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    Tour Status

    Tori is touring in 2017 to support the release of Native Invader. The European legs runs from early September through early October and the North American leg runs from late October to early December. We do not know if additional dates elsewhere will be added.

    Useful Tour Stuffs
    Current Release

    Native Invader (album, 2017)

    Arlington Theatre

    American Doll Posse Tour

    Date December 13, 2007
    City Santa Barbara, CA
    Venue Arlington Theatre


    Thanks Jimmy and jamesy for sending it in!

    Tori stopped “Toast” after starting it, sang a little improv about “E.Q.” and then restarted and completed “Toast”.

    Act I – Clyde

    • Bouncing Off Clouds
    • Little Earthquakes
    • Juarez
    • Rattlesnakes
    • Little Amsterdam
    • Beauty of Speed

    Costume Change (Professional Widow jam)

    Act II – Tori

    • Big Wheel
    • Parasol
    • Spark
    • Cornflake Girl
    • Lust
    • Black Dove (January)

    T & Bö

    • “buried my son today” improv
    • Alamo
    • Toast

    Band Returns

    • Past the Mission
    • Talula
    • Code Red


    • Precious Things
    • Tear In Your Hand


    This show is not being released by Legs & Boots.


    Juarez (posted by PeelOutTheWatchword)

    Lust (posted by PeelOutTheWatchword)

    buried my son improv (posted by sakreh)

    Alamo (posted by PeelOutTheWatchword)

    EQ improv (posted by PeelOutTheWatchword)

    Toast (posted by sakreh)

    Past The Mission (posted by sakreh)

    Talula (posted by batsuze)

    Talula (posted by LittleQueenbee77)


    1. peacebitch says:

      I had a ticket for the 4th row but honestly I left after watching yet another night of the nauseating front row regs get their allotment of tickets from Smitty.

      There is a sub group of traveling fans who actually pay for tickets who sure deserve an upgrade probably more than the NON paying same people show after show.

      I can’t do it any longer. I cant’ sit back and be spiritually fit while watching the leaches swarm Smitty for tickets night after night AND get in without paying. When Smitty and management are not around these obnoxious arrogant people are horrific shallow humans and it is ridiculous that they can’t be bothered to buy tickets. ( I will give them credit in that between 20 or so of them they may buy a couple of tix and share the leftovers with each other when they all dont get in the front) Also some of the fans were working on a project while waiting around. I will not say what it is so that the surprise if not blown but what I know is that one of the male regs made vile and toxic remarks. WHAT MAKES ANY OF YOU THINK YOU CAN SIT IN JUDGMENT OF ANYONE. At least the people you were trashing pay for their tickets AND get along with other.

      I understand Tori sound checked Tallulah. What a shame if I missed that but honestly I just could not do another show with the BS that goes on.

      It is truly unfortunate that there is not more fairness. I dont know who died and let ‘the blond’ bitch be in charge and get her front row center seat night after night.

      Sorry for the vent but that was my experience after BUYING my ticket and driving to the show…. I just walked away.

      And I am okay with it because I am far more spiritually fit than the oxygen/ticket pirates that infest the front row. (some of the front row are not nearly as vile BUT you people still are standoffish most times and cliquey)

    2. eema says:

      Clyde was so beautiful tonight at the Arlington!
      I loved Past the Mission, Black Dove, and Precious things. She had a really good energy and she commented on how she only had three shows left and thanked everyone for coming. I really enjoyed it! My sister who has only been to see Tori a couple times said this was the best show she has seen. THANKS TORI! :)

    3. Samantha B. says:

      Tonight was a spectacular show!
      Clyde opened with ‘Bouncing Off Clouds’, and then Tori performed. There were no double performances like last night’s in San Diego, unfortunately. However, Tori seemed happy and enthusiastic, and performed some of my favorite songs one after another. Some highlights tonight included ‘Talula’, ‘Lust’, ‘Spark’, ‘Little Earthquakes’, ‘Cornflake Girl’, and ‘Precious Things.’ The set ended with ‘Tear in Your Hand.’

      Come back soon, Tori!

    4. Jimmy says:

      I was hoping for Pip but got Clyde, and I was still absolutely amazed. Definite highlights of her set are Juarez and Little Amsterdam.

      Tori’s set was also amazing. I think the best songs had to be Parasol, Lust, Black-Dove, Alamo, and Talula. Lust live is one of the best things I have ever heard. I hadn’t heard it since the SLG tour, and it definitely has taken new form. It was also nice the way she switched up Talula.

      Overall, Tori was just phenomenal. Her voice sounds better than ever.

      THAT BEING SAID..........I was in the second row, and what the fuck is wrong with the people in the front row. Get off the Ecstasy or Meth that you have been on since the beginning of the tour and start coming down because the tour is almost fucking over. It is really a shame, because I looked around me and I saw the majority of people just wanting to connect with an amazing Tori Amos concert…..and these people in the front row are not even tastefully dancing. They look like they are having an epileptic seizure. The woman in front of me looked like a 40 year old prostitute that no one would even pay 50 cents for. She was like fucking masterbating in her chair, I kid you not. Oh, and she smelled of death!! I was so disgusted and I am going to stop myself before I get all worked up…...

      Anyway, if you can ignore the obnoxious behavior of some people, Tori puts on an amazing show. Her music is truly out of this world.

    5. Jeffrey Anne says:

      Another great show last night. Was afraid I was going to miss it…they don’t mess around with this LA traffic. My friend landed in Long Beach at 6 pm and we somehow got to Santa Barb and were in our seats just as the lights were going down.

      Surprised Pip didn’t come out but nice to see Clyde as it’s been awhile since I have seen her (Boston).

      I about dropped dead when she did Black Dove and Alamo as my friend who flew in comes from Texas and it was his first time seeing her. It was like she knew. What was with the death theme though? And I guess the relgious thread to with all the old missionaries in this area.

      Talula was another nice surprise!! Loved it!!

    6. Mary says:

      This was my 3rd Tori show but first (and only) for The ADP Tour. I was so hoping for Santa (as were the nice girls I sat next to, Dana and…I didn’t get the other girl’s name but she was British and had on a beautiful engagement ring!) But we got Clyde, whom was my favorite doll in the beginning and my 2nd choice. I know lots have said her set is more mellow but I LOVED her and her songs. Bouncing Off Clouds was a great opener and went perfectly with the others. Little Earthquakes was beautiful and i’ve always wanted to hear Juarez live and I wasn’t disappointed. Rattlesnakes and Amsterdam were good, never been huge faves but the crowd seemed really into them. Beauty Of Sound surprised me as I loved it and was a little sad to say Goodbye to Clyde but man, the Prof. widow re-mix for the “intermission” ROCKED THE HOUSE! I loved the light effects and Jon and Dan playing along to the track. You could really feel the excitement and anticipation for the “real” Tori building up and she was so cute and full of life when she finally hit the stage-seemed in a really good, playful mood. Big Wheel was super fun and I know shes been following that up with Crucify often and I could’ve taken or leave that so I was glad we got Parasol instead. SO excited and surprised to hear Spark!! One of my most favorites from Choirgirl. She chatted a bit before Cornflake, saying how the tour is almost over and I think she said something about this being the only show for some of us, I think thats what she said so I yelled “MEEEEE!” lol. She introduced the guys and mentioned that Dan joined them this year, I thought he was excellent! Lust, which I heard in the exact same theatre on the Scarlet tour, was particularly beautiful. The T and BO part was alright, she told us about all the requests she's been getting and if you don’t hear what you want, “Well then too fucking bad!” lol. The improve about burying your son, and I think she sung “Grandmother” as well, was very pretty, as was Alamo which I hadn’t heard before. I thought “Oh shit” when she started Toast, cannot tell you why but I just have never taken to that one, even though it is quite poignant since its about her brother. But when she fucked up and did the E.Q improv it was hilarious and actually made Toast more enjoyable for me when she returned to it. LOVED Past The Mission!! Then Talula and Code Red brought the house down, wasn’t sure if I thought Code Red was going to be a good closure, but it very much was.

      I have waited since I discovered Tori to hear Precious Things live, and now I finally have! I thought it was great and Tear is another fave I’ve never heard so I really was happy with that. But no Hey Jupiter?? Figured she’d come back and do that one. Oh well. All in all, an excellent concert….except for the tall person in front of me that made it tough to see at times.

      I got there at 2:30 and was sooooo hopeful there’d be a M&G, we all really thought there would be and at the start it seemed like Smitty did, too, but he was back by 4:45 saying “Sorry, Guys”. I’ve never met Tori and am wondering if I ever will….maybe I’ll just stick to adoring her music. I really wanted to ask her to consider Peeping Tommi BUT the afternoon was not a total-loss as I met some wonderful Toriphiles and really loved everyone!! It was so great to meet Julienne, Jennifer, Allison, Ursula, Nikki, Eva, Jane, Lauren, the blonde girl with the Versace sunglasses (lol), The girl with the Long’s photo dept. envelope with the pic of her and Tori (lol) and everyone else….I feel like such a shy anti-social loser around new people but I really loved meeting everyone and hope to again! I’ll be in-touch with the ones I got e-mails from!!!

    7. Lauren says:

      This show was so fucking awesome!!!

      I was there at 2:00 with my mom, and we waited around for Tori until 5:00 when Smitty officially said no meet and greet today. That was disappointing, but I got to meet so many awesome Toriphiles while waiting! (Hi Mary!!! Natalie [glad you enjoyed the soundcheck!], Allison, and all you other awesome people!) Hope you guys get to hear those songs you wanted at the next two shows!

      So, Yoav was wonderful, as usual!
      His set:
      -There is Nobody
      -Club Thing
      -Wake Up
      -Where is my Mind? (The Pixies)
      -Beautiful Lie

      After There is Nobody, he greeted the crowd and this girl in the back yelled, “I wanna have your babies!!!” and he got this huge, embarrassed smile and said, “Yeah, never heard that one before…” But he was obviously flattered… (Also, I can guarantee that’s not the last time he’ll hear that…)

      I saw Clyde on Sunday, but was happy to see her again!

      The first three songs were wonderful, high energy, and Tori was really feeding off of the crowd’s energy. The keyboard on Rattlesnakes was nice and loud, and that song is so damn rhythmic live!!! I hadn’t heard Little Amsterdam live before, so that was a treat, and I loved watching Tori go back and forth and back and forth from the keyboard to the piano… Beauty of Speed is one of my favorites from ADP, and I’ll never tire of it. The lights are a wonderful complement, particularly at the “see the colors changing” part.

      I laughed out loud at Tori’s leopard jumpsuit. So fun.

      I was really happy to hear Parasol as it’s one of my favorites from TBK, and it comes alive live.

      Spark was so powerful, and the harpsi keyboard effect is fabulous. Tori said some lovely things before Cornflake Girl, and then of course, the piano solos amazed me again. The piano into to Lust was really intricate and she was improvising off the motif a lot. Black Dove was so powerful at the “have to get to Texas” part, everyone was rocking out, losing it along with Tori. She nailed it. No flubs… :)

      The “buried my son today” improv was touching and heartbreaking and beautiful. I imagine someone at the VIP meet and greet told her a story, or she was remembering a story, but it was really personal, and then…

      Alamo. I cried and cried. It was so shocking, and so amazing. Tori had mentioned before the improv that she’s getting so many requests, and she’s trying as hard as she can, and if she doesn’t do your request, then “too fucking bad” lol and I knew something rare was coming, but nothing could have prepared me for this. The “tears on my pillow” part was so perfect. She changed it up a little bit, saying “somebody just, somebody invent the telephone line.”

      She started Toast, and it was pretty but sounded a little off, and everyone was still getting choked up, and then she cleared her throat and said, “Let’s try this again,” and she went into an improv about her “EQ” [dunno what that means… some techno sound term…] being off, and how she’s a pain in the ass because when she was a kid, she produced herself, and she’s used to everything being a certain way, and it must be that certain way… Then she did Toast, which is so heart-wrenching, I don’t even know how she can perform it without losing it, but she kept it together until the end of this beautiful, beautiful version, and I thought I saw her wipe away a tear after she finished Toast.

      As it’s Santa Barbara, I thought it’d be very appropriate for her to play Past the Mission, and I’m really glad she did… it was perfect, and I’m fascinated with watching her play the Hammond; it’s such a neat instrument…

      Talula was a shock. I got part of it on film, which was nice… The intro was Tori playing the keyboard set as a harpsi, and she was singing “sugar, sugar, feel her, sugar” over and over again, and then instead of the chorus, she sang, “ai-yai-yai-yai don’t wanna lose her, now that I’ve found ai-yai-yai” and then the rest of the song was done as usual…

      Precious Things rocked the house as usual. I was really happy to hear Tear In Your Hand, because I prefer this song live, and it was really sweet, with Tori waving goodbye to us throughout the song, it was a very poignant way to end the show!

      To all the awesome Ears with Feet whom I met at the meet-and-greet-that-wasn’t, see you in LA, or, if not… email me. Love you girls!

    8. char says:

      Amazing show and set list. If I am not mistaken this is not slated for legs and boots. I hope they change their mind.

      I thought the meet and greet crowd was amazing. It was super chill.

    9. LoonSanzFlute says:

      I was there too in the second row and enjoyed every moment of Tori’s show last night. The crowd near me was on the mellower side and did not detract from the show at all. I have been attending Tori’s concerts since 1991 and she continues to out perform herself with each passing tour. Last night’s show was wonderful…her stamina was amazing and she continues to look as radiant as ever!

      The set list was great and it is the first time I have ever heard songs from each one of her albums on the same night! As if spanning the discography with her setlist was not enough, I was completely thrilled by Alamo. It was the first time I have heard it performed live ever, (many fans near me did not even know the song). My favorite songs of the night included Parasol, Code Red, Little Amsterdam, and Spark.

      The lighting for this tour is marvelous. Oh and since nobody else mentioned them, Clyde’s silver heels were absolutely adorable!

      As an aside…as a long time fan, who pays for her seats, I think its GREAT that TORI cares enough about her fans to grant free tickets and upgrades in the first place. Yes, perhaps there are some fans who abuse the gesture time and time again but I have also seen many deserving fans with crappy seats receive front row upgrades over the years. Let’s not forget that many fans are appreciative and I think it’s very generous of Tori to be so good to us!

    10. Erica says:

      Last night was my first ADP show, and I will be attending her last show at the NOKIA on Sunday.

      After last nights show…WOW. She could get up on stage and sing the ABC’s and I will still be on cloud 9 from her show at the Arlington. I had Platinum VIP and it was so much more than I expected. I had heard rumors that things were disorganized, that the staff was awful and that there was a chance we would not get to meet Tori or take our pic with her. But…I was at the sound check as promised, had a very special item signed, as promised, and had my photo taken with the most amazing artist out there! Tori was amazing and so genuine, I will never be able to replace last night!!!

      Her set list was amazing and I was mesmerized. I must admit, the people in the front row were pretty annoying, but I am adult enough to realize it is probably more because I am jealous that they are up there!!! How do they get those tickets for EVERY SHOW!!!!????? Anyway, I expected them to be standing throughout the entire show, but they really only stood for a couple songs and they weren’t that bad honestly. More annoying were the people that kept trying to get into those seats than the ones actually in them. I honestly can’t complain, I was in the 3rd row center and loved every second of her show!!! Thank you Tori for taking the time out to meet with your fans and being so amazing.

      Can’t wait til Sunday!!!!!

    11. zephyrsmom says:

      This was the best show of the tour for me and unfortunately the last because I got too sick to continue on to the end. Alamo was excellent, Past the Mission, and Talula were highlights. The “big bird” bridge was awesome. Little Amsterdam was well done with weird sounds from Dan.

      The meet and greet was fun even though Tori didn’t come out to see us. I went to 7 shows and she only came out once, with no announcement until the last minute. Why did I waste my time? Because there are some beautiful west coasties that I grew to know over the last two weeks that made it all worthwhile. Twas healing to paint (“The Wrong/Photon Band with Colors Changing”) in my hometown at the meet and greet, even though a certain clique of regs were talking smack about our painting, but I am used to such nonsense after 10 years of touring west coast.

      Weird thing: Smitty came out with a handful of front row tickets, stopped right in front of me as if to hand me one, then walked past me to a group of people who I consciously chose long ago not to associate with due to value differences. As Smitty handed out tickets, more and more regs swarmed around him, so I went up to the periphery of the crowd to see what was happening. Smitty handed a ticket to the person on my left, looked at my face, and then handed a ticket to the person on my right, continuing on until he was out. This is probably because Tori doesn’t want people like me in the front row even though I have paid for and attended 64 shows, I guess that’s not good enough. As Tori said in San Diego, those tickets are for her guests (i.e., a specified clique of regs) and it is a privilege to sit in the front row. It was truly an educational experience.

      It’s ok because the show itself was great even though I was again stuck behind screaming/singing/drunk girls who stood up through Past the Mission and Talula.

    12. Necie says:

      This was by far my fave in terms of the set list..mostly due to Black Dove and Lust..hehe..

      The ONLY drawback was the girl sitting next to my boyfriend..and anyone sitting in the rightside floor sections near row N will agree: I call her The Screamer.

      Now, when showing appreciation, a “wooooo!!!” or a “FUCK YEAH!!” paired with excited clapping is a given. But must one SCREAM as though being raped in the ass by a red hot poker at the beginning of every song..at every lighting change..and the start of every chorus..and then randomly on top of that?!

      But even through that I was able to focus on Tori and those awesome gems I was fortunate enough to hear.

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