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    Tour Status

    Tori is touring in 2017 to support the release of Native Invader. The European legs runs from early September through early October and the North American leg runs from late October to early December. We do not know if additional dates elsewhere will be added.

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    Current Release

    Native Invader (album, 2017)

    The Fillmore @ Jackie Gleason Theatre


    Date July 29, 2009
    City Miami, FL
    Venue The Fillmore @ Jackie Gleason Theatre

    Set List

    Yellow dress, white shimmery leggings tonight. Thanks to @Annie1079, @districtbelle, and @ahamkaara for tweeting the setlist in on Twitter.

    • Give
    • Raspberry Swirl
    • Cornflake Girl
    • Flavor
    • Space Dog
    • Hotel
    • Jamaica Inn
    • Carbon
    • Horses

    Lizard Lounge

    • Winter
    • Famous Blue Raincoat

    (band returns)

    • Little Earthquakes
    • Police Me
    • Mother Revolution
    • Precious Things
    • Strong Black Vine


    • Body and Soul
    • Bouncing Off Clouds
    • Big Wheel


    1. Kristin Eleazer says:

      I twitter reviewed Tori’s Miami concert. If you’d like to read it, here’s the link.

    2. AtomsEyes says:

      tonight show was #34 since my 1st in Ft. Lauderdale, on April 12th ’96, the Dew Drop Inn Tour.
      my 3rd show was at this same venue, in October of ’96, 2 nights in a row.

      that first night was a night of tragedy for Tori.
      it was the night she had to leave the stage in the middle of SpaceDog and came back 15 minutes later and told us,

      “Guys, I’ve just had a really bad day. They tell me that I can go home, go to the hospital, or play. So I don’t know what’s going to happen. This has never happened before but were just going to pretend we’re in my living room. I’m just gonna play like we’re old friends. O.K.”

      Well, 13 years later, i have finally been able to replace that tragic memory with the memory of the best and most fun performance of Space Dog in 13 years. Seriously. she really drew out the “deck the halls” verse and the look in her eyes made me sure she was thinking of Tash and the blessing it is to have her.
      i think that performing Space Dog tonite was an act of closure for Tori.

      I was also fantasizing that she would play Cooling tonight because Cooling was born on that very stage on October 22, ’96!
      But i can’t complain. the hightlight of the show for me was when my best friend of 17 years used my shirt sleeve to wipe away her tears during WINTER.
      i was completely ecstatic. i noticed that during the piano solo towards the end she was pounding those keys like i’ve never heard before, except in my head. she was really using her left hand with a vengence. it was just amazing.
      the best Winter ever. (Really)

      … and before the lyrics of the 2nd song of the Lizard Lounge kicked in i turned to her and said, “OMG! this is ANGIE!” and then 10 seconds later, i could have sworn it morphed into THANK YOU and then Tori completely blows my mind when she started singing FAMOUS BLUE RAINCOAT. it was so powerful & moving i was just stunned the entire time.

      Jamaica Inn, which was never in my most beloved list, is certainly there now … and Jon was fuckin’ ADORABLE during this one. he was bobbing his head to one side like the Beatles did and he looked so damn content!

      and of course we got Flavor tonight. the visualette was filmed 20 miles East of Miami Beach in the Everglades!

      So … did anyone notice that we got 3/4 Neil references tonight ? (Carbon . Horses . SpaceDog) ?
      i couldn’t have imagined saying this 2 years ago, but every song has gotten better for this tour.
      i think that the Doll Posse Encore proves that.
      and Cornflake & Precious have never sounded better.
      and Mother Revolution !! more powerful then ever!

      only 2 disappointments tonight, and both are personal. (but i’ll share them with you :)

      the first is that we didn’t get Fast Horse. I would have traded that for Little Earthquakes.

      the 2nd is that i took the wrong MetroMover train and ended up being LATE for the first time ever.
      Now, anyone who has been keeping up with this tour, please put yourself in my postilion for a moment.

      Your LATE for a show. You have no idea how late you are. Your having a panic attack, big time.
      You burst through the door, throw your ticket at the nice old lady and run as fast as you can to the stage,
      (Row A, thank God).
      Overwhelmed & Panicking, it takes you longer than it should to realize that she’s playing RASPBERRY SWIRL.

      what would you think? …. well … my first thought was that i walked in during the ENCORE because she’s done the song 5X this tour, and each time was during the encore. so i’m listening to the song, thinking, OMG … the show is OVER. but then it ends and she says HELLO and introduces the band and i just went ballistic for a different reason than everyone else.
      i can’t complain though. i’ve already seen GIVE in Seattle & Orlando so i just can’t complain.

      and the 3rd and final disappointment is that i, yet again, failed to locate my soulmate,
      who i am convinced i will meet at a Tori show … someday.

      are you cute ? creative ? brilliant ? gay ? funny ? a Tori fan ??

      i know your out there … my flying dutchman …

      please send applications to — myspace.com/atomic_apollos :)

    3. Kristen says:

      Wow, what a night! This was my first concert experience ever and for it to be a Tori concert… Perfect! :)

      A quick song-by-song review:

      Give – I knew this was coming, being the opener for the tour, but it still blew me away.

      Raspberry Swirl – I was not expecting this so soon. A few girls got up to dance, but I decided to just sit down and tap my feet.

      After this, Tori said hello to the crowd, mentioning that this was her first concert in Miami since 1996, even though a lot of “the girls were written in South Florida”.

      Cornflake Girl – Surprisingly, the crowd was totally wild over it, despite it being one of Tori’s most played songs. Though I’ve heard it many, many times before, the live experience rekindled some of the old magic for me.

      Flavor – The crowd quieted down significantly, so I was able to devote my complete attention to this, one of my favorites from AATS.

      Space Dog – With the starry backdrop and the light effects, this was appropriately psychedelic. Very exciting.

      Hotel – Huge surprise! At first I thought it was Siren until she started singing “Met him in a hotel”. One of the highlights of the show, by far.

      Jamaica Inn – A lot of people decided to use this as an excuse for a bathroom break, which took me out of the song for a bit, unfortunately.

      Carbon – One of the songs I most wanted to hear live! I got serious chills as she sang “Carbon made only wants to be unmade”.

      Horses – This sounds totally different with the band, but still powerful.

      Winter – Like Cornflake Girl, I have maybe listened to this one too many times, but again, I’m glad to have experienced it live.

      Famous Blue Raincoat – One of my very favorite Tori covers! Simply gorgeous performance.

      From here on out, all the songs were sonic powerhouses.

      Little Earthquakes – One of the best uses of lighting effects during the whole show and a really passionate performance.

      Police Me – Another new favorite. Tori was definitely at her sexiest here.

      Mother Revolution – One of my favorite Beekeeper songs. Happy to hear it live.

      Precious Things – A passionate performance of a song that never gets old for me. She even sang “girl” at the end (albeit, a few seconds later and not like in the usual manner), which she apparently hasn’t done in a while from what I’ve read. There was one glitch at the beginning (the only one in the show as far as I could tell) where the words “So I ran…” were inaudible, but it didn’t take anything away.

      Strong Black Vine – Wow! She rocked the house with this one, especially during the “push like a motherfucker” improv at the end.

      The encore was all ADP goodness and kept the energy going.

      Body and Soul – Great Tori dance at the beginning (which got some of the audience in the mood to dance as well) and a totally electric performance.

      Bouncing Off Clouds – Much more exciting than the album version.

      Big Wheel – An exciting finish to an exciting show. A highlight was how she left it to the audience to sing the “Don’t you forget” part.

      After the lights turned on, my friend, who had only heard a few Tori songs before, turned to me and said “That was awesome!”. I was so happy to see the smile on his face. After years of feeling like the only Tori fan down here in Miami, I no longer felt alone. :)

    4. Katie says:

      OMG… the show was amazing, amazing, amazing!!! it was great to see her where I saw her for the very first time, 13 years ago. She still rocks the house, even pregnant…. errrr….. I know her reps swear she’s not but I don’t believe it!

      Rgardless, the show was incredible, moving, exciting! I love her!!!

    5. Kristen (another one!) says:

      So, I flew in from St. Louis because she skipped us again (I thought, “Why not Miami?”), and the whole night turned out to be perfect. I met a bunch of great people, had a great mojito (everybody should go to Bella Cuba on Washington right by the Fillmore), and LOVED the set from start to finish!

      Getting Swirl right in the second spot, I knew the rest of the show would be awesome. I was so surprised when she busted out HOTEL and definitely would have picked Flavor, Space Dog and Carbon if I’d had the option to choose my ideal set!

      Plus, the Lizard Lounge was so intense. Winter actually moved me to tears, even though I’ve heard it a ton of times before, and Raincoat was simply stunning.

      For a second I thought Earthquakes might have been Honey, but still a great version of a great song. The whole end of the set was so high energy and fun! She was in high spirits and so was I. Thanks Tori!

    6. Annie1078 says:

      I posted a recap of the show with pictures and some videos here. All I can say is this is the best Tori show I’ve ever been lucky to attend!!! She was, in a word, amazing.

    7. Jorgie says:

      I had soooooooooo much fun!. I actually went by myself it was an experience. I live all the way in homestead so i took a bus then a metro rail then a metro mover and then another bus. But it was worth it to see tori amos after 6 years!. Its about time she comes to the miami area for us miamians. I dont think i can really drive or go to west palm or ft. meyers or even ft lauderdale with my budget. I give props to people who drives miles and miles but i can do that. But again Thanks for coming to miami it was such an experience and AMAZING! I had a good time even though i was crying during “winter” i really wish i was at least with one of my friends to cry with and have fun with. But me myself and Jorgie was there and had a blast and tori had me dancing!

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