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    Tori is touring in 2017 to support the release of Native Invader. The European legs runs from early September through early October and the North American leg runs from late October to early December. We do not know if additional dates elsewhere will be added.

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    Native Invader (album, 2017)

    Humphrey's Concerts By The Bay


    Date July 16, 2009
    City San Diego, CA
    Venue Humphrey's Concerts By The Bay

    Set List

    Many thanks to @Hypermutable and @lushvalley for keeping us updated on the set during the show over on Twitter.

    Main Set

    • Give
    • Beauty Of Speed
    • Graveyard
    • Cornflake Girl
    • Flavor
    • Martha’s Foolish Ginger
    • Jamaica Inn
    • Siren
    • Little Earthquakes
    • Carbon

    Lizard Lounge

    • Circle Game
    • Cloud On My Tongue

    (band returns)

    • 1000 Oceans
    • Marys Of The Sea
    • Fast Horse
    • Past The Mission
    • Precious Things
    • Strong Black Vine


    • Police Me
    • Big Wheel
    • Caught A Lite Sneeze


    Past the Mission (posted by lushvalley)

    Precious Things (posted by lushvalley)

    Strong Black Vine (posted by lushvalley)

    Big Wheel (posted by lushvalley)

    Circle Game (posted by goldtoof77)

    Marys of the Seas (posted by lindseymero)



    1. Jessica says:

      Ff the girls who twittered the setlist during the show were the ones sitting next to me on their cell phones the entire show, they were rude, talked during half the show, and had their cell phones glaring brightly in my face 80% of the show. This was my 30th Tori show over the past 10 years, and these were the second most annoying people I have sat next to.

      Other than that, the show was great! Definitely a water theme. I thought that before I read that you all thought the same thing.

      It was nice to hear Jamaica Inn. I can’t remember if I have heard it live before, but it really is a great song.

      [Note from Violet: I think it's safe to say the girls next to you were NOT tweeting to us. If you view the Twitter streams of the people we credit, you'll notice a complete absence of chatter and squirrelliness; they quickly text the song title and then clam up. That's why we choose to follow them —we have a job to do and don't want yapping, either. Also, one of our "girls" was a dude. LOL I have no doubt there are tons of people who are twittering constantly and being idiots, but they're not texting to us. Probably don't even know we exist. :) ]
    2. Char says:

      Venues that serve alcohol baseball/football stadium style and Tori DO NOT MIX!

      Up and down….. back and forth to the bar and so it goes….

      The show seemed much shorter… Tori is very much missing her brother. Thoughts and prayers for her on that.

      Lots of talking going on with both security and those drinking way too much made it tough to enjoy this show. It had the makings of being magical and of course it is whenever Tori plays…. however being on the water like that… ah well…

      At any rate, bravo Tori.

    3. Julienne says:

      The venue is similar to the Embarcadero where she played that magical show back in 2005. It’s such an added treat to hear her music while nestled in the bosom of the harbor.

      Everything she sound checked was played, which is what we were all hoping for when we heard Beauty of Speed, Past the Mission, Marys of the Sea, and Flavor through the curtains.

      She was not extremely chatty tonight but was chalk full of expressive energy.

      Oh yes, and one more thing: HELL YEAH to Circle Game!

    4. JCDatura says:

      It should be noted that for the encores, CALS came immediately after Big Wheel, so it was one big encore…

      Tonight’s show was phenomenal!!! Tori was in fine voice, and was incredibly animated for Cornflake Girl, with many fun gestures, and even some dancing. In fact, she gave several shimmies through the night… Beauty of Speed was a great way to kick off the show.

      Siren was FIERCE! She literally attacked that song, and was sharp and clear on the “Vanilla” parts… Martha succeeded with the band, and felt right at home with the boats on the water not 20 feet away. Jamaica Inn was greeted with a rather subdued tone from most of the audience, but I was very pleased with the arrangement… much better with the boys… Carbon was good, but not as great as it will likely be by end of the tour…

      Little Earthquakes was a gorgeous surprise. I cannot describe how fantastic this version was.

      Circle Game was very good, and I noticed in the mature audience members the desire to sing along (or aloud in some cases) Very bittersweet when she spoke of Michael. Cloud on my Tongue was great, and again, very strong, almost confrontational.

      Marys was stunning. After Oceans, she applied lippy bathed in blue light, and with the crash of Matty’s drums, she began Marys, the techs seemed to scramble as they realized she needed the Hammond set up instead of the Rhodes, and through the first verse, they panicked to get the Hammond up. The funny part is that Tori didn’t even use it…. she did for Fast Horse, and it was strong and stunning!

      Misson was great as always, and Precious has matured to a very strong song. She seemed to have a fun little duel with Matty as the song started up.

      The giant encore was a great treat.

      Aside from a few mic problems (switching back and forth) on Flavor, Fast Horse, and Beauty of Speed, the show was flawless, and makes me look forward not only to the LA show, but the rest of the tour in general!

      Much love to the girls I hung out with, Misty, Hayley, mother and daughter Goldberg, and the wonderful people I saw again, Rachel, Richard, and company… thanks for a fabulous day by the bay!

    5. MelindaLu says:

      Well…Tonight was hard. It was a beautiful setting and one would think that by looking at the set list that it was a great set. But for me, the only new material I heard that really thrilled me was Flavor~~which was exquisite live~~and Marys of the Sea. SBV had a nice, prolonged moment towards the end. So what was missing for me?

      I felt that Martha’s Foolish Ginger was strange to be followed by Jamaica Inn. They are both lovely songs, but very similar in feel and I am used to Tori really changing up her set A LOT from show to show and that isn’t happening for me. I loved the setlist from San Jose but I wasn’t there (you lucky dogs!). Tori played nothing from SW (except Carbon, which is excellent, but now I have heard it 3 times and will probably hear it again tomorrow night) and not a note from Chorigirl and only my least favorite song (which I have already heard) off of Venus. Siren is a fantastic B side (soundtrack…wherever it is) but again, I have heard it 3 times this week.

      Whatevv with Circle Game. I love me some Tori covers like Suzanne or Famous Blue Raincoat or Time. I know she dedicated it to Michael, and that’s sweet and I know she misses him but it’s just not that strong of a song. So play Toast. But it’s Tori’s gig, so she can play whatever she damn well pleases!

      The other thing that off-set the beauty of the surroundings we were in and the intimacy of the show were the Nazi-like security dudes. They were rude to people and they kinda ruined the whole vibe. I wasn’t able to get one decent shot because they were all over us the instant we pulled out a camera. I enjoy taking a few shots and sharing them with the world. I will submit what I have to Violet, but I think I maybe got one usable photo where as in Portland we got a ton of great shots. I don’t think Tori has an issue with it… it’s all about the venue. I’ll take that lovely old concert hall in Portland any day! The security people there were so chill and when the audience is treated respectfully, the whole place just feels better. But I cannot fault Tori for that.

      Graveyard is such a treat…but to hear it every night? Why not pull out something like Alamo or Purple People or Cooling or…? She has hundreds of songs, and I am starting to feel like instead playing with the huge freedom of that, she is picking from a narrow list of songs. I was thrilled to hear something off Beekeeper tonight…but 2 in a row was strange.

      So my last show is LA..I understand the foundation of the show…the songs that anchor the whole set and encores. I’m hoping for a big, big surprise. If we ALL requested iieee or Riot Poof, do you think we would get it? Heck, at this point, I would take ANYTHING off Choirgirl….I know you San Jose fans got Liquid Diamonds, so yeah, I’m jealous. I freely admit it! I also miss Tori’s on stage antics…no improvs, no mess-ups and little talking. I did like the blue dress tonight…a sort of Robin’s Egg blue and not a big fancy collar like in Portland. And crazy platform shoes that made her at least 7 inches taller!

      Don’t worry my beautiful red-haired Goddess. You could read out of the phone book and I would still adore it. I’m hooked. I just wish I could afford to see every show. I didn’t catch their names, but there was a lovely gay couple sitting next to us who protected me when I got busted with my camera. Thanks, guys! Hope to see you tomorrow! I also agree with the person who commented about the gigantic drinks they were serving. It’s just unnecessary. I drink, but I don’t get up in the middle of a show to use the bathroom or to go buy another drink.

      See you all tomorrow night at the Greek!

    6. lushvalley says:

      What an amazing show San Diego was! Tori was in top form tonight since she is still fresh and happy in the tour. She looked amazing with her silver legging and blue dress.

      I guess there was a water theme last night with so many aquatic songs (Jamaica Inn, Marys of the Sea and 1000 Oceans). It was a real surprise to hear all the songs from TBK and Martha’s Foolish Ginger was my favorite rendition. It was really touching to hear that Tori dedicated Circle Game to her brother and you can really tell that she misses him so much.

      Past the Mission and Fast Horse was a personal treat of mine as she executed these fantastically.

      The venue was really intimate but there were too many people going up and down the aisles. Aside from the loaded blonde behind us who kept talking, dancing and singing, the crowd was respectful and really into the show.

      Fantastic, fantastic show and I can’t wait until Los Angeles!

    7. Suzanne says:

      Hi all –

      This is just a reminder of safety, and of course, common sense. If you are towards the front of the venue and you participate in the rush at the end – make sure you have your belongings IN HAND at ALL TIMES. I stood up and stepped forward last night after Strong Black Vine, turned around again, and my purse had been stolen from under my seat.

      I know EWF believe we are all family, but even still, you really can’t be too cautious even at a Tori concert. I learned last night the hard way.

    8. Rachel says:

      I thought the venue was phenom! Outdoors with lush palm trees, hibiscus and greenery, a view of the harbor and a setting sun beyond the hills. It was warm, people were overall friendly. But I agree, too many people getting up and down to get stuff like popcorn. ANNOYING.

      So it was outdoors yet it was a very cozy and intimate place. I loved how the stage was dressed, with alternating color velvet backdrops which lit up in all different contrasting hues during the main performance. Very elegant behind the Bösendorfer! Tori looked amazing. I loved her turquoise dress / silver pants ensemble. Great colors on her. Her voice was right on tonight. Matt and Jon were awesome. I enjoyed their facial expression exchanges when Tori threw them into additional verses, and then when Tori started playing (I think it was) Past the Mission in the final set. Matt looked at Jon and Jon grinned and shook his head and Matt grinned and shook his head and on they went!

      This was definitely a bit more of a mellow performance, though I really enjoyed the little bit of rocking out on songs like Cornflake Girl, Siren, Precious Things and Black Vine, and then Big Wheel/Caught A Lite Sneeze during the encore. But for the most part, it was a very smooth and relaxed show. I, too, was so excited to hear Jamaica Inn. It was the one song that really made me go, “Oh Wow!” when it started. And it was flawless. (Glad to hear from the other responses that I wasn’t alone, since the crowd didn’t really have the same reaction. It’s one of my favorite newer songs.)

      Also I want to comment about how nice it was nice to see so many couples there — both gay and straight — having a good time. We’ve had a lot of conflicts in CA during the past year because of Prop 8, so seeing so many RELAXED and happy couples there together really made my night! And the crowd had so many different ages! Tori speaks to EVERYONE.

      I can’t wait till next time! I only attend one show each tour and my only regret from this show is that I didn’t bring a seat pad. My butt kept falling asleep on the plastic chairs at the venue. So that’s a knock against the venue! That, and the popcorn. Seriously, wtf was up with the popcorn??

    9. moodswingster says:

      Tori was flawless but the attendants at this show were rude as hell. I don't even think they're fans. They were walking around back and forth. getting out of their seats every 10 mins to buy beer and blocking/distracting people’s view. Are you there for Tori or the damn beers?

      AND everyone around me were yacking the whole time and didnt even pay attention to the concert. POSERS!

    10. Steph says:

      I managed to somehow show up 3 songs in..WTF I thought she went on at 9…windows down and could hear her playing Cornflake Girl and I almost pissed myself. That aside, Tori rocked the bay! Gorgeous setting. She played several songs I have never seen live at a show which was a total delicious treat.

      Highlights for me where, Strong Black Vine-she unleashed durning this song…fantastic!

      Mary’s of the Sea- so beautiful and the drums….

      Fast Horse- I was hoping she would play this…again tremendous live.

      Caught a Light Sneeze- Power. Full.

      Siren- I have never heard this live. WOW.

      All the songs were outstanding. Her voice seems to have gotten stronger and better if that's at all possible. Her shoes were ferocious! Her hair (wig) a bit ratty-humid out.

      Off to The Greek in a few to see her there.

      Oh, did anyone notice how in shape Jon Evans has gotten. Check out his guns. Damn.

    11. Shannon says:

      I thought the show was amazing. I had the pleasure of bringing my 8 year old daughter who loves Tori for her birthday. When Tori stepped onstage she looked like she had just seen an angel, which she did.

      I really enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere of the show, but was disappointed the audience was not more enthusiastic. I also thought it was rude when people were getting up and talking in the middle of “Circle Game” when she had explained the significance behind it.

      All in all it was a great show as always, and she definitely looks amazing.

    12. Rich says:

      I was so looking forward to this show. The venue seemed to be the best. All the fans out front having a good time before hand. The sound check got me all excited and could not wait. Things went down hill after the venue started to fill. People kept talking after she started. Getting up and down to get drinks.WTF with the girl in the first row on the right hand side. Security kept taking her in and out blocking the my view. I was so distracted it was hard to enjoy the show. Also upset with security during the encore stood in front of us and kept trying to keep people from taking photos, it is the damn encore let us enjoy it! Left the venue angry and upset.

    13. Jimmy says:

      Hmmmmmmmm, where to begin with the San Diego. Well it sure as hell wasn’t the amazing time I had at the Greek last night.

      Highlights: Flavor, Jamaica Inn, Siren, Marys of the Sea, Fast Horse, and Strong Black Vine, along with the encore. I felt the new material was BY FAR the most interesting part of the show. Watching her play on all the different keyboards really makes you appreciate the album more. The sound that she has created for the new songs I personally feel like has been the biggest shift from what we have gotten as far as her instrument goes since Choirgirl. Her sound itself made the biggest shift starting with SW, but it is just damn cool watching the new songs live. Fast Horse, Strong Black Vine, and Police Me where in my opinion the strongest songs of the night. And they are the songs that haven’t been perfected live yet, but still stood out as the most interesting.

      And although the new material was AMAZING, and Tori sounded great, this was probably the second worst Tori show experience I have ever had out of 12 concerts I have seen. As far as the set list goes, I could have done without Cornflake Girl and Precious Things, they have become lifeless to me, especially the latter. Other than that, awesome song selection and performance. But then again, who could concentrate on the show, who I ask? When the security is INSANE, patrolling pointless things, when they should be patrolling the abundance of dimwitted f***ers that either A. talk the whole concert because they are just either rude or too drunk, B. Flailing around so much they are disrupting those not just behind them but from left to right, or my favorite C. the tone deaf girl sitting behind me that was singing at the top of her lungs through almost the whooooooole show (sometimes she didn’t know the words to the new album and just started humming)

      Here is the thing. I get it if you get emotional during a PARTICULAR song and need to cry, or sing a few words, or move a litte. I am not that person who does it because I am there to hear and see Tori and her music, not to put on my own performance to distract those around me. I mean do these people really even like Tori Amos, because if you did you would realize that if you just open you mind and your ears you will be overloaded with more pleasure than riding your chair like a horse or listening to the sound of your own voice could ever hope to provide. I am sorry, but what the hell!!! This girl behind me, I look back, eyes all glazed over, slouched down in her chair, greasy hair and face, in dirty black clothes, just singing along to every word of every song completely out of tune. No matter how many dirty looks I gave her, she was beyond being able to enjoy Tori and thus forced everyone else to enjoy a little less. People who get off on being a train-wreck everywhere they go to get attention. And from what I am reading above from others, it sounds like half the crowd should be shipped to the Jamaica Inn and drowned.

    14. Cliff says:

      What a great location.The weather was absolutely perfect.And Tori sounded wonderful!!!I agree she didn’t say very much in between songs but it really didn’t matter cause her and her band were in top form. I thought it was a great setlist. Highlights for me: Little Earthquakes, Flavor, Siren, Past The Mission, Police Me, Marys of The Sea, Circle Game and Caught A Lite Sneeze.

    15. Lisa071573 says:

      Unfortunately I was a bit disappointed in San Diego, probably largely due to the venue and obnoxious people sitting directly behind me screaming in my ear and clapping through every song. Humphrey’s is in a beautiful spot, right on the water with a view of the harbor and boats (hence the big boat/water theme in the setlist); however, the serving of hard alcohol combined with folding chairs squished together in tight rows completely destroys any sense of intimacy the venue could have.

      Aside from that, Siren was definitely rocking tonight! I was really happy to hear Marys of the Sea with the band (I don’t think I heard it last tour) and Circle Game was nice as well. My parents had a 45 of the Buffy Ste Marie version of Circle Game growing up and my sister and I used to listen to it over and over… Tori has obviously been missing her brother a lot lately. Past the Mission was great and I always enjoy CALS, although it’d be good to her Tori sing it rather than some obnoxious drunk girls.

      Alas, a good performance overshadowed by quite an annoying crowd and security.

    16. Belinda says:

      This was my first U.S. show. What a difference it was from Australian shows! I didn’t have a great view and as others have said security sucked. But being positive, I really enjoyed the band versions of Jamaica Inn, Mary of the Sea and Martha’s Foolish Ginger.

      I hadn’t experinced stage rushing before and I know many people hate it. I enjoyed being right at the stage being able to see Tori’s face clearly which I hadn’t been able to see at all the whole show

      The venue was very nice. We could go in beforehand. I don’t think this is going to be one of my favourite shows, but I don’t hate any Tori shows :)

    17. Lauren says:

      So, I know I’m a bit late, but I just thought I’d put in my two cents on this show. I had to let some time pass for objectivity’s sake, because there was a lot of drinking and rudeness going on that almost ruined the show for me, but luckily I was able to ignore the rude talkers/singers/drinkers and just enjoy the beautiful setting and bay-inspired setlist.

      Loved Tori’s outfit, beautiful in blue with silver tights and clunky shoes.
      Give was fantastic, of course. I love how she draws out the word “I” live.
      Heard Beauty of Speed at soundcheck, that one was lovely to hear again, a real gem from ADP, lost amid the madness.
      I feel terrible that Tori is missing Michael so much, it seems to be really affecting her this time around. Graveyard is a lovely tribute to him, and later “The Circle Game” had me in tears. It was the best cover I’ve ever heard live at a show, it was a truly touching moment.
      Flavor is superb live, love how she picks up the synth bit (after the words “raining flavor”) live.
      Martha and Jamaica were lovely Beekeeper treats, the Beekeeper songs live with band are proving more beautiful and inspired than their studio counterparts.
      Although I’d already heard Little Earthquakes twice, I flipped out when she started it. It’s just such an epic song, and it’s a bit uptempo from last tour, I think.
      Cloud on my Tongue was really on tonight, her voice sounded very strong, particularly on the held out bits of “you can go now” and “I’m already in” and Tori didn’t repeat the “circles and circles” as much as she has in the past.
      Marys of the Sea- was incredible. I watched/heard it at soundcheck (Tori had the Beekeeper songbook with her, and she said “What key is this in? C minor… okay guys… Nobody buys these fucking things, but I use them!” and she was reading the sheet music while they were rehearsing it, very cute.) Then seeing it live in concert was incredible too, they really pulled it together fast. Lyrically, melodically, just a brilliant song.
      Past the Mission was very fitting for San Diego. Always a treat. The bridge “hey they found a body” was fierce!
      Now, on the printed setlist, she was supposed to end the show with “A Sorta Fairytale” but instead she played “Caught a Lite Sneeze”, which she had played in San Jose after I had requested it at the meet and greet. Now, when Tori arrived at the venue, my mom and I waved to her from our room and she called up to us “Hi girls!” after we had shouted that we’d just gotten in from SF (looooong drive!) So a tiny part of me thinks that Tori played CALS again for me. Maybe. Or maybe she was just feeling it.
      Overall, great show despite all of the drinking and talking.

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