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    Tori is touring in 2017 to support the release of Native Invader. The European legs runs from early September through early October and the North American leg runs from late October to early December. We do not know if additional dates elsewhere will be added.

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    Current Release

    Native Invader (album, 2017)

    Bob Carr PAC


    Date July 28, 2009
    City Orlando, FL
    Venue Bob Carr PAC

    Set List

    Thanks to @___cat, @districtbelle, @converseluv06, @miao0726, and @JamesBlount3 for the tweets.

    • Give
    • Body and Soul
    • Cornflake Girl
    • Pandora’s Aquarium
    • Siren
    • Liquid Diamonds
    • Marys Of The Sea
    • Martha’s Foolish Ginger
    • Bells For Her

    Lizard Lounge

    • “Close To Home” improv/Goodbye Pisces
    • Here In My Head

    (band returns)

    • Icicle
    • Past The Mission
    • Fast Horse
    • Precious Things
    • Strong Black Vine


    • Bouncing Off Clouds
    • Take To The Sky
    • Big Wheel


    “Close To Home” improv/Goodbye Pisces (posted by myporchlight)

    “Here In My Head (posted by myporchlight)


    1. Nathan says:

      Excellent show as always! Tori’s vocals were spot on, and she was doing some amazing piano playing. Lot of Beekeeper tracks, and she seemed to have an aquatic theme tonight (Liquid Diamonds, Marys of the Sea, Martha’s Foolish Ginger, and Pandora’s Aquarium). She also did an improv at the beginning of the Lizard Lounge about being home and being by the water. Very cute. Terrific choices for Lizard Lounge- both songs were a nice surprise, and Goodbye Pisces worked well as a solo. Past the Mission seems to be a song she enjoys playing in FL—-she’s played it at 4 of the 5 shows i’ve seen her at over the years- but its always nice to hear. The final few songs and the encore really rocked out, with everyone standing up and Tori going all out on stage.

      On a sidenote, the Q&A about the question of whether Tori is pregnant is funny, cause my friends and I were questioning about it tonight from seeing her on stage (and I had no idea the rumors out and about). Guess she’s not though:) Anyways- great show, hope everyone gets a stellar show as she makes her way to their city.

    2. Chris says:

      Tonight’s set exuded a charging mission. I was pleasantly shocked by the vulgar ending of Strong Black Vine. Sparkling.

    3. jerebles says:

      well, it was clear from “pandora” on that the theme of the evening was going to be water.

      on a good note, the crowd was incredibly well-behaved and respectful (at least around where i sat).

      on a down note, the sound in the carr is terrible and muddy. tori’s mic wasn’t on for the beginning of a couple songs, and it was really hard to understand her on “fast horse.”

      “icicle” sounded amazing… as did “siren.”

      if i have to hear “cornflake girl” one more time, i’m going to jump out of a window. it’s not that it’s a bad song. i’ve just heard it SO MANY TIMES live. anyway, moving on…

      one thing that was left out of the above set list was her improv about coming home before “goodbye pisces.” it was one of the best improvised songs i’ve ever heard her do. gorgeous.

    4. Wayne McNeil says:

      Tori was absolutely on fire this evening…she seemed to be enjoying herself and really engaged and feed off the audience. Give started off the night wonderfully, I knew when I heard the album it would be perfect on stage. The follow up of Body and Soul and Cornflake Girl were much welcomed by the crowd. The next five songs I felt really linked together to tell a beautiful narrative for the evening…Pandora’s Aquarium was a revelation live…I was dazzled the entire song…BEAUTIFUL! Siren was a pleasant surprise…(one of my favorite Tori Songs)…I was afraid she wouldn’t perform it tonight because she has played it recently…I love it live and tonight was so intense. Liquid Diamonds…another favorite was multi-sensory overload….dazzling from start to finish. Tori’s intro into Goodbye Pisces was lovely and despite her warning that she might flub Pisces up she was spot on from my chair. Icicle started to final set of songs…I Haven’t heard Tori play it live in so long I wasn’t really prepared for what it has become live…I am speechless. I loved the Organ and Keyboard work on the bridge on Past the Mission…that is my favorite part of the song…the new approach really pulled the song forward in time for me. Fast Horse, Precious Things, and Strong Black Vine(Made for live performance…obviously) finished the evening with strong vocals and instrumentals. The encores tonight were among the best of any Tori concert I’ve been to… Tori really seemed to feed off the clapping of the Audience and worked to keep us all apart of the experience.

      Thank you for one of the most Beautiful nights of my life Tori…it was my little sister’s first Tori Concert…you made it very special!

    5. sara says:

      OK, my verbose review of tonight’s show. Tonight was the 11th year anniversary of my first Tori show in NY, at MSG during the Plugged tour. It means so much to me because then, I was 16. My family was moving to Florida at the time and my parents put off the move until I saw Tori. We moved 8 hours later. Let’s ditch the sad stuff, and fast forward to a month later. I met Tori again, down here at USF. She brought me backstage and talked to me, wrote advice in my journal and gave me a number to call if I ever needed help. I was going through alot then. Since then, I have come full circle. I feel hopeful again, like I did that first night seeing Tori. Tonight, I took my mom!

      Overall, AMAZING show. Great people around me, everyone was respectful, the place was small and it sounded wonderful. warning never mentioned those with epilepsy should sttend these shows with care due to lighting.

      Give- I love Give, and I really like it live, what can I say. Very intense entrance. Gold leggings. She’s smiling alot.

      Body and Soul- always makes me dance in my seat when I’ve heard it live, which I’d say has been about 4 times. I enjoy this song, and dig the lighting.

      Cornflake Girl- See, last night I was complaining about Cornflake girl, but seeing my moms eyes light up when she recognized the song plus Tori’s enjoyment of the song made me change my mind.

      Pandora’s Aquarium- what a surprise! I was mesmerized during it, and heard my mom chuckle, when tori sang “nautical nuns”. Then I remembered, that was my email for years in high school. The lighting for this was RIGHT ON.

      Siren- You won’t ever catch me saying anything bad about Siren, ever. This was a fiercer version than I’ve seen before. Breathtaking.

      Liquid diamonds- WOW. just wow. So many of these songs I haven’t seen in so long, at this point in the show I am walking down memory lane.

      Mary’s of the sea- with a beautiful underwater looking background behind her. I didn’t move or probably even blink during this.

      Martha’s foolish Ginger- brought tears to my eyes, as I thought of the road that’s led me to where I am now. “take a walk down memory lane with me”

      Bells for her- another song I won’t ever say a bad thing about in my life. Can’t go wrong with this one for me. Her voice seemed to surround me and I let it take me away and slowly bring me back.

      Improv/Goodbye Pisces- The improv was beautiful. I loved how quiet everyone was. Goodbye Pisces solo was really pretty, but don’t expect it solo for long, she mentioned that she’ll be playing this with the band soon, but just had to play it tonight.

      Icicle- I was dying to see this live with the band.
      Sometimes youtube doesn’t do songs justice. This was for sure the case with this song. So emotionally envoking and climatic.

      Past the Mission- At this point I can’t believe I’m at the show. My mom let out a squeak, and danced hard in her seat for this one, and quietly sang along, very cute.

      Fast Horse- I was dying to hear this live. It didn’t dissappoint, at all. Amazing. Just amazing. Glad I didn’t get Police me, lol.

      Precious Things- this song sent me thinking of when i first heard Tori, when columbia house sent me a free cd, it was little earthquakes. I was 9, and the rest is HisTORI. The lights for this were intense. And would not be good for those with problems with photic stimulation.
      But I just can’t get enough of PT live. she switched it up a little, let out loud breaths instead of notes, beautiful.

      Strong Black Vine- this song doesn’t do much for me. I did enjoy hearing “she’s a mother fucker, she’s a mother fucker, she’s my mother” in it, though. That made me scratch my head indeed. At the beginning of this song I went to the left side of my row and stood for it to be over so I could get to the stage for the encore. The cop there was super nice, and told me to sit in an extra chair and “run.” yes, I know. So I ran. and found myself at the stage, up against the speaker in front of Tori.

      Bouncing off clouds- I hate the clapping in this. But I love the song. This was a highlight, being able to see her smile so close up.

      Take to the sky/I feel the earth move- She was full of smiles during this, it was hair raising. Very reminiscent of old Tori. She let that girl out for a few moments.

      Big Wheel- what can I say, It was big wheel.

      The show was amazing, as I secretly hoped/expected. Florida shows are always pretty amazing. Back in tampa in 03 she played something like 27 songs.
      She was beautiful and I like every show I’ve been to its “in my top”
      I will for sure never forget this evening.
      I have videos of the lizard lounge. I had camera issues, and had hoped to have more.

    6. Muti Hakake says:

      I loved the water theme: Pandora, Siren, Diamonds, Marys, Martha and the echo of the bells in Bells for her. Great great show!

    7. Angela says:

      The show was amazing! Tori was all smiles the entire show! I don’t know if I’ve ever seen her like that out of the many I’ve seen. I wasn’t thrilled with some of the setlist but that’s just because I’ve heard some of the songs millions of times (cornflake girl, siren, precious things, take to the sky, etc) but nevertheless, they were performed perfectly. I was really excited to hear some of the new album and was very impressed with strong black vine (very pip-like at the end). I was also very happy to hear fast horse and she didn’t disappoint, little sad that I didn’t hear curtain call but hopefully she’ll do it in NY where I will see her next. I got some amazing pics and got most of strong black vine on video and was so upset that I stopped taping right before she let loose at the end because my stupid camera was blinking battery dead! Hoping to find a good version of it on youtube :)

    8. Heather says:

      Fantastic show! Tori looked so happy and was so energetic. Her positive attitude and smiles were contagious!

      Im suprised no one has really commented on Here. In my Head, Ive loved that little gem from my high school years (a long time ago=p) and I was DELIGHTED to hear it again live. I wonder if she improved it a bit on purpose or if she forgot a bit of it? The fiery “Do you know what this is doing to me?” part wasnt there last night and its a highlight of the song in my opinion. Ah, well no matter…still powerful.

      I thought the acoustics where I was sitting (waaaaaayyyy in the back by the sound equiptment with whom I assume was Mark and Marcel),sounded fantastic! Last time I saw her in Florida was at Hard Rock and …eh. Sound wasnt great and the venue was TINY. Bob Carr I think suits her perfectly. There isnt a bad seat in the house. My only complaint is the rows of seats are like a mile long! You step on dozens of people poor toes if your in the middle and have to get up! Luckily, it was a fabulous audience. In the 3 times Ive seen her here, Florida fans have always been great(side note; Ive been to shows in a lot of states but Ive found Michigan audiences as a collective really bad, so much so I cant bring myself to see her there anymore)Florida fans though really love her and you can tell! Yay! Glad I live here now;p

    9. David says:

      This show was such a treat in so many ways. First off, my wife bought us tickets for my birthday (which is next week), and I was getting more and more excited as the days grew closer. I have to say I was disappointed with the Doll Posse show we saw at the Hard Rock in 2007. And I have never said that about a Tori show before. This is why I knew this show was going to be great. I’ve seen 22 Tori shows since 1996 and this one ranks right up there with the best shows I have seen. I like how she chose a little bit from nearly every album, but I wish she played something from Scarlet. Gotta say that Pandora and Siren were my favorites from the show as well as Past the Mission. My wife would say Bouncing off Clouds.
      Great show, and I wish there were more located closer to where we live.

    10. Dana says:

      Great show, was disappointed not to hear anything from Boys for Pele, loved loved loved hearing Past the Mission and also Here in my Head. A treat to hear Goodbye Pisces as well, that is really the only song on Beekeeper I like. I’m not really into her new songs too much (they all sound generally the same to me) but it was nice hearing stuff from Under the Pink. Bells for Her is always good live and last night she made it particularly haunting and mesmerizing. She seemed very happy to be in Florida. I miss her already. The crowd was great , energetic at the appropriate times and quiet at the appropriate times. Glad I went!

    11. Louann says:

      I am visiting from NY. I took my sister who a year ago was diagnosed with terminal cancer. I have seen Tori about 16 times over the years, however this is a first for FL. She was exquisite! The crowd was also impressive because they mostly kept quiet & listened, thank you!!! This evening was bitter sweet for me , but when she played “Here In My Head” I was fighting back my tears. My sister really loved this show & I will cherish this memory. Thank you Tori, much love & respect to you & yours. See you at Radio City in NY!

    12. Dan Irizarry says:

      Amazing show! Had great seats from the iTunes presale. I hadn’t heard Pandora’s Aquarium since the Plugged tour, so that was a great treat. To hear my two favorite songs from that album almost back to back was amazing. Bells for her was simply amazing and the Lizard Lounge segment was a dream. She alluded to returning back to the area in 2012 during the jam part of Take to the Sky. Wish I could have gone to more shows this year!

    13. jessica says:

      Definitely one of the best shows i’ve ever see from Tori. My sister saw her in Atlanta the night before and said whe was pretty subdued and it wasn’t one of the better shows she had seen, so I had my reservations. But I was not disappointed at all. The energy she gave off seemed to uplift the whole crowd. Thank you Tori.

    14. lola says:

      Finally got Pandora! I asked for it in 07, and asked in Atlanta the night before the Orlando show. It was fantastical!


      Great show!

    15. Susan says:

      This was a great show. I’ve seen Tori many times over the years and this time did not disappoint, either. I was in the 4th row and it was so awesome to watch her facial expressions and see how “into” the music she was. Highlights for me included Siren (which I’ve heard before but never gets old live), Give, Mary’s of the Sea, Here in My Head, Past the Mission and Strong Black Vine… very powerful.

      No one has commented yet about the improv in the middle of Here in My Head. I thought it was so moving. She sings something like, “What are you and me up to / Be here / Why do we have to be / So Mean / You’re so mean to me / And I to you / …It’s real / It’s not in my head / … and I must find a way / to love / to love you, etc.

      From where I was sitting this part was very very intense on Tori’s part. I wonder if there was anything personally related to it or not… who knows. Regardless, it was a beautiful rendition. My husband and I really enjoyed seeing her, as always.

    16. Lorraine Eakin says:

      Yeah, FL! This is one of the better shows I’ve seen in some time, at least setlist-wise. I couldn’t have picked the first set better myself – I thought this show was much stronger than Atlanta just b/c of the songs picked:

      - Pandora was amazing, and a bit rare. She had to pause and do the “as soouuuUUNNDDDDDD” part in two bits, but whatever. It’s still beautiful!

      - Siren and LD. ALWAYS amazing. She could play these two every night for all I care.

      - Martha was great, she played it much more intensely than I would have expected from a Beekeeper song.

      - At the beginning of the Lizard Lounge she said something about how, not far from here, she played with Matt for the first time, and they haven’t stopped playing since, and then he brought in Jon, and they haven’t stopped playing since either. Then she mentioned about how in a week they’d be playing the song with her, but she just had to play it for us tonight, and she hadn’t done it in a while, so it could suck. Of course it didn’t! You all can see the improv yourself, but it was sooo moving, about Tash saying “I’ll beat you there” to get home.

      - Here. in my head is from before my time – it’s one of the very few Tori songs that I don’t know REALLY well. Having said that, it sounded really different to me – the ending was certainly not the words I remembered.

      It was neat to hear the two songs together – the “is that all I am, just a doll you got used to?” line always echoed the “Am I just the horizon you run to” line in my mind.

      Post Lizard Lounge, the standouts were Past the Mission (always welcome to any show, in my opinion!) and TTTS. Her voice was ON POINT throughout though – she sounds better now than she did 6 years ago. How does she do it?!

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