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    Tour Status

    Tori is touring in 2017 to support the release of Native Invader. The European legs runs from early September through early October and the North American leg runs from late October to early December. We do not know if additional dates elsewhere will be added.

    Useful Tour Stuffs
    Current Release

    Native Invader (album, 2017)

    Fox Theatre

    American Doll Posse Tour

    Date November 14, 2007
    City Atlanta, GA
    Venue Fox Theatre

    I received a call from Antigone and myth, who had VIP tickets for this evening. They reported that Tori soundchecked “Bouncing Off Clouds” and “Black Dove (January)” during the public part of the soundcheck. Additionally, they were able to hear Tori and the band play “The Power Of Orange Knickers”, “Hoochie Woman”, “Jamaica Inn” and “Carnival” during the rest of the soundcheck.


    Act I – Santa

    • Body and Soul
    • She’s Your Cocaine
    • Hoochie Woman
    • Carnival
    • Secret Spell
    • Raspberry Swirl


    • Professional Widow

    Act II – Tori

    • Big Wheel
    • Sugar
    • The Power of Orange Knickers
    • Cornflake Girl
    • Bells for Her
    • Take to the Sky

    T & Bö

    • Beulah Land
    • Smells Like Teen Spirit

    Band Returns

    • Northern Lad
    • Hotel
    • Code Red

    First Encore

    • Precious Things
    • Digital Ghost

    Second Encore

    • Bouncing off Clouds


    This show is NOT available from Legs & Boots.


    Carnival (clip) (posted by blissfullysardonic)

    Hoochie Woman (posted by blissfullysardonic)

    Raspberry Swirl (posted by thinkroni)

    Big Wheel (posted by thinkroni)

    Northern Lad (posted by thinkroni)

    Bells For Her (posted by blissfullysardonic)

    The Power Of Orange Knickers (posted by blissfullysardonic)

    Precious Things (posted by Linz1525)



    1. Oren says:

      Had a great show and we got Smells Like Teen Spirit! woohoo :-)

    2. BlackRaspberry says:

      There was not a moment of tonight’s show that I didn’t love. Santa (who I had been, literally, praying for — and kind of expected once I realized all the pre-show music was r&b slow jams: very sensual, at least in my opinion) opened, we got “She’s Your Cocaine,” “Raspberry Swirl,” “Hoochie Woman,” and “Carnival” — which I personally have never heard live OR studio.

      Then, during the Tori set, “Beulah Land,” “Northern Lad,” “Take to the Sky,” and fucking “Smells Like Teen Spirit.”

      On top of all this, her voice was spot on tonight, she gave buckets of energy, and her piano playing was perfection as always.

      I think she was surprised by just how much the audience was feeling her. She had a kind of elated look on her face when we roared for her before the band introductions. And thus, I think she really made it a night for the fans. A lot of B-sides and rarities alongside some old favorites.

      And let me not forget, Yoav is a really captivating artist. I’m really glad I got to see him as I missed his set when I attended the DC show.

      Thanks so much, Tori, for a fantastic night. The show was everything I could’ve wanted and SO much more.

    3. ColdNickHot says:

      Tonight was amazing all throughout the show. I have been hoping that Pip would come out for a long time in Atlanta. But once I figured out what was going on on stage and with the music before the show started, I knew it was Santa. I was a little bit disappointed but how can you be disappointed with such an energetic Santa set?! Body And Soul, Cocaine, Carnival, Hoochie Woman, Raspberry Swirl, and yes people, Secret Spell, were all fantastic!

      Her voice was full of energy and powerful all throughout the night. I want to know what made her bring out Beulah Land and the amazing cover of Smell Like Teen Spirit in Atlanta.

      Tori, I’m glad you did not even come one bit close to my dream setlist I made for this show. It would have been pretty much boring if she did. Thank for making it such a great first show for me. I’m so happy Santa broke my Tori virginity! :D

      I’m still hyper, apparently.

    4. NOLAMATEO says:

      I traveled up from New Orleans to catch my first show of this tour… This was my 14th(ish) show since ’95 and I have to say it was the best I’ve ever seen. Her voice was strong. The setlist-Amazing… Santa was sexy as hell. ‘Carnival’ was amazing… For the record, it’s on the “Mission Impossible:2” soundtrack… I’m exhausted and have a long trip back to the swamps tomorrow. Rock on, Tori.

    5. toriMODE/ Ron :o) says:

      Just got home to Birmingham, from Atlanta…had to drive in heavy rains on the way home, but the trip to Atlanta to see Tori was totally worth it. I was much surprised when I found out before the show started that it would be Santa and not Pip, a little disappointed yes, but I knew that I would probably be hearing She’s Your Cocaine for the first time ever and Raspberry Swirl (saw it in ’98). So I was pretty damn excited. Tori looked so sexy as Santa..I was mucho impressed with how she carried herself. It was hard to believe that it was Tori under that blonde bobbed wig. During the jam of Hoochie, before the song actually started…I thought it was Bug a Martini, b/c she was going around pouring drinks. So yeah I was disappointed that it was Hoochie instead, but it was rather groovy. Hearing so many Choirgirl era songs was heaven for me—She’s Your Cocaine, Raspberry Swirl, Beulah Land, Northern Lad, and Hotel…...all of them were so wonderful. I found it odd that she did Beulah Land again in Atlanta, b/c she had done it there at the same venue on my birthday back in 2001. I wonder if someone had requested it at the Meet & Greet or something. I had always wanted to hear Smells Like Teen Spirit Live, so finally getting this made me so fucking happy, and the same goes with Carnival! I was pretty shocked to hear the debut of Carnival on this tour, and it was so loungie and beautiful; it worked perfectly in Santa’s set. Bells for Her was gorgeous. Hearing Orange Knickers again tonight after having just heard it on Monday night in Nashville was a surprise. Could have gone without it though. I miss the techno element during Hotel, but her vocals on that song are pretty fierce. Hearing Digital Ghost in the encores was another surprise, and then not getting Hey Jupiter to close the show (again) was odd. The show definitely kept me on my toes. I was able to get up against the stage during the encores, and my bestfriend Kelly got to touch Tori when she came over to touch hands with some people. This was my last show of this tour, so I’m glad I ended on a happier note than if I had just done Nashville. The Atlanta show was 100 times better than the Nashville show, and Tori had so much energy tonight, and the set list was stellar!

    6. susie says:

      There were lots of nice moments in this show, but overall I thought it was a little flat. Everyone has been writing about Tori’s amazing energy throughout this tour, but it didn’t really come through for me. She didn’t seem to embody Santa very organically, and in Tori-mode I thought she was pretty focused and occasionally mechanical. I also thought the sound was just horrible, but maybe that was a function of where I was sitting.

      Highlights def. included Teen Spirit, Cocaine and Sugar. I’ve always found Bells for Her kind of a snooze, and I didn’t think either Raspberry Swirl or Hotel really worked in their current arrangements.

    7. Mackbrad says:

      This was my last show of the tour and it could not have been a more special or magical night.

      At the Meet and Greet outside the Fox, I told Tori about the first time I had seen her way back on the Little Earthquakes tour in 92. I was 16 at the time and was going through that adolescent phase everyone goes through (when you think the whole world is against you). For some reason my mother was out of town and my grandmother(Nanny) was staying with my family. I begged her to go to Knoxville (something my Mom would have never let me do since it was a school night) and told her why I wanted to go. I played her some songs off Little Earthquakes and explained to her how much I admired Tori. She gave me permission to go and my life was forever changed that night.

      I have many wonderful memories of my Nanny and too many stories of her kindness and understanding to post on here. The song I requested at the Meet and Greet was in honor of her —- her name was Beulah.

      I will never forget that Tori played Beulah Land for me last night. For over 15 years now (and 22 shows), she has constantly proved why she has such a devoted fan base. She simply cares.

    8. The Unstuck says:

      It may be a sign of the apocalypse that this show is not available from Legs & Boots. Of all the shows I’ve seen since over the years it’s in my top 3!

    9. Cyndi says:

      I had been hoping Tori would play Black Dove—only to find out that she soundchecked it. D’OH!

      that disappointment aside (I was also hoping for Concertina), Tori really, REALLY rocked last night. I had a BLAST. I did not expect Beulah Land or Smells Like Teen Spirit. BIG surprises, those two. I’d been hoping for Clyde or Pip, but I was very satisfied with Santa—cuz damn, she was on FIRE. :D

      the Professional Widow jam session with the band was very, VERY awesome. those boys were JAMMING and I was loving every second of it.

      this had to be one of the most theatrical shows of Tori’s that I’ve ever seen, and needless to say, despite not getting Clyde or Pip, and not getting Black Dove or Concertina, I was NOT disappointed. not in the least. :)

    10. lauryn says:

      mackbrad, thank you for requesting beulah land. i was ecstatic to hear that and teen spirit for t&bo. i had a blast at the show—-i wasn’t expecting to have to stand for most of it, but even that was fun. santa was hot as hell, and i didn’t mind hearing repeats from nashville, as i was so distracted by my bladder during hotel and code red ;) carnival was beautiful—-her voice tonight was just stellar. i couldn’t believe how much she sounded like UTP tori at times, and choirgirl tori. i loved all of it. now i have to figure out if i can get off work because i have to get to texas…

    11. lastnight says:

      This was my 7th Tori show….and Tori was brilliant as always. But what is up with people who insist on talking loudly through the entire show? I miss the days of reverence at Tori shows – where it was almost a classical concert and the hushed crowd was absolutely reverent – and sat down the whole time. It always seemed like some magical perfect experience, so unlike the typical “get drunk and party” concert. Unfortunately, loud talkers kind of ruined the show – and after talking to a bunch of people on the way out the door, the problem was rampant across the theater. Shame on those talkers!

    12. MiMi says:

      I decided at the last minute to go to Atlanta, and it was worth it! This was my second Tori show ever (Nashville was the first), and it was so much more high-energy.

      Santa was a lot of fun to see saunter around the stage. Carnival was slow but intense…I was so happy to hear it had been soundchecked, but I had no idea it would show up in Santa’s set.

      I’ve always wanted to see Sugar live, and I got my wish! It was everything I hoped for.

      I agree with what others have said about the crowd being bad. I was excited to get an aisle seat pretty close to the front, but the tallest person in the room just happened to want to stand in the aisle the whole time and rock back and forth. People getting up and down was distracting as well, and I got sick of having to move out of the way for people. So the crowd was a downer.

      Overall, though, it was everything I thought a Tori concert probably really is…I didn’t get that sense in Nashville. It was a great ending for her leg in the Deep South.

    13. jarrett says:

      3rd tori show and the best so far….i was really surprised by no hey jupiter at the end, but i guess since the audience was so energetic the whole time she wanted to end on a high…or maybe she just didnt plan to play it at all. VERY excited to hear power of orange knickers and northern lad. also beulah land, which even though i know it was requested, she always seems to play it in the south…i was not disappointed at all, other then that i could have sat through two more hours of songs…

    14. Jen says:

      I sat in the balcony and was really jealous of the floor people in front who got to stand up and shake their booties during the funky songs. I mean, sitting down during “Raspberry Swirl” was a huge bummer for me. I wanted to dance so badly!!!

      But the show was fantastic. I have no complaints. I was so happy to hear some very old songs, especially “Hotel” and “Bells for Her” and I just about flipped out when she played “Sugar.” Wow. Wow. Wow.

      It was so special!!!

    15. Brian says:


      I could not have asked for a better show from Tori! It was awesome!!!

      I agree with some of the above comments about the standing/dancing crowd… Didn’t like that aspect… I was in Orchestra and if you DIDN’T stand up, then you just couldn’t see because everyone in front of you was standing… I miss the hushed reverence of some of the older shows… I was sorta jealous of the balcony seats :-) haha

      OMG! “Carnival” was so great! And the strings on the keyboard during Hotel were breathtaking!

      Santa was sassy as hell! You could tell Tori was having a great time, and so was everyone there!!!

      “Sugar” was another surprise… I’ve seen it live several times and I never tire of it! “Take To The Sky” was another one for me!

      Great show!

    16. Krista says:

      This is the best Tori concert I’ve ever been to. Her energy was amazing! She was so into it. She looked gorgeous and the play list was incredible. The lighting was beautiful, too. The most disappointing part was when I met her and I could not force one thing out of my mouth. I barely spelled my name at her request.

      P.S.- Yoav was outstanding. I can’t wait for his album to drop.

    17. Curt says:

      I know I am late but I wanted to get my thoughts together from being blown away Wednesday!

      I am gonna try to give every detail….

      I arrived at the Fox Theatre around 3:30p.m. Wednesday afternoon. I wanted to go look at Tori’s Tour buses and I figured that is where she would hold a general meet and greet. I was a Platinum Ticket holder, so I knew I would meet her anyway. My boyfriend and I walked pass the buses and I looked ahead to notice several barricades, so I knew she had already came out. So we go back and wait by the box office for the VIP representative to check us in. We were told in the e-mail to arrive at the venue by 5p.m. but the VIP rep didn’t come out until 5:15p.m. I was kinda worried by then…haha. The rep came out, called us over and said let’s go in. She checked us in and gave us our tickets, while she was doing that I would like to tell you that Tori was soundchecking in this midst of all that. We were all quite, just listening to her behind the doors. Tori soundchecked “Hotel” 3x’s so apparently she had a few tech problems with it. She also checked, “She’s Your Cocaine”, “Raspberry Swirl”, “Hoochie Woman”, “The Power Of Orange Knickers”, “Jamaica Inn” and “Carnival.” Smitty, Tori’s bodyguard told us when we went into buy merchandise to not peek through the curtains, If we did we would be escorted out! They let us in by groups to purchase any merchandise. After the last group went through the merch area, the VIP rep told us that Tori’s Opening Act “Yoav” would be coming into the holding area to give us a Private Performance! He performed 3-4 songs, He is awesome! After he was finished they let us in to see Tori soundcheck two songs, We all sat in the pit area, upclose and personal!!! She performed Black Dove-January and Bouncing Off Clouds. Black Dove was amazing!!! After she performed Bouncing Off Clouds she told us “See you guys afterwhile”. The Gold VIP’s were told to head back to the lobby and wait there. The Platinum VIP’s followed the Rep to a small room just right off from stage left to wait for Tori to come down for the Meet and Greet! We were on pins and needles waiting for her to come down! Smitty came down the stairs first, followed by the Goddess herself! While people were chatting with her, there were two guys that came running down the stairs out of nowhere and Smitty came running over and asked them where are you going? they said to their seats, he said no, your gonna have to leave! I was in total shock!!! It was my turn finally to meet with her! I will have to say the she is the sweetest, most gentle person I have ever met!!! I told her how much her music has changed and helped me over the years! I lost my brother to suicide 9 years ago. He died on Dec 5, 98. I told her that was the date he died and you know in the song “Seaside” where the lyrics “There on the seaside 5th of December”? I couldn’t believe how strange it was for her to use that date in the song! She then told me that she lost her brother a few years ago. She gave me a big hug!!! Then we left the room to go to our seats. About 15 minutes later Yoav took the stage, he performed 5 songs. Maybe 10 minutes later the lights dimmed out, the band came walking on and started the intro to “Body And Soul” I already knew that we were gonna see Santa that night because she soundchecked “She’s Your Cocaine” and “Raspberry Swirl” earlier!

      Santa was amazing! Hoochie Woman started and she grabed the pitcher of Mojitos and poured them for her guys! She then dipped her hand inside and rubbed her whole body!!!

      The whole night was magical! I will never forget it!!!

    18. Jeffrey Anne says:

      Okay, I couldn’t let the DC show be more tour closer. I needed MORE MORE MORE!!

      I drove down to DC from New York Tuesday night, stayed with my best friend and slept in her bed for about 3 hours, then got up for the long drive to Atlanta on Wednesday.

      I must say I don’t mind long drives at all, and this one was especially gorgeous with all the Fall foliage. It was a perfect drives for Scarlet’s Walk to be cranked full blast.

      Got to Atlanta just in time for the show. Took my good friend from Penn State, Kelly, who had always wanted to see T but never had the chance.

      The Fox is beautiful! I love Atlanta…it’s kind of like Philly..the more times I visit, the more times I fall in love with it.

      Tori, of course, did not disappoint. Many of us were surprised Pip didn’t show and instead we got Santa. And Santa was HOT. On FIRE hot! She’s Your Cocaine was great to hear after so many years. And Hoochie was just as drunkenly playful as in Philly. And I LOVE Raspberry Swirl this tour!! I wasn’t sure we were going to get it because they didn’t have Matt’s big oil drum set up…but now I know that they don’t use it anymore for this version. Works just find without it! Carnival – what a surprise!!! Very nice indeed!

      Still surprised Talula didn’t come out…but we got Beulah Land instead. Stars and Stripes outfit was perfect for this…perhaps an ode to Atlanta being so central in the Civil War. THEN Beulah INTO Teen Spirit!! Delicious!

      I really like Orange Knickers with the band as well.

      Strange that Jupiter was not performed…could this be the first time she’s omitted it this entire tour. Odd…I wonder if she’s retiring it for a bit.

      Until Disney…

    19. Justine says:

      I arrived at the FOX at around 1:30. I was by myself and went to the ticket booth. I was so afraid but I just had to ask if I was too early or too late to meet Tori. The lady who works there said she hadn’t heard of M&Gs so I told her: “Do you think she’s coming out? I’ve heard from other fans she comes out and I came from Brazil, I’m so excited!” Then she picked up the phone and called someone then came back and said: “She will come out at around 3:30” And I was all thank you thank you’re so sweet.

      I had to buy sharpies and other things so I walked to Publix. On my way back I saw the buses and thought maybe I could get a picture of them. As I approached them I saw a few people waiting. I asked who they were waiting to see and the guy (Homer, the one Smitty said was there to get autographs and sell on ebay) said: “Tori Amos, but the bodyguard already said she’s not coming out today because she has interviews. A few people already left.” I thought: “Hell no!! I prefer the lady-on-the-ticket-booth’s info. I’m gonna wait. Even if just to see her walking by.” 10 minutes after I found a spot to wait by the side door Smitty came out: “Today is your lucky day!!” I just couldn’t believe his words. I was so so happy.

      She finally came out and talked to everyone, took pictures, signed our stuff. On my turn I had so much to tell her but I knew we were pressed for time and there were people still waiting. I handed my book. She asked where I was from and what was my name. She spelled it and very kindly picked a page to sign. I didn’t say anything. I asked for a hug and said “I love you” while at it.

      I hung out a little and then went inside to find my seats.

      I was very surprised with Yoav’s opening. He played a song from my favorite band Pixies, so that set the tone for a wonderful night.

      Santa rhymes with Atlanta, I thought! Why didn’t I think of this before? haha I could have gone thru her concert sitting down, as I had heard that’s how it went usually, but I was so glad I could dance! I did dance so much!! We stood most of the time.

      I was very happy to hear Carnival, since it’s a Brazilian song. I like to think she played it cause I was there :) haha

      Northern Lad was wonderful. Bells for her as well. Both are very special songs for me.

      I couldn’t believe the 20+ songs were gone. I kept saying: “She’ll come out another time” but the lights came in and I was just. Oh.. ok.. no, I don’t wanna go. I want more hahaha

      Next time I’ll plan for 2 concerts of the same tour, cause the first one was for the trance. My soul was floating around the whole theater while my body was dancing around to raspberry swirl.

      I found a new best friend song. Precious things.

      Hahaha is this a review or a blog?!!? Well.. it does say report your experience :P


    20. Jessika says:

      i met justine from brazil at the atlanta show, and she was so sweet to take my pic w/tori on her phone and send it to me, b/c i was so dumb to forget my camera!! tori was fabulous and gracious as always, and beautiful, too! (i’m glad she’s using the wigs to save the condition of her hair!)

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