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    Tour Status

    Tori is touring in 2017 to support the release of Native Invader. The European legs runs from early September through early October and the North American leg runs from late October to early December. We do not know if additional dates elsewhere will be added.

    Useful Tour Stuffs
    Current Release

    Native Invader (album, 2017)

    Durham PAC


    Date July 31, 2009
    City Durham, NC
    Venue Durham PAC


    Many thanks to @Vixxenkiss and @JrMozart for posting the setlist on Twitter!

    For the fashion-oriented: Blue dress, silver leggings.

    Main Set

    • Give
    • Beauty of Speed
    • Cornflake Girl
    • Starling
    • Black Dove (January)
    • Glory of the 80s
    • Pandora’s Aquarium
    • Marys of the Sea
    • 1,000 Oceans

    Lizard Lounge

    • Landslide
    • Upside Down

    (band returns)

    • Lady in Blue
    • Bliss
    • Police Me
    • Precious Things
    • Strong Black Vine


    • Body and Soul
    • Big Wheel


    Upside Down (posed by lanoragd)


    1. Spinny says:

      Just got to the hotel from the venue. This is my only show of the tour so I have nothing to compare it to; but, WOW! What a vibe tonight was!! The audience was quite a good one, well-behaved, respectful, etc. The only “complaint” I have was getting only one encore with two songs. It felt incomplete. Aside from that, I felt this was such a strong, solid performance.

      Beauty of Speed – she kinda goofed after the first couple of lines, but without skipping a beat got herself back in time and started again flawlessly
      Cornflake Girl – her intro was brief. She discussed leaving FL at 3:30 this morning, so essentially she was from one home to another (referencing NC being her birthplace).
      Starling – excited to hear this, was one of the ones I was interested in hearing from AATS
      Black Dove – very solid!
      Glory of the 80s – I was actually pretty surprised to hear this, and Tori seemed to really have fun with this song, also very solid.
      Pandora’s Aquarium – This was great!
      Marys of the Sea – very strong and solid. She really REALLY got into this song. It was at this point she started really showing raw emotion.
      1000 oceans – As much as this is an @ yawn-fest, I didn’t mind it. I guess because Tori continued her “raw emotion” momentum and you could “feel” this song.
      Landslide – You could sense, visually, how much this song meant to her to play.
      Upside Down – Solid
      Lady in Blue – I keep track of the setlists on here, so I totally thought of @ when this started since I knew it was an anticipated debut. It was a wee-bit faster than the album version (subjectively to my ears, at least) and the end was fucking kick-ass. Jon was on upright bass.
      Bliss – Jon Evans kicked ass on bass. Once again, very solid.
      Police Me – Soooo much better than I would have every thought. She loved playing this, and did some seductive dancing at the piano.
      Precious Things – Best “rendition” I personally have heard since Plugged tour.
      Strong Black Vine – Demon Tori at her best. The end is phenomenal, and from what I was told it has evolved with every play.
      Body and Soul
      Big Wheel
      Believe it or not, the crowd absolutely loved the encore. Although predictable, I admit the energy was contagious. I FEEL I WAS GYPPED OF A SONG! OR AN ENCORE! That’s my only beef.

      Sad to know it’s my one and only show, but I am extremely pleased with what I experienced.

    2. Greg Richards says:

      Too short – Tori was onstage less than one hour 40 min. This was far shorter than any other time I’ve seen her. Voice and piano playing were quite strong.

    3. Rachel says:

      Phenomenal! The best show of the 5 (total) I’ve seen over the years. A touch of everything for every fan. The beauty of Tori live was further enhanced by the excellent acoustics of the DPAC. At times you could hear a pin drop, every (one of Tori’s) breath, every syllable crystal clear. Very pleased to hear a return of her angelic soprano (she seemed to rely a bit more on lower octaves for several years). Dead on, never missed a note (piano or voice). Eclectic, eccentric and simply fantastic. Nothing better than Tori live! The dichotomy of the quieter songs mixed with songs she sang with big passion and intensity was aurally tasty. As usual, she has such an incredible stage presence! Every turn of her head, shake of her leg or gesticulation perfectly in tune with each song. I find it is hard to put into words overall… she is truly amazing! A musical genius and a fascinating, intelligent, sprightly, courageous, funny, passionate, delicate, vivacious, ineffable woman. What a delight to have the opportunity to share the evening with her!

    4. Kelly G says:

      First off: there were a lot of people at the meet and greet (estimated at 100), but it was really well-organized in terms of moving Tori through to see everybody. She could talk to each of us briefly, obviously, but was outside for 40 minutes. Rain threatened from all sides, but the worst we got were sprinkles. It went really well considering the size of the crowd. People were really respectful of each other—thanks, guys!

      The concert was awesome. The sound was fantastic the entire show; no too-much-bass or microphone issues that plagued the Seattle performance I attended. And the setlist—oh my goodness! Happy Worker didn’t show up, which I requested for tonight a few weeks ago…I figured it was a long shot, but I still had to try. No Pele or Scarlet, either.

      Highlights for me: Black Dove (January), Glory of the 80s (requested at the m&g), Upside Down (also on her hand), Lady in Blue, Bliss, and the encore was killer! We must have hit a curfew, though; she ran off stage, and the house lights immediately came up. Even without the 2nd encore, though, it was a fantastic show. Thanks, Tori!

      Also: she came on at 8:55, and the concert ended at 10:30.

    5. Dustin H says:

      Upside Down, Black Dove, and Glory of the 80’s was really great. I was actually enjoying the first half.

      However after the Lizard Lounge, she started rushing. Bliss sounded awful. Landslide was dull. We got no Pele which I was a little bummed about, but then I heard lots of Venus, so it made up for it. She said maybe two words to the audience. Then she only did one encore (of Doll Posse filler, yuck) and then ran off stage to be whisked away in her tour bus that my 50(!) dollar ticket bought.

      Very disappointed, and I don’t think I was alone.

    6. Mary C says:

      Had a great time. She was playing so hard. Loved hearing Upside Down and Black Dove. But like everyone else, I was upset she only did 2 songs in her encore. I wonder if it was a curfew that caused her to run off stage… would’ve liked to have heard something from Pele. But, all in all, it’s always so great to see Tori! And I was very glad I got see her.

    7. Aviva says:

      AMAZING SHOW!!! This was my 3rd time seeing her and 2nd time meeting her before the show- she was so nice to everyone, as usual. And of course the show was amazing- she sounded phenomenal and the set list had great variation. BRAVO!

    8. jas says:

      While seeing Tori live is always magical, I have to agree with the other posters who stated that this concert wasn’t one of her greatest. I attended the Atlanta concert a few days before this one, and Tori seemed so engaged with the audience, laughing and singing multiple improvs. She didn’t interact with the audience in Durham much at all, just to say that this (NC) is her birthplace and she’s happy to have some of her family here tonight. But the first half of the concert was pretty amazing, especially when she started playing Black Dove. I was so happy, and had a great view. After the Lizard Lounge though, she seemed to be getting quite tired and her voice was veering towards the flat side at times. I’d talked to some staff at the venue and they told me that DPAC didn’t have a curfew, so I was really hoping for a second encore; judging from Tori’s energy level towards the end of the show though, I figured she’d only come out once. I hope she comes back to the US after her Australia run, with just her pianos (no band). Jon and Matt are great, but I personally love her solo concerts the most.

    9. amy says:

      Thought the show was amazing.Sound Quality was Heaven for my ears. Durham was easy to park,etc. Show was flawless as far as I’m concerned. I missed not hearing Fast Horse,as I really wanted to hear it!! Also I died on Lady in Blue. OFF THE CHARTS!!! Hope to hear it in New York. I’d kick myself if this were my only show.I missed meet and greet and hope there is opportunity in NY for one. I feel cured!!! Thanks Tori, crew, band for a stunning, mesmerizing water on land performance!

    10. Joshua Tree says:

      Great show. One of the best I’ve seen. I told Tori that I had a rough week and asked her to play Upside Down for me.

    11. Lisa071573 says:

      This show was good, but felt sort of low key along with being the shortest one I’ve seen since 98. I think one reason for the shortness of the set could be that she was tired. She told us they’d gotten up at 3:30am to fly to NC from FL, so I’m sure she had to be exhausted. Raspberry Swirl was on the set list I saw, supposed to be before Big Wheel, but was cut. Perhaps it was a combination of shorter songs and her being tired that contributed to the length of the show. Other than that, she was still wonderful. Upside Down was lovely and Lady in Blue kicked some serious ass. I could also hear Marys of the Sea every night. There seemed to be another water theme running through the set, and I was happy to hear Pandora’s Aquarium. Strong Black Vine was rocking, as usual, and I love to see the improv change and evolve. Oh and Bliss was fabulous; I enjoy that one every time. A nice show overall despite the sometimes low energy and length.

    12. Frankie Beckham says:

      I don’t know where to begin on this one. I have seen Tori a lot since 1992 & I know it sounds cliche, but she keeps getting better every time I see her. Tonight’s show was so on point and amazing. Her voice was as perfect as could be and the chemistry between her and the boys (Matt & Jon) was so strong. The perfect acoustics of DPAC are something to be noticed. You could have heard a pin drop in that place. And that’s one thing worth mentioning. I have been to shows before and had to deal with some minor distractions. For one of the first times I can recall there was not a single person near us that was talking during the show and more surprisingly using a camera. Security never even did bag checks. I was thinking the reason nobody was using their cameras was because of the same reason I wasn’t using mine…which sat in my lap the whole time. I was just too damn amazed to even care about obstructing my view for one second off of her. Her blue ensemble tonight went quite well with the “aquatic sensed” set list. The show was kinda short, but I did not mind cause she was so happy and doing so well and had such a high energy. As she left the stage, she did so with the enthusiasm of a seven year old on Christmas morning. She jumped up and waved vigorously and pounded her hands to her chest and was smiling from ear to ear. A true blessing to see that she will forever be enjoying the feeling of being on the road and playing for us.
      There were a lot of surprises in that set list tonight. Lady In Blue with the band was just simply AMAZING! Not to mention, it was a perfect way to bring that show energy right back up. Landslide during the lizard lounge set was a pleasant surprise and sung with such gripping emotion. I know for a fact I heard lots of people sniffling through this one. I was so excited to hear Glory of the 80’s, but even more thrown back at the fact that she rolled right into Pandora’s Aquarium after that. I have never heard either song live and was so overcome with excitement that at a couple of points I felt like I was holding back tears. Mary’s of the Sea was never one of my favorites till tonight. That song is spectacular live and takes on an entire different feel when you can see her play it live.
      Strong Black Vine deserves its own paragraph… This very quickly became my favorite song on AAS. I knew its performance live was going to be even better. However, I did not expect it to be the song that she would play to prove to us that she is nowhere near done. I’ve often day dreamed about being face to face to her and saying, “Tori… Strong Black Vine. Who is she? What happened to her? What is her story?” Well she answered that for me tonight. The ending of that song, which I knew was progressing itself through this tour, was 100% FABULOUS!!! I’m not even going to try and recall those lyrics. That moment for me became my favorite moment of her live that I have ever seen her. That moment inspired me. It woke me from depths of my soul that I thought I had lost. And surprisingly it was this moment of the show that made me cry the hardest and silently say to her, “Thank you.” I feel so alive and days ago I thought for sure I would never find myself again.

    13. Lorraine Eakin says:

      Yeah, the show was on the short side. But there were still some major highlights:

      - Glory of the 80s. Isn’t it funny that she’s surrounded by 80s-style keyboards and yet plays this one only on the Bosey? I was tickled. Very entertaining, this one!

      – Starling. This is one of my faves from AATS, and it was really lovely live. The intro was very quiet and intimate, and the acoustics of the hall really showed this one off.

      - The one-two punch of Pandora and Marys. Pandora was better in FL, but Marys was amazing in NC. She repeated a lot of lines in FL and skipped some others in the bridge, but by Durham she had her act together and sang the right parts. FIERCE.

      - Upside Down. I haven’t seen this one solo since 2001, and I’ve seen 29 shows in between, so I was really moved to hear it again.

      - Lady In Blue! Really, that was such a treat. She and the band rocked it out – I was afraid they’d cut off the end like she did with Mountain last tour, but the jam was still there (shorter than on the album, I think). A lot of folks gave her a standing ovation for this one!

      The rest of the show was business as usual. I do miss the more interesting encores in tours past – ADP and AATS tours have both had stagnant encores. BUT, her voice is so much better now than in ’03 or ’05 that I think I’ll take her voice now over her encores then :).

    14. JillyB says:

      I agree with posters who felt the show was awfully short. When I checked my watch at the end of the show, I couldn’t believe it was only 10:30. However, she did leave me wanting MORE, MORE, MORE—so there’s something to say for that. I was on such a high on the walk to the car that I was convincing the angel on my shoulder to let me take the next few weeks off of work to spend thousands to follow Tori for the rest of the US tour!

      Pandora’s Aquarium and Marys of the Sea were incredible. Police Me was one of the AATS songs I didn’t really connect with until this show. Her live version was so funky—I’ve been listening to the album version over and over since then. Call me cliche, but the song for which I was most grateful on Friday was Landslide. I have heard Stevie Nicks sing this song a million times, and I’ve always liked it, but when Tori sang it, her voice was so clear and emotive that something clicked. I understood the lyrics as if she were singing directly to me, and I had tears in my eyes when she finished. Of the nine times I’ve seen Tori live, this was the best (albeit shortest) show.

    15. AT says:

      Concert #12 was great. In my very unscientific rankings, I put it #2 just behind East Lansing, 1996. The set was a wee bit short, but she was working her ass off for us, so no hard feelings from me :) After body and soul, she looked exhausted which may have led to the shortened set.

      Meet and greet and crowd was the most respectful I have ever been a part of and the DPAC acoustics did not disappoint. I was joined by one of my favorite people in the whole world for the show, which made for a perfect evening.

    16. ROBERTO HESS says:

      Well, I will have to agree with those who posted that TORI was NOT in top form tonight. I love tori, i have seen her many times and i was in the “president’s club” second row for this show and she was simply going through the motions. And she didn’t even go through all the motions … she was beat! i am also a performer and there are days when you just rather be curled up with a book somewhere instead of playing your ass off in front of people you don’ t know. I saw her four days before in ATLANTA and the crowd, tori , energy and set list were completely different.
      the worst show i have ever seen from tori. but with that said it was still outstanding!!!!

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