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    Tour Status

    Tori is touring in 2017 to support the release of Native Invader. The European legs runs from early September through early October and the North American leg runs from late October to early December. We do not know if additional dates elsewhere will be added.

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    Current Release

    Native Invader (album, 2017)

    Chastain Park


    Date July 27, 2009
    City Atlanta, GA
    Venue Chastain Park

    Set List

    We couldn’t have kept up with this setlist without the texting prowess of Coldnickhot, and tweets from @AmyJohnson__, @glory80s, @JamesBlount3, and @coobeastie over on Twitter.

    Thanks also to parker and Nathan for reporting that songs included in the soundcheck were “A Sorta Fairytale,” “Body & Soul,” “Concertina,” “Bouncing Off Clouds,” “Your Cloud,” “Little Amsterdam,” “Tombigbee” and “Strong Black Vine.”

    • Give
    • Siren
    • Cornflake Girl
    • Icicle
    • Concertina
    • “She Just Touches Herself” improv/Little Amsterdam
    • Bouncing Off Clouds
    • Your Cloud
    • Curtain Call

    Lizard Lounge

    • Sister Janet w/“Calm Right Down” improv
    • Cooling

    (band returns)

    • China
    • A Sorta Fairytale
    • Fast Horse
    • Precious Things
    • Strong Black Vine


    • Police Me
    • Tombigbee
    • Big Wheel


    Siren (posted by SillyDreamer24)

    “She Just Touches Herself” improv (posted by SillyDreamer24)

    “Calm Right Down” improv (posted by SillyDreamer24)


    1. Steve says:

      A great show. I was thrilled to hear a few greats not heard yet on this tour ie: Conertina, Little Am (this was AWESOME!), Sister Janet (hello!!!), and Cooling were all highlights for me. Sad to report that the venue was half full – i hope that it’s just the economy keepin people away. Still, had a great time…lots of groovin’, swayin’ and dancin’. Thanks T! All the best from Hotlanta!

    2. Lauryn says:

      The Calm Right Down improv was amazing and perfect and brought the crowd to our knees a bit :) I appreciated it!

      Tori was saucy and sultry, particularly in Little Amsterdam. The encore was upbeat and fun! I was THRILLED to hear Siren again (first time since my first show I think!)

      Sister Janet and Cooling made me mushy, and I was so glad to hear the Brambles verse.

      I’ll never get bored of Precious Things, and the new songs were on fire!

    3. Jennifer D says:

      Just got home to Birmingham, Boy what an amazing show!

      Tori looked absolutely stunning tonight in a Royal Blue dress. She seemed to be having a good time and she had so much energy. She started out by saying that we were in Cherokee territory and how she could feel the ancestors around. Highlights for me were:

      Bouncing Off Clouds, fantastic.

      Your Cloud, I loved hearing this as it is my wedding song, it was so beautiful.

      Sister Janet, such a great song that i’ve never heard live. Tori also had to stop this song and have a do over on account of some idiots.

      Overall an awesome show.

    4. Jessika Bolton says:

      you make it sound all much more dramatic than it seemed to me! I was in the 2nd row of the pit, all the way on the end, and about 10 people down apparently 2 boys (maybe 1 boy and a girl? never saw the other person?) were having a small something between themselves? however, i couldn’t hear it from where i was sitting, and she wasn’t playing loud at all – but that’s the thing, she was playing low, everyone else was quiet, and more importantly, they were like directly in her line of sight! so even tho they were keepin it down (imo) she said “what the fuck is goin on here?” so of course the audience goes nutz and i see one (of the) guy(s) pointing back n forth between him and someone else and he’s wearing a shit-eating grin cuz he knows he’s in trouble, so that’s why the improv was about “calm right down” and it WAS fuck all hot there thanx very much! but you know… she’d already stopped in the middle of this beautiful old b-side and she had no reason to kick the guy out after he apologized, so… she had to do her thing! ;)

    5. toriMODE/ Ron :0) says:

      “Bouncing off Your descending clouds”

      So I just got back to Birmingham from being at the Atlanta show. I’m pretty exhausted here, but still on a Tori-high so I figured I’d give you my semi-review. I saw only a handful of people that I knew —Veronica, Clay, Heather, Maria, John, Jason, and a few other familiar faces. I got there about 1.5 hours before the show started. I heard that Little Amsterdam, Concertina, Bouncing off Clouds, Ribbons Undone, and Tombigbee were soundchecked. I was cringing at the thoughts of hearing Ribbons Undone at the show. I bought a tour program for $20 but later lost it, so I went back and got another one. My 12th row PIT seat was fantastic. I had a great view of the whole stage set up and I was on the end, so it was convenient for me. One Eskimo reminded me of Phil Collins/Genesis. Very atmospheric music; good for chilling. During their performance it began peppering down rain, and I had to cover up my program with two brochures. The rain finally stopped before Tori began her set. Tori came out in her cap&gown blue dress get-up with gold leggings. She was in very good spirits during the show. Give was a great opener. My only complaint is that I don’t like how she enunciates “sun” during the song LIVE. Sounds great on the album, but LIVE, it just doesn’t sound right. Siren was fitting for the southern land of gold. She did some very good piano-work during the song. I was very impressed with this tour’s version. Cornflake Girl was Cornflake Girl. It’s a crowd-pleaser and it brings a smile to everyone’s face. Icicle was a superb performance. It sounds so much better with the band, and to my surprise it gave me chills and made my body tingle towards the end. Probably my 2nd favorite song of the night. Concertina began the cloud-theme. I’ve heard it a few times already, so it was just going through the motions for me. There seemed to be some issues with the song, where she was messing up the lyrics around the part “the sauce w/o the blame” she was staring at Jon Evans and said something else. The improv about her sun dress before Little Amsterdam was ultra-cute and it moved into Little Amsterdam seamlessly. Little Amsterdam sounded great tonight, and it was perfect for the Atlanta-setting. Bouncing off Clouds continued with the cloud-theme. It began with the crowd-clapping, but that died off towards the middle of the song. The purple and blue lights during it were beautiful! Your Cloud continued the rest of the cloud theme. It seems that the past 3 times now that she has played Your Cloud at Chastain. It’s a pretty song, but I could have done w/o it. Next was Curtain Call. One of my favorites from AATS, so I was very happy to hear it LIVE. Her blue cap&gown dress matched the blue lights against the curtains behind her. There were photographers taking pictures of her during this song. I didn’t really realize when Lizard Lounge began b/c it started so quickly after Curtain Call. There wasn’t really a pause. I recognized the first few bars of Sister Janet, but couldn’t fathom that she’d actually do a rare b-side at Chastain. But then some people were apparently fighting in front of her in front row towards the left, and so she did her “Calm Down” improv which was really cute and turned into a nice little song. I was kind of afraid she wouldn’t continue with Sister Janet, but she did, and that was totally the highlight of the show for me. I’ve always loved Sister Janet, so to hear it LIVE, meant a lot to me! So after Sister Janet, she began Cooling. I was thinking it was Marianne at first (which would have been perfect), but then soon realized it was Cooling. I overheard a gal at the front say that she requested it at the M&G. I’m glad she got it. It was nice to finally hear the brambles verse. China with the band sounded really nice and full. I made the connection of “Mexico” between it and ASF, and then when ASF started next I felt in tune with Tori. Fast Horse is such a complex song to do LIVE. Tori messed up during a few parts of it singing the lyrics, but she pulled it off, and I loved every minute of it. Definitely a great LIVE song this tour. Precious Things back to back with Strong Black Vine made me dizzy for Tori. You could tell she was worn out after SBV was finished. The improv towards the end of SBV reminds me of the same vein she was going for during the 5.5 Weeks Tour when she would improv during Blood Roses. She totally goes off for a good solid minute or two and gets the audience really going! There wasn’t much time that lapsed between the main set and the encore. I was really happy that she did Police Me. I so wanted to experience it LIVE, and by this point I had moved up a few rows to get a better view of Tori. She and the crowd including me had so much fun with it! She did a little intro before Tombigbee saying that it’s where it was from. And finally, she ended the show with Big Wheel. Overall, a good concert, but it had it’s microphone pops during it, the lyric mishaps, the rain, the little fights up front, but in the end I’m glad I was able to make it to a Sinful Attraction show!

    6. JamesBlount3 says:

      Tonight’s show at Atlanta’s beautiful Chastain Park was HOT to say the very least! The rain held off but the heat was almost unbearable. I am, of course, referring to the heat from Tori’s Little Amsterdam “masturbation”” improv! Tonight’s improvs were just two of many evening highlights. Concertina, Sister Janet, Your Cloud, Bouncing and Cooling were also amazing moments. Here’s my song by song breakdown:

      Give – Give was strong tonight and Tori definitely laid the foundation for a GREAT show with this opener. I love Tori’s dance for this song.

      Siren – I love Siren. Tonight was the best I’ve heard it. I had chills the entire time. Matty and Jon both really got into this.

      Cornflake Girl – Tori mentioned the presence of Indian Spirits tonight before introducing her “brothers.” She is still having so much fun with this song. The trio’s chemistry is stronger than the ADP tour and you can see that they are really enjoying it.

      Icicle – Icicle was stunning. I loved the lighting during this song! It took my breath away!

      Concertina – One of my “let’s really hope we hear it songs” for this tour was also great.

      “She Just Touches Herself” improv/Little Amsterdam – Okay, this was as hot as I’ve ever seen Tori. She was on FIRE! The red lighting enhanced the mood. I really enjoyed this improv and the expression on the couple’s faces next to me. (I’m pretty sure they were season pass holders since the left about 2/3 of the way through the set.  )

      Bouncing Off Clouds – My fave ADP song live, still. Tori was very playful during this song.

      Your Cloud – I was so ecstatic to hear this, that I really don’t really remember much of the beginning except the overwhelming urge to spontaneously explode! Happy MUCH! But, it was apparent that either Tori or the guys got off a little in the middle. I think Tori might have cut something but could be wrong. They got back on track and gave it a beautiful ending.

      Curtain Call – EXCELLENT LIVE! LOVE IT! Tori’s voice was especially pure during this song.

      Sister Janet w/“Calm Right Down” improv – This really was a cute improv and the crowd ate it up! One of the longest I’ve heard… I thought she was going to throw the arguing couple out but instead, she turned all “I believe in peace, bitch!” I seem to recall her saying something in the tune like “if you don’t want to be here, you can go give a blow job back there (referring to back stage).” I hope someone can get us some lyrics on this one. Sister Janet was a nice surprise and Tori sounded great.

      Cooling – This was amazing. Tori gave it everything. I’ve wanted to hear this one live for a while and I loved it. I think I shed more tears than Tori shed saliva. Also, there was a cute moment where Tori had to pause and untangle her shoe from her dress. It was priceless and Tori only needed seconds to bring everyone right back into the song.

      China – This is AMAZING with the guys. China has never been a personal fave but I especially enjoyed this version. I was totally brought further into Tori’s world during this song. It was relevant and fits the tone of the show nicely.

      A Sorta Fairytale – Fairytale is still one of my fave songs. It will never get old. Glad to hear it again though the crews little switch was distracting for the some of the song.

      Fast Horse – LOVE IT LIVE! It’s really a lot of fun.

      Precious Things – This song is as powerful as ever. I still see Pip in Tori and it was evident in this song. The guys rocked again here.

      Strong Black Vine – What a way to end the main set! I love the extended version of this song. Tori drops the F bomb a few times and gets closer to throwing on the ol’ black wig again. I love the “push it” ending.

      Police Me – This was exciting and I enjoyed it in the encore. Also, this is the point of the show where a very unique gentleman from the approx 5th row informed me that he really needed a vegan pancake at that moment. Something tells me he enjoyed the show on a whole other level than I did. Good for him!

      Tombigbee – I really wanted to hear this one on the tour too. It did not seem as strong as other times but it was still great. I think this one exhausted Tori. She seemed relieved when it was over. Actually, this is one of my fave Tori songs and I’m really glad she played it for us.

      Big Wheel – BW is right on! I love it as the closer! It is SO energetic and she really plays with the fans during this song. It is apparent that her bond with her fans is stronger than ever. This was certainly the climax of an unforgettable show.

      The venue was nice as were most of the people who worked there, security aside. I saw some ushers really enjoying OneEskimo. Also, we heard stories of some really deserving fans getting upgraded tickets from various sources (Pure Tennessee ; ). The meet and greet today almost didn’t happen but Tori doesn’t disappoint. It was very calm and organized, though slightly rushed. We were also lucky to meet some very interesting and friendly fans today. This was my favorite crowd of EWF yet. So, thanks guys, for making the long day enjoyable and one to remember.

      Overall, this was one of my best Tori experiences so far. I enjoyed myself tonight more than any concert before! I can’t wait for Orlando and ATL…

    7. Kristi says:

      The altercation (apparently, a couple in the front row were having an argument) turned out to be one of the highlights of the evening. It spawned an AMAZING improv, proving that Tori remains classy and respectful of her audience even when they act like crazy people.

    8. Justine (from Brazil) says:

      I’m still a little overwhelmed by last night.

      It was just wonderful! She played most of my favorite songs and she was so so much fun! It’s hard to believe the fierce woman sitting on the piano on that stage is the same fragile petite looking lady who kindly talked to all about 70 of us.

      Was it me or she said something about Brazil during Police Me?? Any good clips from that? Mine’s not so good. But I’m pretty sure the second line started with Brazil.(???!!)

      I wanna give a shout out to Tammy, Mandy, Curt, Lola and Jessika. Those were the people I got to see and hang out with again. I also got to meet Jennifer, hey. Everybody who’s gonna follow her y’all enjoy it very much. Can’ wait for next tour. OMG if I forgot anyone anyone, I’m sorry. I tried to do this as soon as I could so I wouldn’t.

      I’m just happy I was able to take my daughter. She’s been begging since last tour. “My little pony is growing up fast”!

      See you soon.

    9. Coldnickhot says:

      After getting lost for like 40 minutes in Atlanta trying to find how to get to Chastain from the Varsity, I finally arrived to the show just right before Tori came out in her blue and yellow dress (I thought it was the one she wore in Portland.)

      Give – well, it sounds just like Give, nothing too great or bad. :p

      Siren – I thought it was CALS at first because both are played at fast speed. Then when she went into “know too well” verse, I realized it was Siren. I wasn’t that impressed with it. It doesn’t sound like it used to. :/

      Cornflake Girl – as usual, she does it just right and the acoustic guitar sounds nice. I took a bathroom break so from there, it sounds fine. :p

      Icicle – I really wasn’t expecting Icicle to come out, I was thrilled because I was HOPING for Icicle to come out during the ADP tour and she never did. I was all hyper and called up Gary on the phone for him to listen to it. It’s very calm and relaxing when it’s with the band. I like it either way, solo or band.

      Concertina – I pissed my pants when I heard the beginning. I automatically was thinking “oh god, it can’t be! :O Then once she said “clouds descending”, I squealed. _

      Improv/Little Amsterdam – As usual, since I’m hard-of-hearing, I can’t understand most of what Tori says during an improv but I can tell you it sounded hot. I had no idea it was about masturbation till I got home. I think Tori been in a sexual mode the whole show. O_o And Little Amsterdam was a delicious surprise.

      Bouncing Off Clouds – blah, I really don’t care for this song. I was sad when I heard it because she already played this last time and I wasn’t in a mood for it.

      Your Cloud – Another favorite of mine! I was twisting in my seat the entire time. I been wanting to hear it live and I finally was.

      Curtain Call – I almost thought it was Carbon but “ebony beauty” dashed that hope away. Eh, Curtain Call was okay.

      And then we went right into Lizard Lounge. She started to play Sister Janet and somebody in the pit area was fighting (about what? who knows!) and Tori happened to took notice and went right into an improv about fighting and blowjobs which was fucking amazing. So thank you, whoever was fighting, for the amazing moment we were given! After a beautiful rarity, Cooling came and I was blown away that she still manage to send chills with the “Cooooooooooooooling” part. LL was the best part of the entire concert. I can’t imagine anything better!

      The second half of the concert was relaxing and nice. I got two of my favorites: China and A Sorta Fairytale, both sounding so beautiful. Then she was ON with Fast Horse. Fast Horse was amazing, not what I expected! then of course, the typical Precious Things, although I’m happy she’s not straining to do the “girrrrl” part anymore. The fast loud shriek is much better for her vocals at her age. Then Strong Black Vine was great with the ending. I heard at the end “You’re a motherfucker” repeated three times which made me think “channeling Pip! Whoooo!!!”.

      And the encore consisted of Police Me (blah), Tombigbee (yay, I love me some more SW), and Big Wheel (it was okay).

      All in all, it was an amazing fucking concert and my only show for the tour (once again sighs). I’m sorry I didn’t get to meet anybody who wanted to see me since I was late. :(

    10. Chadwick Y. says:

      A wonderful beautiful show!! This was my 4th time seeing Tori play. First time at an outside event.
      My boyfriend, best friend & myself was a little nervous at first because we thought it was going to rain. But it rained for about 5 minutes & then stopped. Which was good. Because we were sitting behind a lady that had a HUGE umbrella & we could not see the stage. I asked her nicely if she could hold it down closer to her head. But she got pissy & closed her umbrella & mouthed something smart to her friend beside her. So with the smartness of my mouth I Yelled out “I believe in peace bitch.” I just thought it was funny. Though I am stupid. It just felt like the right thing to say to someone w/ no respect. She didn’t even seem to want to be there.
      It was my boyfriend’s first Tori concert & he LOVED it. It was my friend Kim’s 8th concert I believe. We were all excited that she played “Little Amsterdam” & “Cooling.” Loved the way she sang “Strong Black Vine” & “Precious things.” I was really excited when she played “Siren”. Just the whole damn concert was GREAT! Loved the Improvs!!!
      We were lucky enough to arrive on time to the meet’n‘greet. And was thankful that she had one since she has canceled some along the way. I didn’t think it felt rushed at all to have our pictures made w/ her. During one meet’n‘greet in the past…hardly anybody got to see or meet her. Do to people crowding around & pushing & shoving. So I really liked the way she arranged this meet’n‘greet…

      Tori is AWESOME!!!!! Hope she tours back through soon!!!

    11. Cyndi says:

      oh, my LORD, where do I begin?

      I guess I’ll just sum up the show to the highlights—it was, overall, an amazing and awesome show from end to end, but I’m still too worn out from it to really give it a proper review, and if I wait any longer, my review will suck due to forgetting things that shouldn’t have been forgotten. so, here we go:

      what kicked the night off wonderfully to me was being able to go over to the sound booth where Mark and the others (Marcel? is he still working with Tori?) were taking care of things, and thanking them for working so hard to give us a good show, and getting a thumbs up and a grin from Mark in reply. :D

      but seriously, I swear Tori gets almost ALL of the recognition, and the sound men probably get next to nothing, so I vowed, last time I saw Tori (ADP at the Fox Theater), that I’d do it if I ever was able to get to them. if it wasn’t for them, I wouldn’t be able to hear her as well as I can when I watch her perform. (maybe next time, I’ll bring them cookies…)

      hearing Icicle and China with the band was a refreshing and haunting change of pace for me—the boys really added something to those two songs, BIG time. I loved it. the only thing was, I could have sworn China was done in 3/4 time, and yet it sounded like Matt was playing in 4/4 time. shrug either way, it worked very well.

      it wasn’t Flavor or Black Dove, but hearing Concertina, FINALLY, made my night. :D I was ecstatic and very, very happy to hear it.

      the “calm right down” improv, while it was apparently directed to some people having a fight, worked its magic on me—I was a crazy ball of energy until I took the advice she offered in it, and then I was, while very excited and energetic, much more able to keep myself from getting stupid. I could have sworn she had directed it to EVERYONE in the audience, and not just the people fighting.

      the ENTIRE show was amazing. I can’t really put it into words like I used to. the “push, push!” improv during Strong Black Vine was especially powerful. I swear, that woman was on FIRE last night, and the rest of us ALL were on fire with her as a result.

      this was EASILY one of the best shows of hers I’ve seen. EASILY. :D

    12. Michael says:

      This was my 10th show in 13 years and it was by far my most chilling, riveting Tori experience. After all this time, I try not to get my hopes up for songs I want to hear, but instead let her influence and feelings take me wherever she wants to go.

      Highlights: Icicle (the lighting, so dramatic and simple); Little Amsterdam (so sexy and eerie).

      When she finished “Fast Horse”, I lunged out of my seat in a complete, unabandoned roar of affection. Grade A.

    13. Jordan S says:

      This was my first Tori show ever, I loved every minute of it! Ive been a huge fan for a few years now, and it was great to FINALLY be able to make it to a show, Ive had a few failed attempts at it in the past unfortunately. Tori was, as others have said, completely on fire tonight, it was great. The highlights of the show for me were Strong Black Vine, I LOVED the extended lyrics, made an already powerful song, even more powerful. Curtain Call, She touches Herself (improv), Precious Things, Big Wheel was ALOT of fun and a perfect closer, give was an amazing opening song, and Fast Horse which is one of my favorites on the new album, was even better live. Incredible show, and I cant wait for the next one I get to go to. Maybe next time, ill make it to a meet and greet and finally get to meet more EWF. Unfortunately the people sitting around me seemed to be the stuffy season pass people who didn't know what they were getting themselves into when they bought their season passes to Chastain.

    14. Chris says:

      o.k., So, we drove all the way from New Orleans to see Tori in Atlanta at Chastain Park. This was my second time seeing her there.. first time in ’05. This show topped that one by miles and miles<just that it was hot as hell>! I was hoping she would play Strong Black Vine… which she did and absolutely killed it… it was soooo awsome! she put so much energy into that one. The improvs were all great… THE WHOLE SHOW IN ALL WAS GREAT!!! much love from new orleans! can’t wait to do it agian.

    15. Mackbrad75 says:

      What an awesome show! I’ve seen her 23 times and Chastain is the best place by far to see her in ATL. Sister Janet was especially awesome and I agree with everyone about how insanely INCREDIBLE Icicle is with the band. I will always be in awe how she tunes herself into each city and plays songs that evening that need to be heard. May she never stop!

    16. jas says:

      Oh wow, this was a pretty amazing concert. I can tell you all about what led to the “calm right down” improv, since it all happened directly behind me. There were a group of friends, smoking pot and getting drunk, and chattering constantly from the beginning of the show. At one point, at the beginning of Sister Janet, one of the girls was standing up and doing another girl’s hair. In the middle of the song! it was crazy, and they were so loud, so I felt compelled to turn around and quietly ask them to please stop talking. The girl standing up got all huffy and started yelling about how I need to turn around and look at the stage. This is the point at which Tori had to stop playing and did the improv. i loved it so much, but I really prefer when people show some respect at her concerts. if you want to get high, please don’t do it in the 3rd row of a Tori concert!! Overall though, it was my favorite time seeing Tori perform at Chastain Park.

    17. kat says:

      Tori seemed to be in bliss in atlanta. It was a huge honor to give her such joy. Strong Black Vine was epic. I missed her when I was on the road home.

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