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    Tori is touring in 2017 to support the release of Native Invader. The European legs runs from early September through early October and the North American leg runs from late October to early December. We do not know if additional dates elsewhere will be added.

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    Current Release

    Native Invader (album, 2017)

    The Grove

    American Doll Posse Tour

    Date December 15, 2007
    City Anaheim, CA
    Venue The Grove


    Thanks once again to jamesy for the details!

    Act I – Pip

    • Cruel
    • Teenage Hustling
    • Heart of Gold
    • The Waitress

    Body and Soul jam

    Act II – Santa, pouring drinks as she took the stage

    • Body and Soul
    • She’s Your Cocaine
    • You Can Bring Your Dog
    • Raspberry Swirl

    Professional Widow Jam

    Act III – Tori

    • Big Wheel
    • Cornflake Girl
    • Liquid Diamonds

    T & Bö

    • Carbon
    • Take Me With You

    Band Returns

    • Pretty Good Year
    • Hotel
    • Code Red

    First Encore – Tori

    • Precious Things
    • Tear In Your Hand

    Second Encore – Pip, sipping Santa’s drink

    • Suede


    This show is not available from Legs & Boots as an official download.


    Teenage Hustling (posted by sakreh)

    Heart of Gold (posted by sakreh)

    Take Me With You (posted by shebrksmysiren)

    Suede (posted by vivatornado)


    1. Heather says:

      Just back from one of the most incredible shows on the tour! Not only did we get Double Dolls (Pip and Santa); but Pip came BACK for the second encore and did a killer version of Suede. The Grove is general admission, standing room and the crowd was grooving on Tori’s energy. Dancing, singing and yelling – but, somehow it worked (at least from where I was standing, which was pretty close to the stage). Tori was obviously enjoying the rowdiness tonight, commenting mid-set that she loved playing ‘standing rooms’. Pip opened the show with a searing, curse-filled rendition of Cruel. She then immediately went into Heart of Gold, before finishing with Teenage Hustling. Santa poured the mojitos and did her usual ADP songs, as well as Raspberry Swirl – which everyone was crazy about. I didn’t keep track of the setlist – but, it was full of favorites. Pretty Good Year was a standout for me, as was Liquid Diamonds. I get the feeling that Tori is taking full advantage of these last chances to vamp it up as Pip, Is, Santa and Clyde. I highly recommend catching the LA show to anyone who is in the area.

    2. char says:

      The show was amazing.

      This was one of the best shows in my opinion. Some of us got there early. Yet I guess we are the non important traveling folks as we had to wait outside while the important fans were allowed early access to the venue. Oh well, I enjoyed talking with everyone.

      I had a great place on the second tier.

      Take Me With Yyou

      [Embedded above -- thanks!]

      I also have Pip doing Suede for the last song, I just need to upload.

    3. Sage Brushfire says:

      OH MY GOD

      This show was amazing.
      I got there about 5 hours early with my best friend Sarah. There were at least 80-100 people in front of us and VIP people got in first. Somehow, despite this fact, WE GOT IN THE FRONT ROW, Right against the barricade!

      People were acting stupid, they were so pessimistic about getting up front because of the VIPs that they were flocking to the second row back and I was like “hell I see a spot right there!”

      We met a lot of nice people and it was so magical. Her voice was remarkable and better than EVER before.

      A friend we met asked us what songs we really wanted to hear and my friend said that all she really wanted was Take Me With You and all I could think about was “I want Pip to play Suede”.

      When Tori played Take Me With You during T & Bo we nearly pissed ourselves, but when she came out for the second encore dressed as Pip and played Suede, I nearly had a heart attack. I had the stupidest smile on my face through the whole song and I swear Tori must have looked right at me because halfway though she started smiling and trying to hold back a giggle.

      It was the best night of my life. The set list was Wonderful. Santa and Pip were GREAT and it’s a CRYING, BALLING shame that there are no boots for it! Pretty Good Year was awesome and I’ve never heard such a wildly nasty Cruel! It’s up there with the Chicago show!

      People weren’t too bad and there wasn’t a bad rush to the venue when the doors opened, I was impressed. Everyone who was there by at least 5:45 had a great shot at great seats. I still can’t believe I was but 15 feet away from her, I wanna smack myself for forgetting my camera.

      On a sad note, a girl right next to us totally fainted and had to be carried out. She looked terribly thin and she probably got there early and never ate. She must have been PISSED about missing the concert, she fainted not 10 minutes before Tori came out.

      Also I wish there had been some improv but the Pip encore was enough for me.

    4. Chucky says:

      When Pip opened the show, I felt like it was 1996 again. If anyone was at KROQ’s Almost Acoustic Christmas and got to see Tori do Losing My Religion into Precious Things and Little Earthquakes, you know what I’m talking about. The intensity and flow of this set was so refreshing for me to see as an older “fan”. I have no idea how she’s going to top this show tomorrow night at the Nokia Theatre but I can’t wait! Even though I’m still recovering from tonight…

    5. Mike M. says:

      OK OK! So i hope this isn’t too long. this was my first tori concert so it’s a big deal for me. got in line with my friend Jaren at 11am since it was a general admission show, 30th people in line. by the time we were admitted, we were easily at least people #100. I’ve gotta say some Tori fans (some, not all of course) may be die-hard Toriphiles, but they’re just f***ing inconsiderate and have no principles. Uhhh, with that off my chest..

      PIP and SANTA appeared!! I was thrilled. Pip in the rubber pants with Cruel, Heart of Gold, Teenage Hustling, and The Waitress, flawless. Santa came out pouring her drinks and slathering her body with it and flicking drops at the audience: cute. We got Body and Soul, She’s Your Cocaine, You Can Bring Your Dog, and Raspberry Swirl. Tori gave us Liquid Diamonds, Hotel (flawless), among other great songs. I especially loved Take Me With You during the T & Bo. act. One of the best was SUEDE for the final encore.

      I can’t wait to see her 14 hours from now at the Nokia Theater. And also, Yoav is BRILLIANT!! I bought his CD and it’s great. I’d pay to see him live. And while we were in line, some woman gave us poster boards to draw something Tori-related on them. I drew Space Dog, though it looks like he had the body of a mammoth. :) I wish this would be released as a live boot but I don’t see that happening with Heart of Gold being in there. :\ hope to see some of you there tomorrow!

    6. OCSpaceDog79 says:

      Okay, so…I love Tori. Don’t get me wrong. I have yet to contribute to this site (and let me say you are doing a wonderful job) even though I check the set lists every morning. I have never been a rabid fan (it’s you guys who keep us informed and I am grateful for that). I usually hit around 2-3 shows per tour. However, with that said…I have a bit of an issue I’d like to share about last night’s show. The set list…AMAZING, until the last song. Tori returned as Pip, the crowd went crazy, and then she performed the greatest of Buzz Kills…Suede. What the heck (I’ll clean it up for the kids) was that? I mean, I can think of at least 20 other songs, as Pip, that would’ve rocked the house and left us all feeling pretty good (year). Alas, not tonight…this choice (and my theory is it was a request) was a bomb. Casual fans and first timers were streaming out. After all the standing (show time on the ticket said 8:30, the damn doors did not open until 8:30 and the majority of the crowd had shown up around 7:30…waited outside in the lovely 52 degree weather only to find themselves packed like sardines inside the venue) the show could have a least ended on either an emotional note or a rock your socks off number. Great set list…love Tori…going tonight, but greatly looking forward to my seat!

      By the way, even though she said she loved standing room shows, please don’t ever do one again…or ask your fans to make sure to utilize a positive amount of deodorant and/or cologne before attending as well as the venue to keep the air conditioner going. It was mighty unpleasant along with the overall inability to see the whole show.

      On a positive note, Pretty Good Year, Pip’s curse-induced version of Cruel, and Take me with you were incredible highlights. I can’t wait for tonight. Neither can my feet!

    7. Jeffrey Anne says:

      BEST SHOW OF TOUR!!! People are saying that they are hesitant in going to the last show because they don’t see how she could possibly top the Anaheim performance. But I am keeping the faith…I think she still has a few more tricks up her sleeve.

      Yesterday was full of anxiety. I didn’t know whether or not I would be shut out of the show until 6 pm… Obviously, “sold out” never truly means sold out, I don’t care what anyone says. And “where there is a will, there is a way”. Found mine on craigslist two hours before the show. (Thanks, Jennifer, from Yorba Linda! You are a lifesaver!). My friend, Jorge, from Puerto Rico flew in a few hours before the show and was without a ticket literally right up until Pip came on. One mysteriously “turned up” at the box office and I guess the stars aligned and he got one for free. Thus, for both of us, traveling thousands of miles to come to a “sold out” show that we didn’t have tickets in advance for is a little crazy…but THANK HEAVEN it worked out in the end.

      Pip was on FIRE. It just sucked because I could barely hear the expletives monologue because the crowd was so excited and literally screaming over her. I kind of had a feeling we’d be treated to two dolls as someone had seen the crew playing with drink glasses sidestage and then Pip’s center mic came out. And it was decidedly for sure once she played Waitress 4 songs in.

      Santa came out next with pure sass. She was in a HOT white sparkly overcoat…almost looked like a lab coat…which she slipped off right before going up to the piano and swinging it in the air. She literally almost (playfully) dumped the entire mojito pitcher over the heads of the front of the crowd. Swirl was delicious as she had a little twirly dance going. Once I saw this, I KNEW she was in a GREAT mood tonight and that it would be an amazing show.

      Right before Cornflake Girl, as she introduced the band, you could tell she was being so heartfelt and looked on the verge of tears. She clapped along with the audience for Matt, Jon, and Dan. She mentioned that they were having a drink after the show in Santa Barbara and were saying how much they would miss playing with one another and how much this tour has really changed them all.

      The Liquid Diamonds – Carbon – Take Me With You – Pretty Good Year portion was AMAZING. Water and minerals and sharp rain and tears on the sleeve…beautiful.

      Code Red rocks more and more with every show. I almost expected a Pip-esque outburst in the middle as in San Diego. It almost belongs in the song! LOL.

      “Maybe it’s time to say goodbye” part in TIYH was of course followed by her waving to the crowd and the crowd waving back and screaming “NOOOO!!!! NOOOO!!!”. (Does the tour really have to end??) Surely if she does this song at Nokia on Sunday night, there WILL be many tears in the audience…

      Right before the 2nd encore, the band was rocking out to what sounded like a Talula jam and it seemed like it was taking FOREVER for her to come out. And now we know why: it was clear Pip would have the last word tonight. She looked HOT in TIGHT black pants and a white belt. DAMN, she is SKINNY this tour. Truly, a MGMWCF (a mom gay men would consider fucking). She came out as fierce as a lion, arching her spine backward and she took a swig of Santa’s drink. At the end of an mesmerizing performance of Suede, she stood up, and instead of flipping us off, she gave us a steady hand up in the air. Kind of a wave, but more so kind of a “fuck you, I am the rock goddess” gesture and then ran off and suddenly, this tremendous night was over.

      Then I get stuck in traffic at MIDNIGHT on I-5 and the 101…I don’t know how you people do it in this town!!! Get some subways! LOL.

      Until tonight…

    8. Matthew Bowman says:

      Well last night show in Anaheim at the Grove was amazing!!! I was hoping that we would get Pip and boy did she deliver; “Cruel” & “Heart of Gold” were absolutely fabulous, not to mention Pip’s last encore “Suede”.

      I took my friend, Andrew, last night (it was his first Tori show) and he had an awesome time…he didn’t exactly realize how amazing it was when Santa also came out singing; “Body & Soul”, “She’s Your Cocaine”, & “Raspberry Swirl”. Later on Andrew told me that he loved Santa and her set.

      Tori’s set seems pretty standard on paper, but the way the songs were executed was just perfect. The energy she had in “Pretty Good Year” & “Tear In Your Hand” just recreated those songs for me! I was also happy she didn’t flub Hotel (I love that song!). T&Bo was great too, Carbon was beautiful and I was SO happy I got to hear “Take Me With You” live.

      Now, something needs to be said about Yoav. This guy is fantastic. Check him out! He gave me goosebumps while listening to his set. I was glad I was able to buy his EP after the show!

      I arrived at the Grove yesterday at 12:00 pm and met some pretty awesome people! To Jaren, Mike, & Trish love you all lots and hope to see you soon!

    9. Jessie Lynn says:

      This was my very first Tori show (besides seeing her at the taping of Leno) and I must say, the set list was AWESOME and her voice was PERFECTION. I had a feeling Pip was going to show, but was hoping for Santa ~ and I got both!

      Tori does a great job switching energy from doll to doll. Although I prefer the more earthy, jean wearing, organic Tori performances, this theatrical dramatic rock approach was very entertaining.

      Pip made me really uneasy, but I guess that’s the point! Looking back now she rocked.

      I hate standing shows because of all the pushing, shoving and nasty looks ~ but once we actually got into the lovely venue, and out of the line full of “super fans” I had a great time. I’m looking forward to tonight when I can enjoy the show and have more personal space… the crowd was definitely rowdy last night, that’s for sure! Pip was a great match! Also, lots of Michael Jackson crotch grabbing. I don’t know why I didn’t expect this? I also couldn’t understand the majority of her f-bomb freak outs.

      I can’t believe she played Suede, it’s my fiancé’s favorite song (and I brought him), that was a definite highlight for both of us. Other highlights for me were Liquid Diamonds (this was amazing!!), Carbon and Tear In Your Hand. I will always remember last night’s Liquid Diamonds.

      Thanks to all the people who took videos!

    10. Brooke says:

      When Pip took the stage…all I can say is, WOW. I was not prepared to deal with the immensity of the dark feminine energy that Pip brings to the universe, and the encompassing energy that literally took up all the space in the venue. I was mesmerized as Pip’s body seemed literally overflowing with power and force. There was not one gram of vulnerability in that aspect of the evening; it was all power, baby. I thought her body was going to splinter into a thousand pieces during “Cruel.” So much of that performance reminded me of the Dew Drop Inn tour, all headbanging and growling and slithering and sex.

      In the wake of Pip’s performance, Santa was super jolly, as her name implies, and was cute as heck with her pitcher of lemonade and subsequent lemonade bath and lemonade baptism of the audience. Unfortunately, it was during this performance that I experienced a little baptism of my own, this time by a young drunk girl and her blithering idiot boyfriend who were bulldozing their way through the crowd hollering, “We paid the same price, we can go wherever we want!” I wasn’t too into being shoved, and yelled at them to back off…and the drunk oaf started to fight with me, and his girlfriend, hiding behind him, threw a full cup of beer on me and my friend. I was appalled at this: so trashy, so loser, and so dirty. I soon had the girl by the wrist, informing her that she was going to be arrested for assault, and she ran off, ditching her boyfriend, who was soon back in my face, shoving, and after I reached out a hand and had him by the throat, a large gentleman standing near (thank you!) tackled him and got him to leave. Where was security? I really needed the Tori from San Diego to tell these nuts to “get the **** out!”

      After that I was a bit shook up, and dampened and smelled disgusting, but the show must go on!

      Big Wheel and Cornflake girl were great, but seemed a little toned down, after Pip and Santa had rocked the house.

      The Tori and Bo set was also somewhat subdued, but as usual, Tori’s virtuoso playing is unreal. It’s become such a language to my ears, hearing her at the piano live, alone; the lyrics, once so important to me, become background to the communication through the piano; I’m mesmerized by the intensity, the mastery, and the energy of her message through the keys. “Take Me With You” was very emotional, reminding me lyrically of Tori’s description of her relationship with her grandfather in Piece by Piece, although I can’t say that that is what the song is about, yet the energy in that song is so youthful, so full of curiosity and unconditional love, and earnest desire, I cannot help but hear something of a child in it.

      With the band back, “Pretty Good Year” was a delight, and very nostalgic for me personally. “Hotel” was risky for Tori, as that song is so well produced, and hard to recapture in a live setting, but it was worth it to hear the “King Solomon’s Mines” exit — that was powerful.

      “Precious Things” and “Tear” are L.A. standards, it seems, and breezed by.

      Then Pip reemerged, certainly less provocative, but no less enthralling. When Pip closed with “Suede” I thought I was going to melt from excitement. “Suede” is my favorite song from Venus, and it fit perfectly with her character and dark energy. I’ve always felt impossibly drawn to that song, the blackhole-ness of it, the gravity of it, and the richness of the controlled power in the synth. It was perfect, and worth every drop of beer on my expensive jacket.

      I’m going again tonight, and can’t wait to see what Tori pulls out for the close of the tour. I love the end of the tour. What I also realized after seeing the Dolls perform live, is that Tori has been featuring these Dolls all along, and that I have been incorrect to suppose that it has been her performing in the past, for it is these personalities that have been coming to the fore all along. Tori has tried to explain this in interviews and such, describing the songs as ‘girls,’ but until this concept of embracing the character wholly, in costume and make-up, did I really understand her ability to transform. I thought it would make the evening less intimate, but it did the reverse. By embracing the personas “Body and Soul” Tori found a way to accurately connect with the audience. Believe me, I thought the Doll concept was a bad idea, at the start, but I was schooled! I understand now that through the Dolls she can channel unlimited energy accurately and in a mind-blowing ultra-concentrated form!

      Bravo! Whack-attendees aside, this was the greatest show of my thirteen years of experience, and I can’t wait for tonight!

    11. Daniel says:

      One of the best shows I have ever attended. Pip and Santa were amazing as was Tori herself. I was lucky enough to have been one of the VIPs. During the sound check she played Josephine and Tori mentioned that the sound in the venue sounded awful (for that type of song), she then turn to the other musicians and said that only songs with boom boom boom were going work in that venue. She also mention that they were going to have to change the play list to make it work. I sure am glad that she did the whole set list was amazing.

    12. Lisa071573 says:

      Last night was definitely one of the best shows on this tour that I’ve seen… I was really not looking forward the general admission/standing thing (I’m too old to stand for a whole show!) and not looking forward the rowdiness a GA show inspires. And while standing for a whole show is hard and the crowd was rowdy, it wasn’t as bad as I’d thought it would be and Tori was on fire.

      We got to the parking lot around 7:30 assuming the doors would open an hour before show time and ended up waiting in the freezing cold (for LA at least!) weather for almost an hour before the doors finally opened, maybe at about 8:20. I hoped this would mean that Yoav wouldn’t start until 9pm to allow everyone to get in the theatre for his set, but no, and poor Yoav started at about 8:35 to half a room. My friend Heather and I ended up on the tier behind the pit off to the left with a much better view than I’d expected to get for a GA show.

      Everyone had been expecting Pip because of the GA thing, and when the crew finally set up the center mic, I was really excited :) Pip came out in a low-cut, v-neck black dress over the black rubber pants and launched into Cruel. A someone else noted, it was hard to hear what she was swearing over the noisy crowd, but the energy was fabulous. I’d been hoping since it was a non-official-bootleg night that we’d get Heart of Gold which I hadn’t seen yet, and Pip didn’t disappoint. Teenage Hustling rocked and when Waitress started, I knew we were getting two dolls! I was sure it would be Santa (although Isabel rocks out too) and the band did a bit of an outro jam after Waitress before melding into Body & Soul.

      Santa came out out in a white lab-coat-style jacket which she took off to reveal a sexy red dress before pouring out drinks to the band. Body and Soul was awesome as usual, She’s Your Cocaine rocked, You Can Bring Your Dog rocked harder and Raspberry Swirl was amazing (I got part of it on video, although it’s hard to keep the camera steady while trying to swirl :P I will upload it to youtube and send the link in later).

      Big Wheel was fun… I don’t usually like to stand up and dance like an idiot when only half the theatre is, but since we were all standing and dancing like idiots, it was lots of fun :) Cornflake Girl was equally fun and enjoyable and I’m always happy to hear Liquid Diamonds. I was very happy with T&Bo since I love Carbon and I’d been dying to hear Take Me With You. Pretty Good Year was a real surprise and would have been perfect if the girl behind me hadn’t been singing in my ear trying her best to drown out Tori :( Hotel/Precious/Tear were standard but good, although I was really hoping for Not David Bowie (keeping my fingers crossed for tonight!). After the first encore, the band came back and I swear it was supposed to be Talula since the guitar/bass sounded like it and Matt was using the fuzzy-headed drumsticks which he’d used in SB for Talula. It was taking Tori a long time to come out and I wasn’t sure what was going on until she walked out as Pip! She picked up one of Santa’s drinks and sipped that, then strutted over to the piano, standing with her back to us, showing off her ass in some tight stretch pants! Suede was awesome :) while I do prefer a rocking song as the finale, Suede was a great and unexpected end to an amazing show. Pip gave us a haughty wave before strutting off the stage and all Heather and I could say to each other was “wow.”

    13. Rich says:

      I have been to one of the Oakland shows (the first one). Mom and Dad were in town so I could not see the others. The San Diego show where I just about died when I heard get the f**k out of my show. The Grove show was the best sounding show by far. I could really hear her voice for once. She was not being drowned out by the drums or the guitars. I waited for hours to be one of the first people in. Was sad to have so many people show up at the last minute and cut in line. I have to say I really do not want to go to another GA show. I passed out right after the Tori and Bo. There was no place to sit. It very hot and way too packed. The venue was not helpful and would not even sell me water because the bar was closed. After begging he finally did and I managed to make it back up to see Pip come out again. OMG what feeling that song had. I really wish they had the boots for this show.

    14. Nikki (Red) says:

      this show was amazing.
      i am so glad she brought out FTCH!!! and hearing take me with you was another sweet surprise.

      did anyone else notice cameras filming her??? you think maybe a new DVD is coming out???

      it was good seeing all of my sweet friends and meeting crazy new ones…

      [Yeah, there's a DVD coming...]
    15. melanie says:


      so I only went to california shows!!! (HI VIOLET!!) oakland x3, san diego, santa barbara~

      Anaheim was the best show I have seen in Years!!!

      I didn’t go to L.A. even though I could…cause I wanted to end my tour with that show!!! it was perfect for me!!

      I am sure tonights show will be great!

      ENJOY everyone!!!

    16. stephanie says:

      i’ve only seen tori 4 times, but this was by far the best show i’ve ever seen.

      i must say, that pip’s songs are my least favorite songs on the album and after hearing the sound check i was upset when i realized that it was going to be her. but i was amazed at how hard she rocked.

      i was one of the vip’s so i was right up against the stage…close enough to see her drooling on the piano…and it was great.

      i went with my mom, both of us have been big fans since ‘little earthquakes’. after playing josephine in the soundcheck and saying ‘i’m not playing this f***ing song in this f***ing show’ she started playing ‘take me with you’ and my mom totally freaked out. that is one of her favorite songs and she was really excited to hear it in the show. unfortunately, with all of the heat i passed out in the middle of carbon, and i was outside catching my breath and drinking water while she played take me with you…i felt really bad (thank you to whoever posted the video of that so my mom could see it.)

      other than that, i didn’t see that anyone posted the other songs that we got to see in the soundcheck. the vips only got to see 2 songs of the soundcheck, but we were inside to hear the rest of it through the walls. for the part that we got to see, she played digital ghost, josephine, and the very beginning of take me with you.

    17. Necie says:

      This was by far the BEST show of the 4 I was able to attend!!

      Oddly enough, my fave doll from the ALBUM was Clyde and that was the show I least enjoyed (though my enjoyment level was still HUGE), while Pip was my LEAST fave doll from the album, and this was the show I could have taken to leave the others behind..

      The only drawback is, as mentioned above numerous times, the whole cutting in line bullshit.

      My boyfriend and I got there at noon..were like maybe 50-60 people back..but by the time doors opened, people we saw showing up round 6pm begging for tickets were in line way ahead of us.

      But we got awesome spots against the 2nd tier railing so my BF could brace for some amazing picture taking!!

    18. Marlina (lushvalley) says:

      This was by far the best Tori show I’ve seen. Pip was on fire that night with her usual songs, Cruel, Waitress, Teenage Hustling and Heart of Gold. Santa, of course, brought drinks and dazzled the crowd with her songs. I was right there at the altercation that Brooke was speaking about during Body and Soul. I nearly got shoved in the mix by the drunk idiot who was picking a fight with girls! Fortunately, some dude plowed the drunk out of the way. I was almost expecting to have Santa stop the song and pull a San Diego on him (my husband said that she noticed the commotion going on).

      During T&Bo, Tori played Carbon which was the most mesmerizing performance I’ve seen.

      Matt, Jon and Dan looked like they were having so much fun up there and you can tell that they were going to miss playing.

      The icing on the cake for me was when Tori popped Tear in Your Hand. It was the most heart-warming and sweetest song on the set and you can tell that Tori was getting all emotional.

      It was a real surprise to see Pip during the final encore belting out Suede.

      I went to this show and the Los Angeles show and this show was my favorite out of the two.


    19. Jen says:

      Yes, its true the concert was the best I’ve seen of Tori’s in a while. Only Tori could make the horrible experience of GA worth it. It was hot, smelly, and people were horribly rude. Everyone pays the same amount of money. And I suppose you deserve to have your weird, hippie interpretive dance experience with the music, but I also have the right not to have to bear witness to your eyes closed, arms flaying, boyfriend licking, flask chugging, displays. Children are taught to be mindful of their bodies, please, concert goers, be mindful of yours as well. We all love Tori, or else we wouldn’t be there. I’m sure you would be awfully disappointed, angry, and annoyed, if you had to constantly sway back and forth to see Tori between chubby arms emoting. Seriously, remember the golden rule? I’m really starting to believe height (though uncontrollable) should also apply.

      Pretty Good Year was absolutely amazing. I haven’t heard/seen a better performance of the song. I brought my boyfriend and he is officially in love with Santa and frightened of Pip. (Pip can rile people up. I was ready to throw down after Pip’s set to rid my obstructions of crunchy hair, a giant man wall, and drunk hippie she devil). Some may be turned off by the new uber-theatrical Tori concert experience but I was enthralled by it. I only went to one show this tour, but I’m convinced (with the exception of the audience) that it was the best.

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