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    Tori is touring in 2017 to support the release of Native Invader. The European legs runs from early September through early October and the North American leg runs from late October to early December. We do not know if additional dates elsewhere will be added.

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    Native Invader (album, 2017)

    Greek Theatre


    Date July 17, 2009
    City Los Angeles, CA
    Venue Greek Theatre

    Set List

    Many thanks to @Plutodrive79, @popbytes, and @lushvalley for providing the setlist. (BTW, tonight’s leggings: black.)

    Main Set

    • Give
    • Siren
    • Graveyard
    • Cornflake Girl
    • Icicle
    • Sugar
    • Marys Of The Sea
    • Bells For Her
    • Carbon
    • Liquid Diamonds

    Lizard Lounge

    • Mary Jane
    • Jackie’s Strength

    (band returns)

    • China
    • Curtain Call
    • Fast Horse
    • Space Dog
    • Mother Revolution
    • Precious Things
    • Strong Black Vine


    • Police Me
    • Big Wheel
    • Tear In Your Hand


    Carbon (posted by JessicaClark)

    Icicle (posted by JessicaClark)

    Space Dog (posted by JessicaClark)

    Liquid Diamonds (posted by JessicaClark)

    Give (posted by jmoterjk)

    Mary Jane (posted by jmoterjk)

    Mother Revolution (posted by jmoterjk)

    Police Me (posted by bmkazar)

    Jackie’s Strength (posted by robbjmc)

    Bells for Her (posted by robbjmc)

    Graveyard/Cornflake Girl (posted by robbjmc)

    Fast Horse (posted by lushvalley)

    Strong Black Vine (posted by lushvalley)

    Sugar (posted by lushvalley)

    Big Wheel (posted by lushvalley)

    Tear in Your Hand (posted by lushvalley)

    Photo Sets



    1. Mike says:

      Was so excited to hear China with the band – what a treat!! The crowd was super psyched for Mary Jane too!

    2. Jeff says:

      Show was good, not as amazing as yesterday's show. One issue as always the assholes rushing the stage were out of line. Buy better tickets fuckholes, and don’t mention tradition cause it’s a bullshit tradition. I will say one thing, thank god for Mary Jane cause i really needed to piss and that song blows.

    3. Christian says:

      Just walked in the door from the show. Let me preface it by saying no show has surpassed the Plugged Tour or the 5.5 Tour. Her intensity and energy on those shows was insane and she was right on cue for everything. The Dew Drop Inn was pretty amazing too but I am a big 98-99 fan.

      Tonight’s show was for a lack of a better word, lackluster. It was my 69th show, the magic number that I thought would be be incredible but it didn’t live up to any expectations; I wasn’t setting them too high considering the set lists I saw. Although she did look pretty amazing and her outfit looked nothing like what I have seen, it was gorgeous!

      I noticed with the audience that when T sings how she used to in a strong and deeper octave/level she grabs the audience and takes control. This happened rarely. I don’t understand why she has now decided to become a high high soprano and sing so high even on parts that on studio are low, it sounds like a screeching cat sometimes. My other complaint with the show that caused an overall effect of disappointment was the song choices. Give was a great opener, Cornflake as much as I am sick of hearing it really got me happy and I forgot about how many times I have heard it, Precious, Fast Horse, SBV were all in the genre of performance songs. Icicle was beautiful and I loved hearing it but keep that on the setlist with Graveyard and the solo time and THAT'S IT for slow down-tempo songs. This was the first time in 69 times that I have actually got up to use the bathroom at one of her shows because I wasn’t concerned with missing something.

      I do need to give my amazing feedback on how happy she looked at certain points. She looked great and kept smiling. It made me really happy.

      Last, does anyone know what the original setlist was and if anything got cut? Perhaps an MJ cover?

      Sorry if my commentary offended anyone. I was just kinda disappointed. I was hoping for a Plugged revival or at least something with more energy and intensity.

      …and by the way she was wearing the most amazing white dress with a black thing belt, a black architectural cape attached, black leather leggings a la American Apparel and black and gold strappy 4 inch platform Yves Saint Laurent shoes that were amazing (I shot them for UK magazine Pop). I saw Karen Binns in the audience and she got up before SBV to head backstage.

    4. char says:

      People were trampled at the end stage rush so much so one fan was thrown to the ground and has a head injury. NOT cool people…. There is way too much shoving going on in which people are getting hurt.

      I am a strong woman who can hold my own as well and at times feel how aggressive and dangerous it is getting.

      As a reminder it is NOT OKAY to throw elbows and shove just to get to the stage.

      One fan has a black eye, split lip and it is just simply RETARDED TO BE A JERK and shove your way to the front.

      End of rant…. People BE SAFE for God’s sake. Hydrate, eat and get rest but most of all take care of each other and not allow others to get physically harmed.

      We are all fans of Tori and it is our duty to look out for each other NOT hurt each other in a lame attempt to rush the stage NO MATTER WHAT.

      I know a few people got in there and were a good 15 plus rows back… lots of shoving going on….

    5. Jno says:

      wtf? why’d she go on so early?? and why do LA audiences SUCK??? why go to a concert to walk around and socialize?? great show despite…

      highlights- bells, precious, vine, and big wheel. where was second encore? no more love for LA, tori?

    6. Julienne says:

      She infused the set with a few “new” songs, which was nice even though most people complained about Jackie's Strength and Mother Revolution. I thought last night’s version of Bells for Her was the best I’ve heard to date.

      Unfortunately, my experience was tainted by 1) the inane drivel of the wasted group behind me, 2) people taking endless photos of Perez Hilton sitting next to me, and 3) the poor sound quality that has become synonymous with the Greek — the surrounding trees must kick back creating harmonic distortion!

      It’s a beautiful venue and we know Tori loves it, but the audience’s sentiments are different.

    7. Christine says:

      Wow, I am so disappointed to see so many negative reviews here. Tori is always amazing in LA she loves this city and all of her friends here. That being said I realize that everyone is entitled to their opinions. For me, however, this was one of the best shows I’d ever seen. This was my 3rd Tori show at the Greek and the 1st time I had suck amazing seats- pit, 7 rows from the front. From my vantage point Tori was having a fantastic time with the crowd and the venue. She was grinning and flirty and kept kicking out her leg towards the audience in this really cute playful way. She was in fantastic voice and I liked the energy of Tori and the band. I think typically LA is at the end of tours rather then in the beginning so this energy was much different. LOVED that she played so much of the early stuff. My friend and I were actually quite tickled when she played Mary Jane. In the audience around us a few songs before she started the Lizard Lounge a lot of people were smoking. I was practically getting a second hand high so I wouldn’t be surprised if Mary Jane wasn’t actually on the set list and she just did that as a nod to the crowd. It was a cute moment in the show. Really really lovely to hear China, Icicle and Bells For Her as well. All in all a fantastic and powerful show:)

      PS I do agree with some of the above though about the rush to the stage. One of my friends got knocked down and it was her first Tori concert. I’m sad that her memories will be marred by that.

    8. Caspian says:

      Yikes. A lot of bitter people on this board. I thought this was a solid show at the gorgeous Greek. Sound quality was great, and the set list was appropriately ambient. C’mon, people. This was a chill, outdoor event at a venue known for quiet conversation and carafes of wine.

      What a surprise to hear Jackie’s Strength and Precious Things! Both were great renditions. Best of all was what felt like the last-minute addition of Mary Jane (All of her piano-only performances are probably last-minute choices anyway). The guy sitting in front of me took a HUGE hit from a blunt near the end of Liquid Diamonds. He choked and coughed a giant cloud of smoke over the first few rows, and I KNOW Tori could smell it. Then came her cute story and performance of Mary Jane. Coincidence? I think not.

    9. Mike says:

      I agree that the sound was not good. I was pretty center and only about 11 rows back. Maybe being so close had something to do with it, but my ears were hurting from the vocal vibrations on Curtain Call and then I could barely hear her piano at all during Space Dog and Mother Revolution. I went back and forth between literally covering my ears to straining to hear. Some groups on the way out said they had the same problem.

      It was still nice to see her and hear the parts that I actually could hear. I love that woman.

    10. nikki(rocketpockets) says:

      Give - she was in a black and white outfit, i loved it. her shoes were awesome. give set the mood of the show, somehow i knew she was going to be in good spirits. she has always said at the greek and in interviews that is her favorite venue in the united states…
      Siren - cool
      — Band Intro —
      Graveyard (solo) - a song i have never heard live before…made me happy
      Cornflake Girl = i wanted stuff from UTP for it is my fave album
      Icicle - this song creeped me the fuck out. it was really eerie, but i loved it!
      Sugar - YAY
      Marys of the Sea - first time hearing it live
      Bells for Her - ok this was the song of the night, her voice was so strong, and so beautifully played. i cried. it was wonderful
      Carbon - it was good
      Liquid Diamonds - not my cup of tea….i like her without the band on this song. i was not digging it at all.

      — Tori tells a story — so funny. it was the story about someone she knows and pot smoking. it was great that i was able to hear the story because usually people are rude and start yelling out songs or tori we love you…but the crowd was really cool.
      Mary Jane - fell in love with this song
      Jackie’s Strength - first time hearing it

      Band Returns
      China - first time hearing this and it was so beautiful
      Curtain Call - loved it
      Fast Horse - loved it
      Space Dog - fuck yeah!
      Mother Revolution - have new respect for a beekeeper song
      Precious Things - never gets old!
      Strong Black Vine - this is just smoking hot

      Police Me - this is my new favorite song ever!
      Big Wheel - not a fan, but yay for happy fast songs
      Tear In Your Hand - perfect ending…

      i have been going to shows since 93/94.
      17, i am 31 now. i have been in pit. yay. but this rushing of the stage is stupid and lame. i was in section B. happy to be there. my concert experience was great. no one was smoking by me, no one talking or singing a long loudly, no one drunk…i like being with the old schoolers…but yeah. this was an amazing show.

    11. steph says:

      I loved the show! I was in SD for Thursdays show and although I had waaay better seats there, I thought this show was awesome. Her voice sounded soooo strong! Her outfit was FEROCIOUS! I thought she looked a whole lot better than San Diego show. Her hair (wig) was longer and smooth. And of course her shoes were divine.

      Highlights for me:

      Icicle (never seen it live, GORGEOUS)
      China (cried, moving.)
      Fast Horse and Strong Black Vine (totally awesome)
      Bells for Her (excellent)
      Liquid Diamonds (YES!)
      Sugar (one of my all time favorites, never seen it live)
      Mother Revolution (loved the beginning!)

      I see there are a lot of disappointed fans on this feedback page, but I have seen her now 8 times live and this show was absolutely jammin. The best ever was Dew Drop San Diego, 1996. And ADP in San Diego 2007. Helped that I had 2nd row tix and she threw out those two obnoxious chicks.

      Fortunately there were a lot less twitter/texter bozo’s to contend with. Unfortunately for my friend a large drunk woman fell on her and rolled down the aisle…then proceeded to crawl her way back up the aisle. WTF people. Keep it together.

    12. BosieO says:

      Ok bitter queens….These people act like they are experts…please! I HAD A GREAT TIME…she was solid and full of energy…she rocked The Greek…I brought along my best friend to see her for the 1st time and he thought she was amazing.

      IF you go and plan to criticize, talk the whole concert, and run and push people to get to the front…??? STAY HOME…we don’t need you.

      Tori’s concerts are about life in general and not about being destructive to other Toriphiles…


    13. Jimmy says:

      After my long pissed off rant on the San Diego show, let me just say, that I really lucked out for this concert. I was in row M in section A, so probably about 16-20 rows back if you include the pit, and on the right side looking at the stage. Perfect sound where I was sitting, perfect view of both Tori on the stage and on the screen (and a great view of those shoes, OMG AMAZING!), and there was minimal talking around me. Hallelujah! I think I have figured it out, if you get too close the stage you end up with some fan who doesn’t even know why they are such a fan, or if you are too far back everyone is drunk around you. HAHA, I am sure there is no exact method, but because my seats where to the side, all the people who kept standing in the pit and forcing everyone in the center of the theatre to stand did not obstruct my view, and the inclination into the stadium type elavation doesn’t seem to start until somewhere around Row F or G. And thus, I was really able to enjoy the music, fully and completely.

      And let me say that although I have heard a lot of the songs she played before, I find some of the above reviews shocking. Not the parts where people where saying people were rude because I know, it happened the night before to me, and when I looked around the Los Angeles audience I could pick out people acting like idiots all over the place, somehow though they were not near me. I am sure southern California is the worst of it too, around here assholes breed faster than rabbits. But what I find shocking is that people are upset about the set list or that Tori sings to high now or that the show was lackluster.

      These setlists are tailored almost to perfection, the mood that was set with these songs in my opinion was definitely poignant and centered around songs that communicate, “people constantly feel that they are not enough”, quite fitting for Los Angeles in my opinion. And her voice sounded stellar.

      The very best of the night I felt were Siren, Sugar, Icicle, Bells For Her, Liquid Diamonds, Jackie’s Strength, China, Curtain Call, Fast Horse, Space Dog, Strong Black Vine, and Police Me. And I would say that I have been tired of Jackie’s Strength for a while, but I thought is was great last night, and China with the bass was so cool. Bells For Her was like never before, looking at Tori on the big screens during this is truly showcased why no one can do what she does. Strong Black Vine was so good in San Diego, but reached a climax in Los Angeles like no other. Once again Precious Things was my only real complaint as far as the set went. Sugar and Space Dog were really strong as well.

      Overall, probably my 3rd or 4th favorite Tori show. And did I mention how hot she looked, her ability to meld eroticism, pain, and confidence is yet again unparalleled.

      Just wish that alcoholics and self obsessed losers would stay home.

    14. Jessie says:

      I really really enjoyed the show at the Greek.

      I went with three people who are not hardcore fans but enjoy Tori’s music very much. It was refreshing because they were not overly critical like a lot of her fan can be.

      I loved the song selection mostly because she played a ton of my favorites (Siren, Cornflake Girl, Icicle, Marys, Carbon, Liquid Diamonds, Space Dog…) Holy crap it’s just the perfect mix!

      Her voice sounded like perfection and her playing was magical as always. I think the band complimented her a lot more then they did in the ADP tour, and I LOVED the stand up bass…

      Someone asked why she went on so early. Well if you know anything about outside venues you know that the bands can’t play past a certain time. If you want to hear a full Tori set then she has to go on early. So thank goodness she did. :)

      She didn’t do a meet and greet, but I did get to shake her hand, she was sweet.

    15. MelindaLu says:

      LA was my 4th and final show. I thought the setlist was so much better than last night’s and the sound was pristine. Tori’s outfit was by FAR my favorite. It was pure white with a black cape that sometimes looked like a witch or high priestess, sometimes she looked like a special kind of bird and sometimes a nun! It is also the first time that I can remember seeing her on screens (I have never been to the Greek before, so maybe they do that for all artists) so we were able to see things like her notes tapes to the front of Bose and sheet music and little reminders…AND her hands! Even though I was in the 3rd row I still found myself watching the screens because some of the shots were so interesting. The outfit was awesome! I like the black tights way better than the metallic ones.

      I was over the moon that the security at the Greek were awesome. The let us take pictures with out bugging us and they were very chill. The Humphrey’s venue should take a lesson from the Greek security. It just would have been a different experience.

      Tori looked especially beautiful: gone was the ratty-looking teased up over-sprayed hair. Her hair lay silken all the way down her back and it moved freely. And those SHOES! I loved watching her stomp pedals with those bad boys on. When she came out she stood with her back to the audience for quite a long time, swaying with the beats. Give is a great opener for this tour. Even if you don’t like her new record, you gotta give it to her for Give, Strong Black Vine and Fast Horse all which rocked perfectly.

      Then comes Icicle, which is so completely beautiful. Sugar just rocked…everyone was really into the line “You’re just a pussy my sweet boy” Marys Of The Sea was even better than last night, and that has been a song that has been on my fantasy Tori set list for a long time. Her voice was otherworldly on Bells For Her and to wrap up that part of the set with Carbon AND Liquid Diamonds just were just wonderful songs to move into story time! Also, during LD the light show was gorgeous. When I looked behind me, there were little lights everywhere, spinning and washing over the people and the trees. It was stunningly beautiful. Those lights really complimented the song.

      So, I was quite relieved when Mary Jane didn’t become a staple song, because I’m not digging it on the new record. To me it sounds like an improv. In fact, I think Tori has made up better improvs on the spot at other shows. Tori told the story of why it was written (which differed slightly than what I read in an interview) and I was OK with hearing it just the one time. People were wooing and smoking, and that’s fine…it’s just that MJ and I parted company many years ago. So then my mind started racing HOPING for Ophelia but it didn’t happen. I think that is a beautiful song and I hope that she gives it the live treatment on a bootleg or that someone captures it and puts it on Undented. Jackie’s Strength rounded out the Lizard Lounge. It was luscious~beautiful and I feel happy that Choirgirl wasn’t neglected in this concert.

      The the boys jump back in for China, performed the same way as it was in Seattle which is really beautiful with Jon on upright. I was delighted to hear Curtain Call, but very sad, indeed that Starling was missing from the line-up. I really wanted to hear it again. As long as it shows up on a boot or online somewhere, I’ll be happy because I did get to see it twice! Fast Horse just rocks, and I’m so glad she’s playing it. It was just too much fun to hear Space Dog and Mother Revolution back to back. Both songs just rock and they are among my favorites in any form..live, solo, on the records…it doesn’t matter. Whatevv again with Precious Things…although it was the first time I heard her say the “GUUUURRRRLLLL” part at the end. Everyone around me jumped for joy when she belted that out. And, as I mentioned before, Strong Black Vine is just a fantastic, rocking song that I hope will become a standard in future tours. She plays all 4 keyboards during STB, and she stands up and looks mighty pleased with herself. And she should! It’s a fantastic song.

      Luckily, I was protected from the surge of people that came down from the back. From what I have read, it was pretty nasty. I think it would be good to remember that there are a lot of survivors in Tori’s audiences and that people should be able to go to see Tori and not be afraid that they are going to get hurt. This isn’t a Grim Reaper concert, people! From my vantage point, it looked pretty bad, and I was grateful that there were chairs all around me so that I didn’t get crushed, too. I bet you anything that if Tori saw people going down in front, she won’t come out to play more songs…so maybe rushing the stage isn’t the answer. And, really? Is it worth it to hurt someone or maybe get hurt yourself just to get 3 feet closer? Or 3 inches closer? I have been in the crush before, mainly when I have been sitting in the front row, and it’s just not that fun. I think I will stick with 2nd or 3rd row from now on. It’s just easier. Oh! And a HUGE rant to the drivers who nearly ran us over trying to get out of the parking lot at the end of the show. You can’t just wait an extra 2 seconds?

      OK. Enough about that..

      Police Me is not my favorite song on AATS, but it probably IS my favorite video (since she actually interacts with the camera and sings some of the lyrics) but live, it’s good. Tori is into it…looking around and standing up a lot and doing her little dance. It was really good. Big Wheel…I’m just tired of it…I was tired of it 2 shows into ADP…and ending with Tear In Your Hand is such an awesome song to wrap up with. It’s a beautiful song and it’s appropriate to end.

      Hi To Gina and her friend, hugs to Perry and a huge THANK YOU to Adrian! You rock, dude. Raven, so sorry you didn’t check with will call for your ticket…but I didn’t want to miss the beginning of the show. There was ZERO cell phone signal up there, so I didn’t know what else to do.

      So, that’s it for me…unless I get gifted a bunch of money, my Tori tour is over for this time. I am hoping to go to London to see The Light Princess next spring and I look forward to following the rest of the tour here, on Undented. Thank you to Violet for all of her hard work and for keeping those of us who cannot afford to drop out of our lives and follow Tori around for 6 months in the vicarious Tori loop through this website! Oh…and thank you for posting my still shots~~ML

    16. S J says:

      Like Tori, the Greek is one of my favorite venues!
      The sound is always great (at least from where I was sitting.)

      The highlights for me include: Siren, Marys of the Sea (yes), China (with the amazing Jon Evans on the bass viol), Space Dog, Police Me, and Tear In Your Hand.

      I really thought she was going to do “Landslide” but it turned out to be “Jackie’s Strength.”

      As far as Tori starting early, the Greek usually has a curfew as far as loud noises go. If you are seeing Tori at the Greek, expect her to start on or before 8:30 (if there is an opening act, but if not, expect earlier than 8:30.)

      I read in this review section that there are a lot of fans bitching about the song choices (well, we can’t really control that!) Tori usually plays her “safe” songs and hits in LA, since the record company peeps are always in attendance (at least that’s what I’ve been told.)

      I did encounter some (not a lot) of drunk b**ches in front of me, but they sobered up fast and stopped dancing so thank God for that! It’s really annoying when people go to a Tori concert just to socialise and drink and be loud and obnoxious. It’s very unfair to those who are listening intently and actually paying attention to her sing. Didn’t anyone learn anything from the San Diego show 2 years ago?!

      Lastly, the whole show was excellent like always, but I wanted a second encore…plus I was hoping for a Mike J cover.

    17. Lisa071573 says:

      Despite a few people complaining that the setlist was “standard” because it’s LA, I didn’t feel that at all. Tori was very strong and on at the Greek, one of her favorite venues. I thought the sound was fabulous from the floor – nice and loud which helps to drown out drunk chatter. I was very happy to hear Marys of the Sea and Mother Revolution again, two of my favorites from Beekeeper. Space Dog always rocks (though no Andromeda intro again tonight).

      During Precious Things, the people in front of me stood so I started watching the big screen and whoever was editing the video live for the screen did an amazing job! There were multiple camera angles being flashed in accordance with the beat and it was absolutely mesmerizing.

      The Greek’s Strong Black Vine was really intense and the best I’ve seen so far. The Mary Jane story was pretty cute and Jackie’s Strength, while an LA staple (must be for Beene?), was nice as always. Police Me is one of my least favorite songs on the new CD, but Tori obviously enjoys playing it so it’s hard not to smile watching her performing it and interacting with the crowd. She was in a great mood – lots of smiling – and this white/black outfit was definitely my favorite of the tour ;). A good, soild show.

      However, to follow on Char’s comments, while I didn’t rush the stage in LA, I saw my poor friend’s beat-up face and body in Phoenix from when she was knocked to the ground during the LA encore rush. Please, everyone, try to be respectful of others. I don’t think Tori wants us to hurt each other just to be closer to her for a few songs.

    18. Anthony says:

      I wrote a review on my blog here.

      Text of review below:

      I don’t even know where to begin. I saw Tori Amos perform at LA’s Greek Theatre last night and it was one of the best shows I have ever attended. Getting upgraded to FRONT ROW CENTER certainly didn’t hurt! The photo on the left is one I took in 2005 when I had a photo press pass (was a journalist at the time). Last night my phone went dead so I have no pics unfortunately.

      I’ve been a fan since 1995 and saw Tori for the first time live during her Dew Drop Inn tour of 1996. I recall the day, it was during finals week. I was a sophomore at UMass Dartmouth. I had a Portuguese final the next morning at 8AM but I didn’t care. I drove up with a friend from southeastern Mass all the way to UNH in Durham, NH. Those were certainly the times. How innocent and young I was, barely 20 and so naive.

      Last night’s show was packed with songs from the 1990s. There were 22 songs in all, performed in just over 2 hours. Tori is like an elite marathon runner of musical performance. She played the classics the entire night with sustained energy. We were transported to the mid-90s watching this show. Flashback central. There was “Graveyard” that went straight into “Cornflake Girl”. There was and updated arrangement of “Bells for Her” using both the piano and her synthesizers. She did and aggressive version of “Sugar” with full band and my all-time favorite song “Precious Things” from her first album Little Earthquakes. This is a staple for most of her tours. Every since she incorporated a full band for this song I have fallen in love with it even more than her studio version. So powerful.

      A rare song called “Siren” came out of the bag last night. It’s one of my all-time favorite non-album tracks. Tori wrote it for the Great Expectations soundtrack (film from 1997 starring Gweneth Paltrow and Ethan Hawke). This song is so chaotic and I love how fast Tori plays it on keys. She was jumping up and down while throwing her hair around like a crazy bitch – classic Tori. I loved it! Check out the entire set list at Undented.

      My favorite part of the night was early on when she did “Icicle”. Tori incorporated the band into it and the middle section exploded in rage when she sang “I could have, I should have…”. “Icicle” is one of my all-time favorites. It brings back the rage I felt while in my early 20s. I had so much drama pent up inside. I would listen to this in my dorm room and just let go. I listened to it a lot during the later part of my college years (1996-1998).

      Another highlight for me was the new arrangement of “China”. It was just superb. The drums and bass were a nice addition to its delicate and emotional core. “China” always reminds me of not being able to see people who live very far away. “China/All the way to New York/I can feel the distance.” It reminds me of my long-distance relationship of almost 2 years with J**.

      Tori only played 6 songs from her new album Abnormally Attracted to Sin. My favorite was “Curtain Call”, a more paino-based uptempo song, so fitting for LA since it deals with being in the entertainment industry for so long. I did enjoy the interlude when she explained her song “Mary Jane” to us. The song, performed solo on the piano, is about a 15-year old boy asking his mom for permission to bring “Mary Jane” over for the weekend. Little did she know that he was referring to the smoked substance, not a female. She then did “Jackie’s Strength” solo at the piano as well. I love that track from From the Choirgirl Hotel.

      This was probably my 25th or 30th Tori show. I have to go back and count all my ticket stubs. I will always be a fan and attend as many shows as I can.

    19. Jessica says:

      Okay, from my vantage point, this show was the most beautiful and meticulously performed Tori show I’ve ever seen. All of you old fucks who have seen her 79 plus times and keep going to shows with the expectation of the energy from Dew Drop Inn Tour need to understand that times have changed. Either that, or stop going to her shows with your negativity—-it’s not wanted! We are in a different age, and ain't nobody getting younger. Tori’s voice has defied time and the content is more complex, always lending itself to different moods.

      I wonder how it’s even possible for people in this economy to go on Tori Tour and do umpteen meet and greets, then still criticize. For me, this was my 9th show in 9 years and my only show for this tour. It was also my first ever meet and greet. I got there early and started to mingle. I ended up meeting two Tori heads who had slept in their car the night before after the San Diego show and were waiting for their first meet and greet as well. I personally don’t know anyone who loves her as much as I do, so I really loved hearing and sharing Tori experiences.

      We did get to meet Tori! It went quickly, but I thought it was very gracious of her to still come out and meet her fans. In my few moments with her, I told her that my daughter was born to Jackie’s Strength on Pele’s island and that I wish she could hear her sing Flavor on the way to school. She said, “really, she sings it?” And I said, “yes, in her kindergarten voice; you’d love it!” She asked my name, then moved down the line. When she passed me again on the way to her bus, I said, “Mary Jane for Cali—you know it flows freely here!” She looked straight at me, pointed to me and said, “thanks for that tip.”

      Then my new friends and I went up to park and enjoyed a nice big doobie. It’s fine if you’re not down with the Mary Jane, but for many people (especially in Cali, where there are hash bars and medical clinics all over LA) it is their spiritual practice. Not everyone who uses it wears tie-dyes and takes rips off the bong while eating Del Taco all day. Many of us prefer the MJ to alcohol, and from the reviews of the San Diego show, it might have been much more pleasant had the alcohol been switched with MJ! For us, it was beautiful, and we hoped for the song before lighting it up. I feel like this is the realm Tori plays in, the ethereal. Not the plain old “oh, this is a lackluster LA show shit.”

      So then, she tells the story about Mary Jane, plays the song and goes into the most beautiful rendition of Jackie’s Strength I’ve ever heard. I felt like it was for me, and I remembered how the song gave me strength after over 30 hours of hard natural labor. My husband knew I needed her and put on Choirgirl. By that song, I was able to reach into the deepest part of my soul and give the final push. Now my daughter sings her songs and asks about the meaning of her lyrics. I was able to come home and tell my daughter that Tori played her song.

      For me, that was absolute magic and I will forever be thankful. Not only that, but Bells for Her, Liquid Diamonds, Fast Horse (soooo good live) and Big Wheel? Give it up to the queen and bow down to her amazingness or don’t go to her shows!

    20. JCDatura says:

      The show at the Greek was an interesting event. My man and I were lucky to get some good seats in B on the left/center, so we had a pretty good view of the show. Thankfully, I was seated among some good people, and there was very little, if any talking, and the most movement, other than the guys who got up in front of us a time or two, was this adorable woman who was just grooving away in her seat. A great crowd, though I did see some problems drinking their way around the venue.

      Didn’t make the meet and greet, though I heard it was pretty fast. I wanted to request my favorite “Body & Soul”, and my hubby wanted “Crucify”. Still we managed to get a good show out of it. This was his second show, the first being Santa Barbara 07, and he said he enjoyed this one even more, this also being his first time to the Greek.

      I must say this for One Eskim0, they are a great opener for Tori. Great songs, good vibes, creative, and not bad to look at either… lol. We got a chance to meet them and I had them sign the tour sampler I bought that night. They were every bit as nice, polite and laid back as they were on stage, so that definitely made a good impression. Looking forward to their album in the Fall.

      As for Tori, as always, she was great. Even when she does a bad show, it’s better than some artists’ best efforts. Dressed in a flawless outfit that was Pip meets the fabulous Lily Munster (and no wig! Hallelujiah!) , she took the stage, frisky and flirting. Through the show started kind of slow, in fact (IMO), she seemed to have something on her mind that she was trying to work through, and by the time she got to Bells For Her, she solved it. From that point on, I think the concert really took off.

      Aside from the fact that she played almost the entire set from San Diego the night before, there were few revelations. In fact, I thought San Diego’s show was much better. I do know Siren lacked some of the kick that she had in SD, and Marys seemed almost out of place in the middle of the woods. Still, Bells was the best I’d heard, and Liquid Diamonds was fantastic! Icicle didn’t thrill me with the band addition, but I thought China was greatly enhanced by it, giving the song even more depth and power. Husband was thrilled to get Mary Jane, as that was the second of his requests, behind Crucify.

      A word on T’s lighting. Sitting as high up as I was, versus floor and close the night before, I could REALLY appreciate the visual show she put on as well. The lights on Icicle were great, and Liquid Diamonds, I believe, had some great light effects where the disco spinners on the floor cast alternating flows, which up against the velvet hangings almost made it feel like a whirlpool you were descending into. Genius!

      Sugar was good to hear, and I’m glad Jon’s doing double duty with the guitars and bass. I love that girl, but it needs the guitar to counter the piano. I’ve always thought of that song as an internal monologue during an argument, and the guitar is the droning of the voice of whomever is having a go at the narrator of the song.

      Space Dog was a treat, though I was almost certain it would show up in SD, and Mother Revolution was a big, and pleasant, surprise. Precious Things was good, and we finally got a “girl” out of Tori, though it wasn’t drawn out and scary like usual. She’d been leaving it out, so it was actually surprising to hear it. Strong Black Vine was really powerful. She ad-libbed the ending, and with each measure, her passion and fervor seemed to grow until it could be contained no more, and the song came to a crashing end! That was at least a one up to San Diego.

      Police Me, fantastic! I love that song. I’m a big fan of the “Math Problem” songs…lol. Big Wheel had everyone up and dancing, and when she started Tear In Your Hand, I knew that would be it for the night. Sadly, after she left the stage (and is it me, or did they not bow? I don’t remember a proper bow in SD either) the house lights came up, and the crowd let loose a collective groan of disappointment.

      On a side note, I must give props to the lady who was designated to the task of signing for the hearing impaired crowd members, who were seated in that section. Stationed in the terrace on the audience left, she had the lyrics up, and was signing the songs, and she was getting into it! She didn’t just sign the lyrics, she pretty much acted the emotions of the song out. Her highlights were “Sugar” (with attitude!), Mary Jane, Space Dog (I’m sure I MUST try to remember what the sign for ‘Colonel Fishy Dish Cloth’ was), Strong Black Vine, and Big Wheel (where she signed MILF, but did not expand on it). In fact, if you check out the videos up top, you can see her in action during Mary Jane.

      After the show, there was a wait to see if Tori would come back out to do a proper meet and greet. My dear friend Sylvia, my hubby and I all waited with about 15 people to see what we could see. A couple hours later, all we saw of her was Tori getting on her bus (a crew member said she wouldn’t likely see us, as she was too tired), but on the plus side, they took pity on us and brought us out the leftover In&Out that was brought in for an after concert snack. A few of us grabbed burgers, only to find a few of them had no meat. (I’ll have a cheeseburger, no burger…lol) The thought was there though, and by then were tired and a little silly, so we kept laughing about it.

      Still, the night ended on a slightly disturbing note. A tall slender guy, eyes focused, but not really, stood in front of Tori’s bus as it was leaving, and he would not move. I mean, they were asking him to get out of the way, but he wouldn’t. Even as the bus got closer to him, he would not leave the spot he was in. Eventually they got him to move (with physical assistance), and the bus could go, but for a minute, it was very scary. Almost like he wanted the bus to run over him. Even after the bus left, and we were all leaving, he wouldn’t leave. He was still there when we drove out a few minutes later.

      Aside from that, the evening was both wonderful, and memorable! Can’t wait to see the shows improve, and hope for some really good boots along the way!

    21. Lauren says:

      Out of the 4 California shows, this one really stands out for me. I don’t know if that’s because it was the last of them, the setlist was so great, the venue was so gorgeous (didn’t even feel like LA… felt like a secret concert in the woods), or because the sweeties of One EskimO talked with me again and were such sweeties, but the LA concert was truly phenomenal, in my book.
      The progression of songs was perfect… I was pretty much on cloud 9. The first half of the show before Lizard Lounge was pure bliss.
      Give into Siren into Graveyard/Cornflake was done with seamless transitions, and Tori went from looking like a sultry vampire in her white dress with black cape in give to an angel by Icicle. Sugar rocked the house, Marys of the Sea was great once again, and Bells for Her was really cool because she used the motif from the live arrangement of Devils and Gods from 2007. Very cool integration.
      Carbon w/band is stunning, as is Liquid Diamonds, the lighting during that one is perfect. (ugh… I’m using way too many comma splices… /off topic)
      Tori told her little story for Mary Jane, and it was hilarious because soooo many people started lighting up joints, security were pissing themselves.
      Now Jackie. One of the first songs I fell in love with, and it took 9 concerts for me to hear it. It was heaven. I was so happy to hear it I couldn’t even cry.
      After Lizard Lounge, I was really digging the Hammond love Fast Horse -> Space Dog -> Mother Revolution and of course Precious Things which, like Icicle and Cornflake, got the biggest crowd response of the night. Strong Black Vine was the best of the 4 I heard.
      Encore was standard- I was sorry to hear that some people were injured during the stage rush- be careful people!
      I loved Tear in Your Hand to close- that song is lovely.
      All in all, a gorgeous setlist at a gorgeous venue. There was still quite a bit of drinking, but from my vantage point the audience was much more reverent and respectful and civil than it had been in San Diego.

      Also, One EskimO are hotties. I think I might have mentioned that in my past reviews. Just thought I’d reiterate. They have an EP at merch- it’s really superb. I’ll definitely be buying their CD when it comes out in September!<3

    22. Belinda says:

      I enjoyed this show although It wasn’t one of the best i’ve seen this tour. I couldn’t see very well from 10th row.

      I am really liking her band versions of The Beekeeper songs. I loved that we got Curtain Call since its my favourite song off the new album.

      I thought it was pretty awesome Tori managed to speak to EVERYONE at the meet and greet even though she was there for under 10 minutes. She remembered me from 2007.

      The only negative thing about this show was the girl who got trampled on and injured during the stage rush (actually there was probably more then one person). NOT COOL!

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