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    Tour Status

    Tori is touring in 2017 to support the release of Native Invader. The European legs runs from early September through early October and the North American leg runs from late October to early December. We do not know if additional dates elsewhere will be added.

    Useful Tour Stuffs
    Current Release

    Native Invader (album, 2017)

    State Theatre


    Date August 05, 2009
    City Minneapolis, MN
    Venue State Theatre

    Set List

    Black and yellow dress, black leggings.

    Main Set

    • Give
    • Raspberry Swirl
    • Cornflake Girl
    • Siren
    • Pandora’s Aquarium
    • Concertina
    • Space Dog
    • Doughnut Song
    • Carbon

    Lizard Lounge

    • Silent All These Years
    • Ophelia

    (band returns)

    • Pretty Good Year
    • Jamaica Inn
    • Talula
    • Precious Things
    • Strong Black Vine


    • Body and Soul
    • Take To The Sky
    • Big Wheel


    1. Lisa says:

      Awesome show, great setlist, fantastic crowd!…

      …except for the two girls who were eventually removed from the audience about six songs in. I would love to know what the story with that was.

      Also, if Tori’s not pregnant, I will be shocked. She looks ~4 mos. pregnant to me and I’m not sure what else that bump could be!

    2. miololo says:

      One of the best shows I’ve seen from Tori in Minneapolis, ever. She seemed to be in such amazing spirits; her face simply glowed throughout a number of the sets. Crowd was great – better than what I’ve seen of audiences here in the past – really good energy.

      I don’t know if anyone ended up actually seeing her after the show or not, but I had fun being a dumbass, watching the crew load the trucks while I sat there in my heels… it was a lovely evening.

    3. Autumn says:

      hhmm… what to say. well, I thought she was in a great mood! this was my 10th show of tori’s and it was nice to finally see her in the beginning/middle-ish part of her tour. I seen her a lot at the end or the second leg and sadly, it showed which made me feel bad for her and of course affects her enthusiasm, BUT she was on fire last night!

      some criticisms: the lighting. I was in the balcony and no joke, had to watch half the show with my eyes closed because of the incredibly bright blinding lights from behind her piano, even if they were angled up a hair, it would have been perfect.
      the sound wasn’t the best… better in the encore actually, but most of the show, the piano and drums were drowning out her voice and the loudness was to the point to affect the quality.

      Obviously, as any rabid tori fan is, you’re waiting for something special, a cover never heard before or a rarity that makes your heart ache and for tears to instantly sting your eyes…
      Well, that didn’t happen.
      But I think it’s just isn’t the tour for that, I love pandora’s aquarium, (I don’t think I’ve ever heard that live before but can’t state for sure) siren, ophelia and talula. I truly think she’s going to do a second leg of the tour acoustic cause it was like she was getting all of the fast, up tempo songs out of the way. if so, I’ll be going to all the shows… she’s so amazing when it’s just her, the girls and her piano. =)

      oh, can kudos to the people in the first row on the right, you guys were awesome and so into it… it’s so awesome to see true tori-philes in the front row and lovin’ every minute of it because Tori sure does notice and feed off that energy! =) the rest of us appreciate it!

    4. Jack Maple Grove says:

      Got to meet Tori for the fist time ever at the Meet and Greet. Everyone there was really nice in the crowd and Tori was rockin’ a fedora and some cool I believe silver heels. I thanked her and told her to thank Mark (husband) for staying up all nite during ADP to post the shows online for fans. etc I requested to see if Purple Rain could be a possibility for the MPLS show (She performed it as her closer for the Lotta Pianos Tour). In the end it didn’t happen but it was not a disappointment at all. Met a couple of nice Tori fans from the area also.

      We got Talula! And I don’t know how that happened! I think she has only performed that track once during Doll Posse.

      I never expected to hear Raspberry Swirl live either and that was great.. unfort. most of the crowd is a bit low key even though I am sure they enjoyed the whole show they don’t participate as much sorry to say.

      Pandora’s Aquarium was more intense and like all Tori tracks LIVE is the way to go. Ophelia during her lizard lounge set was very good and again wow was this song was great live. It was a whole new animal. Pretty Good Year was a treat also… seems like she is getting into playing thos one more live. I know a few years back she wasn’t feeling like she could bring that one out as much.

      The whole show was very tight. she started right at 8:30 and closed right at 10:30. JackDVD78@aol.com

    5. Maggie Strugala says:

      i have been going to tori shows for over a decade, and this was by far the best show ever! She was so happy and playful through out the entire show. The audience was FUCKING INSANE! I love minneapolis and the people, and the positive energy of our city was all over the state theatre last night. Tori was so amazing!

    6. Heidi says:

      This was my third time seeing Tori live. I saw her when she was in Minneapolis on Lottapianos and the Doll Posse tour. This performance definitely stands out as being the best.

      I couldn’t really hear the synth parts too well during Give, and I was mostly anxious to hear what she was going to play next, so I have to admit I wasn’t exactly paying close attention to what was going on during this one.

      As soon as I heard the first few bars of Raspberry Swirl, I knew this was going to be my best Tori experience ever. Raspberry Swirl isn’t exactly my favorite Tori song of all time, but it was made blatantly clear that this woman was loaded with energy and was planning on sharing that all with us tonight.

      Cornflake Girl sounded flawless as I’m sure it has for the past decade or so. It almost wasn’t enjoyable for me to watch them perform this, though. It’s like “Cornflake Girl” is so routine for these guys it’s just like brushing their teeth.

      Pandora’s Aquarium was a pleasant surprise, I’d never heard this live before with the band, so that was a treat.

      Space Dog is another song that probably isn’t one of my favorites, but this performance was really good, I think Tori messed up the piano part in a few spots, but made a good come back. I thought the lighting was done really well for this song.

      I was hoping so bad that she would pull out Carbon tonight, and sure enough, she did. I could tell the band was really focused on getting the song right, and it was to my critical ears, quite flawless.

      I was a little disappointed to hear “Silent All These Years”, since that’s what she played last year, but it was still a great performance, and “Ophelia” was simply beautiful.

      As soon as I heard the first few notes of Pretty Good Year, I nearly shit myself. I never thought in a million years that I would get to see this live. Love it.

      Jamaica Inn was really well done. I was impressed how efficient her stage crew was at switching out the keyboards to the organ on this one. She made a gesture to the organ on the line “how was I to know that you sent her” which made me think on a different level about that song, I remembered a story she told about how her husband had the organ sent to her over the sea or something like that.

      It took me the longest time to recognize Talula on the organ. This is a truly amazing arrangement, and I was very impressed.

      Precious Things was intense, I actually had to close my eyes because the lighting was getting a little too crazy for me, and I was NOT going to pass out at a Tori concert, not this close to the end!

      During Strong Black Vine, I was really distracted by how she was awkwardly playing the keyboard on top of the piano. She would have her arm above the mic stand, and then swoop it back under when she went to sing the verse on the other mic. The fact that she can even pull that off shows the talent that she has.

      Body and Soul kept the energy going during the encore, and Take To The Sky was intense with the “I feel the earth move” at the end. Awesomeness. Then Big Wheel came and I got a little bit sad because I knew it was all over.

      All in all, it was an awesome show, great energy throughout. I had pretty decent balcony seats, 2nd row in the right lodge, but there was a giant speaker that completely blocked the view of Matt (grr) but I coped with that rather quickly. I hope Tori doesn’t stop touring in the near future, because she obviously still has it in her!

    7. Lauren says:

      Apologies in advance for a lengthy review, but I think this story merits one:

      This was my 12th Tori show, and 7th and final for the tour. It was easily the best show I’ve seen, and it was the most incredible day of my life. Here’s why:

      Got to the venue at around 2:30 and were literally in the nick of time for the meet and greet, as Mindi hopped out of a black SUV to announce that people could either have a photo OR a pic since Tori was running late, and then Tori hopped out of the car, and they closed the line off and venue security didn’t let more people behind the barricades.

      My mom and I talked to Tori for several minutes- it went really well. She remembered us from CA and seemed genuinely touched that we had come so far from home to see her. She saw me and said, “Hi beautiful!” and obviously recognized me, and asked me to remind her of my name. She held her hand out toward mine, which was on the railing, and I didn’t do anything, and she said, “Shake, honey.” And I said, “Oh, sorry Tori. I’m so nervous. I’m just so happy to be here!” And we had a group hug. I handed Tori a letter I had written her, and thanked her for playing “Maybe California” in Milwaukee, and I started to cry so my mom took over and told her the special significance of the song for me, which I had also written in the letter. We talked about mother/daughter relationships, and how close the two of us are, and Tori said that she and Tash are that way and Tori is that way with her mom, who Tori said was at the D.C. show to celebrate her 80th birthday. Mindi snapped a photo of the three of us, and since we’d gotten a group photo, I was able to have my Choirgirl songbook signed, and Tori, as always, checked that she had the spelling of my name right. She is so incredibly sweet. We met some lovely people at the meet and greet (Hi to Zander, Josie, their blond friend whose name I didn’t catch, [They’re the people who inspired the 05 “Please Don’t Fall” improv!!!] and Heidi, and later I met Sped, aka mr. setlist database, very cool guy!)

      Got back to the State Theatre at about 6:30 and went in soon after. We were in line for a drink when Wendy, a venue security person who had been helping out at Meet and Greet, came up to my mom and me and said, “Hey, I need you two to come with me.” We were a little panicked, thinking, What did we do wrong?
      We were led to a sketchy, lone door and realized Wendy was leading us backstage. We kept asking what was happening but Wendy said all she knew was that “they” had asked for us backstage. We waited backstage by the dressing rooms, and Mark walked by us with a cup of tea and nipped out the stage door for a smoke, then 3/4 One EskimO walked by, and Jamie (bass) and Pete (guitar) who know us by now said hi and asked us what we were doing, and we said we didn’t know, we’d been brought there and were waiting to find out. Then Adam (drums) walked by and shook our hands and asked how we were, and I told him I loved the new song, Simple Day, that they played in Milwaukee, and then he nipped out for a bit and we were standing there, legs shaking, waiting. After 10 minutes or so, Mindi appeared from the dressing room and handed us two front row center tickets and said “Tori definitely wanted you two to have these tickets- she asked me to find you and give them to you.” We both started blubbering our thanks in complete shock, saying that we’d gotten 6th row seats from the charity site and were here all the way from CA and couldn’t believe this was happening. Mindi suggested that we find a deserving couple of people to give our 6th row seats to. We thanked her again then stumbled back out to the lobby.

      We watched One EskimO perform from the front row, still in shock at what had happened. After their set, we looked for Sped to see if he wanted the 6th row center seats, but couldn’t find him. We were sitting in our seats and Mindi appeared at the side of the stage, and I smiled and waved and she smile back. A few minutes later, a tech came out and changed Tori’s setlist, retaping the new one. Finally, with 10 minutes until Tori time, we ventured to the balcony to find someone way up there to give the tickets to. There were these two women in the nosebleed section who looked happy and smiling. We asked them if they’d like to sit in the 6th row and they started crying and hugging us and we led them to their new seats. We chose them somewhat randomly. They just looked like friendly, happy fans.

      Tori came on stage and began performing. She kept throwing us her little sexy looks and then smiling really big directly at us. At first, I was a bit unnerved that she was looking DIRECTLY at me, but I loved every minute of it. I mouthed the words to every song and swayed and danced to the music, and Tori kept looking over at the two of us and smiling, and we had a real conversation going between the three of us. I felt so incredibly honored by the whole experience. I know Tori read my letter- I put my whole heart into it expecting nothing in return and she thanked us in a way I had neither expected nor dreamed of.

      Tori changed a lyric in “Siren”- she sang “but I don’t need the light on to guide me to your lovely heart of gold” and then she looked right at me and smiled. I was wearing my gold glass heart necklace that day.

      Tori performed the (concert) debut of “Ophelia”, and at the line “mothers who won’t look the other way” she lifted her hands and covered her eyes, as a blindfold would. Then at the end of the song, she was repeating “feel her, remember, Ophelia,” and she turned and looked at me and squeezed her eyes. I felt so spiritually connected to her in that moment. All of this directly correlated with the story I wrote her in my letter, and the printed news article I enclosed in the envelope.

      Then Tori performed “Pretty Good Year-” a song I’ve been wanting to hear live since I became a fan 4 years ago. At the end of the song, by which time my mom and I were in tears of joy and love, Tori turned to us, and gestured to us with two fingers, entwining them together and lowering them in our direction, as a little salute to us, finishing the story we told her and she told us. It was possibly the best moment of my life, the most bittersweet, and the most meaningful. I can’t help but think the song was for us.

      We rushed the stage and Tori kept smiling at us- we were directly in front of her. After Big Wheel, Tori left the stage and I shouted thank you amid the roar from the audience. Afterward, my mom and I went up to Mindi and thanked her for the seats, and told her to pass along our thanks to Tori, though I’m sure Tori knew already how grateful we were from the looks on our faces as she finished writing the story through song for us, giving us a much-coveted happy ending.

      To top it all off, after the show ended, the two women to whom we had given the seats, who ended up just behind us in the rush, thanked us again, and told us that one of them had cancer and was going to have her first surgery and chemo the next week, and that we couldn’t have known but we made their last hurrah all the more special. Their happiness and ours is all due to the kindness and generosity of Tori.

    8. blank-ette (Mel) says:

      Tori was a sleek little bumblebee tonight in her black and yellow ensemble. She was also gracious and sweet as always at the meet and greet and wore a black top with glitter, silver platforms and a grey pin-stripped hat. She told me how much fun they’ve been having on tour and it really showed that night.

      This was my last show for this tour and I have to say it was probably the best for me.

      Raspberry Swirl was quite a surprise for the second song of the evening. It was played a lot different from any other tours. More subdued instrumentally, but still passionate in vocalization.

      I’m loving how much Tori is just pounding on her piano this tour. It makes me think how great an instrumental album would be from her. Siren was one of those songs where she got really into just playing her piano, and it was great to see her talent shine.

      I heard Pandora in Chicago and was happy to hear it again. It is absolutely stunning. I was mesmerized.

      Concertina seemed a bit cookie cutter for me, but it’s a nice song off of Venus, so i’m glad we got it.

      Space Dog brought the energy back with a solid performance but no “Andromeda” bridge in the beginning. A friend requested this at the meet and greet, so I’m glad it showed up. It’s also a Neal song, so people were guessing it would show up in Minne.

      Doughnut Song was another request at the meet and greet. The girl who requested it was sitting behind me and I was so happy for her. It sounded great with the band. Tori sang it with lots of feeling.

      Ah Carbon. You will always be welcome at my show. Another beautiful performance.

      The Lizard Lounge was gorgeous. SATY gets a lot of complaints cause she plays it a lot, but it felt new again to me that night. And Ophelia! I have no words. I just had my jaw hanging open the whole time. I truly felt blessed to be there for its debut. I’m still in shock.

      And to follow that up with Pretty Good Year just put the icing on the cake for me. I got pretty emotional. God I love when that bridge kicks in. Phenomenal.

      Jamaica Inn sounded really nice with the band. It lightened things up a bit after those few intense songs. I definitely like this song better live.

      Talula was really a clever choice after Jamaica Inn having the “Jamaica do you know do you know what I have done” line. I couldn’t figure out what she was playing at first with the into of her singing “Summer is here..” It was really a treat, and she extended it for quite a long time.

      I didn’t expect to hear Body and Soul in the encore, but it was pretty awesome. I loved it on the ADP tour. It wasn’t as angry as when the dolls are singing it, but it was still great.

      Take to the Sky was suppose to be Fast Horse according to the setlist, but it got replaced. I love me some Fast Horse, But TTTS is such a fun crowd interaction kind of song with the clapping. She sang a bit in the begining about “I have a sexy friend. He is sugar on a stick.”

      Big Wheel closed the night. Wow, what a show!

      And I got to meet some really wonderful people in Minneapolis. You know who you are. Thanks for such a wonderful experience. Much Love.

    9. Melissa says:

      The day started out great when I met Tori for the first time. It was the first show I had been to with an old friend of mine in 11 years, once I told this to Tori, she took an extra pic with the both of us, which was really sweet of her.

      This was close to a perfect set list for me, all my old favs, Space Dog, Pretty Good Year, Precious Things. I was thrilled when I got to hear siren again and Raspberry Swirl!

      As for the two loud girls that got removed, we were unfortunate enough to be sitting behind them. They were extremely drunk and yelling and standing throughout the show. Finally someone reported them to security, just as we were about to, because one of the girls was antagonizing my friend and trying to fight with her. So thankfully, they we’re removed and the show was wonderful from then on!

    10. Rebecca says:

      Best show ever, hands down!

      I was at Chi., Milwaukee and Minnie this year. I had a serious chat with Tori in Chi. about some horrible abuse my 15 year old daughter is going through with her dad. My friends there took some sweet photos of ‘serious’ Tori as we talked about this. I talked about how I made it out of the abusive marriage but couldn’t get my daughter out and how I have to sit back ‘silently’ watching it play out.

      I asked her to play Ophelia in Minnie since my daughter would be at that show with me and that Ophelia was our ‘code’ song for her to get through her time with her dad.

      Tori told Mindy to remember Ophelia for Minnie as well as writing it on her hand and said in a serious as a heart attack voice, “I’ll see you in Minnie.”

      I saw her in Milwaukee and she pulled me in for a hug asking me how I was doing etc. we had a great talk and I told her my daughter would be at the Minnie m&g to see her.

      At the Minnie m&g first thing Tori said to me was “I got it!” meaning Ophelia would be playing at the show. Tori talked to us for about 10 min. it was amazing! Personal for me and my daughter, but it was some strong advice for us. Tori also sang Police Me with my 4 year old son who loves her music, Tori laughed so much at this!

      And how amazing for me and my friends to be standing right next to Tori as she sang! I could have died and gone to heaven that very moment.

      Tori asked if it was me and my daughter going to the show. I said yes and she told Mindy twice to find us.

      Mindy never did, in fact when I saw the other two going back I had a sinking feeling they were mistaken for the ‘mother and daughter’ group Tori wanted…….. I look much younger then I am, look more like my daughters sis then mom, so it’s understandable.

      Anyway, luckily we had third row from the stage, center so Tori found us. She was looking at us throughout the night. My fiends were right in front of us and they said that during Ophelia they wanted to duck because they felt like they had come between a personal conversation. lol

      Tori was angry Tori during the ‘fathers who control from the grave’ with neck veins popping and fingers pounding on the keys. Then the covering of her eyes at the mothers who won’t look the other way………. That got to me, I had quoted that line to her in Chicago as being particularily meaningful to me. I had also quoted the “a poem he can not reach you in” and told Tori how we use her songs as code because they go right over my ex’s head. (Tori got a chuckle over that one)

      Anyway, Tori stretched that line out and it blew me away!

      And during the line ‘When will you learn to choose those men who choose to say’ she was pointing a very solid, straight arm out and finger right at my daughter.

      SATY was a shock to me, but made perfect sense since we talked about how I’ve been dealing with this for so many years now and haven’t been able to find a way out of the hell.

      PGY was amazing, and fit with what Tori was talking to us about in Minnie……….. the two fingers pointing to us at he end was her final “stick together and all will be well.”

      I would recommend the radio taping of Ophelia that she did before the m&g in Minnie, she looks very emotional like she was about to cry in that, I also believe that was a gift for us……….. especially the part where she adds ‘girls’ in one of the break the chain verses……….

      This was the most magical of all my Tori experiences, I’ll never forget being one of the crowd that Tori knew by name and became so excited to see me, her singing with my son and giving my daughter some serious solid advise. And then the show………. no words to express it.

      Knowing that Tori wanted us up front and center is enough for me, even though it seems there was a mistake somewhere ………. I’m just glad we had great seats so that Tori found us anyway.

      Oh yeah, and at the stage rush Tori was doing this cute bending down and looking right at us with eyes open wide like she was saying “I see you, I found you.”

      My daughter and I will never forget this!

    11. amywaz says:

      This was my 3rd and final show of the tour. Very sad to say that, but it was a good way to end it! Tori was in such a good mood. Highlights were definitely Pandora again (her voice just sounded so gorgeous!) Space Dog and Ophelia, which was played for my friend Becca and her daughter Meg. I’m not a big fan of Ophelia, but I got chills watching her sing that one, especially because she kept looking at Becca and Meg and you knew it was for them.

      The downside to this show was that there were many chatty people all over the venue screaming things out and running up to the front to take pictures and whatnot. But I didn’t let them ruin my show! It was awesome!

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