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    Tour Status

    Tori is touring in 2017 to support the release of Native Invader. The European legs runs from early September through early October and the North American leg runs from late October to early December. We do not know if additional dates elsewhere will be added.

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    Current Release

    Native Invader (album, 2017)

    Dodge Theatre


    Date July 18, 2009
    City Phoenix, AZ
    Venue Dodge Theatre


    Thanks to Shannon for txting the setlist and to @onscarletswalk for getting it out there.

    Main Set

    • Give
    • Beauty of Speed
    • Home on the Range (solo)
    • Cornflake Girl
    • Flavor
    • Glory of the 80s
    • Black Dove (January)
    • Doughnut Song
    • Carbon
    • Playboy Mommy

    Lizard Lounge

    • Gold Dust
    • Baker Baker

    Band Returns

    • Honey
    • a sorta fairytale
    • Fast Horse
    • Siren
    • Precious Things
    • Strong Black Vine


    • Police Me
    • Take to the Sky


    Give (posted by MarcCarde)

    Home on the Range (posted by Uffdameta)

    Home On The Range (posted by PreciousEarthquakes2)

    Glory of the 80s (posted by frazzzledvirtue)

    Doughnut Song CLIP (posted by frazzzledvirtue)

    Playboy Mommy (posted by frazzzledvirtue)

    Playboy Mommy (posted by PreciousEarthquakes2)

    Gold Dust (posted by frazzzledvirtue)

    Gold Dust (posted by MarcCarde)

    Gold Dust (posted by Uffdameta)

    Honey (posted by lovemywrinkle)

    Fast Horse (posted by lovemywrinkle)

    Precious Things (posted by PreciousEarthquakes2)

    Police Me (posted by PreciousEarthquakes2)

    Police Me (posted by alewis786)

    Police Me (posted by lovemywrinkle)

    Take to the Sky/I Feel the Earth Move (posted by PreciousEarthquakes2)



    1. Kimberly says:

      LOOK AT THAT SET LIST!!! Seriously! People, let’s veer our eyes and dissect it one by one. In-freakin-credible!!!! I am one satisfied customer! It was an amazing performance.

      I think everyone collectively wigged out with Doughnut Song and you could hear a pin drop with her soul-baring version of Gold Dust. Stunning! Plus Honey was too sexy for words! Home on the Range seemed like a sweet little ode to our dusty, sun-filled desert we love so much. :o)

      The only damper was the non-existent M&G before and after the show. I think Tori’s staff could have dealt with it better. Also Tori’s lack of chat! No “hello” Phoenix or nothing!? Perhaps she was so in the zone for tonight’s show that she was too focused to spare a few moments of chit chat. Still, I think most people were bummed to not have a few quiet moments with her or behold a sweet little improv.

      Plus… no second encore. WTF Toriphiles. This is a first for this venue. Hmmmm.

      Aside for those minor, MINOR hiccups, every song was so intensely focused and beautifully carried out. The set-list was great.

      AZ loves Tori!

    2. Char says:

      First and foremost.. THANK YOU UNIVERSE and Tori, Master Teacher, for Gold Dust. Words can not describe what it was like to hear it finally live.

      I have been on the hunt for that song live for 6 years. I started the quest in Seattle this tour for Gold Dust. I know it is a difficult song to play… and when the Lizard Lounge came alive I saw Tori transform in a way I have never seen while working herself into the intro of that song. It truly was a spiritual experience. You could hear a pin drop during that song…absolutely BEAUTIFUL, impeccable and stunning. Special shout out to Matt P., thank you… you know why. I thought I would cry and ball like a baby but I was mesmerized and found myself as well as the front row holding sacred space for Tori while she played the most stunning live version in my opinion to date.

      Tori was off the hook in Phoenix… the desert definitely vibrates at a higher frequency… and I could feel it today… I knew we were in for a treat.

      Every single song was on …

      What a blessed show… in absolute gratitude~

    3. Shannon V. says:

      Great set list,the mix of songs together was awesome.

      Gold Dust, was perfection, she couldn’t have performed that better if she tried, perfect.

      I was happily shocked to see Playboy Mommy,it was emotional. Black Dove surprised me as well.

      Her hands during Siren is jaw dropping.You know your witnessing a genius.

      I am amazed at how great Precious Things is being performed, it reminds me of the performance in 2007 in San Diego, it peaked somewhere along the line and has stayed there.

      Matt’s drumming, he is totally locked in.

      Tori is very much in a zone this tour it seems.

      Strong Black Vine, there are no words how intense that gets and with the red lights, wow. “devils son”

      Tori looked gorgeous! Very vibrant with her outfit and the red hair she looked magical on stage,a vision.

      I hope there will be a recording,I think this would be a good bootleg to dissect/go over.

    4. Tim says:

      Well well well what can I say about the show last night except for it completely blew my mind and was amazing beyond all belief too me!!!!!

      I am going to have to agree with Kimberly that the M&G was handled quite poorly. I won’t get into the details cause I will get a little mad. :)

      But it was completely made up for by the show. Tori was amazing tonight, the set list was shocking to me!! She played something that me and my 3 other friends I went with, each wanted to hear.

      I was really pulling for Doughnut Song, but I figured it was too random to play, but she did it!! I freaked out none the less. :)

      Gold Dust made me feel like my body was melding into one. Seeing her doubled over at that piano at the verge of, what seemed to be tears, almost made me lose it. :)

      Home on the Range, Black Dove, Flavor, Playboy Mommy, A Sorta Fairytale, Take to the Sky…..WOW!! Those were all fantastic and sounded wonderful live!!

      She had quite the wonderful improv on Police Me that was pretty funny and made everyone want to go watch an episode of HOUSE, lol. Strong Black Vine and Fast Horse were pretty wonderful live, and didn’t seem to have the muddled problem as the other shows that I read about. In Strong Black Vine she got pretty feisty when she talked about ab MF’er pushing the evil out :)

      Overall it was the best set list I have ever seen and I am proud to have been a part of it!! THANK YOU TORI FOR MAKING THIS SHOW SOOOO FANTASTIC FOR ME!!

    5. Ashley says:

      Last nights show was phenomenal to say the least..but Phoenix did feel a strong somber sense of confusion when she left the stage and the lights came on. It was like…IT'S OVER? She did about as many songs as she always does… but something about this year..seemed like something was missing.

      She was beautiful and fun… but not very chatty. Us Tori fans feed on that stuff. There was ONE impromptu improvisation during Police Me that definitely got the crowd going. You can see that in my video.

      Gold Dust, as said by others before me, was impeccable and breath taking. I’ve never heard a crowd so silent, even the good songs people scream during their favorite parts. It was truly mesmerizing.

      The set was very much produced, more than any show I’ve been to. The lighting, the music. It was all well planned. As she’s said in interviews, this is the first Album that she’s ever really produced. She plays the keyboard a lot. It gave us a taste of Tori we haven’t seen. It was enjoyable. I was relieved to hear her play her piano Solo though. The band is great, but there is just nothing like watching her sing and play acoustically.

      All in all, the Phoenix show was incredible.

    6. Joel says:

      Waited three hours in the hot sun to no avail : (

      HOWEVER I met the coolest people and it played in my favor later in the day!

      I left, while others stayed hoping for upgrades. I sat down in my 13th row seats and I saw this wonderful girl who I met at the M&G go sit in the very front row. I was so upset that I didn’t stay longer!!!! I went up and talked to her, then another woman I met at the M&G came up and said, “I have four pit seat tickets. Do you want 2?” HELL YA!!!!!! So I went and got my aunt and we went and sat down in our second row pit seats!!!! As the show continued there were seats next to us that were unoccupied so I ended up five seats in from the middle!!! ASTONISHING!!!!!

      Only my second show and my first I had far seats. But yesterday I could see her spit and everything!!!!

      She played the most amazing setlist!!!! GOLD DUST! OMFG!!!!!


      During the stage rush I was a person away from the security lady who Tori told to go away lol. I almost assume that the second encore didn’t happen because I saw what seemed to be a security guy get pretty much shoved out of the way LOL!!!! DON’T MESS WITH US!

      It was more than I ever expected and the luck that I was graced with was unbelievable!!!!

      Thank you to all the awesome people I met and THE WOMAN WHO GAVE ME THOSE TICKETS!!! YOU ARE FUCKING AWESOME!!!!!!! And Kathy, you were awesome too! And the teenage girl I can’t remember your name, I love you and I am glad you got your Donut song!!!!

      Nothing could compare to this.

      Oh ya, and Precious Things she was into that!!!!!!!! And SBV, whatever tangent she went on with the yelling and everything?!?!?! FUCK YA!!!!!

      All these words still cannot describe everything!

      I have several videos which I will be posting youtube.com/PreciousEarthquakes2

      I am gonna finally post the 2007 videos I have too! : ) From Indianapolis LOL!!

    7. Justin says:

      The show I thought was brilliantly executed. Having seen the show the night before in LA, I feel the Phoenix show was a stronger effort and she seemed to be very intensely focused on the songs. She seemed to have embraced a western theme for the show, with Honey, Sorta fairytale, Fast Horse, Home on the Range, and i even think cornflake girl and gold dust were played with a western vibe. All perfectly arranged.

      Highlights for me were Black-Dove(January), Flavor, Doughnut Song, Honey and Gold Dust was perfect.

      She told off one of the security guards in the front during the encore, im guessing a toriphile was getting into it, and of course the ‘pleasure police’ is always there to stop enjoyment. Tori just said something along the lines of, “It’s ok, leave her alone, she’s not gonna hurt me, i know my fans they do this all the time, let her be”. Then she went into an improv about something, i couldn’t make out, but she made everyone errupt with applause, which was rad.

      All in all, a very spot on show, she’s pulling the stops out for sure!!

    8. ghostpassingthrough says:

      tori came onstage in a bright yellow dress that had a fitted bodice, wide sleeves and a slit at the long skirt with black leggings underneath (i think). she launched into ‘give.’ it was looser than but just as foxy as the album version. it was a nice opening song for the audience to settle down and move into. i found ‘beauty of speed’ startling after ‘give’ but appreciated hearing it again live; it’s one of my favorites from ADP. a sweet solo rendition of ‘home on the range’ came after. i was initialy a little disappointed to hear ‘cornflake girl’ since i’ve managed to hear it live at just about every show i’ve attended, but it’s still a great song and she nailed it. ‘flavor’ came next and it’s just as floaty live, which i appreciated, though i think i prefer the album version—i’m not sure what she could’ve done differently, but it just seemed a little flat. it’s a mellow song though and she remained true to that. it sounded muddy but it was probably that we didn’t have great seats.

      ‘glory of the 80’s’ was totally unexpected and surprisingly pleasant live. i admit to often skipping past it to get to ‘lust’ on the album.

      ‘black dove’ followed by ‘doughnut song’ then ‘carbon’ then ‘playboy mommy’ and ‘gold dust’ was a wrenching sequence. she played brilliantly. despite these being older songs, it was as if they had just come to her, newly present and raw. like she was still inside of them, that the events leading to these songs’ conception were still brand new, and it was a little painful (in a good way) to experience.

      i had been hoping for ‘marianne’ and ‘never seen blue’ but neither appeared. as soon as she started into ‘doughnut song’ (it’s one of my favorites) i was covered in goosebumps and sat with my open mouth covered. i thought i’d never hear it live. it was incredible.

      the solo performance of ‘gold dust’ was breathtaking. perfect and unsettling and much more bare and killer than on the album, where it’s still beautiful. i think it was much more powerful solo though and totally heartbreaking.

      when ‘gold dust’ finished i didn’t know how she would pull us out from underwater. she gave us a breath and then ‘baker baker.’ ‘honey’ came next and then ‘a sorta fairytale’ which felt right to hear just then, though i would never have put those songs next to each other on my own. it was really grounding and ‘fast horse’ worked really well after it.

      ‘siren’ rocked, though i wanted the piano harder. it might’ve been better sitting in the middle though. ‘precious thing’ is another song i’ve heard live several times, but this time was by far the best. i hope this show was recorded.

      ‘strong black vine’ was sexy and a strong ending note. she came out for an encore and gave us ‘police me’ which was even sexier. i hope someone writes about what happened with the security guard tori worked into her song. (‘she’s a hot mama / doing her job.’) it was cute.

      ‘take to the sky’ was superb. i’d never heard it with a band and it really rocks that way. it danced just like always but the band gave it ground to really jump hard, launching it higher into the sky. it was so impeccable that at the end i knew she wouldn’t come back for a second encore. i couldn’t imagine how any song could follow that. i was still a little sad that she didn’t come back out, though.

      she didn’t talk to the audience at all this time, except to introduce her band. there were no little stories and no comments about phoenix (though the ‘home on the range’ she performed seemed to be a site-specific gift). i guess a lot of the fans are upset that she’s not interacting with the audience much during this tour, but i think her performance was much stronger than the ADP show i saw at the same venue. she didn’t seem ‘off’ on any of the songs. she was totally rock-solid on each song and focused. she felt just as ‘present’ as always, just more introspective this time.

      i also wanted to mention that i didn’t think the set list was random as i heard others mention. the songs were strung together in a way that mostly made sense and felt deliberate, IMO. the first few songs didn’t seem quite as connected to me (like how ‘give’ led to ‘beauty of speed’ and that to ‘home on the range’) but once she hit ‘flavor’ it felt quite purposeful and i thought it was a 100% successful set list.

      the only thing that made me cranky about the concert was the audience. did anybody else find the one person in the middle front of the center section who kept dancing while everyone else was sitting down distracting? my seat partner told me afterward she saw people ask the dancing guy to sit down numerous times but he wouldn’t. he wasn’t near me, but he was still distracting because he was in my line of vision. four people behind me kept talking and laughing, too. i guess i’m old fashioned but i don’t think it’s appropriate to behave as if one is at a baseball game during a tori amos show. i’ll never understand is why people pay $50-100 for a ticket, show up, get drunk on overpriced alcohol (requiring frequent trips to concessions and the bathroom) and talk the entire time. why not stay home and get drunk and listen to the album? & all the bright screens from constant texting and recording and photographing is irritating. i miss back when an occasional flash going off was uncommon. </>soapbox.

      ANYHOW, i think this was my sixth or seventh tori show. i hope that if i have an opportunity to see her perform once more, i’m able to afford REALLY good seats. i would love just once to sit in the front row. it’d be totally dreamy.

      thanks very much tori for a wonderful and inspiring night.

    9. Joe says:

      I had hoped this would be a good show for two reasons – this was to be my 30th Tori show since first seeing her in ’96, and I found myself having to drive over six hours from southern New Mexico to get to see her. Tori, you have a lot of fans in Southern NM – can you play in Las Cruces or in nearby El Paso one day?

      Every minute I spent and every mile I drove to get to the Dodge Theatre was worth it, as this was one of the better shows I have seen. Tori nailed every song. As others have mentioned, Gold Dust was incredible, Police Me was a lot of fun, and Cornflake Girl was HOT! Some songs like Cornflake and Take to the Sky I tend to see/hear at every show I go to, but these were not ordinary renditions – Tori really put herself into them and gave them life.

      I’m not a huge fan of the new album, but the tunes from it that she played came off VERY good live. Fast Horse and Flavor are light years better live than on the record and this show is making me look at AATS in a different, more positive light. No, it’s not Pele, but it’s a solid effort.

      Tori, you did it again. You’ve ensured that I’ll be coming back for more. <3

    10. Lisa071573 says:

      A rock-solid performance in Phoenix… Home on the Range was a nice surprise! I was hoping for the whole Tori version with the Cherokee Edition, but it was really only the chorus a couple times. Very nice nonetheless! Gold Dust was amazing and except for some guy who yelled “Thank You” during the first line (annoying since Tori wasn’t singing it for him), for the rest of the song you could hear a pin drop. Tori seemed in a fabulous mood – a lot of smiling – and seemed to be having a lot of fun during Precious Things. A really fabulous show. I was expecting Sweet The Sting to go with her black & yellow bumblebee-like outfit, but alas.

      The show seemed really full despite the fact that I think it’s been the shortest so far. She came on around 9:03pm and finished the encore at 10:53pm. She should have had time for at least one more song before curfew, so it was a bit disappointing at only one encore. However, Take to the Sky (with I Feel the Earth Move) is a nice ending to a show.

      For the people upset about there being no meet & greet, give Tori and her staff a break! It was 115 degrees! It should have been obvious to just about anyone that there wouldn’t be one. Tori doesn’t owe us meet and greets; it’s something she does because she cares about the fans but if it can’t be done due to everyone’s safety, no one should be bitching about it.

      The Phoenix show was definitely one of my favorites of the tour and I’m really looking forward to the Texas shows.

    11. colie says:

      my friends and I were directly behind the guy who stood up dancing the whole time. we were in the handicap accessible section and dancy man just didn’t seem to realize or care that he was standing in front of a man in a wheelchair. what a mf’er. he also kept smoking. my friend in the wheelchair asked him to sit and got a loud lecture about how this guy KNOWS tori and he has been going to concerts for 17 years and yadda yadda yadda. it’s not like we could have moved because we were in the only section available to us. this guy should have taken his drunk ass somewhere else.

      besides drunk dancy guy, I was spellbound. I had to close my eyes at some points and just let the music rush over me. I don’t mind the lack of banter if the songs are that great.

    12. Carbon says:

      This was without a doubt the best Tori since her scarlet’s walk/lotta pianos tour. Everyone one else has already touched on her lack of chat, no m&g, lean set. Tori has given me enough for the past 18 years that I don’t need to take more of her time than she wishes to give, and it’s understandable that in 118 degree heat, she wouldn’t feel particularly like being outside. I was more saddened by the attendance. Maybe it’s the recession, but there were quite a few empty seats. Nothing like the Dew Drop Inn days when a show sold out in a matter of hours.

      The show really started for me at Glory of the 80’s. It was like a spark was set off. The hour from Black Dove through A Sorta Fairy Tale was the best Tori I’ve seem in my entire life. And I’ve seen her on every tour since Pink.

      People are not exaggerating when they say you could hear a pin drop throughout Gold Dust and Baker Baker. I was brought to tears many times with the sheer intimacy and rawness of her performance. Doughnut Song into Carbon was my highlight and the sequencing was pure brilliance.

      I was in the pit for the Police Me/Security Guard improv. It was funny – although the guards did not think so and I’m pretty sure that might have had something to do with the single encore. From my perspective, she was singing to this older guard “that she was just a hot momma doing her job…”

      Wish I could catch more shows, but this one will surely live in my memory forever.

    13. Brooke says:

      This was my first show of this tour, what a great set list. She gave a hint about Gold Dust earlier in the set when she looked at Char during the Doughnut Song lyric “and Southern men can grow GOLD can grow pretty.” I’m not sure how to embed videos here but here are links to a few songs…

      Home on the Range http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OKW39T45Cag

      Gold Dust http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7RALeIcERTg

      Thanks, Tori!

      [I've added the videos above -- thanks for the links!]

    14. Rose says:

      Wonderful show!! Perhaps the best Tori show that I have ever been to. She was all smiles.

      I was soo happy to hear Black Dove & Playboy Mommy. I have been waiting for Playboy Mommy since my first show in 2001 – never thought she would play it in Phoenix.

      Glory of the 80s, Black Dove, Playboy Mommy, Gold Dust and Baker Baker were highlights for me.

      When we rushed the stage for Police Me there were only two security guards that went with everyone (they were completely unprepared, unlike 2007 when they were ready for the rush). They kept trying to send everyone back to their seats. The poor woman looked like she was afraid she was going to lose her job. As you can see in the video, Tori told her it was okay, that we were not going to hurt her, and that we do it every night. The security guards walked right past us – looked annoyed yet relieved at the same time.

      My apologies to the guys that were sitting in front of me – I did not mean to woot and squeal in your ears.

    15. Aubree says:

      This was my fourth Tori concert. I thought the set list was incredible—I was so happy to hear Honey and Take to the Sky.

      My only gripes are that I wish Tori interacted a bit more with the audience, and of course I would have loved a second encore.

      As for the guy in the front/middle of the venue dancing when everyone else sat? I was sitting in the seat directly behind him. Re: ghostpassingthrough, my boyfriend was the one who asked him to move or sit down. He got yelled at by someone a few rows back who said “Let him do what he wants!!” I agree, Tori concerts are no place to be rowdy and obnoxious.

      All in all it was a wonderful night and just makes me excited for the next time I’ll see her!

    16. okame says:

      stunning. she didn’t need to say a word. she was in her space giving everything she had, being led by her muse. we received and were blown away. i preferred there was no chatter. just love + music + awakening for all of us. the hushed silences allowed us to take it all in.

      the band was flawless + the drums were hypnotic.

      a beautiful evening for all of us, including tori + the boys. we are so lucky to be part and witness to the magic.

    17. slutty g says:

      Tori seemed to really enjoy herself and that’s what makes for a great show. Some of the newer songs are still not as rehearsed as her older songs that she’s been playing for years, but the new songs like Police Me, Fast Horse, and Strong Black Vine are so much fun and you know they are going to keep getting better and evolving, so it makes it all the more exciting to witness them at this stage in development. And she did a great combination of standards and songs people who go to a lot of shows don’t hear too often. Perfect formula, really.

      The “hot momma” she sung the Police Me improv was a really sweet woman probably in her 50’s/60’s.
      When we walked in she said she was just checking purses and made a joke about me and my boyfriend forgetting our purses, probably not even considering we might be a couple or that some guys there might very well have one. I think Tori said something about her wanting to go home and watch House. Someone on YouTube thought she said “When is that f-ing redhead gonna get off the stage so I can watch House?” That would be too funny.

    18. Scott says:

      We saw the last show on the ADP tour, and I thought, “well, I guess I lost a connection to the artist I’ve loved for the last 15 years”. Even at 15 rows central I was completely dissatisfied with the concert experience- In front of us was a SEA of cell phones- so distracting. It was the last week of the ADP tour and it seemed rushed and performed so many times, that is was just another notch on the wall… It was the first time my man was at a show and we both left feeling completely lost- ugh!

      This summer I looked at buying tics for the Sinful Attraction Tour show in Phoenix. When all the drama came around with itune presales, I completely ignored it all. I think it was about a month after tics went onsale that I curiously looked at buying tics, and what would you know, there were 9th row seats, just left of stage for good prices. I let the last experience go, trusted my instincts, and purchased them.


      There weren’t any rude people with cell phones or whatever in front of us- respectful people, I guess… The view of the stage was great, although we saw a great deal of the back of her head, we also saw her playing the piano- an amazing experience.

      Early in the show she played “home on the range” and I knew we were in for a great time. My eyes were completely hooked onto the stage, and had to force myself to look away at times- it was THAT hypnotic.

      I think it was when she finished playing Precious Things, that I knew we were witnessing something special. About midway into PS, I felt like it was the first time I was on the Space Mountain rollercoaster at Disneyland. Lights, Music, and towards the end of the song, the DEEP DEEP DRUMS. Best PS I’ve ever seen.

      Into Strong Black Vine… Well. Tori became one with the keyboards like it was sex. I’m not even sure how to explain it- I think the temperature in the audience rose about 5 degrees with a matter of 5 minutes. If you’ve heard the song, the live version is much more a spiritual experience. Very Sexual. Wow…

      At the end of the show, the audience wanted another encore, but as soon as the lights came on, hundreds of people (almost) silently filed out of the venue. I think everyone had a one of a kind experience.

      Driving home we talked about how it was the most sensual/sexual/uplifting experience we’ve ever had at a live concert.

      We stayed up all night long. Talked about how it was amazing. I hope she does a return show after Europe, but I don’t think I will get the experience we had in Phoenix, so I’m happy to just have experienced it while I got it. XO

    19. Belinda says:

      I really loved this show. I decided to go only that morning from California and I managed to get 2nd row tickets two hours before the show.

      I loved hearing Gold Dust and am so happy for the girl who had been asking for it for years :)

      Tori’s voice is great this tour and she just seems so happy at every show. They just seem to be getting better and better.

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