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    Tour Status

    Tori is touring in 2017 to support the release of Native Invader. The European legs runs from early September through early October and the North American leg runs from late October to early December. We do not know if additional dates elsewhere will be added.

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    Current Release

    Native Invader (album, 2017)

    Tower Theater


    Date August 15, 2009
    City Philadelphia, PA
    Venue Tower Theater

    Set List

    Gold leggings tonight. Thanks to @chris02569, @thenry619, @jenflip6 for tweeting the setlist (and the random assortment of other tweeple at the show who popped in and out with tidbits).

    • Give
    • Bouncing Off Clouds
    • Cornflake Girl
    • Starling
    • Hotel
    • Black Dove (January)
    • Welcome To England
    • Northern Lad
    • Cars and Guitars
    • Your Cloud

    Lizard Lounge

    • Flying Dutchman
    • Cloud On My Tongue

    (band returns)

    • China
    • Carbon
    • Police Me
    • Past The Mission
    • Precious Things
    • Strong Black Vine


    • Caught A Lite Sneeze
    • Big Wheel


    Cornflake Girl (posed by KerryLee74)

    Welcome to England (posted by wbarreguy)

    Flying Dutchman (posted by wbarreguy)

    Police Me (posted by willowlux)

    Precious Things (posed by KerryLee74)

    Caught A Lite Sneeze (posed by brittea)


    1. Shannon says:

      This had to be one of my best Tori concerts ever (the only thing that would have made it better would be seats closer to the front). I wasn’t sure how Tori would be since it was the end of the tour and she did a show for WXPN earlier in the day but was I in for a surprise. She totally rocked. Her voice was strong. She was dancing, really encouraging the audience to get involved and she seemed to be having a great time. I liked the setlist-a good mix from her entire library. There were some songs I’ve heard plenty of times in concert but they had an extra punch tonight. During Precious Things, I found myself watching her hands on that piano and being in total awe of her talent. Strong Black Vine was on fire. I think I spent alot of the night with my jaw on the floor because it was such an energetic show.

    2. Chad says:

      I’ve been seeing Tori live since 1996, and I can honestly say, I’ve never seen T any better than I have on this tour. I had a great seat for the Philly show, and was lucky to take in warm, intense waves of energy from Tori at such a close distance. Strong Black Vine and its improv are what’s anchoring these 09 shows, and I enjoyed every mind-melting moment of it tonight

      Police Me was better than expected. Lots of punch, sass, and drama.

      Even the standards and staples seem fresh. Especially Precious Things.

      Excuse me while I go try and sell a kidney (or two!) European and Austrailian tour dates are calling my name.

    3. Luke says:

      I am completely surprised. I’m a total dork, and I follow the setlists here and watch the youtube clips, etc. I was not expecting to be blown away. This concert was absolutely incredible. The setlist was so smart (covered a variety of albums, featured a theme of communication problems mixed with imagery of flight, birds, clouds…Very smart, Tori).

      I was expecting a tired Tori who’d played three shows in a row and did an afternoon concert and thought we’d just get a boring or safe show. I knew Tori could sing, I knew she could play the piano amazingly well and I knew that Matt and Jon were talented, but this took it to a whole new level for me. Even as obsessed and familiar as I am with what Tori does, this blew me away and I was completely in awe of all three of them. She channels such warmth, love, intelligence, playfulness and passion all while entertaining and performing at an incredibly high level.

      Since The Beekeeper, I’ve really started to feel embarassed that I’m a fan and even with some songs on the new record, but this show changed all that. Thank you, Tori. Also, having had a major fight with my boyfriend the night before only to have Tori do a show completely about arguing, communication breakdowns, reaching out to those you love…I was so unexpectedly moved. Now if we can go back in time and completely erase how boring she was and how bad her voice sounded on the Beekeeper tour…this is not the same woman. She’s truly—to use her idea—aging like a beautiful wine.

    4. Psyryn says:

      This was an absolutely amazing show. I took my boyfriend to see her and was very nervous to see how he would react, having never listened to Tori himself. We had the same strong opinion about her show, that the sound for the keyboards and organ needs to be much louder. We wanna hear her rock out on those! Other then that, the show was simply amazing. He loved it and I loved it. I was really really hoping for Siren, but got a few newbies instead…a different setlist is exactly what I asked for, and I got it. Of the three shows I’ve seen this tour, this was certainly the best. The energy at all of the shows was just astounding!

      The crowd was well behaved, thankfully.

      I bid adieu to the 2009 Tori tour season… unless I am able to start selling somethings to fund my European Tour…we’ll see.

    5. hypergirl says:

      This concert was the experience of a lifetime for me and my daughter. We drove 8 hours to get there and it was more than worth it. The concert itself, the third I have seen on this tour, was by far the strongest with the most wonderful set list. Highlights were: hotel, starling, black dove (January), your cloud, flying dutchman and a rendition of cloud on my tongue that was so beautiful I was holding back tears. My daughter LOVED past the mission too, which was a terrific treat. From Precious things on also rocked! On a personal note, we had a wonderful Tori experience. We had third row center seats (the best I’ve ever had) and my daughter, who is Tash’s age, desperately wanted to do the stage rush. I have said no in the past (out of fear she’d be trampled) but this time I saw an opportunity and took it. We made it to the front. My daughter was right in front of Tori, leaning on the stage (MANY THANKS to the woman in the green top who made room for my daughter to lean on the stage). I stood behind my daughter to protect her from the crowd (it happened to be a massive stage rush). Tori looked at my daughter and smiled at her many times during the last 4 songs. She also toned down the end of Strong Black Vine compared to the other shows I saw which I think was because she was looking at my daughter. At the end of Big Wheel, after her bow, she came over to my daughter who had her arms outstretched and grabbed and squeezed both of her arms and very sweetly said “hey baby.” My daughter turned to me and said “I will never forget this.” Thank you Tori! Thank you for a wonderful show and for being so wonderful to my daughter who for years has had a poster of you over her bed. We love you!!!!!

    6. Deanna V. says:

      This was my last show of the tour, and it was absolutely fantastic! I had amazing 5th row seats, so that may have contributed! :) It is tied with Red Bank as my favourite of the six I saw.

      Some highlights/thoughts:

      Bouncing Off Clouds – For some reason, I found this verson 3000 times better than the one from ’07. This was actually one of my favourites of the night! Very haunting and lush. The “I know this love should be easy” intro/improv was beautiful.

      Starling – I was in shock! I never thought I’d actually get to see my favourite AATS song live after 5 shows where it didn’t appear. I absolutely love the citar keyboard setting. I also love how it is completely different from the album version and is its own seperate entity when played live. This was just stunning.

      Hotel – Awesome to hear this again! One of my top 5 fave T songs ever, and it never gets old seeing it live. The ending was gorgeous.

      Black-Dove (January) – I couldn’t believe I finally got to see this live! This song has a lot of meaning to me. It was both delicate and fierce. I was in awe. She really belted out the “Texas” sections, and I genuinly had chills.

      Northern Lad – My friend and I were in tears. One of my favourite performances of the entire tour. This was never one of my top favourite songs until this awe-inspiring performane.

      Cars And Guitars – WOW! I love this song, but I still can’t get over just how good it was live. Much more intense and rocked-out than the album version.

      Your Cloud – I never gave this song much attention before. Hearing it live has completely transformed the song for me, though (just like China live). It really is beautiful!

      Flying Dutchman – Such an unexpected surprise. It was so inspiring and beautiful. I don’t even know what else to say – stunning!

      Cloud On My Tongue – One of my favourite songs ever. She didn’t drag it out at all, like I thought she might. It was absolutely gorgeous and a huge highlight of the night. So glad I got to see this gem.

      Police Me – So much better than the version I saw in Montreal. I love this song, and this performance was kick-ass!

      Past The Mission – A very unexpected twist! A really quiet and laid-back (in good way) version. Beautiful.

      Strong Black Vine – While the end freakout wasn’t the most intense and full of expletives that I’ve seen, it was definitely the most solid and well-performed. My favourite of the six shows I saw!

      Overall, just an awesome concert with a really fantastic setlist. My only complaint is that there was no Venus! But this was fantastic way to end my mini tour. See you in 2 years, Tori (hopefully)!

    7. kln444 says:

      Awsome show……Tori looked great, the sound was perfect, and the song selection….always a pleasant surprise. Overall, A+

      The opening band, One Eskimo was quite impressive.

    8. Meg says:

      What an incredible night! Everything Tori does is amazing! I have been a huge fan since I was sixteen and saw her for the first time on VH1 Behind the Music and I was sold for life. This was only my second concert ever and she did not disappoint! The only thing I would change would be that she would talk more! But then again I can’t complain because then she would have to cut out some songs and I wouldn’t have missed any of them for anything. I had been watching the setlists from the beginning of this tour and was trying to figure out what she would play. I was sure that she was going to skip Strong Black Vine because her parents were there, but boy what a surprise. Amazing! I am so tempted to fly to Europe just to see Tori! What a wonderful tour! Hoping she come back this way again soon. Thanks Tori!

    9. Renee says:

      This was right up there with the Sneak Preview show I saw her at in 1998 in a small Detroit venue where it felt like the entire crowd was dancing. I too wish I had been closer, but I was completely transfixed the whole time. I loved Strong Black Vine and I was so happy she did Caught a Lite Sneeze, Cornflake Girl, and Precious Things. I felt like she was singing directly to me—she had such an amazing connection with the audience. I wish I could see her in Europe—I think she might be even more free in her performance there.

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