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    Tour Status

    Tori is touring in 2017 to support the release of Native Invader. The European legs runs from early September through early October and the North American leg runs from late October to early December. We do not know if additional dates elsewhere will be added.

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    Current Release

    Native Invader (album, 2017)

    Nokia Theatre

    American Doll Posse Tour

    Date December 16, 2007
    City Los Angeles, CA
    Venue Nokia Theatre


    Thanks to jamesy, vesperanto and jimmy for sending in the setlist!

    Act I – Isabel

    • Yo George
    • In the Springtime of His Voodoo
    • Tombigbee
    • Scarlet’s Walk > Scarlet’s Walk jam

    Act II – Pip

    • Cruel
    • Heart of Gold
    • Fat Slut
    • Smokey Joe
    • The Waitress


    • Professional Widow jam

    Act III – Tori

    • Big Wheel
    • Cornflake Girl
    • Bells For Her

    T & Bö

    • Silent All These Years
    • Cooling

    Band Returns

    • Amber Waves
    • Talula
    • Code Red

    First Encore

    • Precious Things
    • Bouncing Off Clouds

    Second Encore

    • Hey Jupiter


    This performance is not available as an official bootleg.


    Cruel (clip) (posted by vivatornado)

    Talula (clip) (posted by vivatornado)

    Cruel (posted by lenity)

    Big Wheel (posted by lenity)

    Silent All These Years (posted by giggles178)

    Cooling (posted by giggles178)


    1. Jessie Lynn says:

      The goddess came out tonight and did not hold anything back. The show was amazing. She was beyond anything I’ve seen so far, she was perfection tonight. My sister told me when we left, her voice was so perfect it didn’t seem human.

      A quick note about the crowd tonight: what a wonderful vibe everyone had. It must have been because of the last show, but besides a very very few people everyone was on their best behavior being kind and polite to one another, a close-knit unity.

      Isabel is my favorite doll, and she was awesome. Highlights from her were In the Springtime of His Voodoo (one of my all time favorites, I did not expect to hear) and Tombigbee, which I’ve been wanting to hear live forever too.

      Pip’s dark energy was much more focused then last night. Cruel was so clear. Smokey Joe was haunting.

      I could tell when she played Bells for Her… it was just going to get BETTER from here.

      The T & Bo. part was my favorite part of the night ~ besides the girls laughing and crying next to me, which was horribly distracting :(

      Cooling was very emotional… as was Silent All These Years. Was it just me or did Tori seem teary?

      Talula was fantastic, and I love the synth effects. Very cool. (Although I wish we could magically make a harpsichord appear.)

      Bouncing off Clouds was another highlight for me, love the two pianos. ;)

      But the biggest highlight off all was Hey Jupiter. I never really connected to this song until tonight.

      The night was so special because I brought my sister with me ~ and everyone, including Tori was so emotional with it being the last night and all. The crowd was so great, opposite of last night. Seemed like love was in the air and the music was freakin’ amazing.

    2. Rebecca says:

      I have been a long time fan of Tori and this was perhaps the best show I’ve ever seen. I just got back from it and she opened as the two dolls I hadn’t seen yet (Isabel and then Pip). Isabel was perfection and she had the perfect attitude and tone to what I would expect of Isabel. Plus, she played In the Springtime of His Voodoo and a couple other brilliant songs. Pip rocked the house with Cruel and Waitress, among others. And of course, Tori wasn’t too bad either :-) Tori played some AMAZING stuff. I am completely impressed with her showing tonight. It was a perfect set list and the energy in the room, thanks to her brilliant performance, was amazing. Tori and Bo was awesome…Silent All These Years and Cooling were two of the best versions of those songs I’ve ever seen live. She also played the kick ass Talula she rocked in Santa Barbara. Overall, I don’t really know how to express how impressed I am with this album and tour. She brought it home tonight and it was phenomenal. I’ve never appreciated live entertainment more.

      Thanks Tori!!!!!!!

    3. Tod Lovald says:

      Thought the show was fantastic, great energy, got to see 2 dolls (not including Tori), and lots of cute gay boys!!

      I should mention that my ‘date’ who is my boyfriend of three years, also enjoyed the cute gay boys…however, I might add that I am quite jealous of him as he got a hug from Tori and I DID NOT! I won’t hold it against him cause I dragged him to the meet and greet and he was kinda unsure that we would meet Tori at all…so I guess it was worth the wait, he got to meet and see Tori for the first time and that made both of us happy, and if you listen to the bootleg, she mentions ‘there are some people who are here for their first show…and I hope they enjoy it’...that was because my sweet boy told Tori that this was his first show and she told him she hoped he would enjoy tonights show…..THANK YOU TORI, WE REALLY ENJOYED TONITES SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    4. Liquidray says:

      I wish I could tell you about the show tonight because it was a phenominal performance with wicked energy from both Isabel and Pip (who made the best comment of the night re: WGA)... but ultimately my experience was different and I apprecaite the opportunity to document it here, while fresh.

      About 20 minutes into the show a couple came in an set down next to me in seats J505 and J506 in the Orchestra. The woman proceeded to place her bag in my seat and elbow me in the ribs. I attributed that to her level of intoxication but this was just a sign of things to come. I pointed to her bag which she moved over and re-focused on the music which was the end of Isabel’s set.

      The two proceeded to talk loudly through the whole show and additionally the girl constantly whipped out her blackberry to text, chat, read email, etc. LOUDLY. I begged her a few times to keep it down as she was LOUDER than Tori. Finally during T&Bo during SATY she got a phone call and began chatting loudly – Tori actually looked at us directly and sang “I CAN HERE THEM”, a point which was lost on her. I was really upset at this point because SATY was so good I was ready to cry (something I NEVER do at a show) and she was just going off with her friend on the cell about bs. Finally I flipped her off and she put the phone way and began complaining to her date? MERCIFULLY she quieted down during Cooling.

      As code red came on, the date got up and grabbed me by the shirt and screamed “Apologize to my lady you little fucking faggot! I am going to fucking kill you you fucking faggot!” I explained to him in a rather calm voice that all I wanted was 5 minutes of quiet to here 2 songs that I loved… He said it didn't fucking matter and that he was going to kick my fucking faggot ass and fucking kill me. He kept going on and on shacking me and swearing and threatening my life as I tried to get away. At this point people were trying to get him off me and calling security which never came. Finally I said that if was looking to fight a faggot then I am ready and motioned him to step into the aisle. He didnt follow and I was lost in the post-code red rush…

      Tori finished with Precious Things, Bouncing off Clouds and Hey Jupiter as I was looking around to see if my ass would be grass.

      The lights went up and I found a security guard, Frantz. As the crowd was leaving I pointed out my attacker. Frantz wrote a phone number on my ticket and said to call it and ask for ED. I told Frantz that I was still concerned for my life being that I parked aways off. He didnt offer more help and I left. I came home and made a call to the number….and got the coldest reception – the man on the other side told me that it was my fault that I was not more insistent and that there was nothing they could do for me but hoped I would return to the theatre… HA!

      So all I can say that out of the 40+ shows I have seen of tori’s since 1992 this was the most memorable.

      Yes the music was great but at this point I have to wonder – who’s is listening?

      Thank you

    5. Jimmy says:

      Tonight’s show was EXCELLENT. SOOOOOOOOOOO much better than being in the second row on Thursday. My seats were 9th row dead center, and I was actually able to sit back and enjoy the concert.

      Her voice was stellar and I thought the set was just what a final show for this tour should include. Sure, not my dream setlist, but it was still perfect in every way.


      Yo George!!!! – Amazing live!

      Cruel – the way she moves in that rubber is so god damn fierce. I wouldn’t mind being slapped around by Pip a little

      Smokey Joe – words can’t explain

      Bells For Her – Very nice following Cornflake Girl. The “Can’t Stop what’s coming“s sounded better than ever

      Amber Waves – Much more powerful than the SW and BK tours, at least the three times I have heard it prior.

      Talula – Just as good as on Thursday. I love what she has added to it.

      Sooooooo all in all and amazing show!!!! Just Make sure to stay out of the first 5 rows and you are good to go.

    6. steph says:

      Last nights show was the creme de la creme. I was really hoping to see Pip and Pip I saw. Nokia is a great venue and her voice sounded so super strong and powerful. In the Springtime of His Voodoo was delicious. Cooling with just her and Bose was smooth and beautiful. My favorite though was Talula. I was really hoping she would play that. Code Red….Oh and of course Waitress. Wow wow and then wow.

      Update: I need to mention that we named our now 7 year old daughter Talula based on the harpsichord played in that song, so that was very sweet to hear it live.

    7. Christy says:

      I thought the show was great and Pip was my highlight of the evening, what a gritty performance! There was a nice playlist, something for everyone. Of course I was disappointed I really wanted to hear Sugar but we all have our favorites. Tori is amazing and I cant wait to have her back in full on the next tour.

    8. Danny says:

      Wow! Last night’s show was great! Tori sounded amazing. I couldn’t believe L.A. got double girled! (is this even a word?) I went with my bf and my great friend… It was their first time seeing Tori. We had such an amazing time!

      One thing I did notice, maybe Tori was probably tired from the whole tour, and she was happy it was coming to an end, but there was hardly any interaction with the fans; unlike other shows I’ve seen before. I’d like to know what the hell was happening in Orch, I think it must have been like row R or S, the guys fighting? Did they escort the girl out too?

      Well, all in all, I had an amazing time, I loved the show. Tori as usual looked fab, Pip looked HOT!!! Isabel, you really rock! Great selections of songs, especially cooling!!! LOVED IT, LOVED IT!

      Now, we must wait for another 2 year??? NOOOOOOO! Oh well, we’ll survive! LOVE YOU TORI, THANKS!

    9. Jessica says:

      The show was amazing last night! It was such a great experience to see Pip and Izzy, my personal favorites!

      I have chills remembering I was able to hear Talula (although it sounded like a new song). She was awesome! I loved the shout out to the striking writers during Cruel.

      The new Nokia Theater is great! I loved how comfortable it was. It was annoying to see so many people walking up and down the very long aisle but I lived and enjoyed every minute of the show.

      Cooling was awesome! It was a sad night, the tour has come to an end. :(

      I was fortunate enough to go to Oakland, San Diego, Irvine & LA. I was able to see all the dolls!

      So when does the next tour start? :)

    10. Marlina (lushvalley) says:

      Tori wrapped up the tour with Isabel and Pip. Isabel captured the audience with Yo George. For me, Isabel’s highlight was Tombigbee and Scarlet’s Walk (complete with a glowing lamp). Then Pip came out to play thundering through Cruel all the way to Waitress. T & Bo was absolutely spellbinding with the most endearing version of Silent All These Years and Cooling.

      Since this was the last show on the tour, I was hoping for a few surprises like a tour debut or one the dolls coming out for the encore like Pip came out for Anaheim’s final encore. But alas, there were no tricks up Tori’s sleeve for the last night.

      All in all, this was a good performance to wrap the tour up and I can’t wait for Tori to do it again.

    11. Josh says:

      Tori ROCKED Los Angeles last night!!! I am still high from the excitement, and consider this one of the best Tori performances I’ve been honored to attend! Being a fan of hers for so long, I was kind of unsure how it would be to see her perform as any of the “Dolls”... I also have to admit I was hoping Santa would grace the stage…

      I was lucky enough to have a pit seat, which is the best seat I’ve ever had at a Tori show, and it made a huge difference! When Isabel took the stage, she was smoking her infamous ciggy, but she took a hit, blew the smoke and almost saluted each direction (North, East, South, and West) and then danced around with the smoke for a couple seconds… Isabel started off the show playing:

      Yo George- Much more enthralling live, it grips you and you are forced to feel patriotic and wonder where the fate of America is headed.

      Tombigbee- One of my favorite of Scarlet’s treasures and even better live!

      In the Springtime of His Voodoo- A song that was always great, but did not get the attention is deserved until Isabel pulled it out of her bag.

      Scarlet’s Walk- This song is great, and Isabel started the song by sitting on the piano bench facing the audience, and moved her arms as if she were invoking Scarlet and was walking… It gave me chills, but in a good way!

      Isabel was my least favorite doll, but after seeing her perform I have a newfound respect for her! After Isabel’s set, the band continued to jam on, and because I was center stage, and sitting in the 6th row in the pit, I could not see her body when she emerged, but I knew from the rubber legs, and blue stilettos that Pip was going to take her turn!

      Pip came onstage with a bitter vengeance. She was all you expected, and angrier… She gave her all, and played:

      Cruel- Pip’s anger played well with this song, and almost gives it such a new depth that it’s hard to imagine Tori playing it.

      Heart of Gold- I knew that there was a chance of a cover since this show wasn’t slated for a bootleg release - but wow, this performance beat the version on the Strange Little Girls album and was the first time I had heard it performed live with the band. It was awesome, and made me think that Tori really can be a rock artist even with her piano!

      Fat Slut- Great, this song was perfect and demonstrated the anger Pip has that I previously mentioned…

      Smokey Joe- I have always loved this song, just wish there were 2 Pips to sing both parts simultaneously like on the album…

      Waitress- Although Tori has played this song a million times with the band, watching it be performed by Pip was like watching another artist cover it. Pip made it edgier and gave it the angst that Tori has been known to show here and there, but with Pip there was no denying how much she wanted to kill this bitch!

      The band jammed to Professional Widow while Pip left the stage… And the energy of the room almost exploded as Tori entered wearing her gold sequin jump suit! They quickly started playing:

      Big Wheel- Always a fun song, but Tori was exceptionally playful, getting the audience to clap along, she playfully hit her head, chest, belly and her pikachu in rhythm to the beat of the song… She got everyone off of their feet and dancing. You could tell she was really getting into the fun and energy of the show!

      Bells for Her- This song has always been beautiful and I’ve never had the privilege of hearing it played live with the band. Tori sang exceptionally well, and started off playing it on both the Bo and the Wurlitzer, but after the first verse, switched to play in on the piano only.

      Cornflake Girl- Before they started playing CG, Tori introduced the band and it was a happy and sad moment. You can tell she really loves these guys, and she mentioned that “Although he’s only been playing with her since May, he’s now part of the musical family” when she introduced Dan Phelps. On a side note, Dan left the stage after this song though, and didn’t return until Precious Things, although Matt and Jon came back to play after T & Bo was finished…

      T& Bo… This was a very special part of the night… Not just because of song choice, but because you could see the emotion of these songs in her voice and her face. Tori played:

      Silent All These Years- As beautiful as ever, Tori owned the auditorium. She commanded the audience attention by slowing down the song, and playfully singing the next lines as we were all anticipating when she would…

      Cooling- This song is best played live, and even included the “brambles” part!!! I loved it! (On a side note, this was my boyfriend’s first Tori show, and he loved, loved, loved this song… it’s his new favorite!)

      The band returned and played:

      Talula- As soon as I heard the band playing, I knew what was coming… The tears welled up and they rocked it out on this song!!!

      Amber Waves- Scarlet’s Walk was written with a band, and the songs just sound better with the band backing up Tori… The best performance of this song I’ve seen live!

      Code Red- Even though I’ve heard it on the bootlegs, and caught glimpses of this song on the web, seeing it performed live catapults it to a higher level. The light effects and the raw emotion emanating from Tori while she performed this song made it more than just another performance of Code Red… You could tell she gave her all, being it was the last night of the tour!

      First Encore:

      Precious Things- Although I’ve heard this song many times, the energy tonight was so much fun, everyone was dancing to it, and it gave a new vibe to Precious Things then I’ve seen in a while!

      Bouncing off Clouds- I was happy she played this, my boyfriend would have been sad if she didn’t, but it was just another fun performance! Again everyone danced, and Tori was even dancing and waving at the audience…

      Second Encore:

      Hey Jupiter- Very emotional, and beautiful! Still a classic and an honor to hear live!

      Overall, Tori and the band sounded great, and I am not sure if it was because I had pit seats or not, but the band did not play over the piano at all!!! I have to be honest and admit that before seeing Issy live, she was my least favorite “Doll”, but after seeing her (I know this is going to sound cheesy) I was feeling more patriotic, and watching her perform gave me a new appreciation of her. Again Pip gave all the anger you want from her and then some, and Tori brought out the best!!!

      The show was great and I can’t wait for the DVD from this tour! Tori owned the doll’s personae and really showed that she was committed to performing, and not just playing the music! When Isabel and Pip were on stage, you knew you were watching Isabel and Pip, not thinking that you are just watching Tori wearing a wig… It was amazing seeing the transformations and just how talented Tori really is!!! I can’t wait to see what she’s going to give to us next!

    12. Jeffrey Anne says:

      I cannot believe it’s really over!! Just got back to NY a few hours ago after being stranded in Houston for 5 hours…damn you Laguaria and New York wind!!

      Amber Waves and Talula were highlights. I will always love the lights at the end of Amber. I really love this tour’s version of Talula…c’mon, release the boot!

      The sound in the Nokia is amazing but the venue is a lot bigger than it would seem otherwise by looking from the outside. They should have filmed it love and transfered her face on the two big screens…

      Anaheim is still my fave show of the tour!! But last night was pretty damn good too!

      I am still shocked it’s really over. Friends, new and old….until next time! (Whenever that night be….)

    13. Liquidray says:

      So first off I am grateful for WOJ & others for slipping my post through in spite of it being ‘audience-heavy.’

      I wanted to return the favor by commenting on this show and how it played against the other show I saw on this tour – Anaheim.

      I took a very close friend to both shows, and she is not a Tori fan but a fellow musician. She and I compared notes and here is what we thought…

      Tonight show in LA was performance-wise the stronger of the two… Isabel’s character seemed very ‘natural’ on stage and she nailed her whole set. Personally I am not a fan of Tombigbee or Scarlet’s Walk but I really understood them as they were played.

      PIP was really amazing tonight. I preferred the Heart of Gold from Anaheim, mostly due to the guitarist being more ‘on’ I think but it was still a strong number… Also rather than a stream of profanity, the WGA really brought CRUEL home for me. I think that the most I have seen Tori in character on the tour. Nice. Otherwise I found last nights Teenage Hustling a more engaging song but tonight’s Smokey Joe was equally good. I profess – I cannot get into this version of the Waitress… At Anahiem I though she would almost finish it with a refrain from Zero Point as she seemed to start playing those notes but alas that didn't happen.

      I think Big Wheel was stronger tonight and also Bells for Her seemed A LOT stronger of a performance than Liquid Diamonds, even though I actually prefer LD sonically over B4H.

      To me, in spite of the aforementioned incident, T&Bo was 10000000 times better. She nailed both SATY & Cooling and I frankly am glad she played Cooling rather than Gold Dust – it seemed to fit so much better and she seemed so HAPPY to play it – it just resonated.

      Amber Waves was great! I first confused it for Pandora’s (wishful thinking?) but it was great never the less… I loved hearing the Harpsicord for Talula but I actually miss the 1996 Tornado version… I am sentimental. Code Red is wicked.

      I was a little surprised at the Encores because I thought that they were the perfect opportunity for something special – such as the stellar PIP encore in Anaheim but what Tori turned in was a very strong performance of standards – which I felt were technically superb but a little emotionally distant.

      Overall between the two shows there were so many great things – Santa’s You Can Bring Your Dog was definitely a signature performance, so was Suede, Body and Soul, etc. that I think it was essential to see both to appreciate each show… They truly complimented one another one with a strong performance and the other with a delicious serving of rarities.

      Also as a side note, I noticed that both shows were filmed with 3 cameras from the stage (1 handheld and two steadycams) and at least Anaheim was recorded via the SB/Digitools. In Anaheim my friend and I hung out by the soundboard the whole night and I saw the soundguy dump the whole Pro-Tools session to disk so there is a document of the night – I am just not sure for whose ears ;-) May be one day it will surface unexpectedly?

      One last thing – thank you to everyone who held the asshole back last night. I am eternally grateful.

    14. Lauren says:

      This was my fifth show on the tour and it was just wonderful!

      We were driving by the venue @ 3:30 and I saw a huge crowd of people, then Smitty, then a flash of orange. My mom and I hopped out of the car, and worked our way up to the barricade. Tori was going back and forth, but she only had a 1/2 hour and couldn’t get to everyone. She was hugging people and taking a few pix and smiling, and apologizing to the group at large that she couldn’t talk to everyone. My mom touched her hand though, and as she was walking back toward the stage door, I shouted, “I love you Tori!” and I know she heard me…

      Yoav was emotional towards the end of his 5 song set, and he thanked Tori for letting him go along for the ride, thanked the fans for their support, and said see you next year.

      So, by the grace of my dear Artemis or perhaps Athena, my mom and I pulled up 3rd row pit seats just a bit to the left… and that was so fucking awesome. I could see Mr. Jon quite well, and Dan, I couldn’t see Mattie because of the sheer size of dear Bo, but the chiseled muscles in Tori’s arms, her face, everything else was crystal clear to me. She was about 15 fucking feet away from us. I’m not exaggerating! It was bliss…

      When the band came out and started the drum intro to Yo George, I could have died with happiness, as Isabel was the only doll I hadn’t seen. I loved the sage cigarette bit, and she looked so neat in that green dress with the flowing sleeves and those clunky boots. She was wearing black tights, and I could see the shiny rubber underneath, so I knew Pip was coming. Isabel’s whole set was fantastic, and she played “Scarlet’s Walk” one of my all-time favorite songs. The lamp was a nice touch, lighting our way… Thank you, my goddess…

      And then, Pip. I adore Pip. I know a lot of people were expecting Santa for Hollywood, but, no, we got Pip, who sang Cruel with such ferocious finesse I thought I might pass out. Plus, before the opera at the bridge, she yelled something like, “writers? writers? where are you in this fucking town? quit sucking the corporate smegma cock! take the power!” and I laughed out of a melange of pure terror and amusement…

      Heart of Gold was really loud, and it was the only time the whole night I couldn’t hear vocals too well. It was never one of my favorite songs on SLG, but I could watch Pip play all fucking day long; I think she’s my new fav of the posse…

      So… Smokey Joe. I’d seen this in Oakland #2, and I’d been in I think the 18th row or something and I thought, whoa, Tori’s being possessed right now, Pip rules. But in LA… I realized what was happening. Pip got on the ground and was doing her usual push-ups, and then she began pulling at her hair and grabbing her neck, and her whole body was shaking, and she was thrusting herself about, and suddenly, it clicked. She was reenacting her rape. I almost threw up, and I think my mom realized this at the same time I did. Tori had mentioned that “Smokey Joe” is about how to kill a man, and I had always thought it was Athena (Pip) murdering Hades to avenge the rape of her half-sister, Persephone. I realized that although my interpretation still stands, as Tori was on the ground, shaking as though tormented and broken, and then later in the song, and she rubbed herself sexually and grabbed her crotch and clawed at herself and mimed putting gloves on violently at the “these silken rubber gloves choking his vitriolic tongue” part… this song is Tori’s revenge. She wants to kill him. The warrior side of her, Pip, would love to kill him… “you through black ice, at the bottom of the river.” This was, for me, without a doubt, the best song of the evening. So powerful. I truly was trying not to vomit.
      Waitress was off the hook. The piano at the bridge pierced my ears, it was so gloriously loud.

      Well… then Demeter, Ms. T herself graced our presence… perhaps this was the last ever performance of Big Wheel… (or maybe that’s only wishful thinking…)

      Tori had so much fun with Cornflake Girl.
      Bells For Her had the long, long intro, and I never wanted this one to end, but I knew T and Bo was next. I just love watching her play two keyboards at once.

      Silent All These Years was one of the first songs I fell in love with, and I know she wrote the song after just moving here, being a mermaid, a fish out of water. I’m happy she played it, and it was so emotional and so… perfect.

      And… this was another really interesting moment. “Gold Dust” was on the written setlist here. Tori had her hands poised above the keys in about the mid-register of the piano, where GD begins, and she was just frozen. I could almost… see her brain working. And… she couldn’t play it. I understand. It’s too emotional. She was already emotional, and she couldn’t just put everything out there on the line, or else she wouldn’t have been able to pull it together for the rest of the show… It’s okay. I love Cooling. And you could tell she wasn’t totally prepared, because she messed up the brambles bridge, she just paused after the chorus and then sang “woman you’ve got too many brambles” totally skipping “and don’t we love something fresh” which was fine because it made it a bit… different than in Oakland. She did an improv in the song, something like, “so close to the end now” and that went on for about a minute.

      I love Amber Waves. It’s perfect on the Hammond…

      Talula was great to hear again. Mattie has this wonderful, primal beat, a bit like dancing in the jungle.

      Code Red cued the stage rush, and the poor security guard was getting a lot of heat from some people trying to get in the front, but he was only doing his job. Oh well. I had the best seats in the house all night, so it didn’t matter that my view was partially obstructed for parts of the last three songs.

      Precious Things- She can do no wrong. This one cued lots of screaming, particularly at one of my favorite Tori lines of all time, “So you can make me cum, that doesn’t make you Jesus…”

      Bouncing Off Clouds- Dancing and merriment. Once again, she altered the last line to “bouncing off clouds, we ARE” so sweet. She did the group hug thing after this song, and was even teasing Dan about his haircut, and doing her Tori wave and just glowing.

      I was glad she came out for a second encore…

      Hey Jupiter was heaven. She left the stage in tears, with legions of fans screaming and applauding her as she walked off stage, Mr. Jon providing an arm of comfort and support as she left, crying. I got a pic of her wiping the tears from her cheeks. It was so poigant.

      Tori, my darling, you are truly a light in a world of darkness. Shine on, my love, and we’ll see you in a few years. Can’t wait for the musical.

    15. SireBond says:

      Seeing the LAst 2 Tori Shows was surely an unforgettable experience, having come over from the UK, I did note that it tends to be smaller and more intimate back in Europe and Tori interacted a lot more, But alas it was Out of this World, Take me with you.

      Apart for the Nazi Security At the Nokia Theatre during Code Red! But we gave them a Velvet Revolution!

      Good Bye and Hello to All the Posse Dolls Ive met along the way x

    16. Jeff says:

      She added the “devil bitch” part into The Waitress -- me and my friend laughed both times she did this! Four shows and this one was right up there with the first Oakland show…I could have done without hearing Cornflake Girl and Precious Things during all four shows, but I know these are fan favorites, blah blah blah. The only song I LOVED hearing all four nights was Code Red - sent chills down my spine EVERY night.
      Thanks Tori and thanks to the other nice fans we met!

    17. Jen says:

      The Nokia Live show was so so amazing. I can’t believe no one is talking about Scarlet's Walk…I think that was one of the most amazing moments of the night. I had a feeling her last show would be political, but she gave so much more than expected. For sure one of my favorite shows out of all of the tours I’ve seen.

      Tori was great, but she was for sure sad during T & Bo. and improved a bit about it in the middle of cooling (another highlight for me).

      The setlist she gave us was wonderful, it felt very personal, almost as if she was throwing out her best or favorite girls to have one last evening out.

      I’m amazingly blessed to have been there to share it all.

      Peace & Thanks T! Amazing! As always.

    18. V says:

      i have to say, i havent followed tori as i did in my days of yore…i was sad to see less tori freaks there, the og’s, the faireis, EWF, etc. but goddamn that show was amazing. amazing. her energy, the set, the crazy crowd in the front that made me want to be there with them!

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