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    Tour Status

    Tori is touring in 2017 to support the release of Native Invader. The European legs runs from early September through early October and the North American leg runs from late October to early December. We do not know if additional dates elsewhere will be added.

    Useful Tour Stuffs
    Current Release

    Native Invader (album, 2017)

    Paramount Theatre

    American Doll Posse Tour

    Date December 08, 2007
    City Oakland, CA
    Venue Paramount Theatre


    Act I (Pip)

    • Cruel
    • Bliss
    • Fat Slut
    • Smokey Joe
    • Teenage Hustling
    • The Waitress

    Costume Change

    Act II (Tori)

    • Big Wheel
    • Space Dog
    • Crucify
    • Cornflake Girl
    • Putting The Damage On
    • “I know my god” improv
    • Spring Haze


    • “it’s hairbrushing time” improv
    • Cloud On My Tongue
    • Winter

    Band Returns

    • 1,000 Oceans
    • Hotel
    • Code Red

    First Encore

    • Precious Things
    • Digital Ghost

    Second Encore

    • Hey Jupiter

    The Everything’s-Funny-After-3AM Setlist

    woj and I are back home from the show after mucho many drinks with Toriphiles at the local bar. (Thanks for sharing laughs with us and our grouchy bartender, guys!) Here’s tonight’s setlist, courtesy of Bailey’s Irish Cream and Maker’s Mark.

    Act I (The Pipinator)

    • Crool
    • Bleeeess
    • Slut Of Fatness
    • Smokin’ Joe
    • The Hustling Of The Teenagers
    • The Waitress

    Costume Change

    Act II (Tori)

    • Wheel Of BIGNESS!
    • Space Dog
    • Crucifux
    • Cornflax Girl
    • Pudding The Drunkness On
    • “I know my god” improv
    • Spring Haze


    • “it’s hairbrushing time” improv
    • Cum On My Tongue
    • Winter

    Band Returns

    • 1,000 Oceans
    • Motel
    • Code Blue

    First Encore

    • Precious Springs
    • Digital Goat

    Second Encore

    • Hey Juniper


    1. Nicole says:

      I was one of the extremely unlucky fans who held tickets for one of the two rows in the front of the theater that were removed to make room for the cameras. What I was told at the box office when I arrived was that they didn’t get any quality footage during Friday night’s show, so they decided to remove the entire “A” and “B” rows. I had tickets for the “A” row, so you can imagine my disappointment when I got there and found out I had no choice but to take tickets 7 rows back and off to the side from where my original seats. The box office people blamed Tori’s management and said there was nothing they could do about it. They did give me a t-shirt and a program, but I had already bought both at Friday night’s show, so I was extremely pissed.

      But all was not lost as the doll I was really hoping to see – Pip – came on. Her segment was fantastic. Tori’s segment was good too, but I was disappointed that she repeated both Winter and Crucify, which she had played at the previous night’s show. I guess she just really wants those on the DVD.

      In any event, it seems like they might be filming on Sunday if they didn’t get any good footage on Friday, so all of you people with ORCH A and B tickets better be prepared to be disappointed.

    2. Soulinfusion says:

      Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God!!! Can i just say how much i f’in love this woman.

      The show at the Paramount in Oakland was F’in GREAT! She came out starting with Pip and i almost peed in my pants. She ended with Tori.

      The sound was great, I don’t know why people had issues at Friday’s show. I love seeing shows at the Paramount and for the fact that i will have a dvd of it soon, oh my!!

      The only issue i have is that people were too reserved for me, i love to be able to get up and experience the music and the artist, still being respectful to everyone and the artist. I know it was being taped, but i don’t know, everyone where i was sitting seemed to stiff.

      But, i loved the show either way.

    3. Lauren says:

      This was my second Tori show ever (the first being last night) and it was awesome!!!

      Got there @ 7:00, and I heard “Sweet Sangria” “Tombigbee” and “Scarlet’s Walk” (I heard Scarlet’s Walk in full once, and then twice from the second chorus to the end…) from the soundcheck through the door.

      Yoav played 5 or 6 songs, and he was wonderful, same as last night. I’ll definitely buy his record come Janurary!!!

      So, I noticed that Allie [Evans] changed the setlist about 4 times after Yoav finished his set, while they were testing lights… I was expecting Isabel, because of the soundcheck songs I heard through the door, but I had a Pip feeling when the upright mic was brought out last minute.

      Cruel- Despite the cameras, Pip still flung a (well received) string of profanities at us, which made me smile. It was a very powerful rendition, and the crowd was just eating it up.

      Bliss- Perfect for Pip. I could hear the piano really well and her voice was very strong.

      Fat Slut- This made me laugh and smile…

      Smokey Joe- Pip got down on all fours and was… having convulsions or something on the floor… she was pulling at her hair with one hand and clawing at the ground with the other… then she started the piano and I nearly threw up with excitement. This was without doubt the fullest, strongest version I’ve heard yet (I’ve dl’d a bunch of legs and boots, but this was my first live pip show… fyi)

      Teenage Hustling- Also the best I’ve ever heard. She nailed the beginning, with the chords and… just nailed it.

      The Waitress- This was uber long, moreso than usual, and Pip let it all out. Then she flipped us the bird and spanked herself! ;)

      Professional Widow- People were dancing and jamming all around. Merriment.

      Big Wheel- Yeah, yeah. That was me shouting “don’t you forget!” right in your ear. Sorry about that.

      Space Dog- with the andromeda intro on hammond… this was amazing and the crowd went nuts!!!

      Crucify- I’ll never tire of this one. During the second verse, I thought Tori forgot the words after “got a kick for a dog, begging for love” but then she went into an in-song improv before singing “Gotta have my suffering…”

      Cornflake Girl- Yum. Piano blew me away again.

      Putting The Damage On- Heartwrenchingly sad and beautiful!!!

      God improv- This was amazing. How can Tori improvise so flawlessly the way she does? I’m happy to have witnessed it. The piano reminded me of Sleeps with Butterflies live from the 05 tours, so I thought that was coming, but the next song was even more of a treat…

      Spring Haze- This was so F*CKING incredible. The chorus gave me chills.

      Hair Brushing time improv- so cute. Then Tori told a story about the piano, and how she’s new, and the Bose at Cornwall got sick and can no longer come out, and so many songs had been made on her… and that she’s waiting at home. And she talked about the tour winding down… and how we could be the inspiration behind some of the songs… Also, I think it’s worth noting that Tori also once again said Tash thinks Tori has hair like a poodle… :)

      Cloud On My Tongue- This was perfect. Bliss. Heaven. A favorite of mine.

      Winter- Even better than last night’s!!! Longer bridge tonight.

      1,000 Oceans- Wow Wow Wow Wow Wow!!! This is amazing live!

      Hotel- My favorite Choirgirl song, so glad she played it (again!) she nailed it (again) and no boo-boos (again).

      Digital Ghost- This was beautiful. She, yes, once again, nailed it.

      Hey Jupiter- this song just gets better and better each time I hear it!!!

      And I asked Smitty, and he said no meet and greet tomorrow because they’re filming tomorrow’s show too.

    4. Tomaw says:

      What a great show!!!

      Pip was there and she really rocked!

      At one point she was on all fours doing some crazy stuff with the camera.

      Tori talked a lot with the audience, and had a cute improv about her new hair.

      I am sure people will post with the whole setlist, so yahoo for that.

      I was kind of surprised that Tori played a few of the same songs as last night… Hotel, Code Red, Winter, Hey Jupiter… I don't know, we heard those the night before, and they were recorded, so it surprised me to hear them again for this recording.

      Anyway, still an awesome show! Thanks Tori!

    5. Janelle says:

      Another great show tonight! I was really excited to see Pip. I brought a friend with me who knows virtually nothing about Tori and it was fun to see how wide her eyes got when Pip was on all fours…She did clean up the Cruel freak out part.

      When I saw the same gold outfit come out during Tori time I knew there would be some repeats from the night before. It was great to hear Space Dog though- I thought that was one of the best times I’ve heard that one. I also thought the sound was much improved tonight. I could hear the piano much more than last night. It could be that I was sitting on the other side of the theater- but for me it was markedly better in quality.

      She did another very brief improv/intro before Spring Haze that was lovely, and Spring Haze was fantastic tonight.

      She also again talked about her glam squad guy when he came out joking that “this part won’t be on our little movie.” Or something to that effect… then she played a fun little song about her zipper being down and again more about the hair. My only very minor gripe is that when she went on about “loving this city” she called it San Francisco. That’d be great if maybe we were actually in SF. I know what she means…but poor Oakland always gets a bad rap. :)

      I was initially a little bummed to hear Winter again, but it was just stunning and she was very emotional. I really hope tonights version of Winter is on the DVD.

      Another solid performance, I again can honestly not complain despite the lack of surprising or rare performances- I think it was definitely one of my favorites out of the last 10 years. I think only the plugged tour could top this tour for me. I got the feeling when she made a comment about looking back on this DVD in 20 years that she wanted to capture her own “best of” live collection with the band. Either way, they are after all some of her most popular songs because they are genuinely great. Even if I have heard them a million times. :)

    6. Lisa071573 says:

      Well, Violet’s version of the setlist is really the best part of the evening ;) Here is my review, courtesy of Jack & Coke, a white russian and some Bailey’s & coffee (mucho thanks to Violet and Woj for leading us to the bars!).

      So, after last night’s show which I thoroughly enjoyed and was very sharp, I had high hopes for tonight. I’d thought Pip would be a really good bet for tonight since Santa and Pip seem to be the dominant dolls and fitting for the dvd. Everyone I talked to seemed to be expecting Clyde (and I think she soundchecked some Clyde songs from a text message Michele sent me during dinner), and it’s been a while since the last Clyde show, so I’d assumed we were going to see her and was very happy to hear Cruel start and see Ms. Pip come strutting out in her rubber leggings. Pip was great as usual but the overall sound in the venue just did not seem loud enough and Pip didn’t seem as ferocious usual to me.

      Oh, to go back to the beginning of the show real quick… the boom was not there tonight and they’d rearranged and relocated some of the people who had row A (first row behind the pit) seats in order for the cameras to be in that area. The rolling camera rig ran back and forth behind what looked like maybe the first five or so rows. There was also a guy in the front row area with a handheld camera walking around up there. I found the taping tonight much more distracting than last night and a weird sense of controlled and/or contrived emotion seemed to permeate the evening.

      Anyway, back to the show itself, Tori came out wearing the one-armed gold jumpsuit again, so that made me wonder if they were going to patch together bits of the Tori portion from both shows. After Big Wheel I was happy for Space Dog since I always love that and love it with the hidden Andromeda verse done as the intro. I was pretty surprised to hear Crucify since we’d just heard it last night, but it occurred to me she might have thought she messed it up the night before or they needed another take, so I figured that was fine… After Cornflake Girl there was a small improv as an intro to Spring Haze (which was supposed to be Take to the Sky per the written setlist). I believe the improv went something like “I’m on my guard” and gave me the feeling that she was watching her back in case of any treachery among her friends. After Spring Haze, Barry (glam squad guy) came out again to touch her up and brush the wig, and there was a really cute little improv about it being hair-brushing time. I’ve grown weary of Cloud on My Tongue and was slightly disappointed to hear it (it’s following me!) but I was in absolute shock when she started to play Winter. After last night’s perfect Winter, I could not believe we were getting it again and it did not seem as powerful or intense as last night’s, which sort of broke the spell of last night’s beautiful performance of it. 1000 Oceans seemed lacking intensity and again, I was shocked with Hotel two nights in a row.

      Overall, I hate to say that I was disappointed in the show. It just felt lackluster and like she was going through the motions. I’ve got hopes there is no filming tomorrow night!

    7. Ray says:

      Pip rocks! I thought maybe Isabel was going to make an appearance because she was heard during the sound check. I think maybe Tori sound checked Isabel’s songs to get some of that material on the DVD. Highlights from Pip’s set were Cruel, WAITRESS, sounded better than on the Plugged tour with the “hang ten” lyrics, and Teenage Hustling. I have never seen 2 Tori shows in a row where so many songs were repeated. I was really suprised to hear “Winter” again during T and Bo. I am guessing that there was so much repetition due to the filming. PUTTING THE DAMAGE ON and SPRING HAZE were the highlights of Tori’s set. Digital Ghost is also meant to be played live. The crowd’s energy was great all night – lots of dancing. It was nice to be sitting next to some very nice hard core Tori fans!! I am looking forward to tonight without the film crew. I think it might be the best Oakland show yet.

    8. Frank Paul says:

      What a show! IMO, it was definitely better than Friday night. The sound was soooooooooooo much better. During Teenage Hustling, Pip said, “Fucking give it to me!!!” I loved it.

      Winter and Code Red were much much much stronger than Friday night’s performances. 1000 Oceans was perfect. I loved Cloud on my Tongue but she didn’t sing in the higher octave at the end. It seemed to me like Tori screwed up a bit in the beginning of Crucify…am I the only one that thought this?

      I really hope they’re not filming tonight…I would love to hear a cover or two and/or some rarities 2nite. Can’t wait for show #3 at the Paramount!

    9. Rachael says:

      Since I’ve been geographically challenged most of my life, this was only the second time I’ve gotten to see Tori. I really loved the first show I saw so I figured it would be hard to beat it, but I thought last night was amazing.

      I heard Scarlet’s Walk soundchecked so I was sure it would be Izzy. No big deal, I thought: I would love to hear Tombigbee but I was really kind of gunning for Pip. So I was really, really happy to see her come out. Pip’s part of the show was amazing. I’ve heard the boots so I knew what to expect but I thought her cruel freakout was pretty good and she definitely plays up the character with lots of gesturing and crazy antics (though to be a little negative, it really did seem like a lot of playing for the camera—- but Pip’s supposed to be over the top anyway, right?). Though I loved all the songs in her set, Waitress was still a standout. It’s honestly the best version I’ve heard yet!

      Tori’s set was good too. I expected lots of her more popular songs and frankly I was glad to hear them. Those who go to more shows might roll their eyes about hearing Crucify again but I was happy to hear it and those around me were too. The guy next to me heard the first couple words and said something like “I can’t believe she’s playing it!!” He was so happy he was nearly in tears!

      I thought Winter was good too. Again, it’s a song that people didn’t necessarily want to hear if they’ve been to lots of shows but for those of us who don’t see her a lot, it’s great to hear favorites.

      But I think my far and away favorite was Spring Haze. It’s my favorite song on Venus and one of my favorites in general and it was stunning here.

      Her voice sounds great and I really love hearing her with a guitarist. Dan really works well with her; not overpowering but not boring.

      My only complaint was about the ushers. The woman closest to me was constantly on the prowl for those who were causing a “disturbance” (be it standing up during Space Dog or daring to text someone during a show). Do they not realize it’s more disturbing to be walking up and down the aisles every 5 minutes, flashlight in hand? Yeesh!

      All told, a great show that blew away my prior one. Can’t wait for the DVD.

    10. zephyrsmom says:

      This was my first Pip show. The crowd was into Pip’s set. Precious was almost as good as Friday’s Precious. The first improv was deep.

    11. Nicolle says:

      Who says Tori is getting mellow in middle age?! Pip came out and rocked the stage with more feminine rage then I’ve seen most teenagers display! It was like having Boys For Pele Tori back for a little while.

      Beautiful night, when Tori changed and came back to the stage she was breathtaking, as always. Very passionate, beautiful performance.

    12. Almond says:

      Unbelievable. This was my first Tori show and it was definitely better than I could have hoped. She is incredable live. Total ephoria. This woman is the sexiest creature on the planet. The encore with Precious Things was perfect. Oh and I also loved the classy venue- I’d never been to the paramount so I wasn’t expecting that. Sweet.

    13. James says:


      I had an amazing time at all 3 Oakland shows, but this one was undeniably ferocious! Pip made quite the entrance – she was on point, sensual and raw – like the archetype. I learned that when Tori is in the zone with one of her archetypes (the posse) on stage, at least, she’s in with both feet. I had the best view in the house – PIT perfectly left center – 20 feet from Tori, I could see the Bosendorfer keys…and some details many will have to rely on the cameras for at a later viewing.

      Part of me was astonished and spellbound as I watched Pip strut out in her rubber leggings, ready for combat. This could be a bad comparison but it’s meant in complete adoration and respect – Tori had become a different animal, and it was like watching a beautiful pitbull defending the perimeter of her stage at all emotional costs. F bombs were dropped. Birds were flipped. It was sheer fucking genius.

      She was on all 4s at one point, in a self held choke…it was disarming and artistic. She has such a command.

      Just thought I’d share…fucking awesome.

      I think her makeup artist that came out to do her hair on stage was nervous a bit cause his hands were shaking. I only know cuz I get like that in front of large crowds so I think he had some jitters…

    14. Christine says:

      I was not fortunate enough to see the show this particular night. My only Tori “delights” were Philly and DC. I really hope the DVD has all the dolls on it because Clyde and Pip were missed terribly.

      By the way, the 3am setlist was gut-busting hilarious! Thanks for making me laugh.

      Oh, and for those who are complaining about the shows, set lists, and other issues…take it easy. Tori is 44! This woman has stated on several occasions that she is getting older and cannot take the physical/psychological demands of world tours. Look, I’m 33 and the body does not respond as it did when I was 27, or 23, or 13. (And, I am not nearly as fit as Ms. Amos). No matter how you slice it, the woman is amazing, does not get nearly enough credit for her talent in the music world, and is also a human being that has issues just like anyone in the world. Please enjoy her while you have her!

    15. Jared in SF says:

      Oh how I LOVE Pip! The black hair, the massive sex appeal, the “ Don’t Fu** with me” attitude! What a start to an amazing show. There was a wide variety of people there-young kids, punks, goths, etc. It was great to see diversity at Tori. Cruel was the perfect and essential choice to open the show. Pip rocked this one out BIGtime…And to follow with Bliss (Bl-eess) was Cloud 9. Highlights for me were Space Dog (of course), Spring Haze, Hotel, and the most beautiful version of Winter I’d ever heard. Cloud on my Tongue was bringing memories back for me as usual. I love it when Tori is alone on stage (no offense to the boys)-it is like we are sitting in her living room. The hairbrushing improv was CLASSIC and I would kill for that job!! As happy as I was, it would have been great to hear her do songs that she only does in small doses (The Wrong Band, Never Seen Blue, Toodles Mr. Jim, Flying Dutchman, Etienne, Daisy Dead Petals, Bachelorette, and Raspberry Swirl which she has finally been doing!) But I can’t complain. I was there, it was fantastic, and she is one hell of a MILF, even for this “cornflake boy”....

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