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    Tour Status

    Tori is touring in 2017 to support the release of Native Invader. The European legs runs from early September through early October and the North American leg runs from late October to early December. We do not know if additional dates elsewhere will be added.

    Useful Tour Stuffs
    Current Release

    Native Invader (album, 2017)

    Murat Theatre


    Date August 07, 2009
    City Indianapolis, IN
    Venue Murat Theatre


    Thanks to @kirkland24 for tweeting the setlist!

    Main Set

    • Give
    • Beauty of Speed
    • Cornflake Girl
    • Starling
    • Crucify
    • Ireland
    • Welcome to England
    • Jamaica Inn
    • Hotel
    • Bells for Her

    Lizard Lounge

    • Peeping Tommi
    • Cooling
    • Gold Dust

    (band returns)

    • Horses
    • Tear in Your Hand
    • Fast Horse
    • Precious Things
    • Strong Black Vine


    • Raspberry Swirl
    • Big Wheel


    Give (posted by r1pl3y)

    Beauty of Speed (posted by r1pl3y)

    anniversary story & band intro (posted by lecosmique)

    Ireland (posted by ColderThanBermuda)

    Cooling (posted by somethingblue2u)

    Gold Dust (posted by lecosmique)

    Tear in Your Hand (posted by somethingblue2u)


    1. Frema says:

      To wrap up the setlist, Tori played “Big Wheel.”

      This show was amazing! I was psyched to hear “Hotel” and “Raspberry Swirl,” and the piano for “Jamaica Inn” sounded beautiful. The last four songs starting with “Precious Things” and ending with “Big Wheel” gave the show a strong finish—everyone was on their feet and clapping. Some crazy stuff was going on at the orchestra level (guys fighting, security guards snapping at people with video cameras, the girl next to me YELLING at people a few rows ahead to sit down during “Precious Things”—WTF?), but Tori totally rocked it. So glad she chose this setlist for Indy!

    2. Casiquire says:

      I’d just like to add “Big Wheel” on to the end of the setlist…it was the last song she played after Raspberry Swirl.

      Anyway this was a completely solid Tori concert! She told us an amusing story about how her and her husband went on their first date here in Indianapolis fifteen years ago, and while we didn’t get an improv :o( there was still the intimacy we’ve all come to expect from her.

      I my opinion her voice was not as strong as it was during her last tour, and her energy wasn’t as high, but I saw her in a completely different city last time so it might be an unfair comparison. Her passion was intense all around.

      Another amusing moment of the show was during Crucify, where during one of the first verses she accidentally started to sing “I know a cat named Easter…Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck!” then corrected herself. It was awesome to hear Horses with the band, and her soaring vocals during Hotel, Cooling, and Raspberry Swirl sounded as though she’s still twenty years old.

      Definitely not a tour to miss!

    3. Lisa071573 says:

      Tonight was my 100th Tori show! It was nice, solid setlist. Before Cornflake Girl, she mentioned that Indianapolis was special because that was where she and Mark had their first date, 15 years ago. Because no one knew they were “courting,” they’d gone outside of Indianapolis but Mark ended up with a migraine so they came back to Indianapolis and they spent the rest of the night with their clothes on and she gave him medicine.

      She fucked up a bit of Crucify and starting singing the second verse when it should have been the first, and said “Fuck fuck fuck” and recovered :). I was thrilled to hear Ireland since I knew she’d only ever played it once previously, and I loved it. I was also very happy to hear Welcome to England, since that’s my favorite off the new album and I was sorry to see that it hadn’t gotten any play since Portland. There was some nice piano on the intro to Jamaica Inn and Bells For Her really rocked out before the final verse.

      Peeping Tommi was wonderful (despite some idiots cheering in weird places); Cooling was perfect and complete with the brambles verse. Before Gold Dust, she said something like because it was an anniversary (I assume the first date anniversary), she was playing three songs. I was surprised she was playing Gold Dust again, but I could hear it every night and it was lovely as always. (Phoenix was still the best of the Gold Dusts since she was so emotional there…)

      The rest of the show was fantastic, with Raspberry Swirl rocking and Big Wheel closing out the encore. (Caught A Lite Sneeze was on the setlist I saw, before RS but was cut, presumably because she was running late. The show started around 9:08pm and the encore started at 10:55pm.)

      The crowd was very noisy and stupid. Everyone stood for the show up through Hotel. There was one idiotic girl two rows behind me who kept yelling “I love you Tori” at the top of her lungs. I sat in between two couples who both seemed like they were on dates rather than there for Tori, and thankfully, one of the couples left before the Lizard Lounge. Why pay $70 a piece for a concert just to talk through it? Sometimes I really miss the old days where you didn’t have to ask people to shut the fuck up so you could hear Tori.

      Aside from the obnoxious crowd, I really enjoyed the set and the two rarities. Also, it was good to see Mikewhy! Looking forward to Detroit tomorrow.

    4. Ashley (@ToriFan247) says:

      Today couldn’t have been better.
      I got to the M&G around 12:30, to only find about 10 people waiting. As luck would have it, I ended up being about 10th in line once Tori got there. Once I got thru the line-I saw it was HUGE!! It was the biggest M&G I’ve ever seen in Indy!!! I met several great Toriphiles in line: Kelsey, Ryan, Haley, Ron, Chris, Louise, Jim, Myra, thanks for talkin’ to husband and I and keepin’ us company today!! Hope you all were safe getting home lastnight!

      Husband dropped me back off at the venue around 6 while he ran some errands before the show. I took a few moments to thank Mindi for being so kind to us and treating us all with respect at the M&G earlier in the day, and told her that in the past that usually didn’t happen.

      The doors opened and people started going in, and while I was outside waiting for husband, Mindi came back out and gave me upgraded tickets for husband and I. I ENDED UP 8TH ROW from having balcony seats!!!!!! They were the best seats I’ve ever had for Tori. (Thank you Tori and Mindi!!)

      Give-very sexy live. I liked it, and it’s one of my favs from the new album.

      Beauty of Speed-I enjoyed hearing this, but it wasn’t one I was in love with from ADP, so….

      Cornflake Girl-like some, I don’t care how many times she plays it, I still love it. I love the energy, and just watching her play.

      Starling-really beautiful live. I enjoyed it much more than on the album.

      Crucify-Yay! Even better when she messed it up. :-) Every time I hear it-makes me remember the video and all the Tori’s dancing at the end.

      Ireland-I LOVE this song, and it was my ring back tone forever, so I was super excited to hear it. Everyone was dancing and grooving. Loved it.

      Welcome to England-this too, is one of my favs from AATS and was glad we got it. I liked Tori’s expressions while playing this.

      Jamaica Inn-haven’t heard this in so long, I didn’t recognize it at first! It was sooooo beautiful!!

      Hotel-after the notorious f*ck ups of 2007, Tori NAILED this to the wall. This song was solid, and sounded fantastic.

      Bells for Her-love hearing this live with the band…love the echo after ‘can’t stop…” gives me chills!

      Peeping Tommi-hauntingly beautiful, that's all I can say.

      Cooling-with brambles.. was loving as always.

      Gold Dust-brought me (and from the sounds of it, several of those around me) to tears. It was exquisite, and intense. Truly beautiful and full of love. A real love song.

      Horses-not sure how I felt about this with the band…I think I liked it…

      Tear in Your Hand-MY ALL TIME FAVORITE TORI SONG. She could pretty much never mess this up, no matter what she does to it. Brings me to tears every time I hear it. I just love it.

      Fast Horse-sooooo much better live than I ever imagined! A whole new love for this song!

      Precious Things-who cares that she doesn’t do the “grrrrl!” anymore? The new re-work of the song is AMAZING!!! Back-n-forth between her and Matt is intense and I loved every minute of it. Fantastic-like a whole new song!!!!

      Strong Black Vine-a little intense, and kind of shocking, and people are right…I get a sense of Pip in there. I enjoyed it live. After the song, I looked at my husband and said, ‘That version’s not on the album.’ He goes, “oh…” and just stared blankly forward.

      Raspberry Swirl-loved it. What else can I say? The energy was good.

      Big Wheel-I know some really don’t like this song, but I love it, and its totally fun live, and I think Tori likes it too. I noticed Matt and Jon were smiling a lot during this song as well.

      Tori seemed to be in a really good mood, lots of smiles (no pretend flying airplanes like in the past or anything but…) and she and Matt have a wonderful chemistry on stage together, always smiling and laughing about something. Sometimes I feel bad, wondering if Jon is ever left out.. Tori made lots of eye contact with the audience, and smiled a lot. She was very gracious as always at the M&G too. Thanks Jon, Matt, Mindi, and as always and most of all, Tori for an amazing day and evening. Be safe!

      p.s. find me on Twitter!

    5. Corrina says:

      Great show. Little low on energy at points and she didn’t chat much but her voice was flawless. I agree with other reviewers that the crowd wasn’t as engaged and respectful as usual. I was greatly frustrated by two Murat employees yakking it up at the back of the theatre during Lizard Lounge. And what’s with the standing up??

      I can’t believe no one has mentioned how pregnant she looked?? The crowd was buzzing with “Is she??” and “How didn’t we know??” etc. I know she’s denied the rumors but she looked very obviously five months along at least!

      Anyone from the M&G have anything to say about that? On another board, someone mentioned that she’d said she was in fact pregnant at the Denver Meet & Greet last week.

    6. Angela L. says:

      The Indy show was great. Tori seemed to be in a more mellow mood than in Chicago, she wasn’t as intense, but it was a great show nonetheless! There were a number of songs played I hadn’t heard live before including Raspberry Swirl which was fab. I was hoping to make it to the meet and greet and request RS during the encore so I could dance:) but ran late and the line was closed. So I was very happy to hear it! The audience stood until the Lizard Lounge so I was happy to dance through most of the first part of the concert, but I felt bad for the guy in the wheelchair at the end of our row. I hope he was able to see the concert. All in all it was amazing and I wish I could see her again in Detroit tonight but my husband would probably have a fit if I paid for a third concert this tour.

    7. missred says:

      This was my 5th Tori show even though I’ve been a fan since 1992. I went to the M & G and had the opportunity to meet her for the second time which was timeless. I also got to reunite with some old concert buddies from the ADP Tour and I also met some new nice friends as well.

      I was in the second row pit which was a real treat being that I have not been to many of her concerts. I was expecting to hear the usual from the setlist although, deep down I really wanted a surprise and she did that with Peeping Tommi! I had also asked for Gold Dust twice on the last tour which I never got to hear her play live- when she played the first note, I just couldn’t believe it! I knew one day I would hear it live!

      I will say, this is thr first concert of hers that I have gone to where I was very disappointed in the behaviors of others around me. I didnt know that standing was a new tradition- that didn’t happen on the ADP Tour except for the Encore/Stage Rush which is acceptable. I had to stand because everybody else was around me and my feet were a hurtin after a while! Also, when a performer is playing their piano and it is quiet, please do not yell I Love You 5 times – especially during a beautiful song or any song of that matter. It is distracting to the audience and to the performer plus it shows disrespect. Back in 1994, when I first saw Tori on the Under the Pink tour- you couldn’t hear a pin drop the entire time. I realize she’s changed up her stage performance for several years now, but if we get at least 15-20 minutes of silence while she plays, please respect that.

      I also couldn’t believe how many drunk people I saw stumbling out of the venue acting obnoxious. Did you come to drink or did you come for the performance? Apparently, some people do not know how to behave at a concert.

      All in all, behaviors aside, I loved the show and I feel blessed to have met Tori once again. Thank you for the memories, my friend!

    8. Jackie says:

      This was a pretty perfect set-list! I was in heaven with the song choice! I thought Tori and the boys were dead-on last night! Her voice gave me chills-and being 9 months pregnant-Gold Dust brought me to tears. Thanks for a great show Tori!

    9. Libby (FanofTori) says:

      Before the M & G at the Murat, I was lucky enough to have won tickets to the VIP room at 92.3 WTTS for a private show with Tori. THAT, was amazing!! There were about 60 people in the room, Lindsey & I were in the 3rd row. Tori played ‘Lady in Blue’, Baker Baker-and had trouble remembering some of the words in the beginning so she did some improv with it…so cute! Then she performed 500 miles. All of these were on the keyboard. She was very playful during this show. We could take pics during the set.

      After she played, everyone got to have pics taken with her by the radio station’s photographer in groups of 4 (then they email u ur image). When it was our turn to talk with her, she said, “No wait, I know these people!” So it was just us 2 for our shot, we got our things signed and we also gave her gifts for her birthday. She was thrilled! I asked for her to play Bells and we were on our way to the Murat for that M & G. There were SO many people but everyone got an autograph and/or picture with her.

      Someone gave her this hat and she was so cute when she put it on!
      The show was amazing, I was so so happy that she played Bells!! I too, thought that it was strange that people stood most of the night-very annoying!
      I was also happy to hear Horses come out to play. We did have balcony seats, but the nice people from WTTS swapped Lindsey & I their orchestra seats for our balcony ones. We were in heaven!
      Always such a treat seeing Tori live.

    10. panther3k says:

      I agree missred-the show was amazing, beautiful, and her positive energy left me smiling. The audience was obnoxious-the standing, the I Love You Girl (I was a few rows behind her & she kept standing & dancing while everyone had finally sat down for the Lizard Lounge), the girls next to me who kept giggling & playing with their cell phones-but it was most definitely worth it. I can’t wait to see her again!

    11. Amanda Lawson says:

      She just keeps getting better……………

      I’m going to call this the “bipolar show” because I was crying one minute and dancing the next. Seriously, I ran through every emotion I’ve ever had in my life. Tori was totally “in the pocket”. The setlist was dreamy. Bells For Her??? Wow. Crucify was like some magic elixir. AND Gold Dust stole the show for me personally. I lost my best friend Adam this year in April to Crohn’s Disease and this song was so healing. I cried like a baby through the entire song (didn’t expect that at all) and didn’t care if anyone saw me or not. :) I had no Kleenex so I was wiping my eye-liner stained hands on my jeans but hey, it was SO worth it. THEN she pulls out Horses, another one that rips my heart out. THEN she pulls out Precious Things and it was on FIRE. It even rivaled the live version that is on the double To Venus and Back album. The three of them dug into this song like a lion digging into an afternoon snack. Unreal. THEN Raspberry Swirl came to the party and everybody was up and dancing. Then of course Big Wheel showed up and I thought that was a perfect closer to the show.

      I have to say that the behavior was much better this time around. Not great, but better. Let me just ask this. Why do you pay money to see a show, and then just get drunk and talk through the whole thing? What happened to manners? What happened to respect for the performer? Don’t you want to HEAR the music? I’m 32 years old so maybe I’m just too old for this sort of thing but I don’t think so. And I think the thing that confused me the most was everyone standing during the first five or six songs. WHAT? I was in Row H Center on the end and remained standing because if I didn’t I would’ve missed all of those songs. I felt like such an a-hole for standing but I wasn’t about to miss a chunk of the concert either. What do you do? Errr…..

      Thank you Tori for another evening of perfection. And let me say this…………You still got it. As a loyal fan for seventeen years now I haven’t met Tori yet. I’ve never attended a meet and greet or a soundcheck and I think it’s about time I do so. I feel like I’m passed that teenage obsession phase and I’ve grown up so now if I meet her it will be as a peer and not as a fan. Being a singer I have the utmost respect for her and I am looking forward to saying hello and thank you.

    12. theEvilAngel says:

      I won seats to see Tori perform at the Studio 92 (WTTS) performance earlier in the afternoon where she performed ‘Lady in Blue’, ‘Baker Baker’ (with improv) and ’500 Miles’. We got to meet her and have a professional picture taken with her (in groups of 4). I’ve seen Tori dozens of times live, but this was my first time meeting her in person. She was, as always, very open and kind. She shook all our hands, asked us our names, and told us that she had a nice day in Indy getting a manicure and pedicure (she showed us her pretty nails ;) Then she proceeded to tell us how Indy and the Murat is a very special place to her because that was where she realized she was in love with her husband. It was very cute (and she told the same story at the concert later).

      The show at the Murat was one of the best I’ve seen of the dozens of shows I’ve seen her do over the years! When she played ‘Peeping Tommi’, ‘Cooling’, ‘Gold Dust’ and then ‘Horses’ all in a row I almost died! It was so beautiful!

      My pictures are here.

    13. DD says:

      A great concert experience. I was very honored and humbled to meet Tori at the M&G, and to be able to make a song request. My favorite song of hers is “Ireland,” and I told her I’d love to hear her play it.

      Of course she gets many requests and has many great songs from which to choose, so for her to have played this gem tonight, I want to just say that I am so very grateful.

      I was already a fan, but after this show, consider me a die-hard follower!

    14. Amanda (Novinha) says:

      I arrived at the Murat Theater with Mikewhy and our friend Carolyn after the two hour drive north. We wanted to check out our seats, but were stopped before we even got in the venue to talk to people. Then more and more people kept coming up to talk with us. It seemed everyone attended this show that knew us. This was our hometown show after all. Once we moved inside the venue, more people kept seeing us and talking with us. As shy as I am, I was loving it. I love talking to the people I’ve met through the Tori concerts over the years. You are all so wonderful and it is so nice to get to see you all and talk with you face to face rather than through the computer. This was one of my favorite things about seeing the Tori concerts.

      Finally at 7:50, we made it to our seats, seventh row center, which we had just bought the previous day. They looked like really great seats and worth the extra cost from seeing the show in our original seats far over on the wall in the 18th row. Seventh row center was a huge upgrade for us. We were not interested in seeing the opening act, so we hung out in the very spacious Murat lobby talking to people during that time. At this time, it was starting to hit me, I enjoyed soaking in the fact that I was back.

      Now on to the show! I actually spent a good chunk of the beginning of the show being irritated by everyone around me for various reasons. First of all, I didn’t realize we were back to having standing shows again. This is not Marilyn Manson, this is Tori Amos. As soon as everyone remained standing, all emotion and intimacy went out the window for me. And that’s what Tori is all about for me, so I was quite disappointed at first. From my seventh row center seat, I had to struggle to see Tori between the heads in front of me. Most of the time, I had no problem, but when someone began bee-bopping their body up and down, I saw Tori, then didn’t see Tori, then saw Tori, then didn’t see Tori and it was just hard for me to concentrate on the music. It wasn’t a major problem, but really annoying when it happened. Also, I wore heels to add to my height a bit, but it caused added pressure to my feet and by the fourth song, my feet were in some pain. It’s really hard to draw an emotional connection to Tori’s music when my feet are radiating in pain. Also, the standing gave the guy directly behind me a cover to sit and be hidden so he could smoke. That’s real good on the ole asthma. And I really don’t like smelling like an ashtray. Thank God everyone sat for the Lizard Lounge all the way up until Strong Black Vine. The smoking guy could not hide as well, so he left and I was able to pull in some of the emotional connection then. That sitting down for a bit saved the show for me.

      Also, what’s up with all the excessive cameras and cell phones? A picture here and there, okay. I love seeing the pictures, but why do people need so many? They see the entire concert through the LCD screens on their cameras or cell phones, which shines a bright light into my face for the entire time too. And one person right in front of me took the time to look through every single photo she’d taken that day all the while Tori was performing on stage.

      Screaming, talking, singing: Don’t Do It! To the lady 2 rows behind me that kept screaming, “I love you Tori” constantly throughout the show: Tori doesn’t care and everyone around you wants to punch you in the face! Shut up! And why pay $65 each to have a conversation that you can have for free at home? Shut up! And no one wants to hear your crappy off-tune singing, especially when you don’t know the lyrics anyway and can’t keep up with Tori’s changes. You sound horrible! Shut up!

      So that’s how I felt through the first several songs, which was frustrating. But I tried to focus on Tori as much as possible. And once everyone sat down, it was much easier to do just that and I was completely blown away. I loved it! Just a few notes on the show itself, not going song by song, just a few points, from a personal level, that I’d like to note.

      Give followed by Beauty of Speed was incredible to open the show with. Such power from the beginning and a great way to draw a connection with the audience. Had we been sitting and I’d been able to establish that emotional connection, I’d have been out of my mind. It was really incredible. And then to carry out the beginning of the concert with the very classic, very familiar Cornflake Girl just added to those dynamics.

      Starling was a mixed bag for me. I hate the chirpy noise on the album and wanted to hear it live in hopes it be gone. I was disappointed that chirpy noise was still there and there was more instrumentation that I found really annoying. I love Tori’s voice on this one, so it’s really a shame that I find the instrumentation so annoying.

      I was shocked to hear Ireland. It’s my least favorite from Beekeeper, but Tori seemed like she was having a lot of fun with it. I’m really glad I got to see her perform this one and I grew a brand new appreciation for it after seeing it live. Really fun!

      While not my all-time favorite, I always felt a very strong attraction for Welcome to England, so I was really glad to hear this one and she performed it beautifully.

      I was so happy when Lizard Lounge came and everyone sat. I had a perfect view of Tori’s entire body then without any struggle at all! And I was able to allow the emotions to flow. And did they ever flow when she began a really intense Peeping Tommi. Wow! I was blown away, not only in how incredible it was, but just that she played it! This was followed immediately by Cooling (with brambles!) and a super surprise of another solo song. I never thought I’d hear Gold Dust and sitting there, relaxed, I was able to draw in that incredible emotional connection I have with Tori’s music. And Tori herself seemed really emotional singing Gold Dust. It was beautiful.

      Before the concert, I was sad to see the previous two set lists cut out Fast Horse, but I was so happy she brought it out for Indy! That is one of my favorites off the new album and I really wanted to hear it live. My final thoughts after it was over? I like it better on the album. I don’t say that often. One of the things I love most about this song is her voice and I thought that the instruments over-dominated her voice too much live.

      Strong Black Vine turned out to be a huge highlight! Wow!!! It was so full of energy, crazy and so powerful with a freak out in it. Gotta love that. This is an amazing song live! If I were lucky enough to follow the tour, I would look forward to this one every night.

      The encore was super perfect. Raspberry Swirl is so great live anytime (though I didn’t think it was as “full” this tour as when she did it back in ’98/‘99). And while Big Wheel is not one of my favorites, Tori looks like she is having so much fun on this one, I can’t help but love it. I much prefer this upbeat / hyper ending over the calmer Tear in Your Hand ending. Incredible. Tori still has it. Now if only we could remove a huge part of the audience, it would be perfection.

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