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    Tori is touring in 2017 to support the release of Native Invader. The European legs runs from early September through early October and the North American leg runs from late October to early December. We do not know if additional dates elsewhere will be added.

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    Native Invader (album, 2017)

    Radio City Music Hall


    Date August 13, 2009
    City New York City, NY
    Venue Radio City Music Hall

    Set List

    Grey fringed dress, black leggings. Thanks to @districtbelle for texting the show tonight and to @_SassyBritches_, @morganajezebel, and @russmarshalek for the tweets.

    • Give
    • Body and Soul
    • Cornflake Girl
    • Icicle
    • Space Dog
    • Flavor
    • Concertina
    • Jamaica Inn
    • Marys Of The Sea
    • Bells For Her

    Lizard Lounge

    • Smells Like Teen Spirit
    • Winter

    (band returns)

    • Lady In Blue
    • Little Earthquakes
    • Talula
    • Precious Things
    • Strong Black Vine


    • Raspberry Swirl
    • Caught A Lite Sneeze
    • Big Wheel


    Give (posted by avafay)

    Body and Soul (posted by hellspawn3000)

    Cornflake Girl (posted by bunik117)

    Icicle (posted by vegandream1)

    Space Dog (posted by Meecus)

    Flavor (posted by avafay)

    Concertina (posted by Meecus)

    Marys of the Sea (posted by Meecus)

    Bells for Her (posted by avafay)

    Smells Like Teen Spirit (posted by Meecus)

    Winter (posted by hellspawn3000)

    Lady in Blue (posted by WANDERMIND)

    Little Earthquakes (posted by hellspawn3000)

    Talula (posted by avafay)

    Precious Things (posted by WANDERMIND)

    Raspberry Swirl (posted by bunik117)

    Caught A Lite Sneeze (posted by bunik117)

    Big Wheel (posted by avafay)

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    1. Robert says:

      This was my 39th show in the past 15 years…

      Voice was amazing…Energy was amazing…

      Rushing the stage is a Tori tradition…

      The first five rows…“VIP section”…but it wasn’t really as it is the same Tori people that are always in the front the past 10 years and longer…other than them, there were plenty of empty seats…I saw a security guard get trampled during the rush. Tori’s people should have alerted Radio City of this tradition…

    2. Timothy says:

      Yay! Great show tonight! Personal faves; Teen Spirit, Talula and Bells ….Yummo!!

    3. JC says:

      Very similar set to Detroit! Great show, lots of energy. I was annoyed at the fat girl singing loudly behind me and blowing on me for some reason…people need NOT drink alcohol at Tori. This was the first mez, center, row c..u know who you are.

      Give was really good tonight, Talula rocked. Best performance of that song I ever saw.

      She was a bit tamer on Strong Black Vine tonight, she mentioned friends were in the audience, maybe that’s why.

      All in all a good show.

    4. Deanna V. says:

      Okay….first thing’s first.

      I know it’s NYC, and maybe I’m just being a stick in the mud, but that had to be the worst crowd ever.

      Maybe it’s because I’m Canadian and am used to really polite, attentive audiences, but I was so distracted by the rude people in attendance that I could hardly focus on Tori.

      It’s clear all anyone at the show cared about was getting drunk. You know when you hear someone say “…as long as it’s alcohol!” before the show’s even begun, you’re doomed.

      You could tell a huge majority of the audience weren’t big fans. Or fans at all, for that matter. People were coming and going whenever they felt like it. I mean, people were casually getting up during Precious Things…Who DOES that?!

      And people, I know you’re excited, but do you have to scream your lungs out for every. single. little. thing? Such as the many awkward bouts of shouting during the most chill-inducing and haunting performance of Smells Like Teen Spirit that has ever been performed? It was like someone snapping and taking you out of a trance. The magic was lost for so many songs (esp. Lizard Lounge) because of the ridiculously rowdy crowd.

      One other complaint, too – it could have just been the RCMH sound system, but to me it seemed like Matt was really not giving it 100%. Compared to Toronto, where he was going insane and giving it his all, it almost seemed like he was sick or something.

      BUT. All that said, this was a fantastic show. Tori was so into it. A very safe setlist, but incredible performances nonetheless.

      Some highlights:

      Flavor – I have seen 3 performances of this as of now, and this was by far the best. Her voice was strong and clear, compared to the other versions where it sounded a litle more weak and mousy.

      Jamaica Inn – Made me love this song so much more seeing it live. Just beautiful.

      Marys Of The Sea – This one blew away the other two times I’ve seen it performed. Her voice during the chorus was so crisp and stunning. I’ve honestly never heard her vocals more flawless. This was an insanely intense, fierce version.

      Smells Like Teen Spirit – I have no words. I could not move while she performed this. I’m not even exaggerating – it was literally perfect. If the stupid audience hadn’t ruined the magic by screaming so much, I would have blatantly sobbed.

      Winter – Seen this one 3 times as well, and this version caused me to tear up the most. I just ignored the stupid audience.

      Little Earthquakes – I had never seen this live before, and it was fantastic. The drumming really wasn’t loud or intense enough, though. :(

      Big Wheel – My favourite performance of this from the 5 I have seen before! Her voice was spot on.

      Anyway, this is getting very long. I hope everyone doesn’t get annoyed with me.

    5. Liz says:

      This show felt very dark to me. It was a very different vibe from 2007. I went with my friend Amanda who’s never heard any Tori Amos songs before.

      Give – The crowd was very excited. “What is this song about?” Amanda asks. “Vampires,” I say.

      Body and Soul – People kept standing up awkwardly then sitting down awkwardly. I liked the cool blue lights during the chorus.

      Cornflake Girl – Jon Evans on guitar is a nice way to spice up a standard. Still rolling the rrrrr after all these years.

      Icicle – Nice ambient weird sounds on the bass. But really, it’s only a band song for about 1/6th of the song.

      Space Dog – “What is this song about?” Amanda asks. I can only shake my head and raise my hands. A definite highlight of the night to get this. I got teary and emotional during the “I’m young again” part. Beautiful blue lights on the backdrop.

      Flavor – Another great highlight. Great purple and red lights. The little whirly sound that comes after the last “flavor” on the chorus was very cool and well done. Great use of ambient sounds on this one. The drumming sounded very tribal.

      Concertina – Cool use of the synthesizer, but besides that, whatever.

      Jamaica Inn – Nice to hear this on piano without the organ. A long rhythmic, jazzy piano improv during the introduction which is repeated in a shorter version between the chorus and verses. I would love to hear the improv again.

      Marys of the Sea – “What is this song about?” my friend Amanda asks. “The DaVinci code,” I say. “It sounds Celtic,” she observes. I thought it was interesting how Tori really fiercely enunciated ‘push” during this song – kind of connected it to “Strong Black Vine.”

      Bells for Her – Lots of use of the deep bass piano keys on this one. Another highlight of the night. So beautiful to hear the little bell sounds on synthesizer. It was great to hear the new arrangement on this one.

      Smells Like Teen Spirit – Weird surprise.

      Winter – Pretty. A standard, what can you do.

      Lady in Blue – Mass Exodus to the bathroom during this one. Don’t know why. I liked how the bass guitar echoed the electric guitar parts during the long rocking jam at the end.

      Little Earthquakes – No difference between this and the 2007 arrangement. At all.

      Talulua – A surprise. The organ was cool. Had a “don’t want to lose her” pre chorus that I think first turned up during 2001 versions (wow, what a lot of useless bootleg information I know). The long drawn out “Jamaica” part made me think “well, I guess what’s why ‘Jamaica Inn’ was in the setlist.”

      Precious Things – I liked the new arrangement between the chorus and the “party dress” bridge. Very rhythmic and punchy. And goodbye to the long “girl’ but I liked it better in its shorter, yelpier form. Amanda asks, “is she pregnant?” Me; “no.” Amanda; “that looks like a baby bump.” Me; “you have hit on one of the biggest controversies in Tori World right now.”

      Strong Black Vine – Push it like a motherfucker, she is my earth mother improv at the end.

      Raspberry Swirl – All the gay boys dancing.

      Caught a Lite Sneeze – Cool green lighting but made it very difficult for me to take pictures (I had successfully avoided the ushers at this point and had rushed the stage and was close enough to get some decent shots and video)

      Big Wheel – Good cheeky way to end the show. Fun clapping at the beginning.

      And that was Tori Amos 2009. Amanda was also impressed somewhat by her ability to play two keyboards and flip her hair. She said the show was ‘crazy’ and her favorite song was the Smells Like Teen Spirit cover.

    6. Michael Lockwood Crouch says:

      AMAZING!!! I last saw Tori back in 2005 and was sadly disappointed. BUT the bitch is BACK NOW! This was my 8th concert and probably my second favorite (Austin 2001 being #1 :)

      She has so much energy. So animated. Her voice was strong and on.

      Give—great opener. better than album. great movement
      Body and Soul— awesome live. playful gestures. great lighting
      Cornflake Girl— as strong as ever
      Icicle— awesome. youtube videos don’t do it justice. the touches with matt and john are subtle but powerful
      Space Dog—spot on
      Flavor— don’t care for this one, so I went to the bathroom. but the double keyboard playing is always impressive
      Concertina—not a big fan, but still really strong live
      Jamaica Inn— Beautiful. Great piano jam at the beginning
      Marys of the Sea— Much better live
      Bells For Her—great piano jams in the beginning and middle

      Smells Like Teen Spirit—holy fucking shit!!!!! I died. I didn’t think i’d ever hear this live. she rocked the shit out of it.
      Winter—another first for me. I cried. extra special

      Lady in Blue—not a big fan, but the ending rocks live
      Little Earthquakes- excellent. this was extra special live
      Talula—reworked. perfect and energetic
      Precious Things— HOT. and the GIRL was different but still passionate and hot
      Strong Black Vine—great. awesome freak out at the end

      Raspberry Swirl—so glad to hear this live. awesome. great tori dancing.
      Caught a Lite Sneeze—excellent piano
      Big Wheel— HOT. I never realized how great the piano part was. tori so playful

      There were all these cute gay NYC tori fans there… how come I don’t know any of you????? I need more Tori friends!!!

    7. The Kitten says:

      I’d like to be the first to say this show was fucking unbelievable!! Having seen Tori many times before, this was, by far, the best show yet! Marys of the Sea stands out as being otherworldly and gorgeously delivered. I had goosebumps all the way through Smells like Teen Spirit and Winter. If only the Lizard Lounge could have lasted longer! She really paced those songs beautifully so you could feel every note.

      Little Earthquakes is such a brilliant, amazing favorite! And she really brought it with Strong Black Vine, especially at the end. God, I hope someone posts that one! Push that evil from you!!

      Jamaica Inn was really beautiful and quite unexpected. And hell, kicking things off with Give, followed by Body and Soul was brilliant. You could sense from the start that this was going to be a high energy, bring the house down, kind of show and it certainly was!

      Bells for Her – BREATHTAKING! Precious Things was insanely good, as usual. Did anyone else see how fucking fast Matt was on drums in that one? It doesn’t seem humanly possible to play drums that quickly and flawlessly. It was stunning!

      And then we have the encore. I know in other shows, she’s only played one or two songs to wrap things up. Aren’t we lucky she went for 3 in NYC! And I don’t think it gets better than those three, together, at the end of an already perfect show! I kept thinking it’d be the last song and she just kept going. Raspberry Swirl was reinvented a bit from the album version, but compelling just the same. Caught a Llite Sneeze has to be one of her greatest songs ever and it was a thrill to hear it tonight. And finally, Big Wheel – ah-MAY-zing!

      What else is there to say? The woman is just pure fucking genius!!

    8. Mike says:

      OMG!! What a show classic Tori with the new stuff and Teen Spirit Wow!! The show was great overall vibe awesome. Security was awful. Tall black guy was a prick trying to escort people back to their seats after Precious Things and Caught a Lite Sneeze. Another security lady yelled at me to get back to my seat and then show was over lol. Overall Tori and band sounded great. Yeah Red Bank!!!

    9. Tom M says:

      Right out of the gate I love Radio City, great venue (tho’ big) and excellent vibe. This is the second time I’ve seen Tori at Radio City.

      I was sitting in the 600 Section, Row C. This is house left just over halfway back.

      Great punch to start the show from Give thru Icicle. The crowd was on their feet for the opening three tunes only sitting as Icicle started.

      Over the next six songs the three that stand out in my mind, at least this morning, were the 1/2 of Flavor and Concertina (especially intense) and Bells. Space Dog also made an impression.

      So on to the Lizard Lounge…after a funny story from Tori about coming to NYC for the first time and, apparently, being told “we don’t need teenage girls who play piano” (or something like that) into Smells Like Teen Spirit. I love her deconstruction of this song…Kurt would approve. Winter was also excellent.

      Lady in Blue felt like a jazz trio at a smokey night club in the 40’s…neat trick at Radio City!

      Little Earthquakes drew a huge response and a great finish of Precious and Strong Black Vine (the crowd back on their feet here).

      The encores, to me, felt especially hyper. Perhaps (once again) due to being up against the Radio City got to be off stage by 11PM thing (same thing at the WAMU shows two years back). Big Wheel was a great finish for the show, tho’ I enjoyed all of the encore tunes.

      Other overall impressions:

      The sound was generally very good (as usual for RC). Loud but not overwhelming. I did not have to wear earplugs and my ears are not ringing this morning (one of the hazards of 30+ years of going to shows).

      The bass and drum mix was muddy from time to time. This is the second time at a Tori show that I have to mention that Matt Chamberlain’s snare drum seemed muted (this may have had something to do with where I was sitting). Curiously his brush work on Lady in Blue was very present, go figure.

      Mr. Evans played various instruments, as usual, and there were a fair amount of loops being used underneath various tunes especially to start them off (appeared to be anyway).

      Tori is, well, Tori. I love the way, and how, they use her voice in the mix and there is nothing like the sound of full concert grand, especially at Radio City. The bottom of the piano had a lot of power, while the top end seemed to dance across the room.

      The use of the other keyboards was excellent as usual. I got a kick out of the roll on of the Hammond for a few tunes at the end (rolled off prior to the encore).

      One thing I’m always amazed at, especially with this trio, is how dense they can sound. The songs on the discs (the last three in particular) are loaded with so many things that you might think they couldn’t do it in the trio format. They can and I think this comes down the sixth sense these three have on stage in terms of pure musicianship.

      The only thing I’m sorry about is that there were not two shows like last time so I could indulge myself one more time at the feet of the muse!

    10. Lara says:

      Overall the show was good. Tori’s pianos were set up further back on the stage than at other shows, which sort of made your seats feel further back than they were. I was do happy with the mix of songs. So many I hadn’t heard yet this tour that I wanted to. I really wanted to hear Concertina. It was still good, but I have to say the slower version brought out for this tour was just a tad too slow. It lacked the drive of the original I love so much.

      She hasn’t really told very many stories at the other shows I’ve been to on the tour, so I was excited when she launched into one at the beginning of Lizard Lounge. She started talking about how she’d had three cupcakes from Cupcake Corral in New Jersey (implying blame the cupcake) and was talking about playing covers and how that everyone was playing them when she was getting her start when her daddy would go with her to the club she played at in DC (presumably Mr. Smith’s in Georgetown). She then did a little snippet from New York, New York before rounding out her story and going into Smells Like Teen Spirit – shocking! I hadn’t heard that one live since September 2003 in Orlando. I remember that performance in 2003 having more of a haunting quality. This one wasn’t quite as chilly, similar to the happier feel a lot of her songs have taken this tour, but was a great one to pull out for Lizard Lounge.

      I was pleasantly surprised by Lady in Blue live. I absolutely can’t stand it on the album. It drones on and on (and onnnnn) but live it definitely took on a new energy and I love the way it builds at the end. Very old fashioned jazzy on the first portion.

      I’d been dying to hear Talula. She began with a generic intro of sorts and I couldn’t place where she was going. I turned to my sister to say “I really want her to play Talula at some point” and bam! There it was. The intro was subtle and soft. She skipped the “he’s chasing tornados” part. It was also a subdued version, but somehow this one didn’t bother me. And after several shows of basically the same encores, it was such a nice surprise to hear Caught a Lite Sneeze. That one never gets old!

      I thought the set list overall was great. My complaint was really with the venue staff. People rushed the stage early, moving down during Precious Things rather than Strong Black Vine. Fine. They let everyone stay in place no problem, until Raspberry Swirl came around at encore time. The venue had an odd set-up, going straight across in the center and then jutting out diagonally to each side on the lip of the stage. That paired with a weird metal corral of sorts after about the 7-8th row made it hard to get up close. As a result, some people began to actually sit on the portion of the stage that protruded. Not a good idea. Soon the workers were all up in the crowd but rather than pulling people back to their seats from the back, they instead started with us in the front. Bad idea. It was mass pandemonium and basically ruined Raspberry Swirl, which was actually one of the better versions I’ve seen live thus far this tour. Here’s to hopin for better workers (and set-up) in NJ!

    11. Psyryn says:

      So, Radio City Music Hall. What a venue. The sound was pretty decent. I was slightly disappointed with almost the identical setlist as the DC show, but it caught some speed once the Lizard Lounge opened…Holy freaking crap…Smells Like Teen Spirit. Never in a million years did I ever expect to hear this song! Wow! All in all, it was a great show…she’s really bringing the energy to the shows! Since I’ve been going to Tori shows for 11 years, I’ve heard Cornflake girl more times then I’d probably want to at this point…but I was surprised by last night’s performance of it. It was crisp and sounded nice from the nose bleed section.

      What’s up with the crowds? Seriously…WTF?!?!?!?! Are we going to have to issue Tori Concert Etiquette Lessons? I saw security break up a fight…a fight. Seriously c’mon. Put down the alcohol and listen to the music. The show is MUCH better when you’re not being pulled away by security because you’re being disruptive. I would really like to believe you are there for the music and not the drinks! I’m really curious as to why there are so many disruptive people coming to these shows. What’s going on with the inappropriate “woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!” in the middle of Winter? Did I miss a meeting or something? I just don’t get it. You’re drawing attention to yourself and you suck!

      I’ve had some ‘issues’ at Tori shows before…but nothing that ever ruined my time…and for that I am HIGHLY thankful. I’ve heard some nightmare stories.

      Onto Philly… where I’m hoping for a different setlist this time!

    12. brian says:

      Lady in Blue was amazing, Icicle was amazing, Little Earthquakes was amazing. Lizard Lounge was amazing, Jamaica Inn was amazing, even Cornflake Girl which I’m bored to tears over, was amazing.

      Concertina was a bit heavy on the drums, Talula was so all over the place it was barely a song, and Raspberry Swirl is pointless without a bassline. Acoustics in Radio City? Surprisingly not that great, at least over to the side where I was.

      I also wish she talked more to the audience. She’s so charming and everyone loves it when she addresses them.

      My BF and I are split about the bespectacled twirl-dancing girl who stood up in the middle of the orchestra and writhed with her arms over her head for half the show, not caring a flip about who was behind her. He thought she was amazing, I thought she should be deeply ashamed. I, of course, am right on this one.

      Overall, good times!

    13. hypergirl says:

      I loooove Tori but the crowd at Radio City was so horrible that I feel like my entire experience was hijacked. From the woman singing next to me (during Winter— loudly and the whole time) to the rude loud man behind us that spoke through most of the show and whistled so loudly our ears hurt, to many other rude people. It’s terrible that people like this come to a Tori concert and that people are allowed to behave this way. I paid a lot of money (including airfare and hotel) to make it to this show and it was very tough to enjoy.

      Tori is always great, but on this night seemed less so. I was surprised she did Body and Soul and Winter and bells for her since she did those all last tour in NYC.

      Highlights: Caught a Lite Sneeze, Marys of the Sea, Icicle. Lady in Blue is much better live than on the album.

      Shame on those rude people though.

    14. Louann says:

      Excellent as always!! The sound quality at Radio City is tops, as are the staff, very polite & helpful, (unlike the uptight pricks @ Jones Beach Theater!). Tori was brilliant! I can not imagine a better performance, very high energy! I am amazed how each song is delivered fresh & new, the message always conveyed. For instance I have heard Winter played live approx 17 times over the years, every single time I feel a wave of emotion & love for my own father! Tori makes me proud to be a loyal fan & continues to be my favorite. My only complaint is the lack of sophistication displayed by those who feel compelled to applaud & or scream when they should be absorbing the magnificent music, they just don’t get it! All we can do is teach by example. Thank you Tori & her excellent staff for an extraordinary evening!

      One more thing, I agree Tori, the cupcakes in the city are the best!!!!

    15. Jason says:

      Ah, Tori… This is my 6th or 7th time seeing her and her charisma, talent, and magic is something to behold. Highlights for me were “Icicle”, “Jamaica, “Bells for Her”, “Teen Spirit”, “Winter” and “Big Wheel”… Her voice did seem a little distressed from a long tour as the sound was better on some songs and worse on others (Raspberry). And she didn’t play anything from SCARLET?!?! Really? SCARLET is hands down my favorite TORI album. Overall, she looked great, sounded good and the show is a treat for any TORI fan.

    16. William says:

      Out of all the Tori shows I’ve been too, this was by far the most varied setlist I have ever experienced. Tori completely overlooked Scarlet’s Walk, which was kind of disappointing to me because I’ve been listening to it the past week. The setlist was very Pink heavy. This is by far the best version of Icicle that Tori has played live. It is far superior than the cd version. No matter how old Cornflake Girl is and how dated it may sound, it is such a crowd pleaser and in some way, gets you amped for the rest of the show. I was hoping for Pandora’s Aquarium, seeing as Tori’s been playing it quite a lot recently but that didn’t happen. The biggest surprise of the night for me was Smells Like Teen Spirit. I have waited years upon years to hear this song live and she finally performed it last night. I wasn’t really feeling Flavor as it definitely is not one of my favorites from the new cd and before I went to the show I even said to my friend that I hope we don’t get Flavor, but unfortunately it made an appearance. I was thrilled to see Marys of the Sea performed. It sounds incredible loud. Lady in Blue was definitely better live than on cd, plus the one thing that made me extremely happy was that it wasn’t an 8 minute version like on the cd. This was also my first show that I’ve ever seen Concertina, Talula and Raspberry Swirl performed. I was overcome with happiness as soon as Tori started singing the little improv about summer before Talula. As soon as i heard the word summer, I knew it was Talula and I couldnt be any more happy. I could’ve dealt without the “motherfucker/cocksucker” thing at the end of Strong Black Vine but whatever, it was still a great performance I know a lot of people don’t like Big Wheel as a closer, but it’s a fun song and I don’t mind it at all. I’m honestly tired of having a serious Tori song as a closer like Hey Jupiter. A lot of people don’t like the new Tori cd, but I think what people don’t understand is that she’s moved on from singing about rape, miscarriages and whatever else that was depressing back in the 1990’s, well at least that’s my opinion. I honestly like the new fun Tori, for once it seems that she is genuinely happy making her music and being more “pop” about it. if this is how Tori will sound from now on, I am definitely on board. Of course, everyone wants a Pele Part 2 or another Choirgirl, but let’s be real, it’s not going to happen. We have to deal with what we have at hand and make the best of it. it’s still the same old Tori and she still gives one hell of a performance. Congrats to Mrs. Amos for performing one of the best shows ever last night.

    17. Maria says:

      I drove from Atlanta to see this show, thanks to my friend Janet, who lives in Westport, CT. I was so looking forward to seeing Tori at Radio City Music Hall, and she did not disappoint. The local fans, however, did. I was amazed at the number of people that couldn’t manage to keep still for a couple of hours. The traffic in the aisles – back and forth and back and forth – was extreme to say the least. I’ve seen Tori more than a dozen times, mostly in Atlanta and other Southern venues, and even Chastain Park in Atlanta (notorious for all the talking during performances) has better mannered guests. I felt sorry for any Tori fan unable to score tickets to the NYC show since there were obviously a number of patrons in attendance that could’ve cared less about the music. I suppose that’s the big city for you.

      She was in amazing voice and good spirits. The female energy was in full force – just take a good look at the set list. My friend had never heard Winter performed live, and she was simply in awe. Of course, she looked beautiful, and Matt and Jon rocked the house. What a treat to see Matt kick it into a full-on frenzy during Raspberry Swirl.

      Tori – you rock! NYC fans, not so much.

    18. Melissa says:

      Well i made to this tori show on crutches and a broken foot, but i made it! The show was great and Tori is well worth it. My only complaint is the setlist could’ve been a little better. i feel gypped out of an encore and some songs from the new cd. I mean it is the Sinful Attraction Tour and all we get is 4 newbies? Well it was still great. The highlight for me was definitely Smells Like Teen Spirit, it was a nice surprise! And i liked hearing songs from the beekeeper w/the band.. nice job guys! and what happened to Dan Phelps?? And this whole new standing and getting up and down ALL through out the show.. Come one people show some respect for the woman and reason we are there for.. the show! See you tomorrow in Philly!

    19. Adrian says:

      This was my 3rd time seeing Tori. The 2 prior times were @ MSG ADP Tour. I think Tori was having great fun. Seemed to be a strong UTP evening (CFG, Icicle, Space Dog, Bells for Her). The Beekeeper songs were nice to hear, especially since their live renditions aren’t the same as the album versions. On “winter”, I wish she wouldn’t take as many pauses as she does throughout the song. Nonetheless, a moving performance.

      I read a comment for another evening in reference to the light effects. There were moments when you couldn’t even see Tori because of the way that the lights were shining. I think that the lighting effects from the ADP tour were 100% than this one.

      Regardless, Tori was great, she sounded great, the venue was great, and I had a great time.

      For me, personal highlights included “Lady in Blue”, “Little Earthquakes”, and “Jamaica Inn”.

    20. Adam says:

      While not the most diverse set list the sound was flawless and so was Tori’s voice. She really does sound like she’s on top of her game, without question. It was my first show this tour and that always is a good one. Every song sounds fresh even Cornflake Girl. lol

      I think the best moment of the night for me was Jamaica Inn. While not her best song, it was a real gem hidden in between two power house songs.

      Also – Talula! I haven’t heard this since 2001 and it was solo. Hearing this all decked out with the band live was a total treat.

      The encore could have lost Big Wheel (and been replaced with something like oh – Welcome to England), but other then that I was entirely contented with the evening. Now on to Boston! :)

    21. _SassyBritches_ says:

      I can’t add anything more about the show than what’s already been said except for the fact that I’ve waited years to hear Marys of the Sea (it wasn’t in any of the sets of the five shows from the Beekeeper tour) and finally got an amazing performance of it in NY.

      Other than that, I have to say it’s disappointing to read so many reviews from people who just seem jaded…like they’ve gone to so many Tori Amos shows that they now nitpick things that were wrong, including fans who are there supporting an artist. I mean, really…you’re complaining about cheering? at a concert? get over yourself, geesh.

      i had a great time, as always. love tori and i’ve been going to her shows ever since watching her at the Keswick Theatre in Glenside, PA for Little Earthquakes. And, yes, I cheer during the shows. ;)

    22. Kristen says:

      No, I’m not going to complain about cheering. I love cheering. Yelling even! I yell and cheer. I’m psyched about the show! Tori’s on fire! I agree! But I only scream uncontrollably at the beginnings and endings of the songs, instead of in the middle. I don’t mind keeping it to a lip sync, instead of singing as loud as I please. Most of us know the words, but have paid to hear Tori sing them live. She usually times her musical phrases differently than she did in the studio, so attempting to sing along will leave acoustically reverberant areas, like an auditorium mezzanine, for example, buzzing with stuttered drunken sibilants. I even drink at shows, by the way, and have never had an usher ask me once, let alone twice, to calm down and allow those around me to enjoy the show. And that’s exactly what the people seated near me failed to understand. If your enjoyment of the show is preventing other people from enjoying it, maybe you are the one who needs to “get over yourself.”

    23. Eleanor says:

      Cheering to show appreciation is one thing, but really, it’s amazingly rude to scream so loudly at a Tori show that the people around you can’t hear the music. It’s not like it’s a freakin’ Metallica show, where everything is so loud it doesn’t matter what anyone screams or sings or if they’re out of tune – it’s Tori and the music is meant to be heard (and is nowhere near loud enough to drown out anyone in the audience who sings above a murmur).

      If I sound angry, it’s because this one group of people sitting near us were just awful, talking and singing (badly and drunkenly) in overly loud voices through the whole concert, and despite several polite requests from many people around them, got louder and more obnoxious and drunker until bingo! They got into a fight and security had to take them out – but not before their total rudeness had kept lots of us from even hearing half of what was coming off the stage. That’s not “enjoying a concert,” or whatever – it’s just rude. I mean, there’s no mosh pit at a Tori concert, kids.

      It was all the more disappointing because that may have been the best performance I’ve seen her give in the 18 years I’ve been going to see her play. I’m so grateful to those of you who recorded the show and posted here – it’s given me a chance to listen to at least part of what I missed out on.

      In other words, I’m not jaded, SassyBritches – I’m offended that an otherwise fantastic show was interrupted throughout by some very thoughtless, selfish people.

    24. Melissa says:

      Tori’s voice was flawless. I would have loved to hear Cooling, Gold Dust or 1000 Oceans. But overall, I thought the setlist was good. We all have our own “Perfect Tori Setlist” that we will never hear at one show!

      Her energy was awesome, especially considering the disruptive crowd. This crowd was horrendous as far as leaving their seats – I too could not understand why people were leaving the theatre in droves – b/c they needed a drink so bad??? Truly ridiculous. I was in the rear orchestra and there were times when like 50-100 people were leaving. Nuts!

      The other thing that bothered my was that the big screens weren’t on. I was in the rear orchestra and would have loved to see close-ups of her performance. I couldn’t understand why these weren’t on. Does anybody know if this is a request from Tori or maybe some kind of technical difficulty???

      This was my 6th show and I thought it was absolutely beautiful. She is and always will be an amazing artist to see perform live.

    25. Jennifer says:

      HELLO! This show was RIDONKULOUSLY amazing. I, like many others, have seen Tori live a million times and I kinda wondered how she could top herself after releasing so many live tracks with the Legs & Boots collection. But, she did. HOLY COW. I was in the first row of the regular seats before the pit and was absolutely FLOORED. It seemed like every song that came out was such a treat — straight from the vintage archives. And even those that we’ve heard a million times were performed in such a new unique way that made it special. She truly knows how to step it up and out-do herself — and knows how to give audiences a reason to keep coming out.

      ICICLE: People were truly moved by this one in my section. So ethereal and wonderful. John Evans’ cello was the perfect addition.

      JAMAICA INN & MARYS OF THE SEA: Before the show, my friend and I discussed songs we’d love to hear done live and I picked these two songs — but thought it would never happen. Obviously, when these two started, I freaked out. Marys of the Sea was strong, driving and totally filled that huge theater space. She killed it. Jamaica was just lovely. Pure beauty.

      PRECIOUS THINGS: We’ve all heard this song at every Tori show, but NOT LIKE THIS. When it started, I was expecting the usual, but no. She was possessed. My friend and I looked at each other in utter disbelief. Tori’s talent was stunning on this one, as if her hands were compelled by some other-worldly force. She attacked the piano, and she and Matt really played off each other.

      STRONG BLACK VINE: A-maz-ing. Again, she was possessed. The improv rant at the end – wow. She got us all amped up on this one.

      This was one of the most fun Tori concerts I’ve ever been too. It had a totally fun concert vibe, compared to the last go-around. I loved the ADP concept, but it’s always good to just have pure Tori. Two full hours of full-throttle Tori is all you need. People were really out of their seats, dancing, singing and getting into it. The high-energy show had us truly buzzing when we left. What an amazing musical experience.

      Like other people said here, yes, there are always annoying people in the audience. We had a bad row behind us who just didn’t get it, but that’s life. Can’t let it ruin your experience. And the rushing of the stage got a little crazy. Some kids started jumping rows and climbing/landing on people with no remorse or respect for their fellow man. I’m all for the tradition, but it’s better to use the aisles and not pounce on people. No need for injuries.

      Anyway, it was a great positive night and the show was incredible. I feel so lucky to have been there. Thank you Tori for another inspirational album and thrilling show!

    26. Angela says:

      Agree with pretty much everyone that has written, Tori was amazing but the crowd was obnoxious! Whoever was in like the second row of the VIP section that was dancing like a stripper on ecstasy that didn’t seem to even like Tori needs to be hurt. And then what’s with security not doing ANYTHING about people rushing the stage for the first few songs since people wouldn’t sit down (ruining the show for the people sitting down near the stage) and then they decide to pitch a fit about rushing the stage at the encore when it’s normally allowed? It seriously ruined about 1/3 of the show for me, not being able to see tori in the first 3-4 songs and then security busting everyones balls for the last 3 songs!
      Off of my rant now, other than those issues, it was well worth traveling from florida to NY for this performance. I have always wanted to see Tori at this venue and it was quite an experience! I absolutely LOVED icicle as always. Mary’s of the sea is another favorite of mine and smells like teen spirit. I can’t even express how excited I was to hear talula and raspberry swirl. After seeing Tori over 15 times, those were two songs I hadn’t heard live yet.I’ve
      really been wanting to hear curtain call but I guess it wasn’t in the cards. Hope there’s another US leg of the tour!

    27. JC says:

      Great show with the perfect set list… Tori never disappoints at Radio City. As far as the complaints about the crowd are concerned… it’s NYC, folks. If you can’t take the heat, then get out of Hell’s Kitchen. Aside from the drinking (I think the hundreds of illuminated swizzle sticks were a nice addition to the venue), I can’t tell you how many times a wave of pot smoke bellowed over me. It’s just part of the concert experience.

    28. Elizabeth says:

      Thank you to Tori and the band for putting on yet another stellar show. It was fun and beautiful, all in one.

      I’ve always had a lot of love for Little Earthquakes and Under the Pink, so I was very happy to hear many songs from those albums come out.

      Each instrument, including Tori’s voice was incredibly moving. It was a special night.

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