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    Tour Status

    Tori is touring in 2017 to support the release of Native Invader. The European legs runs from early September through early October and the North American leg runs from late October to early December. We do not know if additional dates elsewhere will be added.

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    Current Release

    Native Invader (album, 2017)

    Abravanel Hall


    Date July 20, 2009
    City Salt Lake City, UT
    Venue Abravanel Hall

    Set List

    Thanks to PiecesOfMe and Blake from atforumz’ Main Tori Forum and the many others of you who sent it in from other sources as well.

    • Give
    • Body and Soul
    • Wampum Prayer
    • Cornflake Girl
    • Icicle
    • Starling
    • Marys of the Sea
    • Bells for Her
    • a sorta fairytale
    • Jamaica Inn

    Lizard Lounge

    • Cooling
    • Etienne

    • China
    • Curtain Call
    • Fast Horse
    • Bliss
    • Precious Things
    • Strong Black Vine


    • Police Me
    • Big Wheel


    Cooling (posted by elphie1013)

    Cooling (audio only posted by pianolover76)

    Etienne (audio only posted by pianolover76)



    1. Carrie says:

      I LOVE the work-ups for China, Icicle, and Precious Things on this tour! I was pleasantly surprised to hear Etienne for the first time ever live tonight. Tori was in a great mood all day today, and it spilled over into the show. She mentioned to the audience that Salt Lake City is one of her favorite places to play because everyone is so passionate. We gave her everything she gave us, and that was a lot of give.

    2. Tori Lover says:

      WOW!!! What a spectacular show! So solid, varied and TIGHT! Tori was in good spirits and it showed. Sorry for lack of set list/order, but highlights for me: “Marys of the Sea,” “Jamaica Inn,” “Icicle,” “Body & Soul,” “Etienne” “Cooling,” “A Sorta Fairytale,” “Bells For Her,“and from the new album (highlights for me personally again): “Starling,” “Fast Horse,” and a kick ass version of “Strong Black Vine.”

      Thank you UNIVERSE for giving us Tori!!!

    3. Heather says:

      of course the first time i don’t take down a setlist, its now not online… sigh fail. highlights were definitely icicle, china, precious things, and big wheel (imo).

    4. Benjamin says:

      I don’t even know how to write how AMAZING everything was yesterday! I participated in my first Meet and Greet and it was such a wonderful experience! Everyone there was very supportive and wanted to make sure that everyone had a moment with Tori, no one pushed or shoved or anything, very respectful, and because of that Tori was able to meet with everyone. With that being said, I now know why there is a “tori made me stupid” page! It was so incredible to meet her and talk with her! She signed my keyboard magazine that had her on the cover from the beekeeper era. I did however forget to tell her my name, until my sister elbowed me and said, “Ben! Tell her your name!” to which Tori laughed and wrote “For Ben” on my photo. We chatted about a few things, she told us that we were in for some big surprises tonight, and boy were we ever! Thanks to all the wonderful people I met at the M&G!

      The concert was amazing. Tori was very beautiful, she had a gray outfit with metallic red leggings and a reddish belt. She had such strong energy during the entire show, every song was so strong and powerful. She did introduce the band and said “I ALWAYS play Salt Lake City, you people are so passionate!” The highlight of the night for me was Cooling. It is my favorite song but to hear the entire version was intense, and on the second verse Tori improved a little, I noticed the video is up here, please listen its wonderful! I was so touched, instead of “is your place in heaven worth giving up these kissies” She stated something like “Is your everything my love…everything and I bet you miss these kisses oh I bet you miss these kisses” It was so touching and wonderful. I’m still on cloud nine having met Tori and witnessed probably the most wonderful version of Cooling I will ever hear.

      The setlist was really great Etienne was a really great treat as well! The encore was very energetic! A lot of people were up dancing and clapping along with, in fact I think Big Wheel was more energetic and received more of a response than the last tour, and she seemed very excited about that.

      This was an Excellent show, I am very fortunate to have been able to meet tori and attend such a wonderful concert! Thanks to all the wonderful people I met and Thanks for being amazing as always Tori!!! Salt Lake Loves ya! :)

    5. JaeLow says:

      Wow. What an amazing evening. Tori was in top form last night, how does she always know exactly what you need to hear? The sound at Abravenal Hall gives her music justice, one for the books. Cooling and Etienne were the best treats she could give us. Thank you for sharing Tori!! We Love You!!!

    6. Kev says:

      This show kicked a**. Wampum Prayer was gorgeous and sung differently than the album version. Cooling – Well, just listen to it. Hands down the best version of it ever.

      Tori had tons of energy and her voice has never sounded better. Jamaica Inn has a completely different piano intro. I’m still stunned from the performance. I’ve seen her around 30 times and I’ve never seen a performance this strong. I’m not a big fan of her touring with the band but after last night, I may have to rethink that.

      The only thing bad about last night is that it probably will never be released for download or on dvd.

    7. Mitch says:

      Well, can I first say… ETIENNE!!! I am such a happy boy right now. :)

      It was gorgeous. I felt that overall the set list was comprised of pretty mellow songs, stuff from Beekeeper which was surprising to me, but nice. I guess after she opened as Pip in SLC two years ago, I was expecting more rock, but the songs were still beautiful.

      Cooling and Etienne were flawless and filled me with overwhelming nostalgia. She changed some words after the Brambles bridge in Cooling (but yay for the Brambles bridge!) I really missed the “is your place in heaven” line, but her “miss to death these kisses” substitute was also very emotional and striking. Wonder why she did that…

      She definitely rocked in the end though. Precious Things was orgasmic. Especially toward the end when the band started jamming, and there was a lot of really chilling synchronicity between Tori and Matt on drums. Strong Black Vine was electric, especially when she went into an improvised verse of “Push that evil away, push it like a motherfucker” or something like that. I love the strong sound of her voice when she’s really belting it out.

      So, I loved it. I’ve been listening to Tori for so long. These days when I see her play, it’s like a slide show of my life up onstage in front of me. It was a great concert.

    8. Michelle says:

      I have seen Tori live on 4 occasions. This was – by far – my favorite in terms of the performance and the overall vibe of the evening. Her voice was beautiful and absolutely filled, if not overflowed the concert hall.

      1). Icicle. How rarely does she play this live? This was truly a GIFT to her SLC fans!
      2). She looked amazing. Tight red, shiny pants, a white ‘cape’ and gorgeous silver shoes with a several-inch heel. Dangerous!
      3). Cooling — my favorite song. She sang it so well and carried out the notes long and far.
      4). A Sorta Fairy Tale — rocked out version. Loud and amazing.
      5). Etienne – there was a young guy in the front row, left-ish who absolutely lost his sh-t when she started playing. He could barely contain his body from jumping around — he was very emotional, but he did sit down, respectfully and take in the song. Tori noticed him and began to turn her head back over her shoulder, after almost every line, looking directly at him, as if she were singing it for him. Very moving to watch.
      6). Tori made lots of eye contact with the crowd.
      7). Her voice was ON FIRE. Her range seems to have grown even further since I saw her in 2007/2008.

      1). No covers? What it something we did or said? I was so sad!
      2). Tori didn’t speak to us much. Just a couple of words here and there, though she did say that SLC fans are truly her most passionate fans (at which point the audience went berserk). Oh well, I respect that she was, perhaps, not in a space to improve and tell us about her day.
      3). One encore. I have read previous setlists and she consistently did two encores in many venues. Once again, I’ll just trust there was a divine reason for only one encore.
      4). The obnoxious guy standing and dancing in the front row of Tier 1, right, reaching out his hands to her, raising his arms over his head (yes, blocking our view) and gyrating like it was his first time dancing.

      In summary, Tori rocked Salt City like a beloved Goddess.

    9. Adriel Algiene says:

      I drove from Las Vegas to Salt Lake to see this show. I was majorly excited to see Tori. I’ve seen her on every tour since ‘Under the Pink’ came out. I was disappointed, not by her, but by the sound of the venue.

      I was in the 10th row at the end. Well, we heard a lot of muddy sound because we were getting hardly any treble sound where we were sitting. I think it was due to the balcony ceiling being right above us. So, I feel like I missed the entire show even though I was there.

      And when you drive 450 miles to a show, you don’t want this to happen.

      But Tori was on fire! I could see her playing all those keyboards and singing her heart out and the crowd was great. And the setlist was amazing!

      But the sound where we were was awful.

      But Tori was amazing.

    10. Rachel says:

      I’m sad that the sound was bad for some people. I sat on the first row on the first tier, and the sound was spectacular for me! This was the sixth time I’ve seen Tori, and the best I’ve ever heard her voice. She was in such a playful mood! And she KILLED on so many songs. Shaking her head all crazy-like during Strong Black Vine.


    11. Rebecca says:

      Wow. Tonight was my first time seeing Tori live. Ive been a fan for 13 years, but haven't gotten to see her in the past. I drove out from Pocatello, Idaho and I have to say it was well worth the drive, the best concert experience ever! I teared up during Cooling, Precious Things, and Etienne. Tori is amazing. Nobody has ever been more beautiful! I cant wait to see Tori Next time. She was amazing. I couldn't be happier!!!

    12. Jeremy says:

      The show was really stellar, despite my experiencing some of the mixing problems myself.

      Favourite highlight: I have heard “Cooling” four times live, and I have never been so moved by it as I was at this show.

      I really thought that her performance was tremendous throughout the show and especially good on the new material and the songs she has worked for the band for the first time (Icicle, China, Jamaica Inn.) They just have a really fresh feel because they are new or in a new sonic space.

      Icicle, especially, is just smashing with the raucous production on the “getting off…” bridge. I am hoping there will be official boots from this tour (europe maybe) just so I can own a version like this one.

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