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    Tori is touring in 2017 to support the release of Native Invader. The European legs runs from early September through early October and the North American leg runs from late October to early December. We do not know if additional dates elsewhere will be added.

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    Current Release

    Native Invader (album, 2017)

    Dodge Theatre

    American Doll Posse Tour

    Date December 11, 2007
    City Phoenix, AZ
    Venue Dodge Theatre


    Thanks to jamesy for sending it to us!

    Act I – Clyde

    • Bouncing Off Clouds
    • Little Earthquakes
    • Juarez
    • Little Amsterdam
    • Upside Down
    • Beauty of Speed


    • Professional Widow

    Act II – Tori

    • Big Wheel
    • Sweet Sangria
    • Space Dog
    • Cornflake Girl
    • Purple People
    • Concertina

    T & Bö

    • “prayer for Rolene” improv
    • Silent All These Years
    • Black Swan

    Band Returns

    • Northern Lad
    • Father Lucifer
    • Code Red

    First Encore

    • Precious Things
    • Tear In Your Hand

    Second Encore

    • The Beekeeper


    This show is available as an official bootleg via digital download from Legs & Boots.


    Juarez (posted by darcey55)

    Little Amsterdam (posted by darcey55)

    Purple People (posted by darcey55)

    Rolene improv (posted by darcey55)

    Black Swan (posted by darcey55)

    Father Lucifer (posted by darcey55)

    The Beekeeper (dance) (posted by darcey55)



    1. zephyrsmom says:

      The cheerleaders of Oaktown were supplanted by a more mellow crowd tonight, making room for rarities such as Purple People and Black Swan. Northern Lad was amazing. Closer of Beekeeper. A spiritual show. Never miss Phoenix.

    2. Maureen R. says:


      I’m a pretty bad Tori fan as I haven’t been to a show in about 4 years, since Scarlet’s Walk -but, my, she made me regret it. She was so amazing last night – just very genuine, as usual, and fun – all smiles and sex-kitten attitude.

      I was hoping for Santa – but Clyde was great. Very subtle and somber – until Tori came out in a glittered-to-the-nines yellow jumpsuit – awesome!

      I had a ball – my particular favorites were “Juarez” (pretty appropriate for Arizona, for sure), “Purple People,” “Concertina,” “Space Dog,” (I was SO hoping for Space Dog), “Father Lucifer” (Flip us off, babe -it’s all good!) and “Big Wheel” – which had the whole crowd dancin’!

      I also loved the part where she talked about how living in Phoenix just must not suck. :-) Also -how she’s living in cold, rainy England for love – which was sweet.

      My heart broke when she sang the (for the second chorus in ‘Black Swan’) the link “Did Eric call by the way” – barely in a whisper. Old wounds take a LONG time to heal – that made me tear up a bit.

      All in all – just had a wonderful night – and I needed it, what with the stress of money and Christmas bringing me down – I have the lovely Ms. Amos to thank for just a completely unforgettable night.

    3. Rose says:

      Always a joy to see Tori!

      It was cold and rainy – she didn't come out for the meet and greet, as she arrived at the venue at 4. Smitty told us she was doing something with the DVD. But Tori told us during the show that she went for a hike during that day.

      It was a really good show, although I think my expectations had been built up for something spectacular that didn't happen – like a debut – but still great!!

      When we got to the venue, we were told that we could have cameras! I took lots of pictures – I will post some later.

      Some highlights:

      We were on Jon’s side and got to see a lot of play between Tori and Jon. She basically sang Father Lucifer to him – they were making eye contact the whole time.

      She flubbed during Concertina a bit and smiled at the crowd really big.

      She started the improv with something about how she saw a face she hasn't seen in a long time, not since she was 21 and she had a boyfriend at the time. Then she went into the Rolene reprise. When she played Silent All These Years, she seemed to be playing it for someone that was sitting at center. Then when set list was given it went to a specific woman – I think the same one she was singing to.

      The only change is that she was supposed to play Jackie’s Strength instead of SATY.

      Her energy was really good, as always she looked like she was having fun. Code Red is so much better live then on the boots!!!!

      There was a camera man at the back of the stage who was filming Clyde during Little Amsterdam (during the first part). He was also taking pictures earlier in Clyde’s set.

    4. Kimbeekaylene says:

      I have been waiting to blog on Undented for so long!
      Last night was my only show on the ADP tour. Though I would have killed to have seen more, working and my college student status prevented me. The trip to the show was quite an adventure… Flagstaff decided to turn into the North Pole and make the trip rather risky.

      Despite scary weather, I treated myself to VIP Platinum as an early Christmas present. It was my first time meeting Tori and as most will conclude…AMAZING. She was so warm and kind! My meeting was completely genuine and from the heart. Thankfully I didn’t freeze up, I kept talking and said all I wanted to say. She is even more beautiful in person! I can understand why people fall in love and follow her all over the place. That is EXACTLY what I’m going to do next tour! What’s a little credit card debt for Tori?

      I knew we were going to get Clyde. I think someone mentioned the “Phoenix” belt she wears. Fantastic show. I think if I had attended more shows I may be able to pick apart certain aspects of it but, last night, I just focused on enjoying myself and her performance.

      I met some really great people! Big thanks to Breonna, Ryan, John, and Amanda. You people are absolutely enchanting! This just proves my theory that Tori fans are just a little bit better than average folks! You guys made my night so special!

      Some highlights for me were Upside Down, Purple People, Concertina, and The Beekeeper. Though I relished the entire show in my oh-so-incredible seat, those were songs that really melted my heart. The improv about Phoenix was absolutely beautiful!

      Last night was really incredible. For being this late in the tour, she seemed really passionate and eager to give us her musical love. This tour seems to have left a lot of people really happy. It was so special to see her upclose, meet and connect with her amazing fans and cherish her art together. I can’t wait for the next tour!

    5. easter says:

      clyde and tori were amazing tonight great setlist purple people and black swan were a nice surprise brillant show can't wait for la

    6. Jay says:

      I had low expectations for the show, considering she has been on the road for 6 months, she must be exhausted. But she was great.

      I must say though, I hope she goes back to girl and piano mode. She doesn’t need all the extra BS going on. Here gift is diluted by all the ancillary hype. I want the deep, dark Tori I became obsessed with 15 years ago.

    7. MelindaLu says:

      First of all, I would just like to comment upon the venue….They have so much amazing memoribilia! They had a whole wall of Beatles stuff: a signed drumhead from Ringo Starr. George Harrison’s guitar he used (and painted and decorated) for Magical Mystery Tour, beautiful photos and album covers…all signed!!!! I have never seen anything like it! If you live in PHX, go to Dodge just to look at the art….I was blown away. Not a Beatles fan? They had Santana, The Who, all the greats….I didn’t see anything from Tori, but maybe they are installing it right now.

      Onto Clyde: My first Clyde show and I was totally underwhelmed. Muddy sound. no real “character” there…I have (now) seen all the dolls and on the record, Clyde's songs are among my favorites. But she didn’t play either Roosterspur Bridge OR Girl Disappearing! wow…Underwhelmed was the only word I can use. The sound was muddy with bass drowning out the piano. It was really disappointing. I hope we get Izzy in Santa Barbara since I have front row seats and my cool Denver friend, Katie is flying in for the show. My seat tomight are very average.

      Clyde was beautifully dressed with a fuschia frock that tied at the neck in a big bow, a black belt and fantastic white strappy heels. Neat, big bell sleeves, cunningly tight right at the cuffs so as not to interfere with the piano keys. (I have no way to spell check this…am in a lobby at the Holiday Inn in San Diego…so please excuse any speling mistakes!)

      The highlights of Clyde’s set were Upside Down, LE and Beauty of Speed. The light show during BofS was just amazing. Then Clyde just runs off stage. Sorry, but tori did not “sell” Clyde to me.

      Raven came over and danced with me during PW..we had a great time. The venue staff were way cool. Big love to Ernie and Becca! I got tired of the constant “woo“ing every 30 seconds from the girls in front of me. We are all excited to see Tori and I Woo too…but in the middle of an improv where we are all straining to understand the lyrics? In the middle of Purple People? SATY during t&Bo? Enough with the Woos. Do you just wanna hear yourself on the boot? You will hear how dumb you sound. I mouth the lyrics…I scream “don’t You Forget” when we are supposed to….but people…shut up. Please. Just pretend you are at the symphony during the quiet parts of the concert. Everyone will be happier.

      Biig Wheel, Precious Things and CF Girl…predictable fun….love ‘em all. The highlights for me were Tori’s jumpsuit…my favorite so far. Mostly gold with technicolor sequins that shot back every color known to mankind. Song highlights: Space Dog, Purple People, Concertina, Prayer for Rolene (an improv about her Grandmother’s sweet tabacco) then stright into SATY (on a grandmother theme for a couple songs…it reminded me of the LE tour and she talked about spitting into her grandmother’s jello because grandma thought she was a devil because of her red hair) Northern Lad was gorgerous…Then my favorite: Father Lucifer (a very long intro…and tons of possibilities were going through my head…maybe Mother Revolution? A Sorta Fairytale? I typically get it around the 2nd note, but couldn’t guess…then when she started singing “here. here” I knew and I was so excited!) Code Red was predicably fantastic…

      Matty was totally on the whole night. Again with the bass issues…but you all know my opinion of the sound mixers by now. Tori leaves. Tori comes back. PT (but where was the breathing sound?), A Tear In Your Hand, Tori leaves…and then suprise! We got Beekeeper as the final song of the evening. What a perfect way to end such a stupendous show! Can’t wait for the rest of the tour.

      A parting rememberance: PHX doesn’t get much rain, and Tori talked about that and then played to “rain” songs…Northern Lad and Father Lucifer.

      Tori, you give us so much. What can we give you back in turn? Our love, our devotion, our financial support through buying the boots and all your records and B-Sides. Tori, you seem happy…I hope you are. You are the finest singer/songwriter of our generation. We adore you. Please come back to the US soon. I will follow/her hononed path…I will walk the walk of Scarlet. I will always love you so much and I think I speak for everyone present at your shows. Some of us spend vast sums of money to see you as much as we can. We love you. See you tonight!

    8. amanda says:

      wow. wow. wow.

      amazing. amazing in every way possible…i couldn’t have dreamed up a better set list, and the platinum VIP tickets were worth every penny. next tour, i second what many have said – i have seen her before, but after this concert, i will be one of the “crazies” following her around the US.

      i kept waiting for a song to start that i didn’t recognize, or didn’t love…it didn’t happen. i was absolutely enchanted.

      little amsterdam, space dog, purple people, northern lad, father lucifer and black swan were my personal highlights. as a previous poster noted, “did eric call, by the way” made my heart break for her, too…her intonation, the sad smile at the audience…

      she looked great, she sounded better than great, and i felt like i was in wonderful company. my husband absolutely did not appreciate the musical greatness he was witnessing and experiencing, but i was lucky to be sitting near some very warm and friendly fans with whom i could exchange excited squeals and big smiles.

      the only problem is that i am so, so bummed that it’s over. next time around, i should be more than finished with my pesky degree, and ready for a few road trips…any takers? ;)

      shout out to pit 1, row 2!
      psssst! hi, kimberly. :)

    9. Rudy says:

      This was my posse bonus, this was my extry: the one show where I bit the bullet and flew out of state even though I didn’t have anyone I knew in Phoenix (I saw the Texas shows as it is my homestate, and shows in NYC and Oakland with friends). I was convinced by Ahmad to come out to Phoenix, and oh, how glad am I that I did!

      First off, soooo much thanks to The Regulars (Hang Ten, Honey, I Wanna Go Where She Goes!): Ahmad, John, Maria, Matt Page, Nina, Nicki (sp?) and all the other amazing people (there are so many and I don’t know how to spell most of your names) who put me up that night in Phoenix and who managed to get me 2nd row seats. You guys made this one of my best Tori experiences ever. It was a thrill to be that close for some of my favorite songs.

      This was my 20th Tori show, and for most of that time I have been waiting to hear Upside Down. I had seen Clyde in Houston and Oakland and had loved her, but I still hadn’t heard Upside Down. When Clyde played Oakland, I thought I’d have to wait until next tour. Then I heard she’d soundchecked Clyde and I crossed my fingers. I kept them crossed through Bouncing Off Clouds, Little Earthquakes, Juarez, Little Amsterdam . . . and then it came. And I was second row. I am listening to the bootleg right now and grinning like an idiot.

      As if that weren’t enough—Sweet Sangria (I’m from San Antonio), Space Dog, PURPLE PEOPLE!!!, Concertina (she debuted it when I saw her for the first time in Philly 99), Black Swan, Northern Lad, Father Lucifer, and Tear in Your Hand were all amazing and personal. I know everyone has that experience, and that’s what makes it great: all the shows are personal to a lot of people. My favorite moment had to be in Tear in Your Hand when she sang “Maybe she’s just pieces of me I’ve never seen,” which I’ve sometimes done in my car, so I yelled out “YES!” and I think she smiled at me. She certainly smiled in my general direction, and we’ll call that enough.

      Again, special thanks to Ahmad and John for shuffling my seats all the way to the front. Hope the rest of the tour is wonderful for you guys! Take care of yourselves, each other, and even the peeps who can only make it to one show a year. And thanks, as always, to Tori (and the dolls), Matt, Jon, and Dan for making this one of the best tours ever.

    10. amy young says:


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