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    Tour Status

    Tori is touring in 2017 to support the release of Native Invader. The European legs runs from early September through early October and the North American leg runs from late October to early December. We do not know if additional dates elsewhere will be added.

    Useful Tour Stuffs
    Current Release

    Native Invader (album, 2017)

    Paramount Theatre


    Date July 21, 2009
    City Denver, CO
    Venue Paramount Theatre

    Set List

    Main Set

    • Give
    • Caught a Lite Sneeze
    • Cornflake Girl
    • Flavor
    • Space Dog
    • Liquid Diamonds
    • Carbon
    • Icicle
    • Siren

    Lizard Lounge

    • Leather
    • Never Seen Blue
    • Daniel

    Band Returns

    • Little Earthquakes
    • Doughnut Song
    • Fast Horse
    • Precious things
    • Strong Black Vine


    • Raspberry Swirl
    • Body and Soul
    • Big Wheel


    1. Dave says:

      I’ve been to 40 shows.. including my first show in 1992 at a bar here in Denver.

      Tonight’s show was so amazing, maybe the best one I’ve ever been to see. I think I had an orgasm.

      Leather sing along. Raspberry Swirl. Never Seen Blue. Big Wheel to close it out. All were amazing. And the crowd was much better than the last few shows I’ve been I’ve caught. Thanks to all for the great energy.

      I so love Tori.

    2. mcryaz says:

      WOW! Tori was so on last night. The new version of Icicle is really great. I Have always wanted to hear Liquid Diamonds. I even enjoyed the sing along when her mic went out. Never Seen blue was such a treat. It was the first time I have been to a Tori concert by myself and had the best time the crowd was really great last night.I have to say the best concert I have been to in a long time.

    3. Joel says:

      Tori.was.awesome. I didn’t think I would find a better show, for me, after the ADP tour. Tori’s energy and smiles were contagious!

      If anyone has the “Leather” sing a long, I’d love to hear it / have it posted here. My husband said he had never heard a crowd of people sound SO GOOD. When her mic finally did come back on, the crowd gave up their moment and let her finish the song. She ended with a nod to her “Denver Tabernacle Choir”…too funny.

      Before “Daniel”, she said something along the lines of “if my brother were still around this summer, he would tell me to sing this song before getting on the plane to Europe.”

      I was cracking up at her “I’m your mother fuc*er” sequence (I’m drawing a blank on the song!).

      I don’t want her to stop touring, ever. You guys, IT WAS FANTASTIC!

    4. Wilamette says:

      AMAZING. Absolutely amazing show. Tori seemed downright giddy by the end, playing to the crowd, bouncing around, smiling and rocking back and forth. The rendition of ICICLE was especially memorable. It started slow and grew to a serious rock-out. Something special happened during Space Dog. The energy settled into just the right place for Tori to take us where she wanted. You could feel a tingling, vibrations in the hall. Such amazing energy she channels.

      A question for anyone there—what was Tori improving on STRONG BLACK VINE? Instead of saying “Submission is my mission for a” at the end, she was growling “Submission is my motherfucker”. But she was also saying “Nothing’s stronger than a (?) mother” or ‘more powerful than a (?) mother’. Was she saying fucking? I didn’t catch it.

      The sing-along on Leather was so great. The sound went out and after a minute everyone understood that Tori wasn’t just playing very quietly for some reason and so Tori played the piano and we all sang the song to her.

      The last five songs just rocked out—especially Matty and John on Raspberry Swirl. Tori was not in a mellow, reverent mood tonight. She rocked out Denver. It was incredible. Thanks Denver for the wonderful energy.

    5. Roxanne says:

      This show was the BEST Denver show I have ever seen! You could tell she was having the time of her life in Denver. She had so much passion, energy, and love for the audience. She was very expressive and had big smiles the whole night! Every song was damn near perfect. Icicle and Carbon were spot on tonight, really amazing. Tori’s voice was perfect and her singing was aggressive and passionate.

      The sound went out at the start of Leather, and the audience began to sing with her. It was so cute and sweet, and she loved it (the audience was not
      obnoxious at all)!

      I love the new little ad-lib at the end of Strong Black Vine, and she definitely had her Pip going on during that song! Raspberry Swirl was completely orgasmic, and this one was the best live version I have ever seen/heard.

      Such an amazing show; I’m so glad I went!

      Major brownie points to the crowd at the meet’n‘greet! You all were amazing in every way; I had so much fun hanging with you! Thanks for making my first meet’n‘greet a wonderful experience!

      I’m wishing on bucket-fulls of stars that someone bootlegged this show; it is definitely worth having.

    6. Laura says:

      I think Donut Song was before Little Earthquakes.

      The show was amazing, a very unique concert going experience with the sing along and encore. Icicle was another highlight, more beautiful than I’ve ever heard it before.

    7. Mandy says:

      I love her. I’ve seen about 10 of her shows and this one was one of my favorites. The set list just rocked. She went maniacal during Black Vine, doing an improv in which she completely rocked out, singing the word “motherf#cker” about 3 or 4 times. I’ve not seen her quite like that before, so that was enjoyable. Tori did not disappoint. She’s incredible. I enjoyed the Leather sing along, but was disappointed because the mics were broken and we didn’t get to actually hear HER sing, just the audience. New arrangement for Precious Things rocked. Icicle with the band—rocked. Divine.

    8. (v)ichael says:

      What an amazing show! I would have to say out of the many Tori concerts I have been to, this has to be my favorite!

      The setlist was to die for! Space Dog, Siren, Raspberry Swirl! I have waited years to hear Raspberry Swirl live! You can always tell what kind of a mood Tori is in based on her setlist. She had so much energy last night!

      Give – 4/5 Standard fare on the tour, but awesome live!

      Caught a Lite Sneeze – 5/5 Wow! It has been forever since she played this one live! It is one of those songs that is just so powerful live.

      Right around here she stopped playing and said how much she loves the Boulder/Denver Metro area and she introduced Matt and Jon.

      Cornflake Girl – 4/5 Staple of many concerts. Never get tired of it live!

      Flavor – 4/5 I’m glad she played this song off of AATS. There are only a few I connect with on the album and this is one of them.

      Space Dog – 5/5 Always awesome to hear this song live! She doesn’t do it enough!

      Liquid Diamonds – 4/5 I love Liquid Diamonds, but it just isn’t as good live as it is on the album. Still, great to hear her live interpretation.

      Carbon – 4/5 At first I thought she was going to play Siren and was slightly disappointed it was Carbon. It made me think though that when SW was coming out, people kept comparing the two songs and saying they sonically sound alike. I guess they were right!

      Icicle – 5/5 Amazing! Probably the most emotional song she played all night. This is how her concerts got known as a religious experience! Very moving.

      Siren – 5/5 Finally! My disappointment was short lived! I got to hear another of my favorites live! Now only if she would play Raspberry Swirl…

      Leather – 5/5 Well, I have never been too big of a fan of this song, but the crowd sing-along was amazing! We almost did the entire song! At first I was thinking she was letting us sing, but then I realized her voice microphone and the piano microphone went down. She really has a powerful voice though. You could sometimes hear her over the crowd singing. 1500 people singing and it sounded like a professional choir! At the end of the song she sang, “The Denver Tabernacle Choir!”.

      Never Seen Blue – 3/5 Great B-Side from the BFP/FTCH era. I really like the song, but all the other songs on the setlist were so awesome, this one kind of didn’t stand out.

      Daniel – 4/5 Dedicated to her brother who died in 2004. Very nice cover. She did mess up at the beginning and stated she will try that again!

      Little Earthquakes – 5/5 I haven’t been lucky enough to hear this one live until tonight. She was so full of energy on this song and it really showed. Everyone was getting into this song.

      Doughnut Song – 4/5 Great song live! Once again, never heard this one live either. She added a bit here and there in the song, especially towards the end, but a very upbeat song which is usually more of a somber song.

      Fast Horse – 2/5 Well I knew my luck wouldn’t last all night and this is the point where she broke from a perfect setlist. I just can’t get into this song. It was really interesting to see her switching between the organ and her keyboards on this song.

      Precious Things – 4/5 Always awesome to hear live. I gave it 4 out of 5 because nothing will ever match her rendition she did on the Plugged Tour.

      Strong Black Vine – 3/5 Another AATS song I do not like. The only reason I gave it 3 instead of 2 was her improvising at the end of the song. She caught fire and was really awesome on the organ.

      Raspberry Swirl – 5/5 Did I just get lucky again tonight! She played the song that every time I see her I wished she would play. I have heard a few boots that had the song, and I wasn’t impressed. Tonight, she rocked the house with this song! Matt and Jon rocked with this song as well!

      Body and Soul – 3/5 This song is much better live. I never really got into it on CD. She was once again so full of energy on this song.

      Big Wheel – 5/5 A fitting high energy song to finish the night! She really got into this song and so did the crowd.

      We really wanted her to come back out and do another encore, but I think after the show she just gave, she must have been exhausted!

      I am so glad I went to this show. It almost didn’t happen! If there was only one concert you could ever see of Tori’s, this was the one!

    9. Ashleigh says:

      Wow, what a day (and night)!
      I went to the meet and greet yesterday afternoon and it was totally worth the wait. I got there around 2 and Tori came out around 445 or so. She was so wonderful. Positive encouragements to all and took pictures and signed as well. Sarah and I asked her, if it was okay with Mark, if she could play Never Seen Blue. She wrote it on her had but I thought no way in hell….

      The concert opened with One EskimO and holy moly were they great! The lead singer really liked to bounce! Good music though and I have to admit I was impressed when the bass player played bass and played horn at the same time.

      Tori’s set opened with Give which felt pretty sexy. The piano sound was awesome tonight. Not sure if it was turned up more than usual or if it was where I was sitting but it seemed much stronger.

      Caught a Light Sneeze… the intro while short, was beautiful. I could see her hands and it was just stunning.

      Cornflake Girl was very fun. Going to some of the shows on the last tour, CG almost got old but it seems like it was much more ‘peppy’ this time around and Tori really had fun with it.

      Flavor was so pretty! Slow and mellow compared to CG, a nice calm down and follow up.

      Liquid Diamonds…well it seemed the lighting seemed to get a bit messed up and shined on the audience some and I think it kind of threw Tori off…. it seemed as if she was frustrated with it.

      Carbon was very sweet and the piano, have I said how the piano was just awesome?!

      Then there was Icicle. This was I think my first time hearing it and the intro was just magic!!! I absolutely love watching her hands play that piano! The audience screamed quite a bit for this one…

      Before the Lizard Lounge, she played Siren. I still don’t know this song well but she definitely played for the front row. They were jamming all night and having a total blast.

      Now, the Lizard Lounge…

      She started Leather… and then her microphone and the speakers went out… the audience sang along and she seemed just amazing by this! She had so much fun! Then at the very end the mic and speakers came back on and she finished it out… she also sang in there something about the Denver Tabernacle Choir or something like that…

      AND THEN she started Never Seen Blue. Like the baby I am, I welled up with tears and told the poor girl next to me how I requested it at the meet and greet thinking I would never get to hear it live. I think she played it in a different key then what is on the Jackie’s Strength single but nonetheless it was a BEAUTIFUL treat.

      Daniel was next. Tori mentioned her brother telling her to play this when she went overseas and to know that he was watching over her.

      Little Earthquakes… Yes, this is a classic and I could listen to it live at every show…

      Doughnut Song was simple and pretty

      Fast Horse was neat because she played like two different keyboards and the piano… it was nice because I was on the left so I could see her face more for this song instead of the back of her head.

      Precious Things well, the background breathing really intensified this. She played a pretty long intro and it was just amazing. I do wish people wouldn’t scream so much and just listen to the piano more…

      Strong Black Vine… HOLY CRAP. The stage rush started during this and I got up close. You could tell she was almost feeding off of the audience’s energy. She went crazy at the end and it was just AWESOME!

      Raspberry Swirl wow, this woman has energy… she came out all smiles and she as she started singing the fans went crazy… she was smiling a lot and she swirled her hips as she told the boys to make that raspberry swirl

      Body and Soul all I can say is sexy and full of energy

      Big Wheel her little dance before hand was fun and the counting as usual… 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3… She seemed to have so much fun

      This is probably the happiest I have ever seen her at any shows… the crowd really go into and it felt like she had a lot of fun playing her music. I want to say thank you to Tyler, Abby, Sarah and Roxanne for befriending me at the meet and greet and sorry we couldn’t get PGY in there Abby!

      This really makes me super excited to see Chicago, Milwaukee and Minneapolis! Thanks Tori!

    10. Karli says:

      This was my second show and my first officially successful M&G. Tori was so caring and considerate when she met with the fans yesterday. A lot of great people there! I did get a chance to talk with her, but was not able to get a pic of her and I – hoping that someone who was there has me in one since I have several of other folks with Tori that I would love to share!

      Anyway, the show ROCKED!!!! The opening was strong- and the overall show included a few Pele and Choirgirl selections that I was totally thrilled to hear. There were some obvious technical difficulties with the audio when Leather started. Tori was a true professional and didn’t skip a beat as the audience sang along with her. Once the audio was restored she added a lyric to the effect of “Thanks to the Denver Tabernacle Choir”. Very funny! Strong Black Vine was bitching as she did a kick-ass improv at the end which was the perfect lead up to Raspberry Swirl!! Icicle was dead-on and her voice was absolutely stunning. AWESOME, AWESOME show!!! THANKS TORI!!!

    11. Sarah McKelvey says:

      Although I have yet to make 40 shows (impressive!), of my 6, last night’s Sinful Attraction at the Paramount was the most audience-engaged, electrifying, ecstatic Live Tori I’ve ever been apart of. After nearly five hours in pungent smells of Denver high rise dumpsters with fellow EWF, this was righteous compensation. Audience energy was visceral – until it all brewed over in a stage rush during the encore’s Raspberry Swirl (and swirl she did right there on her bench).

      I expected the introduction of Give given the previous sets, and she delivered. The song was even more surreal than its recorded presentation, given the spacey synths from the smallish keyboard atop the Bose. Donning metallic gold leggings and a full-length emerald and yellow dress, it seemed the sights and sounds of the stage were unfolding in the eighth dimension. I’d have to say the context (especially lighting) was supurb all the way through – environmentally complementary to the emotional resonance of each song’s being.

      Here are some personally selected highlights of experience:

      Tori included lots of exciting gestural components while performing….as always, but especially liberal this time with little air kicks that broke her pedaling, head tremors when really tapping into the language of the song, pointing, leg crossing, self-grabbing. The audience was enraptured.

      I’ve always loved the fact of Tori’s song malleability – that she goes back to old material, mining it for variants and rework – this was exceptionally particularized with the rendition (I’ve never previously heard) of Icicle with cello accompaniment. It became not just secretive and quiet as before, but eerie, with the somewhat dissonant cello harmonics. I don’t think I will hear this song the same way again.

      Leather during Lizard Lounge met with difficulty turned opportunity for crowd participation as Tori’s mic seemed completely mute – for awhile, I couldn’t decipher if this was done for some sort of whipser effect, until the audience spontaneously took up the lines to fill the hall with Leather regardless of technical issues. When full sound from the stage reemerged, Tori continued to playfully give the song back to us.

      Since Never Seen Blue was a special request my new friend Ashleigh and I made, this was especially emotionally stirring for me…absolutely beautiful – gave me chills & tears, as did the live end-vocals of Little Earthquakes. The selection of Carbon, alongwith being Denver’s closest to Scarlet’s traversals, seemed to radiate from the stories of the M&G and Beenie – Tori was open, definitely tuned into those around her.

      One last mention – the stunning encore! Strong Black Vine ended with enraged mother-f-bombs (where’s Tash!?) and then I requested my fellow showgoer to join the dancing mob (thanks Amy and Snap pea!) – and we partook of the dionysian swirl, embodied soul, and a very large wheel.

      It was fiery and spot on. Tori has harnessed the goddesses – what a thrill it has been to know her music these past eleven years (thanks to my Beene; I am forever indebted) and partake of what she has to offer, sonically and otherwise. What a significant talent and an awesome display of it in Denver 2009!

    12. Teresa says:

      I am still high from this show. It was my 9th and my favorite. She just rocked us! Meet and Greet was awesome too! Everyone there was very nice and considerate. Tori was in a great mood and talked to everyone. What a magical day/evening. Thanks to the crowd for being so awesome!!!

    13. Sascha Anderson says:

      Just two words: wickedly wonderful!

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