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    Tour Status

    Tori is touring in 2017 to support the release of Native Invader. The European legs runs from early September through early October and the North American leg runs from late October to early December. We do not know if additional dates elsewhere will be added.

    Useful Tour Stuffs
    Current Release

    Native Invader (album, 2017)

    Center for the Performing Arts


    Date July 14, 2009
    City San Jose, CA
    Venue Center for the Performing Arts

    Set List

    Thanks to Clint/@clintyghost for keeping us updated in real time on Twitter.

    Main Set

    • Give
    • Crucify
    • Graveyard
    • Cornflake Girl
    • Horses
    • Caught A Lite Sneeze
    • Liquid Diamonds
    • Carbon
    • Starling
    • Jamaica Inn

    Lizard Lounge

    • Cool On Your Island
    • Crazy

    (band returns)

    • Putting The Damage On
    • Digital Ghost
    • Cars And Guitars
    • Fast Horse
    • Precious Things
    • Strong Black Vine

    First Encore

    • Police Me
    • Take To The Sky

    Second Encore

    • Big Wheel
    • Tombigbee


    Give (posted by lindseymero)

    Graveyard (posted by lindseymero)

    Crazy (posted by lindseymero)

    Cars & Guitars (posted by lindseymero)

    Jamaica Inn (posted by lindseymero)

    Horses (posted by lindseymero)

    Liquid Diamonds (posted by lindseymero)

    Digital Ghost (posted by lindseymero)

    Tombigbee (posted by lindseymero)

    Take to the Sky (posted by jjpme92un)

    Police Yourself (posted by CrystalineIrises1)



    1. Matt says:

      Tori put on another great show tonight… Highlights were Horses, Liquid Diamonds, Caught A Lite Sneeze, and Take to the Sky… All in all a great show. Last night was amazing too… Can’t wait to pick the tour back up in DC

    2. Ray says:

      An amazing show. It was so nice to hear “Liquid Diamonds” and to see my friend Liquid Diamonds who I bonded with during a Pip night on the ADP tour in Oakland. Tori has the best fans ever… I am already looking forward to the next tour!

    3. Jane says:

      I thought Tori’s show tonight was great. I’ve seen her quite a lot, and I felt that this was a very strong performance.

      Tori seemed to be having a great time and was playful in her expressions. She spoke briefly when she introduced the band to express how much she loved being “here,” and that they had gone to see King Tut today (in SF at the deYoung). She wore a yellow/bright green ensemble that had a very large sequined collar.

      I thought that the first group of songs were very strong- consistent and well done. Crucify is not nearly as long as it has been the past few tours. The pace seemed to move quickly, I was stunned that we were half way through by the Lizard Lounge. Even though I’m not a big fan of Jamaica Inn- I thought it was a lovely version and it fit nicely with the set.

      Both Cool on Your Island and Crazy were lovely. The band came back out for Putting the Damage On, which honestly I prefer with out the band… so I wish that had been in the Lizard Lounge as well- but I can’t complain because it was still nice.

      For me, I’m not a huge fan or Digital Ghost, or Cars and Guitars- but they were both redeemed in their live format tonight. Even C&G was better without the beginning sound effects she used to do- much better that she left them out.

      I think they’re still working out the new material- at this point I prefer all the new stuff I heard tonight better on the CD, which is abnormal for Tori. Thus, I expect the east coast folks will get some fantastic versions as they continue to work it all out. The one improv tonight was in regards to Peter (I think) “also known as Pierre.” She sang about how he is her keyboard guy- (because her organ wasn’t working properly and he had to come out). She commented that he was quite embarrassed now, and she sang with a French accent whenever she mentioned Pierre. It was cute.

      Precious Things was strong tonight and a highlight for me. I think that it would’ve been a much better closer than the encores because it delivered such a powerful moment, even though she left out the grrrlll part again.

      Overall, a very strong night. I thought she was in top form. The biggest disappointment was the poor turn out. It made me sad to see that she couldn’t fill such a small venue. I was row 23 and there was hardly anyone behind me (I think it goes to row 32)- with quite a few gaps in between. I couldn’t see the balcony, but I imagine it was a similar story. It’s a shame, because it was actually one of the stronger performances I’ve seen.

    4. Tomas says:

      OMG! There is so much to tell, but I will post in the morning. Tonight’s setlist was perfect, the acoustics were amazing, and everything was quite strong except for a few technical difficulties. LOVELY!!!

    5. Craig says:

      I thought the best bit was actually when she had to stop because after the keyboard change her “top” one wasn’t working and she improv’ed the little song for Peter – her King of Keyboard repair.

      I think was a great little break and the accident made the whole thing more personal.

    6. Kimberly says:

      This show was fantastic! I loved it, a lot better than the Oakland show. It’s not that Oakland was bad but it felt mediocre for me (minus Icicle and Tear in Your Hand) as compared to San Jose which was awesome. My favorites were Horses, Putting the Damage On and Cool on Your Island. I wish that there was more of the “Lizard Lounge” cause I’m more of a Tori purist, and like when it’s just her and the piano. I too agree that the turn out was poor, and it made me sad, because this was a very strong performance!

    7. Lauren says:

      Last night’s show was wonderful.

      The meet and greet went really well. It was over 100 degrees in San Jose in the afternoon, so they set up the barricades in the shade, which was nice of them. Much shorter wait than for Oakland, but the crowd was smaller and seemed a bit more friendly. Talked to some lovely EWF- hi Darci, Veronica, Gina, those two original ’92 ers whose names I didn’t catch- lovely group of people. Tori took her time and talked to everyone and was really lovely. I requested ‘Caught a Lite Sneeze’ and she played it!!! I flipped out a little.

      The show was fantastic once again. Graveyard was really beautiful, and quite fitting since Tori had just told us about going to see King Tut (“he’s cute as pie”) in SF. CALS was perfect, of course, and Liquid Diamonds and Horses were lovely surprises for me, excellent performances. Starling was stellar, great live arrangement with Jon on electric guitar and Tori on Rhodes, Synth, and Piano. Cool on your Island was never a favorite of mine, but hearing it live has given me a new appreciation for it! Digital Ghost was lovely too. Nice to see ADP being revisited a little. I loved the improv after starting “Fast Horse” – the mic wasn’t on at first, so Tori kept playing, saying ‘test’ over and over, and then Peter aka Pierre had to come on stage to turn on the keyboard too, so she sang an improv about him and how embarrassed she made him by singing about him, then she jumped back into Fast Horse. Very cute.

      Wonderful concert!

    8. Char says:

      I thought Tori looked and sounded great. There was all kinds of talk about how the venue wasn’t going sell out or come close to it and how that might affect Tori…

      I don’t think it did… she had fantastic energy and what a treat to have a mix in the set list.

      Liquid Diamonds, Horses, and even Cars And Guitars which I am not a fan of sounded great.

    9. Melody says:

      Once again, Tori has surpassed all of my expectations with her set lists and how great of a performer she is. I couldn’t have wished for a better set! Thanks Tori!

    10. Rebecca says:

      Wow! Last night’s show was incredible – Tori and the boys were so on. And I thought the setlist was brilliant, very sweet mix of material from past to present. I thought the sound was fabulous and better than the Paramount show, although I loved that show as well. Last night’s performance was definitely stronger. Hmmmmm…highlights for me were Putting the Damage On (love the bowed bass), Liquid Diamonds and Starling were gorgeous, and Jamaica Inn was a treat (my name is in that song so I feel like she’s singing to me on that tune!)

      Can’t wait for L.A.!! Thank you, Tori.

    11. Becky says:

      My initial reaction is… these set-lists do seem to be totally random! Yes, I loved the show, but in terms of being able to predict anything – forget it!

      I never grow tired of Crucify or Cornflake Girl… or even Precious Things – they are her staples, and have evolved extensively in concert over the years. I’m so intrigued by what she’s done with songs like:

      *Horses – this was amazing with the band! Just adding a little twist here & there… I suddenly have a renewed appreciation for an older song!

      *Take to the Sky – again, pumping this grrrl up just makes it more fun… love it!

      I second the motion that hearing more from the Lizard Lounge would be ideal, but it’s cool that she sneaks things in like Graveyard. I really love the fact that she pulls out Cool On Your Island for us…

      Looking forward to more creative interpretation in L.A.

    12. Julienne says:

      The only thing hotter than the oh-so-sweaty meet and greet (102 in San Jose that day) was the show that followed.

      She was in top vocal form, the venue was nice and intimate, and the sound quality was arguably the best I’ve heard in years.

      Lovely work, Tori and crew!!!

    13. Swirliepop says:

      Loved the San Jose show – it’s likely the only one I’ll get to see this tour and she did not disappoint! It was an interesting mix of song choices but all in all a great setlist and outstanding performance! I literally broke down on Coll On Your Island – I don’t really know why, but I guess there was some sort of nostalgia there… or maybe cause I’m 13 weeks pregnant and hormonal? ;-) Never been a fan of Cars and Guitars but live was great. I loved Precious Things – very powerful and felt like all in all she had alot of energy and was really up. Hope everyone enjoys the rest of the tour!

    14. liz says:

      Totally amazing. I’ve seen her over 16 times over the years and this concert rivaled her best. The setlist was great and her voice was intense. She seemed whimsical at times but then at others she seemed enraged. During Cool on Your Island she seemed in tune with the lyrics and at one point clenched her fists behind her back almost in frustration. I don’t know whether it was because I was up in front, but Tombigbee was also a favorite; at one point she launched into “I feel the earth move under my feet, I feel the sky is falling down…” finally transitioning back into Tombigbee. Liquid Diamonds was also a true diamond!

      All in all perfection; I could have stood there all night.

    15. Hayley says:

      My 13th show and the first time to hear Liquid Diamonds. I was lucky enough to be front row center —Loved every minute of it, even C&G!!!!!

    16. Ajari Rodes says:

      WOW! I thought she rocked! I loved her outfit, I felt like I was transported into her universe behind her with all the stars stimulated looking like the Milky Way. I was so excited when she did Take to The Sky! it’s one of my favorites..please let me take another breathe!! oh my goodness I was impressed..I LUV THIS GURL…

    17. Ophelia says:

      I attended the Oakland & San Jose shows, and my friend and I both agreed – this night was, by far, the better of the two. The highlights for me were Horses, CALS, and Graveyard (which moved me to tears). Her outfit was out of this world, and I swear, it changed colors 20 times! She was like a little chameleon! The only problem I’m having with this tour are all the sound tech problems. Jon’s bass came unplugged (during songs) a couple times throughout the show. Tori’s synth (on top of the organ) wasn’t plugged in properly when they made the switch. At the beginning of “Starling”, I’m not sure Tori could hear the backing track because she was having trouble finding beat one. This left for an awkward silence getting into the song. Other than these glitches, which will probably work themselves out, I thoroughly enjoyed this tour, and can’t wait to see her again!!!

    18. Mary_Again says:

      What a delicious day this was! Despite YES, it was hotter than a freaking pistol. We arrived around 2:30-ish & lol while we were looking for the parking structure, we saw the boys from One Eskimo…notta bad way to start an already-hot afternnon;-) LOL! I think it should be noted that the staff at this venue were super sweet to us; moving the barricades for the M&G more into the shade & making us aware that if we have any health concerns that there was an EMT lady at the ready for us. Then right before T came out, they thanked us for our patience….yeah, us EWF rock! LOL.
      Much more nervous meeting T for the 2nd time!! I cried a little & told her I love her & her music. She looked gorg in her lil flowy blouse & lol i’m obsessed with her hair….I am weird I know!;-) Just love the color.

      I think most of the audience would dis-agree with me, but I thought SJ was slightly more mellow, which isn’t a bad thing, no….the show was MAGNIFICANT! Just not as many personal faves on the set for me that evening. I adore Give so am glad that's the standard opener & Crucify was great to hear again, love the swirling red lights & how much that song has evolved through the years. Graveyard made me freaking CRY. Lil T misses her big bro so much & its great he comes with her in spirit & she pays homage to him in 1 way or another at each show. Horses, woot! Followed by CALS, which was intense!! Love how she got so into the “Couldn’t STAND it at all”, repeating the “STAND!” several tmes. Liquid Diamonds, EEEEK! Always been in my top 10 & it was so fitting to hear it as I had blasted it in my car while driving up the coast to the shows & imagining the underwater things in the water as I passed; with their sea secrets rising!

      Starling, so great to hear! I often am “The jealous kind” so that's been a song i’ve latched onto from AATS & I love the arrangements live. I nearly had a heart attack (& lol i’m almost 23! Hee) when she did Cool…., was so bummed I didn’t hear it in ’05. So gentle & angelic live, she sounds like she truly goes back to being a young(er) woman when she sings that. Beautiful. It went perfectly with Crazy (even though that's not a fave), Putting…. (YES!!!), Digital Ghost & Cars & Guitars….a real relationship-men-are-from-mars-women-are-from-venus vibe, in a good way! Ya know?!;-) Always skip past C&G on TBK but she was so darn cute singing it live & I think i’ll take a closer listen now.

      Final 3 were hard & feisty….aka: Perfection! then yay, I finally was able to rush the stage & get right at it, eye to eye with Mattie the entire time & I was rewarded with Police Me again(!!!) & OMG, we were all like, “Is she gonna?!” (I feel the earth move bridge)with TTTS, & she so did! It was so fun.

      The venue was fantastic, completely different experience than Oakland (Yay for a/c!) & it did not seem sold out but I think it filled up more as the showtime got closer, maybe last minute sales. If that were the case, it still was a great crowd

      Wish I were going to more shows, but feel super-duper happy to have made 2, seen old pals, make new & oh yeah, meet Tori twice!!!!;-) On to The Light Princess!! xo

    19. Craig W. says:

      So I wasn’t sure if I was going to go to this show, since I went to the show in Oakland. Boy did I make a good choice. She sounded great once again. I got to hear Give live, which was awesome. And she played songs I had never heard her play live before like Graveyard. She also played a more piano driven versions of Jamaica Inn which was great, and one of my favorites Digital Ghost, which sounded a lot better than when I heard it live last time. My only complaint, which is hardly a compliant, is that she didn’t play Flavor. Oh well maybe next time.

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