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    Tour Status

    Tori is touring in 2017 to support the release of Native Invader. The European legs runs from early September through early October and the North American leg runs from late October to early December. We do not know if additional dates elsewhere will be added.

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    Current Release

    Native Invader (album, 2017)

    St. Denis Theatre


    Date August 11, 2009
    City Montreal, PQ
    Venue St. Denis Theatre

    Set List

    Silver dress, red leggings tonight. Thanks to @casket4mytears for tweeting the setlist in to us.

    • Give
    • Siren
    • Cornflake Girl
    • Little Amsterdam
    • Space Dog
    • Flavor
    • Glory Of The 80s
    • Honey
    • Virginia
    • Welcome To England

    Lizard Lounge

    • Beulah Land
    • Ophelia

    (band returns)

    • China
    • Marys Of The Sea
    • Talula
    • Precious Things
    • Strong Black Vine


    • Police Me
    • Caught A Lite Sneeze
    • Big Wheel


    Ophelia (posted by astrodaks)


    1. Pascalp says:

      haaaaaa!!! Such a good show! From what I can read, Tori is giving a lot of energy to every venue, this woman must be in such a good shape.
      The setlist was beyond my expectations.
      The sound quality was exquisite.
      No weak moment for me. I enjoyed it all.

      She even brought the ‘C’est bon’ improv from last tour, back when she started Big Wheel, that was SO awesome. A lot of Boys for Pele came out tonight, that was definitely a good surprise.

      I’m still blown away.
      Too bad we had to sit next to some incredibly annoying girls, front row of the balcony, you know how you are. Didn’t seem to care one bit about the show… Why do some people pay 75$ to go see a show they won’t even try to appreciate?

    2. Phil says:

      It’s shocking that I can still be impressed by Tori. This was my 6th show and I was really mesmerized.

      From the first words of GIVE, you could tell that she would have a special energy tonight. She was in a great mood, smiling a lot, but also getting into deep trance in some songs.

      The show was very rangy, starting with a high energy then moving to more intimate songs, and then going back to intensity towards the end.

      My only regret : no songs from Choirgirl, and only one from Venus.


      My Highlights:

      Little Amsterdam – The new improv and jam are fantastic !!

      Marys of the sea – my favorite song on beekeeper. A great live song. The version with the band is definetly a winner. Too bad they didn’t play the intro jam.

      Talula – Fantastic dynamics in the song. The bridge was insane.

      Precious Things – Probably the best song of the set. It was ridiculously good, the lighting was crazy, the singing, the jamming, the rearrangement, the intensity. Standing Ovation was required ! I can’t count the number of people who were crying during this. it was really a great moment.

      Strong Black Vine – I was thrilled to see how intense this was getting. By that time, everyone had flocked to the stage and I was totally in front. She was totally nuts on this one. “ Push, Push, Push” and moans, and “religious cocksuckers”… haha I loved it !

      Police Me – definitely one of my favorite new sgons, works very well live. Perfect song to come back with.

      Big Wheel – Surprise of the night. Leaps beyond what it sounded like on the last tour. Everyone was clapping, she looked happy, it was overall a great ending.


      Consipracy theory : the word “girl” was here a loooootttt. It was almost in every song. and yes, if you look closely, you can see what could be a little baby bump. what if she just learned that she’s having a girl. this could explain her extremely good mood tonight.

    3. Rocky says:

      This was my third show since 2005 and this was by far the best one I attended. I wasn’t really expecting much from this tour as I much preferred American Doll Posse but I was blown away last night. Her new songs sounded really good live. There wasn’t any bad song anyway, and Tori had so much energy, and she was smiling a lot throughout the show. She didn’t talk a lot, except before she introduced the band, she said something like Tash ate 5 chocolate bars today, and this place (Montreal) is yummy, and she kept on saying ‘C’est bon, c’est bon to me’ at the beginning of Big Wheel as she felt all the love & energy from the crowd.

      Give: perfect show opener

      Siren: First surprise of the night. I heard it in 2005 (solo) but it was completely different with the band.

      Cornflake Girl: A crowd pleaser. Not tired of this one.

      Little Amsterdam… I wasn’t expecting that one at all. I was mesmerized. I think Montreal is like Little Amsterdam so that song choice was really appropriate.

      Space Dog… Another one I wasn’t expecting. So good to hear it live.

      Flavor: one of my fav from her new album

      Glory of the 80s: Awesome. For some reasons I thought people would be more into this one though.

      Honey & Virginia… Two great songs that go well together

      Welcome to England… I really wanted to hear it but I thought she wouldn’t play it as she did it the night before in Toronto

      Beulah Land & Ophelia… what a lovely Lizard Lounge

      China… They kept the Lizard Lounge sign on till the end of China, although the band was there…

      Mary’s of the Sea… so good with the band, and to my surprise the crowd was really into this Beekeeper song!

      Talula.. amazing… I’d never thought it was so good live as it’s never been one of my favs

      Precious Things… Wow is all I can say. Best performance ever. She got a standing ovation after this one and people stood up until the end of the show. They even did the stage rush after Precious Things!

      Strong Black Vine… By that time, Tori was really happy since people were still up on their feet. That song was simply amazing on the organ & lots of naughty words that the crowd loved… LOL At the end of the performance, she was jumping for joy and I’ve never seen her smiling like that.

      Police Me: I began to like this one last night, and listened to it again on my way home.

      Caught A Lite Sneeze… Probably my favorite Tori song… Really happy to hear it again. By then it was the third song from Pele so I was in heaven. :)

      Big Wheel: Fun way to end the show, and as I said earlier, she kept on saying ‘C’est bon, c’est bon to me’. She left the stage although we all wanted more. ;)

      On a side note, there was a meet & greet but it was pretty short. She didn’t have time to talk to everyone, and she didn’t sign any autograph or took pictures with people. Oh well, she gave her 100% during the show, and even more. I miss you already, girl!

    4. TomSkander says:

      Having just seen the Toronto show, my friend and I couldn’t even imagine what she could do to top it. Well, she played Ophelia. That pretty much did it. It was stunning. Stark and beautiful, the whole auditorium was hanging on her every note.

      Other pleasant surprises tonight were Talula, Little Amsterdam, and Glory of the 80’s. My friend and I had a running list of songs we hoped she would play between the two shows and I think she only missed 1 or 2 from the list. It was almost like she was inside my head lol.

      The energy was amazing. The air was thick with it, even during the slower pieces. This woman knows how to capture and hold an audience.

    5. Susie says:

      I believe this was show #20. A great show but it felt short compared to the previous tours.

      Ophelia was a highlight as it was just so beautifully sung.

      I do need to make a comment that I feel I end up making every tour. Even before the end of the set, before the encore, people rushed the stage at Strong Black Vine. I was sitting 2nd row at the aisle with my mother (who is a tiny 5 foot). She cannot stand for long periods of time and so unfortunately, was bracing herself so that she could still watch the last 4 songs. People were so incredibly rude pushing her around, that finally I had to point out to one young man that she was right behind his 6 foot frame and couldn’t see a thing. He was kind and moved over.

      I appreciate how Tori loves her fans but the whole “rushing the stage” thing for years now has bothered me. It is rude and doesn’t consider maybe someone in the front has an actual disability, and you just ruined the end of their show.

    6. amanda says:

      What a great show. Beulah Land was unexpected and utterly gorgeous. The new arrangements of songs like Space Dog, Talula and Precious Things sounded fresh. Virginia was on my wishlist, so I was happy to hear that one too.

      Tori told us “Tash had 5 pain au chocolat” in Montreal and “mommy had 1… and a half”. I think a lot of the audience missed some of the things she said to us due to her mic not being loud enough to drown out the crowd cheering.

      The energy that built up before and during the encore was great. Haven’t seen that kind of energy on stage and in the crowd at a Tori show in a long time.

      Tori looked great. She danced and wiggled a bit for us during the song intros and looked like she was having a fantastic night. Loved the red leggings and strappy silver heels!

    7. Deanna V. says:

      Awesome crowd, amazing setlist.

      Some highlights of the night:

      Glory Of The 80’s – Extremely tight and fierce. I saw this performed last tour, and it was nowhere near as fantastic as this performance. I actually liked it better than the studio cut, which is rare for me.

      Honey – Seeing it live gave it a whole new dimension for me. Very haunting.

      Virginia – I had never really given this song a second thought until this intense performance. She was really belting out the “sunrise to clockwise” section.

      Beulah Land – I never dreamed I would get to see this gem live in my lifetime! It was just so gorgeous. I don’t know what else to say about how amazing this performance was.

      Ophelia – I was honestly crying. Flawless from start to finish. You could tell she was really feeling this song tonight. It was like it was pouring from her soul. The LL tonight was ridiculously good.

      China – The band really made this song come alive. I am now officially a huge fan of this song. Really just stunning, and the perfect bridge from the Lounge to full band.

      Precious Things – I am absolutely in love with the version they’re playing this tour. Never gets old. The section where they all go quiet for a second and all you can hear is the breathing gives me chills. This was the most intense version I have seen her perform. Standing O!

      Big Wheel – The “C’est Bon” intro was so cute! She was so adorable and you can tell she had a lot of fun performing this.

      All in all, a truly spectacular show. So glad I got to witness it. :)

    8. hypergirl says:

      Woooonderful show!!!! The setlist was sublime and I have been to 6 Tori shows and never seen her more on or more engaged. Siren, Caught a Lite Sneeze, Marys of the Sea and Ophelia were highlights. I have never seen Tori look so happy at a concert either. She really gave it her all and made it an AMAZING show! The crowd was very respectful and into it too, at least near me (front right orchestra). Absolutely looooved it.

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