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    Tour Status

    Tori is touring in 2017 to support the release of Native Invader. The European legs runs from early September through early October and the North American leg runs from late October to early December. We do not know if additional dates elsewhere will be added.

    Useful Tour Stuffs
    Current Release

    Native Invader (album, 2017)

    Copley Symphony Hall

    American Doll Posse Tour

    Date December 12, 2007
    City San Diego, CA
    Venue Copley Symphony Hall


    This was a two-doll show, Santa followed by Isabel. (Well, three dolls, if you count Tori, too.) Santa served drinks during Hoochie Woman. Tori apparently went off on a couple of girls up front around Code Red and had them booted. (Not sure what that was all about, but I’m sure someone will write about it.) Aw man, “Virginia”?! This boot is a must. Setlist via Nick on @.

    Act I (Santa)

    • Body And Soul
    • She’s Your Cocaine
    • Hoochie Woman
    • Raspberry Swirl

    Costume Change (Yo George jam)

    Act II (Isabel)

    • Yo George
    • Mountain
    • Tombigbee
    • Scarlet’s Walk

    Costume Change (Professional Widow jam)

    Act III (Tori)

    • Big Wheel
    • Cornflake Girl
    • Doughnut Song


    • “do you remember?” improv
    • Twinkle
    • Leather

    Band Returns

    • Your Cloud
    • Virginia
    • Code Red

    First Encore

    • Precious Things
    • Bliss

    Second Encore

    • Space Dog
    • Hey Jupiter


    This show will be available as an official bootleg via digital download from Legs & Boots.


    Body And Soul (recorded by butterfly0fdoom)

    She’s Your Cocaine (recorded by butterfly0fdoom)

    Hoochie Woman (recorded by butterfly0fdoom)

    Raspberry Swirl (recorded by butterfly0fdoom)

    Yo George (recorded by butterfly0fdoom)

    Mountain (recorded by butterfly0fdoom)

    Tombigbee (recorded by butterfly0fdoom)

    Big Wheel (recorded by butterfly0fdoom)

    Cornflake Girl (recorded by butterfly0fdoom)

    Doughnut Song (recorded by butterfly0fdoom)

    Virginia (recorded by butterfly0fdoom)

    Code Red (kicks two girls out around 2:28) (recorded by butterfly0fdoom)

    Precious Things (recorded by butterfly0fdoom)

    Bliss (recorded by butterfly0fdoom)

    Space Dog (recorded by butterfly0fdoom)


    1. justin says:

      just got back from the san diego show, and WOW.....! santa AND isabelle made appearances —plus we got mountain, tombigbee, doughnut song, virginia, and space dog! and hey jupiter was absolutely amazing —especially the end of it, with all the earnest and heartbreaking ‘ooooohhh’s…..made me well up and all [awww….]
      anyway, it was a total blast, and she kicked some first row bitches out, to boot!

    2. Jessica McKean says:

      I too, did not need to go to Oakland if I new what I was coming home to in San Diego.

      That had to be one of the most amazing shows I’ve seen! (And I have been to over 20.) Thank God for Tori, Izzy, and Santa. It was Amazing! Awesome!

      It was Bliss!

      I can’t wait to read about what the two chicks in the front row were doing for her to stop in the middle of Code Red and have those chicks thrown out!

      Just amazing. I am on cloud nine! I can only hope Anaheim and LA are just as good. And with that amazing show, I think I must make it to Santa Barbara!

    3. Rachel0814p says:

      The show was awesome tonight!! Santa, Isabel and Tori were ON FIRE! And the band was very impressive, never skipping a beat, even with a late show interruption…I’m dying to know what prompted Tori to tell 2 girls in the front row to, “Get the F*CK out!” Does anyone know??? I was in main center row T, too far back to see what pissed Tori off. But the crowd went nuts in appluse when Tori ordered them out!

    4. Whitney says:

      My oh my. That was a very wonderful show! Two of the Dolls! I couldn’t believe it…suprised the heck out of me. Good sound, intimate venue. I dug it. Tori totally stopped during Code Red and kicked someone out of the show! Crazy times. Does anyone know what that person did to piss off Tori so badly? She got up off her piano bench, stopped her band and told this person to “get the fuck out!”

    5. Stebbo says:

      It was ORGASMATRONIC OH WOW. My first Tori show (and my first concert ever), and, instead of killer late leg debuts, we get TWO DOLLS. I thought I was hallucinating when it sounded like the Yo George intro after Santa had disappeared for a long time.

      The show did have more SW than I would’ve hoped for, but she pulled out Virginia, Mountain, and Tombigbee (so hooray for goodness). Seeing Cocaine and Raspberry were incredible. It was like a dream setlist come true. The energy was high, and two people were kicked out by Tori during Code Red (Smitty materialized out of nowhere, I swear!).

    6. jess says:

      Tonight’s show was absolutely insane!!!

      First off, the Copley is an amazing place to see a show. Part gothic church, part music hall, all covered in gold leafing, it was an amazing place to take in the concert….

      Suffice to say, it was memorable for the appearance of two dolls! Santa started out with Body & Soul, and moved right into Cocaine and then deliciously into Hoochie Woman…. When she stood up and performed Raspberry Swirl, my world was complete!!! She left after the last chorus, and left the men to jam, and jam they did, which turned into an amazing dirge that powerfully droned into Izzy’s appearance from behind the gauze…

      I also noticed that the canopy that centers over Tori’s Bosey seemed to look an awful lot like Izzy’s bangs on the cover of ADP... but I digress

      After Izzy’s set, Tori’s set broke into delicious bite sized pieces…. During Code Red though…. wow….

      So what happened (from my view) was that a couple of girls decided to prep for the stage rush, and there’s no better place to do that than the front row…. so they help themselves to the empty seats (which I’m sure had people in them before, wherever they went. If I had front rows to Tori, the ground itself would have to swallow me whole to get me to move an inch) and the girls got into the seats, and somewhere in the middle of the first chorus (I think), she looked right at the girls and while the band was still going said “Excuse me…” then called them out for sitting in the front… “Sitting there in the front is a privelege, I give those seats to people who love music. Get the fuck out!” Then she stood up, stopped the band mid-note, and walked over to them “Get the fuck out, get out! This is my show… those aren’t your seats” and security went over and escorted the one girl out. After sitting back at the bench Tori called out the girls’ seatmate “You too, get out, that’s not your seat… get out” After kicking them out, she raised her hands and the band LAUNCHED into Code Red again, and after one measure, she started strong and clear… after that performance, and after that scene, not a singer person I could see started the stage rush until after the song was coming to an end…. so I rushed with them, and caught wonderful double song encores.

      Can’t wait to see what’s in store for Santa Barbara!!

    7. Joshua says:

      I wanted to check things out early, just what i thought, i was in the nick of time for the meet n greet. it was a small group, she talked to everyone for a few minutes each, when i got to the front, i was the second to last, i was so nervous. i introduced myself she greeted me with a warm hug and i told her i was so unprepared for this, all i have is a blank check as paper for you to sign, but that i wanted to show her something. 10 years ago, i got her tattooed on my shoulder, today i had the opportunity to show her and have her sign it, im going straight to the tattoo parlor tomorrow to have it permanently INKED (it is currently covered in packing tape so i dont smear it till tomorrow) later at the show we found our way to our seats, 6th rpw back in the center, not too shabby for josh! LOL. the set list was amazing,we were blessed with TWO dolls plus tori, but no improv… a little excitement during code red, Two Girls in the audience had been going in and out all nite they were totally distracting and rude, during the middle of the song, tori stops and says,” Get the fuck out of my show!” she explained,” it’s a privilege to sit in the front row and i reserve those seats for people who appreciate music, get the fuck out!” it was AWSOME, great show, best ever!!!

    8. Amber says:

      The show opened with Santa, which was fine by me; I was very eager to hear Raspberry Swirl. Tori strutted and sassed about the stage as Santa, beginning with Body and Soul and continuing with She’s Your Cocaine (YUM), Hoochie Woman (YAY! Tori dished out Mojitos and rubbed alcohol on her body as well as flicking it at the front row) and Raspberry Swirl (OMFGYAY!). We got up to dance for Swirl. In my excitement for Swirl, it didn’t quite click with me that it was awfully early in Santa’s set for Swirl… And then, Tori left the stage as the band continued to jam the ending. “That was the shortest Santa set ever!” Ashley commented. Suze looked back to us and mouthed, “Where did she go?!” I shrugged. Ashley mused aloud about there being two dolls, and to our complete surprise, that’s exactly what happened! Tori returned as Isabel to the sounds of the intro to Yo George, and did a mini-Isabel set of Yo George, Mountain, Tombigbee and Scarlet’s Walk. I was disappointed to not hear Almost Rosey, but the two doll combo alone was worth it.

      Costume change #2. Tori returned and launched into Big Wheel as per the norm, only to introduce the band and launch into Cornflake Girl. WTF? Where’s the second song that comes before CFG? Doughnut Song arrived, and I was thrilled to finally hear it this tour; it was as gorgeous as I hoped for, although I’m sad she cut the “Something’s just keeping you numb”. And then…. solo time? Already? This show was making me dizzy with confusion. The solo section fell completely flat for me – Twinkle, which admittedly was better live this tour than in previous ones, and was preceded by a beautiful improv about ‘remembering’ someone from before, and Leather (ugh). Your Cloud was lovely, but too mellow on the heels of a lacklustre solo section, but Virginia revived me. Code Red started amazing… and then suddenly Tori stopped and threw two girls out of the show from the front row, angrily ranting about how those seats were “her seats” and “sitting in front is a privilege’. Crazy! The song restarted even more furiously. Tori’s been throwing security guards out of shows as well this tour – fiesty moody Tori is BACK!

      The encores were solid – Precious Things which is always a treat; Bliss, which rocked out with its bad self; Space Dog, which felt weird in the encores but was still fun to dance to; and the predictable Hey Jupiter, which was still worth it if only for the way Tori belted out the “I know he isn’t you” at the end. Overall, a satisfying show, but the middle kinda dropped off. The setlist had Past The Mission in the encore instead of Bliss and Take Me With You as the sole solo song (which would have been infinitely better!). The presence of Past The Mission was amusing; if only she’d played it!

    9. Steph says:

      Welly well well. What a fun night that was. We had 3rd row tickets and the journey was funky. Yoav was wonderful, super talented.

      Tori was in fine form. This was my 5th time seeing her, the first was at Copely in 1996. I want to know what the people in the front row who follow her "dolligently" do for a living. The whole thing rocked. I was super stoked to hear Virginia. Tori is my hero for stopping mid song and telling some bims up front to get the F**k out! She then started Code Red over. Love it!!

      Scarlets Walk with a little lamp. One of my favorite songs.

      She is in incredible shape.

    10. Jeffrey Anne says:

      Wow…I am so fucking happy I flew out to California yesterday!!! Tori brought “multiple personality disorder” to a whole other level last night!!Tori/Santa/Izzy did NOT disappoint last night!! WOW. Her and the band were so fucking tight and she was totally ON ON ON last night. Quick! STOP what you are doing right now and DOWNLOAD THIS SHOW RIGHT NOW!! You will not be disappointed!! I think this is my fave show of the tour this far…it was Syracuse and the 1st Boston but I think this might have surpassed those. And not just because of the surprise doll trio…but just the pure QUALITY of last night.

      I knew right away that something huge was going to happen as she hopped right into Swirl right after Hoochie. Then when she ran off with the mojitos backstage… Then when the band started playing something that sounded like DATURA...I just about flipped out. I actually thought it was DATURA and began frantically dialing all my friends on the east coast and waking them up (sorry guys!!). LOL...while it turned out to be “only” a rocking into to Yo George…it was still worth it. TWO DOLLS for the price of one!!

      I really LOVE Mountain live. And Tombigbee, as always, was delicious. And the lantern really does add something to Scarlet’s Walk but I must say the robotic dancing in the beginning is a little awkward and distracting. I think she is going for some kind of sullen Trail of Tears march but it looks like an 80s S-a-f-e-t-y D-a-n-c-e or something to that effect.

      It was strange to get Cornflake Girl right after Big Wheel but I guess getting two dolls in the beginning would alter the setlist considerably such that Tori wouldn’t go over her time. Doughnut Song was great…she gave it the Bells for Her treatment…long, drawn-out, and beautiful intro on both piano and keyboard.

      Twinkle was great…cute short improv into that about “do you remember?”

      Leather…eh…I usually go to the bathroom whenever she plays this because I get so sick of it and it really doesn’t resonate with me. But I just looked around and the crowd was going wild and I just figured, well, then it must be me. Obviously, everyone is going crazy over this…let me just stay and see if I can come to peace with Leather. And ACTUALLY, I think we have reconciled our differences LOL. It was an 8-year war, but I am happy to report it is now over. :)

      Loved that last night was Scarlet-heavy. Flying into California yesterday reminded me of how beautiful and geographically diverse this country is. (I cannot wait to jam to fairytale later while driving on the 101 later today…I know, I am a nerd.) Your Cloud into Virginia was just great.

      THEN Code RUDE. I mean, I am sure I will get the story from my friends in the front row later tonight in Santa Barb. But from where I was sitting (front row of balcony), I could see everything. Two of the front row peeps got up to go to the bathroom or something and I guess two girls from elsewhere saw this is an opportunity to penetrate the inner sanctum and sit in the front row so they could be right there and avoid the whole blood and armour battle of rushing to the stage after Code Red. People don’t realize that while Tori is onstage concentrating on everything that goes into putting on a great show, she is also VERY aware of what’s going on in the audience. She knows everyone is the first row because she gives these tickets to the same people every night. Thus, when she saw these two faces she didn’t recognize, she flipped her lid. How apropos that this little outburst followed the line “what you stole I would have given freely”. Ha. Couldn’t have been more perfect. Download the boot just for that, LOL.

      It’s also refreshing she is changing up the encore songs a bit. Nice to have a little Space Dog jam before she came back out for encore #2. Always keeping it fresh and interesting.

      She definitely was inspired tonight. I can only hope she will be just as amazing tonight as my friend is flying in from Texas tonight and has never seen her before. (And has graciously put up with me raving about her for a couple years now…)

      My friends in the front row also told me before the show that at the M&G Tori told them that she had a few tricks up her sleeve for the final few shows of the tour. So hold tight and hang ten, honey!

      P.S. San Diego, can you take me in for a few more weeks? New York, you can keep you damn snow and sleet for now! Blegh.

      See you all in Santa Barb tonight!! :)

    11. Duncan says:

      Great Fucking Show!

      Space Dog was great!

      I was lucky enough to hear her play two full songs during the sound check prior to the start of the show and was blown away from the start, Tori is amazing. I was surprised that during sound check, I was the only one out of 50+ people in attendance to start clapping when she walked on stage. Who are these people that get to go see her play a private concert and can’t even muster a clap? Maybe all you girls were shy.

      I have been reading some of the reviews and a lot of people are talking about bad sound. Who are these people and have they ever been to a concert before. The drums & bass were too loud some people wrote? What the Fuck, I’m not sure if drums and bass can be too loud, it’s a fucking concert people and they're a “band” that’s what they do. The sound was GREAT!!! I saw TOOL Monday night and Tori’s sound was even better than theirs, doesn’t that say it all.

      I love the idea of her being able to get into character and express her different personalities by becoming a different Doll each night. For those out there that didn’t understand who and what Santa is supposed to be, it could have been a shocker, but for those with a frame of reference, it’s better than ever.

      When I go to a concert, I go there to see the performance that that performer wants to give me. I do not go shows with a preconceived idea of what I consider to be an ideal show, that type of approach leaves one disappointed. I’m there to hear what Tori has for me, not the other way around. Change your Tampons and stop your complaining, a lot of you are sounding like a bunch of grumpy bitches. Tori Amos on a bad night still kills most other bands on their best night.

      I’m looking forward to meeting her in Anaheim this Saturday and will be attending the L.A show as well, so if any of you grumpy bitches need help changing those Tampons, please let me know.

    12. B says:

      to clarify the Code Red incident… there were two girls in the front row that were getting up during songs and coming back with drinks, taking pictures of themselves, texting on their phones, and having conversations between themselves. Tori obviously finally got fed up with this and asked them to get the fuck out of her show and said that it was a privilege to sit in her front row.

    13. Rowena Hilton says:

      well it was my first tori experience. my girl and i had great seats row A ya’ll right in the left side. and there was no one in front so we had a great view toris beautiful and her music is breath taking. i loved the whole show evn though i only knew about 5 songs cant wait to do it again.

    14. Courtney says:

      I was also in the soundcheck before the show where Tori played Lust and Black Dove. One person clapped when she came out and made him/herself look like a total douche. She’s walking on stage for a soundcheck, not to receive the Nobel Prize. It is informal. Both songs were really wonderful and it was great to see her play with so few people around.

      The show! The two dolls caught me totally off guard. When Santa paraded offstage and the band started jamming, I knew it right then that Izzy was coming out! Her dancing moves at the beginning of Scarlet’s Walk definitely channeled the Cornflake Dance of days past. I thought her playing and singing was tight all the way through and she seemed to really enjoy herself. This was the first time I had seen Tori with a guitarist as part of the band and Dan Phelps was a welcome addition.

      It was truly another well-played show by Tori and I look forward to seeing what other surprises she is going to pull out for the last two shows.

    15. zephyrsmom says:

      I had gold VIP ticket, in row Q under the balcony behind some drunk girls who swayed, stood, and sang through the show. To my right someone barfed so they removed the whole row, a major distraction. I got so pissed during donut because I couldn’t see that I left and then the ushers were kind enough to let me stand in the back where I could see the remainder of the show. Definitely not worth the $125+service charge.

      VIP Experience Plus: Black Dove was great as a soundcheck, with lighting and all. I do believe I clapped lightly when she came out, not the usual getting up and cheering that I do when she comes out for a full show. When we left soundcheck, Dan was nice enough to wave me good-bye. Chelsea is a sweetheart.

      Virginia was the best I’ve heard in a long time. The kicking out part was hysterical, but I am surprised it didn’t come sooner. Take me With You was on the setlist for T&Bo instead of the Twinkle/Leather combo. Past the Mission was also on the setlist for the encores but not played. Yo George rocked, sounded like a Cure song at the beginning while we waited to see what in the world was going to happen since Santa ran off stage without finishing Swirl.

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