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    Tour Status

    Tori is touring in 2017 to support the release of Native Invader. The European legs runs from early September through early October and the North American leg runs from late October to early December. We do not know if additional dates elsewhere will be added.

    Useful Tour Stuffs
    Current Release

    Native Invader (album, 2017)

    92.9 davefm "Circle Of Friends"


    Date July 27, 2009
    City Atlanta, GA
    Venue 92.9 davefm "Circle Of Friends"

    Tori performed for an intimate audience of about 60 people in Atlanta as part of DAVE FM’s “Circle Of Friends” series. Video will be on their website in a couple of weeks, after they’ve had a chance to edit.

    Set List

    • Leather
    • Lady In Blue
    • Silent All These Years
    • 500 Miles


    Christmas album chat (filmed by rubyfruitradio)



    1. Kenny says:

      Tori played four songs… sounded incredible. Voice was very strong (significantly more than I thought it would be). Lady in Blue was FANTASTIC played solo. She really rocked it in the more-instrumental part near the end of the song.

      Great job to 92.9 Dave FM and Mara Davis. Great show, great entertainment.   (NOTE – tori did not have time to do a meet/greet at this event… not surprising; it started late, and she presumably had to get to Chastain for sound check there, etc.) No one seemed to know if she’d do meet/greet there.

      Songs were:

      Lady in Blue
      …(then the Q&A)
      Silent All These Years
      500 Miles

      Here’s a summary of the Q&A … Tori gave me advice for the bar exam tomorrow!!!! Also some very humorous insight about the upcoming Christmas Album.

      Mara Davis asked about the Christmas Album

      Tori talked about this for a bit – said it happened very fast. Explained that the guy from her record label (Don Morris?) said something to the effect of, “I have all these Christmas records, so don’t do a Christmas record.. but do your version of one.” She went on talking about how there is a lot of music “twisted from the religions” and that a lot of research went into her effort. On the album there will be “interesting takes” on various carrolls, with full strings, tubular bells, harpsichords. For humorous clarification, Tori said: “There’s not a song on it called ‘She’s a Hussy Marry Christmas.” (everyone laughs) She talked about the idea making a “shocking” Christmas album, and how the record label guy would react. She figured he’d say, “Tori, don’t shock me! It will be shocking if you don’t shock me!” So, Tori said, the shock of the album will be that it will not be “shocking.” She said you can play it from top to tail without having to turn it off if your mother walks in the room.

      Then Mara asked a question from “Carolyn” (in audience) asking Tori her thoughts on the Robert Plant/Allison Kraus record. Tori said the album was “fantastic” and was a “wonderful pairing.” She said Plant is great to work with and said he was (many years ago) the “true [x-men] wolverine.” He really understands Ancient Mythology and that he really enjoys working with women. He told She said, “those hard-rocking boys.. the ones who are ‘the real mccoy’ have always been open to that kind of side of things [referencing “the Goddess and that kind of thing”].”

      Mara then asked my question: “Kenny says he’s taking his bar exam tomorrow, and do you have any last-minute advice.”

      (I had written the question on a flash card I had with me and had passed it to Mara Davis; Tori says, “Is that the flash card?” Mara hands it to her and Tori starts reading the question off the flash card. She stopped midway. Can’t blame her; it was something about secured transactions.)

      “Well, what I would say to you is, if you’re taking the bar tomorrow, you have to go like you’re going into concert.” She explained, with the disclaimer, “don’t take this wrong,” that she knew people who had failed the bar many times because they got so worked up. She continues… “Are you Kenny?” she asks, looking at me. “You’ve gotta walk into the side of Kenny who has already passed the bar. You’ve already passed it on a different plain. You have to come back from your future, and just take it.” I said thank you.

      She then kept going… compared it to her own experience of making the Christmas record… “This is true: I had to make the solstice record [the Christmas album] with ‘She’s a Hussy Merry Christmas” on it, and this other naughty song, to go into the future, to come back … crawling back … saying, ‘no, you don’t want to do that!’”

      Mara then asked question from Jason about the method of creating a set-list (Jason then joined in). That is, do you make it during the day, right before the show, etc.

      Tori explained that it starts when she rolls into town on the busses. She said Atlanta is different because her parents both went to Emory (her mom worked in Dean’s office and her dad went to Candler theology). Her mother’s great grandmother had been hiding from the Blue Coats for nine months in the Smoky Mountains, and came down to North GA as an indentured servant. So she has this unique bloodline trail connecting her to the city and the ancestors.

      Jason then requested that she’d bring the Robert Plant “Thank You” cover out at the Atlanta concert. She said she’s keep it in mind.

      Mara then asked about the recent “Vincent” dedication to her brother.

      Tori explained that her brother always came to her Austin shows without fail (he had a friend there). Michael always felt this song was a benchmark songwriter’s song (or something to that effect). But, Tori didn’t even think of playing it until 2-3 hours before showtime.

      Mara asked about her outfit plans for tonight’s show.

      Tori said she has many choices and explained that it generally depends on temperature, etc. She said something later on about being in a ninja uniform (jokingly).

      Mara asked about her daughter. Tori said her daughter always says, “Mommy, you’re not retiring. I don’t care if you’re knees hurt; you’re rocking. You have to rock. You are supposed to rock!”

      That was that.

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