God- unlike God, Tori came through and did a memorable version of this song. the band effects topped it. yay UTP!

      Code Red- I really liked all the red lights in this song on stage and shined into the crowd, it really conveyed the message and tori’s foreboding voice was more than fitting.

      Precious Things – I was waiting for this song all night. I had tears in my eyes and was waiting for her “aaiiiiiiii” in between verses, however, she didn’t do it until the last one. A little disappointing, but how could I complain, she has to preserve that voice! I just love that climax of the song. I heard the most people singing “just because you can make me cum doesn’t make you jesus” than I did at any other point in the show.

      Not David Bowie – this was a song I wasn’t familiar with, I didn’t have the Piano collection, but it was very beautiful and I wish i could hear it again after I heard the original! Happy to be present for its debut.

      Hey Jupiter – A standard set closer, but always beautiful, especially on the organ. She practically climbed on top of it while she played it. The “ooos” at the end were soooo perfect. 20 songs later night after night she has still got it. A real performer and her fans love her.

      She is aroused by her music. I love nothing more than to watch an artist get into their songs and Tori does just that. I didn’t see any sheet music, or mental triggers up there for her. I was weary of ADP for sometime, but after seeing her stage presence and the true emotion behind the dolls, I am sold! I am looking forward to her Clearwater show Tuesday. I would be happy to see Pip again, but I really want to see one of the other dolls and feel the ambiance of her. This was a great show and I wish it was on Bootlegs. Maybe she will release a Pip set of bootlegs and have all of Pip’s renditions of songs, and so on for the rest of the dolls, because I would love to hear that version of Cruel (and Smokey Joe) again.

      Sometimes artists leaving you wanting more, of course I could see more Tori, but I can’t complain, it was a volume of her to digest and I spent the car drive home sorting through all my favorite parts and trying to recollect the sensory overload I had just seen. She looked amazing, quite fit and with those piano arms. She came out on stage in full force (I chalk that up to Pip) and I can’t wait to see more of her and the posse on Tuesday (hopefully she will play Devils & Gods!)

      If you haven’t bought tickets for the Florida shows yet, DO IT, go see her, it’s worth it!

    10. Jeffrey Anne says:

      Okay, now it’s a tie for me between Boston #1 and this one for best show on this tour. Cruel was the most kick-ass version I’ve ever heard. I don’t think you could count all the expletives on my fingers and toes. I tried to really concentrate on what she was screaming during the free-for-all improv but this girls behind me was screaming into everyone’s ear at very high pitches during most of it. I was hoping to hear the full version on Legs and Boots but I guess they are not releasing the show…such a shame. There were some mic problems throughout so this might have been the reason.

      Also, not only was she down on all fours during Smokey Joe, she was violently shaking her head back and forth like a crazed wild animal. Those wigs are top line…I am surprised it didn’t fly off into the audience.

      It was kind of disappointing that the new Me and a Gun didn’t come out but it seems like she was feeling especially inspired in Chicago that day and that little ditty was a one time deal. Lucky Chicagoans!!

      Heart of Gold was awesome to hear live. As was the Joni Mitchell cover. Once Not David Bowie came during the first encore, it was clear that this show was an ode to the rock gods. How apropos a thread at a venue like Hard Rock Live and in a city of such talented artists!

      It was sort of strange to hear Bouncing in the beginning of the first part of Tori’s set but that song is awesome to experience live no matter when or where it shows up. Doughnut Song works really well on this tour although it sort of sounded like she started out playing Bells For Her. Don’t know if this was deliberate or a mistake. Couldn’t tell from the expressions on any of their faces.

      Toast, especially after A Case of You, was especially moving. And then Past the Mission…what a night full of surprises!!

      Jupiter came back after taking a night off in Atlanta and she has ceased to passionately shout out the last line of the Dakota extended…either way, magical as always…

      Back in New York now…flying back to Florida Tuesday for what MUST be my last two shows, Clearwater and West Palm. For real this time…

    11. Sari says:

      Although I have been a fan for many years, this was my first show ever! I am still in shock of Pip’s performance, can’t imagine the night without her.

      I was very happy with the song selection and to be able to hear some of her older gems was wonderful!

      She is beautiful on stage!

    12. David says:

      This was my only Tori show of this tour and I have to say it wasn’t one of my favorites that I have seen, but it was the most unique of them all.

      I have seen 21 shows overall since 1996.

      I really enjoyed the selections from UTP the most, Past the Mission was the best, and the closing with Hey Jupiter was awesome as usual. My wife’s favorite was Precious Things.

      I was disappointed with only one song from LE and no Scarlet or Beekeeper. Scarlet was my favorite tour being that I saw 10 shows between Florida, Atlanta and New York. It’d be hard to top that tour so maybe that’s why the last two albums haven’t captivated me.

      I really think it’s great that with each album Tori is always trying to expand beyond where she’s been before and is gaining new fans, which is more than I can say for so many others in music today and I really like a lot of songs off of ADP, but some of it eludes me.

      Would have been neat to hear Programmable Soda live…

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