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    Tour Status

    Tori is touring in 2017 to support the release of Native Invader. The European legs runs from early September through early October and the North American leg runs from late October to early December. We do not know if additional dates elsewhere will be added.

    Useful Tour Stuffs
    Current Release

    Native Invader (album, 2017)

    Paramount Theatre

    American Doll Posse Tour

    Date December 09, 2007
    City Oakland, CA
    Venue Paramount Theatre


    Act I – Clyde

    • Bouncing Off Clouds
    • Little Earthquakes
    • Juarez
    • Rattlesnakes
    • Girl Disappearing
    • Beauty of Speed


    • Professional Widow

    Act II – Tori

    • Big Wheel
    • a sorta fairytale
    • The Power of Orange Knickers
    • Cornflake Girl
    • Josephine
    • Siren

    T & Bö

    • Baker Baker
    • Landslide

    Band Returns

    • The Beekeeper
    • Crucify
    • Code Red

    First Encore

    • Precious Things
    • Digital Ghost

    Second Encore

    • Bliss


    1. Drew Boles says:

      So I just got back from the Tori show – I must admit, I’m a little disappointed. Tori sounded great, and she played well, with lotsa energy, but:

      1) she didn’t play a single thing from Pele or Choirgirl, if I remember correctly. Seeing as how those are her two most interesting albums, it seems like a serious misstep

      2) the band overpowers her! I love Matt, John, Dan – they are great musicians – but in these huge concert halls, you can barely hear her. Not to mention that what they do just ends up sounding like a big barrage of noise anyway, due to either strange or inappropriate acoustics. Unless she’s belting it out, you can’t hear her voice, and the mid-to-low range of the piano is extremely muffled (not the first time I’ve noticed this problem at a Tori concert). Are Mark and Marcel sleeping behind the mixing board? What’s the deal?!

      3) She played The Power of Orange Knickers. I love Tori, but this song is god-awful, and of all the Beekeeper songs to pull out, this is what she chooses? Ugh!

      Overall, a relatively predictable and uninspired set list, but there definitely were a few surprises which helped make up for it all: Josephine, Baker Baker, Little Earthquakes, and Siren (never heard this live before!) were wonderful to hear. I was also pleased to hear the Beekeeper – not the strongest track on that album, but a really nice showcase of the Hammond B3. I do wish she would have played that thing more!

      You can tell that Ms. Amos still has it and is going strong. I just hope next time she tours alone so that we can actually hear, rather than intuit, that.

    2. Emmanuel says:

      Just got back from the concert. First, some general notes:

      - I went to Friday’s show, but not last night’s. When I was online earlier today, I had to resist the temptation to read last night’s setlist so as not to ruin any potential surprises tonight!

      - We got Clyde tonight. What is that thing she does in the beginning? Scarf dance? I think I heard some people imply that Clyde shows were low energy. What the hell were you thinking? Her set rocks!

      - The sound mix tonight was MUCH MUCH better than Friday night’s show. Piano was clearer, synth was audible, guitar wasn’t as muddled, and Tori’s voice was great. That makes me kind of worried, though, about Santa’s portion of the DVD. I really hope the soundboard mix is a lot better than what I heard from my seat (no synth, buried piano).

      - Those people dancing in the front row look fun! But I hope those aren’t the more infamous fans I keep reading about. You know: the ones who monopolize Tori’s time at meet and greets and demand Smitty to give them free tickets. I’ve never encountered those people myself, and I really hope I never do. They sound like a fan’s worst nightmare.

      And now, my highlights:

      - Because of stuff I’m going through, “Juarez” really got to me. I never would have expected that song to touch me, though. But for me, Tori’s music, and the lighting, conjured up the desert for me. Beautiful stuff.

      - I was never really a fan of “Beauty of Speed,” but it’s great live. I think that’s because Matt Chamberlain looks cute beating the hell out of his drums.

      - “The Power of Orange Knickers” was a fantastic surprise! It really rocks with the band, too!

      - The French flag lighting for “Josephine” is a nice touch.

      - When I heard the opening to “Crucify,” I wasn’t at all excited because I heard this the other night. But I snapped out of it once I heard Tori yelling, “FUCKING FUCK!” I was like, Huh? She then did a short improv about fucking up, then took the song back to the beginning. Then I realized that in the first verse, she sang “got a cat named Easter” instead of “got a bowling ball in my stomach.” A genuine Tori fuck up! I laughed my ass off for the first half of the song.

      Well, that’s all for me. I’m looking forward to the DVD, and I sincerely hope it won’t be too long before I see Tori live again!

    3. zephyrsmom says:

      This was the fourth of nine for me on this tour and after last two nights, was a reminder of why I go to so many.

      Bliss was insane and out of this world. The Power of Orange Kickers was fierce. Siren was just a little slow. She messed up during Crucify and started over to the very beginning. Crucify is becoming long and drawn out again, but the chorus was fun.

      She wore a plastic silver necklace like mardi gras beads that had peace symbols on it, similar to the ones the girls in the front row were wearing. Tori maintained steady energy throughout the show. Nice to end with Bliss and I was in heaven.

      There were many heart songs the last night in Oakland.

    4. Frank Paul says:

      Oh, man, gotta go to work in an hr but had to post my experience and I am totally exhausted at this point. Anyway, I had Platinum VIP. She did Sweet Sangria and Power of Orange Knickers during sound check. At the meet and greet, I requested Real Men. She said, “Ohhhhh, thats a good one! Wait, let me write it on my hand.” So, I watched her write it on her hand, then I gave her a hug and got a photo. She is totally sweet to meet in person…a dream come true. The concert. It was a really great set. Here is something that I swear only myself and the person sitting next to me noticed as that we were in row B. During Professional Widow remix, Tori came out into the pit as Isabel! She had on the blonde wig and she was wearing a white-ish or cream dress (it was kinda dark) with a pattern that looked like it had green and red in it…but the funny thing about it is, it seemed like NO ONE except the girl next to me actually saw it…all those people dancing in the front…she totally went right by them like she was just another person in the crowd. Tori looked at us too…like she was just as surprised to see us as we were to see her in her Isabel costume. But instead of Isabel after the remix, it was Tori. It was totally strange to us that this happened and again, the only reason why I can say it did for sure happen is that the girl next to me saw it too. Anyway, the show was great. Landslide was very powerful. She screwed up again on Crucify…and said something like, “Oh FUCK FUCK! Sometimes, the words get in the way and I just want to play.” Choosing Bliss and the 2nd Encore was a great choice and the crowd absolutely loved it. What an awesome weekend, I won’t soon forget it.

    5. Ryan says:

      I was at the Saturday and Sunday shows, and had Gold VIP tickets to last night’s show. What a disappointment! We arrived at 5pm per the instructions from Ticketmaster and Tori’s management, but weren’t let into the building until 6pm. We then spent 45 minutes in the lobby, where we were allowed to purchase merchandise, and let into the theater at 6:45 with Matt, John, and Dan on stage tweaking with their gear. They never acknowledged us once (which is fine) and played for about 10 minutes. Tori came in without even a wave to us, mentioned (to us) where “our” sound and “her” sound was piping in, then played Sweet Sangria and Orange Knickers. That was it, and we were escorted out while she continued to sound check. Landslide could be heard as we exited the theater.

      I had expected a little more for the money, honestly. I know Tori had a long three days, and according to her people they spent the entire day Sunday re-shooting pieces for the DVD (I’m assuming many of the close-ups on the DVD will be from the audience-free Sunday shoot!) but for $130 a tickets I would have liked just a little wave or something.

      The show itself was uninspired at best… She was definitely fatigued from the taping, combined with 3-in-a-row shows.

    6. Ray says:

      Last night’s show was the best of the three Oakland shows. I loved hearing Little Earthquakes, Juarez and Rattlesnakes during Clyde’s set. Beauty of Speed is my favorite ADP track – it is even better live. Hearing Siren was very cool too. Beekeeper is much better with the band. She played the song I requested, Baker Baker, during the VIP meet and greet on Friday. Thank you, TORI, for a great weekend. Thanks to my new friend, Liquid Diamonds, from the Saturday night show, too. I really missed you last night in the balcony!

    7. Jessica says:

      I was the (or one of the) lucky winners of tickets on Friday by Livenation, posted on this website a few days ago so I flew up to Oakland from San Diego, yesterday to see my first show of the tour. I have 3 more to go! Yeah!

      Last night was pretty good. My seats were under the balcony and I thought the sound quality was bad; it sounded muffled. So seeing that there were empty seats about 10 rows up, and with people behind and in front of me talking and singing, my friend and I were motivated to move up. Thank God we did! The sound was so much better once you got out from under the balcony. Also, I think the sound quality gradually improved throughout the evening.

      I was glad to hear the Beekeeper. It gets me every time. I thought she did an excellent job! I thought she played Landslide better than any other time I have seen her play it.

      Overall good show! I can’t wait for more!

    8. Emelle says:

      I’ve been going to Tori shows since the UtP tour, so I’ve seen quite a variety over the years of songs, sounds, and even crowds. There were some major highlights for me and a few disappointments. While this wasn’t the best show ever, it most definitely did not suck, and I had the best seats ever, so that was helpful (7th row, right side!).

      Highlights were as mentioned before: Siren rocks my world, and I love what she did with it. I’d never heard this live before, so I was extremely happy. I’ve heard LE live before, and wasn’t overly impressed in the past, but this version was awesome. I loved seeing her personality come out on the fuck up during Crucify, and I liked what she did with the song. And who the hell forgot to send me the memo on audience participation? That was amazing!

      Lowlights: Not much of a disappointment, but I was hoping for Pip. We got Clyde, which is cool because we have a cat named Clyde. During some of the songs, her voice and the piano were a but overpowered, but I could still hear and understand. I’m not a huge fan of The Power of Orange Knickers, but oh well. And just how many times do I need to hear Cornflake Girl? I think she’s done it for nearly every concert I’ve attended. She wasn’t very chatty, and I miss that. She’s usually more chatty towards the end of a tour. Oh, and to the jackasses behind me who kept talking. Shut UP!

      There seemed to be a big security issue at the front row, as a security guy went ape shit, and then flew in after Tori as she got off the stage after Bliss. I was distracted because of this, and managed to miss a lot of what was apparently a great version of the song.

    9. goldtoof77 says:

      YAY for Orange Knickers and Beekeeper!!! They were so great! But my favorite song of the night was Beauty of Speed! It was SO much faster than the album version. I LOVED it. My other highlights were Girl Disappearing and Baker Baker.

      The security were Nazis at this venue though. “no cameras, no selling tickets, don’t bring your drink here, move, move, don’t sit there, I said put your camera away. sit down.” blah blah blah. They were the worst there I have ever encountered. And they were like this all 3 nights. not just the nights they were taping. Oh well.

    10. Michael says:

      I had 2nd row pit center tickets so was very excited to be this close to Tori. Problem was there were the “famous” Tori fans right in front of me who I’ve seen at every concert for as long as I can remember. They were fighting about who gets to sit where and what the set list is that they were told. It was really annoying.

      They stood up and danced the entire concert and the floor could barely hold them it felt like it was going to bust at any moment. It was just some plywood over a hole. They sang the whole time and actually had choreographed hand moves for all the lyrics to every single song. It was just ridiculous!

      That part where Tori went after the security guard she kept pointing at him during her song I thought it was part of Clyde’s character but then after she ran over to tell them that they “are my guests and to leave them alone”.

      Besides that I loved the set list. I’ve never heard Siren performed live and the intensity of Orange Knickers was just amazing. Beekeeper sounded so much nicer this tour w/o that wailing organ from 2006. Baker Baker was really special it reminded me of the Tori that I grew to love with her and her piano just connecting to the music.

      All in all a great show minus the backup cheerleaders who need to take time off from the shows.

    11. HolySinner says:

      All three Oakland shows were wonderful. I enjoyed last night without the taping, the energy was lighter although she performed some intense songs.

      I have a complaint of a different sort about audience members. I love when people dance when the band is playing and rocking out, I think it is wonderful to return the energy. What I have a REAL problem with is the people constantly texting. The woman sitting next to us was actually writing in her BLACKBERRY THE ENTIRE TIME, while her restless seat mate moved in and out of his seat all nite long. THIS IS MORE DISTRACTING than people dancing to rockin’ music. Dancing goes along with music, it is appropriate. Texting and such is NOT appropriate. One short text, I understand. More than that is distracting to me, the light of the device, the bored energy of the person using her Blackberry. ENOUGH. Also, I was so eager to get away from these energy draining people when I spotted a couple of empty seat, I accidently left two gift bags w/the programmes behind, when I went to retrieve them they were gon and never turned in. If any of you found them,and kept them for yourself, bad karma…

      To end on a lighter note, I enjoyed this journey in Oakland. The Paramount Theatre is art deco ornamented and just divine. It truly is a shrine to the Goddess, the perfect theatre for the filming of the ADP tour. I look forward to the DVD. Tori, the musicians and her crew are true professionals, with a lot of heart and time for fans, I am appreciative. A bit sad I did not have a chance to meet Isabel, travel is not possible at this time.

      For those of you venturing on, have fun, dance and stop texting…

    12. Misty says:

      Last night’s show was a blast, although yes there was some security drama!!! I heard Smitty yell at the paramount security staffat the end of the show…
      I went to the VIP platinum meet and greet and got some really great pictures…I got a great picture of the guy who had the big cardboard Tori and Tori together, and if he emails me I can send it to him…but I do not know his name..I believe he the first or first few people to met her…

      [Misty sent us a copy of this photo, hoping we knew who this Toriphile was, but we don't have a clue. To the fellow in the pic: if you happen to see this and write to us to describe what you were wearing, we can either send it to you or put you in touch with Misty. It really is a nice photo! -- Violet]
    13. Lauren says:

      I was at all three Oakland shows, and while I won’t say this one was the best (because I can’t possibly pick!)... it was amazing and high energy and the song choices kept me on the edge of my seat!

      Clyde’s set was wonderful; the first three songs were high energy and fabulous, and her voice was really strong. Rattlesnakes was wonderful because the keyboard was soooo loud! When she began Girl Dissapearing, I knew what it was from the piano intro, and I started sobbing. I was shocked, totally wasn’t expecting this song girl to come and visit, and this was the best version I’ve heard (been dl’ing those legs and boots like mad!) Beauty of Speed was great too, and I must say the light effect, particularly with the line “see the colors changing” were just breathtaking!

      Tori did her cute little clap-dance complete with knocking herself lightly on the head before Big Wheel, and everyone around me shouted the appropriate line veeeery loudly! :)

      I was really happy to hear Fairytale as it’s one of my favorite songs. Orange Knickers was groovy and smooth, very flowing, much better than the album version. Josephine and Siren were real surprises for me; I loved the French Flag lighting during Josephine, and Siren was so amazing and beautiful and just perfect.

      I loved Baker Baker, and I was happy for the person that requested it that she did it for you, cuz I remembered reading that in your review. It was beautiful. Landslide was completely unexpected, and my entire row was in tears. It was really touching.

      The Beekeeper cued the waterworks for me for the third time during the show. It just hit me so hard. This was such a strong version, so emotional, so powerful, Tori’s voice did everything from sing sweetly to just full on belt “I must see the beeeeeeeekeeeeeeeeepeeeeeeeeeer” at the end of the song. It was also very interesting watching this song performed visually, because I watched Tori literally kick at the pedals with her left foot to turn the Leslie up. I just love the Hammond, and am glad she played the Beekeeper.

      Crucify was wonderful. I know she did it all three nights, but I’ll never tire of that song! The mess up was adorable, and the improv that followed her shout of “f*cking f*ck” and that wrinkled nose look she gave us was adorable. It was something like, “I just wanna sing sometimes, and I get ahead but I f*cked it up instead, oh, f*cking f*ck.” She’s so adorable.

      Code Red and the encores were great. We stood for the encores, and everyone around me swayed during Digital Ghost. Bliss wasn’t on the written setlist, but I’m glad she played it; it was fascinating to watch the difference between how Tori played it and how Pip did it on Saturday. I noticed the same thing with Bouncing off Clouds tonight verses Friday. So different visually…

      The three night stand in Oakland was tons of fun and I shall never forget all of you wonderful ears with feet whom I met over the last three days… you guys rock. And to that guy (sorry I didn’t catch your name) thanks for telling me about the meet and greet with Yoav in the lobby, he signed the EP for me and we talked for a few minutes. Hope you find a decent ticket for LA!

    14. Jonathan says:

      I’m so irritated that I flew all the way across the country to hear 3 nights of bland, emotionless, regurgitated setlists. I’m over it. I was embarassed to watch a lot of the rich obsessed losers who call themselves Tori fans bounce around with no rhythm and no lives, like they were some overgrown version of Hannah Montana’s fans. I understand repeating some songs in 3 days, but did we really need to hear Crucify 3 times? or Winter twice? or Digital Ghost or Hotel twice? Tori doesn’t get it – we don’t care if she fucks up Zero Point. We don’t care if she forgets words or sounds off. We would be happy if she came out on stage in a clown suit and played Hymns and Christmas carols – But NOBODY wants to buy “Welcome to Sunny California” when that DVD comes out. Friday’s setlist was exactly that! How many versions of Sugar and Cornflake Girl do we need? After the boots from the Beekeeper tour, A Piano, Welcome to Sunny Florida, To Venus and Back Disk 2, and Legs and Boots, couldn’t she use some of the other 500 amazing songs she’s written. Give us a break – we’re the same loyal group of people coming to these shows. She could at least play something that seems like she has some connection to it – like something that she actually is feeling. I know I sound like a bitch, but it’s just cause I’m broke, tired, and disillusioned with this tour.

    15. Janelle says:

      It doesn’t seem you need any more comments but what the heck!

      One way to sum up last nights show is this:

      I brought my fiance of 7 years to the show who has never liked Tori one bit. Well after the show he had wide eyes and said “that was really good!” Need I say more…hardly. It was great and now I think I can finally listen to Tori in the car- in peace. :)

      I was shocked by how great Clyde was. I totally thought I would be bored by her but I LOVED Little Earthquakes, Juarez and Rattlesnakes. I was surprised to hear GD too. She gave what I thought were really strong performances.

      When Tori played The Power of Orange Knickers- I was thinking “o.k. whatever.” BUT it was the best version I have ever heard live. It seriously rocked and the hilarious part was that that was the best part of the night for my fiance- he loved it.

      Siren this tour is just incredible with the way they have it arranged and the addition of the great lighting.

      They were not filming last night, which was good. I was excited by the fact that for quite a number of songs (minus the obvious repeats of every night) she didn’t repeat. Until the misery of having to listen to Crucify again. The funny thing is that as she started to play it I thought to myself that maybe she felt she had to give it another go and get it right this time (I swear she messed it up ever so slightly on Sat.). Then she messed up and it was pretty funny. It made that third time hearing it in a row more fun.

      Ending on Bliss was very surprising and unexpected Thank god for that!

      Overall it was a fun night and I’m sad to have this weekend end. I looked forward to this for a long time!I wish I could see her end the tour. Have fun everyone!

    16. Rudy says:

      Worth it for the rendition of The Power of Orange Knickers alone.

    17. Liquid Diamonds says:

      Great show, totally different vibe from the last 2 shows due to the taping and all.These 3 shows are some of my favorite shows ever. She really sounds great with the band and I really missed them after last tour. I’m glad Ray got to hear Baker Baker, it was beautiful as was Landslide. So did anyone else happen to see Isabel walk through the front rows during Pro Widow besides me and the guy next to me? She was walking and looking at the people dancing and then ran off through the right side exit door. I swear I am not crazy, it was her. Please say someone else saw her!

      [You're not crazy. Izzy was there. -- Violet]
    18. Mollywordsmith says:

      I too had 2nd row pit and had to listen to some blonde who I have never seen before this tour dictate where they were all going to sit for the show. She was boasting how in she is with Smitty.

      The regulars are always obnoxious and toxic but this tour by far is the worst with their behavior and begging for seats and tickets.

      I payed big money for my ticket and was quite happy to see Tori from the 2nd row.

      I loved Siren and Little Earthquakes. I love the addition of Dan on guitar. Baker Baker was lovely as was Landslide.

      She did seem tired but it was nice.

      When everyone rushed the stage I was right behind the regulars who proceeded to pop off about how the other fans don't belong in that pit.

      I don't know who died and made them the seat/meet and greet nazi’s. It is getting old and Smitty is not helping.

      I felt this was the best of all three shows but honestly the regulars are so negative.

      They were wearing ‘peace’ necklace beads. Too bad they are hypocrites and don’t practice what they preach or pay for their own tickets.

    19. rachel says:

      Okay, right quick, because there is far too much to say after seeing Tori three amazing nights in a row…

      I just want to say, Frank Paul, I saw her too come out as Isabel. It was awesome, she looked so cute in her black and white, or whatever color it was, cover up robe deal. My friend and I saw her enter from the left, chat with the security, hop over the partition into the pit and wander through the obsessed crazy tori fans…without them even noticing her it seemed. It was definitely a highlight of my night, oh you know…besides meeting her. :) These past three nights were truly a blessing and I honestly didn’t know what to do with myself tonight not having a show to go to.

    20. Char says:

      This was the third night in Oakland for me and I have to say I liked it best, not sure why. Perhaps it was a nice change from the DVD fixed/set setlist.

      I was in the pit as well. The aura in the front was obnoxious for sure with all the attitude and sense of entitlement. I guess if I were part of that self imposed ‘elite posse’ I too would be arrogant. NOT.

      Aside from the Setlist… Tori wound up walking thru the pit during professional widow. Tripped me out when I saw her right in front of me. I wondered “what the heck?”

      She was tired for sure and her energy was mellow. Understandable. I loved Little Earthquakes, Baker Baker and Siren.

      I was on the floor in the pit already but when the stage was rushed with all those people the ground was rocking for sure. It was kind of interesting… people didn't care except for the elite posse who made a few snide remarks about us regular folk.

      I loved Bliss and the floor moving the way it did. At one point Smitty shined a light on someone not sure why but he gave a signal “knock it off” by running his hand across his throat.

      Also Tori in the beginning came to the edge of the stage when the ushers were giving some woman crap. Tori seemed annoyed and her mood definitely not going to put up with crap.

    21. Zero Point says:

      First off, Tori is a Goddess and these 3 shows were wonderful. Yeah, she played Crucify too much but who cares? She’s fucking awesome. I about died when she played Bliss as her finale since I requested it in Salt Lake City. I love that she came out as Isabel during PW—no one even noticed on the front row. There could be a reason for that though….it’s the same fucking 20 people that are at every Tori show!! They are the most obnoxious and rude fans I have ever seen. I really hope that they read this too—YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE. First of all, chick with the cane and even worse, chick with the crutch—YOU SUCK. You ruined the first 30 minutes of this show for everyone on the second row with your constant complaining about your front row seats. Shut up already—YOU ARE ON THE FRONT ROW...WTF???? Does it really matter where you are sitting? And no, you are not special b/c Smitty told you where to sit—he doesn’t give a shit about you—he’s just doing his job. You really made it difficult for everyone in the second row not to beat you with your own crutch. Please people—get a life and allow some NEW people to meet Tori and sit in the front row. Do your geek dance to BOC at home b/c it’s not impressing anyone and probably even Tori wants you to get your ass home.

      Other than, had a great time, thanks T!

    22. Natalia & Kitka says:

      This was our second show on the tour. Tonight we were 3rd row in the balcony, a bit off to the right; great view!!!

      Yoav’s set had different songs that the night before; noticed he doesn’t wear any shoes on stage and that he controls all of his pedals with his toes.

      Clyde came out and held a scarf up to her face before heading over to the piano. If I had to use one word to describe Clyde it would be “hands”. She is all about hand gestures. Mostly subtle but some bigger motions. She was wearing a tight on the bottom purple sparkly dress and knee high black boots.

      She opened with Bouncing Off Clouds and I noticed that at the end of the song she was pointing towards something; I guess no one could figure out what she wanted because she went over to the far left of the stage and practically layed flat on the ground to talk to a security/venue person who was there… when she was finished talking to him, he ran over to the far right of the stage. Maybe he was distracting her? I kept waiting for another “get out of my show moment” but I don’t think Clyde is that bold. :)

      Kitka who is a casual listener actually fell asleep during Clyde’s set! (But to be fair to Clyde we were at a party the night before until 5am). Compared to the other doll we have seen (Santa), Clyde defintately isn’t as exciting. I wasn’t bored but my focus did wander to other members on stage and Clyde gave me time to experience the lighting (which is excellent this tour). I think Clyde’s set overall allowed me to realize how great the band sounds and how great her voice is this tour.

      Tori came out in her Diamond silver jumpsuit which was really long (she almost fell/tripped running back and forth during the encores). She said thank you for being around for the DVD and that our little movie would be out soon; she will miss playing with the band when the tour’s over but they will be together again.

      She started Crucify and I was a little disapointed because I had heard it at Friday’s show and I had started to drift away and was watching the lights and not her when I heard “Fucking Fuck!” Got my attention! She messed up/forgot the lyrics and said Fucking Fuck a few more times and then did a short improv about how words can get in the way and how sometimes she just wants to play. She then started Crucify over.

      Kitka’s favorites (casual Tori listener): Bliss, Big Wheel (seemed more energetic than Friday’s), A Sorta Fairytale

      Natalia’s favorites (hard core fan): Little Earthquakes (perfect!), A Sorta Fairytale, Josephine, Siren, Bliss, The Beekeeper

      The crowd was better than Friday’s; not too much shouting out during quiet times and the people around us were ok except for a couple next to us that was making out periodically.

      Our next show is San Diego :)

    23. Luckyguy says:

      I was able to score some incredible seats (though Ticketmaster — Imagine that!) for the last show in Oakland. My excitment was fueled by the fact that the Paramount Theater has to be one of the most beautiful venues around. The sound quality can vary depending on where you are sitting, but it’s a fair trade for the scenery.

      The show itself was plesant, but far from being one of her better shows. Kinda sad for me since one of my favorite concerts of hers took place at the Paramount during Strange Little Tour. The highlights for me were Baker, Baker, Landslide and a sorta fairytale. Those songs made the evening for me.

      To the earlier poster who saw Tori dressed up in the blonde wig — was that really her? I saw the same woman who you saw walk right out of the pit and exit out of the right side of the stage. It was so strange because I thought it was Tori at first, but there was no security around her and let’s face it, the pit contained some of the most rabid Tori fans. I don’t think she would dare go down there without full body armor. It would be like throwing a pork chop to some hungry pit bulls. Anyway, it was totally strange. My friend and I both saw her, whoever she was.

      Okay, back to the show. I do have to vent a little about concert etiquette. It’s no secret that Tori fans are … well, intense. I have to agree with Michael that some of them need to take a break from seeing every show. The girls next to us were standing, dancing and singing for most of the night. And yes, they did the choreographed hand moves along with the songs. My friend and I laughed out loud several times at thier hand gestures. How do you plan that? Do you practice in front of a mirror at home? Come on folks. Sometimes it’s okay for grown ups to act like grown ups. I felt so sorry for the couple that had to sit behing them all night, as they looked furious.

      A quick note to the seat hoppers who kept getting kicked out the empty seats in the row in front of me: the staff was only doing their job. I had to listen to people whine and complain and do the “oh, i have my non-existing tickets here somewhere in my purse, let me just spend ten mintues looking for them.” It was a non-stop parade of lunacy. When you break the rules, don’t look for sympathy from event staff. Speaking of, when the crowed rushed towards the stage for the encores, I watched grown adults nearly push down an older staff member just to get closer to Tori. I was so angry that I was happy to see the unlucky ones sent back to their seats. If you were one of those people who roughed that poor man up, shame on you.

      Additional gripes (hell, why stop now): I had a texter in front of me. Again, kick ass seats and all she could do was stare at her cell phone. Grrr. Also, please stop spastically dancing in the middle of a song. Yes, I’m talking about the guy up front who got the holy ghost and started flailing about. I’m sorry if this was a medical condition (although, I don’t remember seeing a Medical Alert Bracelet on your wrist). And oh yeah, thank you to the person who snuck wine into the venue and proceeded to spill it on my friend’s purse and jacket. You are a class act. As we were leaving the show my friend, visibly frustrated, said, “I remember seeing Tori 13 years ago and the audiences used to be so quiet, you could hear a pin drop. What happened to her fans?” While I don’t expect people to sit motionless in thier seats, a certain amount of respect and courtesy should be afforded to the people who are watching the same show as you are. If you feel like being an ass, wait until the DVD comes out and watch it from the comfort of your home while spastically dancing and singing every word of every song — stopping only to spill wine, to text everyone you know and to give hand gestures that would make an umpire proud.

    24. Chelsea says:

      OMG!! Thank you for the posts regarding the first row hypocrites! I was lucky enough to be compensated for my Friday night tickets due to the filming, so I had the chance to sit in the first row. Keith, her tour manager, was sweet enough to give us front row!! Does anyone know how I can contact him??? Anyway, this was the first time in 11 years that I ever had a chance to be this close to Tori. I consider myself a long term, dedicated fan whose never had a chance to be this close because I just purchase my tickets through Ticketmaster or Craigslist like any other fan. I was so grateful for the opportunity and I couldn’t believe the negativity from the hypocrites who probably sit in the front row at every show. Their entitlement was such a turn off and I wondered how Tori would react if she knew how they treated others. Obviously she cares that they sit there because she was angry that the security guards were escorting a few of the girls to another seat in the front row due to a couple who had just walked in with tickets in with the front row printed on them. I wish I had the chance to sit with Tori and get her perspective on this issue, but we know that will never happen. Plus, I’m not going to shove my obsession on her because I’d hate to look like a stalker and I respect her privacy. So I took that night as a once in a life time experience and it’s unfortunate that most her other true fans will never be able to experience the front row.

      As for the chick who was wearing the blond wig and walked by during Prof. Widow, that was NOT Tori, but just a woman who had her hair style. Overall, the show had low energy but it was still excellent. I can’t wait for the DVD because Saturday night rocked!!! Thank you Nancy for the opportunity! I never thought I’d win the lottery! And thank you Keith for being such a sweetheart!!!

    25. marcus says:

      This show was definitely good, but average in comparison to Anaheim. I had been at the Friday show and was extremely disappointed. Very safe and not different from the various other releases we have had. Oh well.

      I do agree with some of the other people when it comes to fan etiquette. Just because you can afford to go to 50 shows, doesn't make you any better of a fan and hogging up Tori’s time at meet and greets is entirely selfish.

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