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    Tori is touring in 2017 to support the release of Native Invader. The European legs runs from early September through early October and the North American leg runs from late October to early December. We do not know if additional dates elsewhere will be added.

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    Native Invader (album, 2017)

    Bank of America Pavilion


    Date August 17, 2009
    City Boston, MA
    Venue Bank of America Pavilion

    Set List

    White dress, blue-silver leggings. Santa did the encore. Many thanks to @districtbelle and @AnabelaV for sending the setlist to us.

    • Give
    • Big Wheel
    • Cornflake Girl
    • Bells For Her
    • Space Dog
    • Flavor
    • Hotel
    • Tear In Your Hand
    • Welcome To England
    • Jamaica Inn

    Lizard Lounge

    • Silent All These Years
    • “You Know I’ve Gotta Go” improv/Cool On Your Island

    (band returns)

    • Lady In Blue
    • The Power Of Orange Knickers
    • Talula
    • Digital Ghost
    • Precious Things
    • Strong Black Vine

    Encore (as Santa)

    • Raspberry Swirl
    • She’s Your Cocaine
    • Body And Soul


    Give (posted by Paolitta27)

    Cornflake Girl (posted by nicktoriee)

    Flavor (posted by Paolitta27)

    Silent All These Years (posted by LizinBoston1)

    You Know I Have To Go improv/Cool On Your Island

    Talula (posted by sinaojeda)

    Precious Things (posted by nicktoriee)

    Santa’s Entrance (posted by nicktoriee)

    Raspberry Swirl (posted by toriphorums)

    She’s Your Cocaine (posted by pelerugrat)

    Body and Soul (posted by toriphorums)


    1. Josh says:

      I recently got back to the hotel from the boston tori show. tori rocked boston she really did. the show was phenominal. out of the shows I attended for this tour, new jersey, and boston are the best.

    2. liz says:

      Tonights show was energetic and tori seemed in a great mood from the beginning! Cool on your island is always a wonderfully emotional journey and jamacia inn was another one where tori really poured her heart out. note to everyone out there though taking a million pictures while holding your camera above everyones head is really distracting and annoying for those trying to watch. The guy next to me was watching tori music videos on his I phone !!! What??!! You’ve got the real thing in front of you! Live in the moment people — sometimes the best moment lives in your mind not on a camera. Food for thought.

    3. John says:

      WOW, this was my 9th Tori show and by far this one was my favorite. She was totally loving Boston tonight! You could tell the crowd was loving her and she was loving the crowd right back. Raspberry Swirl was amazing, and Precious Things was played in the most original way I’ve heard yet. Talula was an awesome surprise…I’m still riding my wave of euphoria from the show. Met some really fun people and caught up with old friends, can’t wait till she comes to Boston again!

    4. mitchell says:

      This was my first Tori concert…and I spent half the time with my jaw hung open in amazement, the other half crying because I was so happy. I also got to meet her and could barely speak because I was a mess of tears. LOL.

      The set opened beautifully with Give and proceeded onward fabulously. Bells for Her was simply divine (best version I’ve heard EVER, in my opinion) and I was happy to see Flavor and Hotel make an appearance.

      I spent all of the Lizard Lounge in tears. Silent All These Years is the song that saved me from suicide years ago and I honestly didn’t expect it to show. The improv was really sweet and touching and Cool on Your Island was positively marvelous.

      She REALLY rocked it with Lady in Blue and Precious Things…she really got into it. Santa was a welcome surprise and did a fantastic job.

      Overall, it was clear that Tori was having a really good time. The experience is so different being in the actual theater than just hearing it on your iPod. It’s truly a concert I will never forget.

    5. Colin says:

      I just got home from tonight show. I haven’t sweat that much in SO long!!! It was HAWT tonight!!! And the setlist made it even hotter!!!!

      Give: Everyone stood and she fed off that energy.

      Big Wheel: What fun as the second song! People still stood.

      Cornflake: Still standing!

      Bells For Her: Not like she did it in 2007. I liked it this way better. It was shorter without the long intro.

      Space Dog: The lights started getting really cool! blue lights and stuff. I was surprised there was no improv before it.

      Flavor: Interesting.

      Hotel: Things started to get funky!!

      Tear In Your Hand: I was soooo stoked she played this tonight!!!!!!!! I was expecting Lizard Lounge next BUT

      Welcome To England: I LOVED the intro! She had a blast doing this one. During the last “Welcome to England” line she said “New England.”

      Jamaica Inn: I was phsyched for Bee Keeper on this hot night.

      Silent all These Years: was amazing to see live! she really slowed it down and did the Tori thing to it.
      The improv was great. It went along with what she had said after Big Wheel about how she was SO excited to find out that the NA tour was ending in Boston. I was expecting an Aerosmith song next but she cooled us all down with

      Cool On Your Island: Loved it. What a highlight!!!
      Okay… back to bussiness.

      Lady In Blue. This is the song that convinced me to bu tickets for this tour. It was so worth it! I wish they jammed more at the end but it was awesome as it was!!!

      The Power Of Orange Knickers!!! Its one of those songs that just makes you laugh when you hear it. It was kinda shocked it came out to play in Boston but man… she really bangs the hell outta that song!

      Talula!!!! By this point I didn’t think anything could get better. The song just went on and on and it sounded so different than you’ve ever heard it!!!

      D Ghost: was loud and intense.

      Precious Things: Mmmmmm. Lets talk about that crazy lighting!!! I liked that it was more tame than it was in 2007. And the screens that the pavillion has came in AWESOMELY handy to watch her hunched over the keys with her face right above her hands, pounding.

      Strong Black Vine: Electric Organ was great!!! M.F. this and M.F. that. Man… I wish I could see that performance again!!! Her hands were just EVERYWHERE tonight!

      Then she waved and practically skipped off the stage. The wait in between set and encore seemed really long to me. The boys came out and started jamming on what was instantly

      Raspberry Swirl: People had been up since Precious Things and no one sat down until they got to thier cars.
      The intro was so great but I wanted Tori to come back out.
      All of a sudden, bleached blonde Santa in her white flapper style dress comes dancing out on stage with a huge martini glass full of ? and splashed it all over the people in the entire front row as she danced down the length of the stage. She then hopped up to her keyboard and did her thang.

      She’s Your Cocaine was next. I don’t even have to say anything. You all know. Incredible.

      I was wondering if the show was gonna end there but she kept on dancing and

      Body and Soul started. What a HOT song to end the entire NA tour with!!!! OMG!!!! Santa was in her Santa GLORY and after the song, blew kissed and snuck off stage.

      Weird road work on the way home but for it being just my second Tori show – I feel fulfilled, to say the least!!!

      ps: i’m sure this post is FULL of errors and I apologize.

    6. Lisa says:

      Very good show, but very odd. I was hoping for the debut of AATS, so that was a slight disappointment. None of my favorite favorite favorite songs got played, but the performances of all the songs were great.

      I was also hoping for some more musical surpries, rarities or debuts, but I am happy with what we got. Tori seemed to be enjoying herself immensely with every song. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen her that enthusiastic in person.

      The Santa thing threw me, but since it was (so far) a one time thing, it was enjoyable. And she really rocked the encores… probably the best part of the show.

    7. Ryan says:

      I was apprehensive about the show tonight since the last few times I’ve seen Tori she’s been too mechanical. Most people post the same review “I’ve seen Tori 100 times but tonight was the BEST EVER blah blah blah…”

      My two cents: If her Seattle performance during the Doll Posse tour was every bit as abysmal as I thought… this show canceled it out by being the complete opposite. She was stunning in every way and most notably in her energy and her vocal energy.

      I was slightly disappointed that she didn’t do longer piano riffs and improvs but she crammed in a lot of songs to make the PERFECT set list. She didn’t play much from the new album which I think attributed to tonight’s success.

      The crowd – was thin at best, especially for it being the last stop in the U.S. The entire back section was empty…the Pavilion is a great venue but it’s slightly a pain to get in and out of and it’s a bit too… wide. I could barely see the drums from my angle.

      The crowd was good – until everyone decided they had to pee every three minutes. This is the problem when beer is allowed in the house. I’d be in the zone, sitting there and then.. “oops, sorry, oops, excuse me….oh can I get by ..uff!” – And it was happening in almost every row!!

      I literally bumped into Tori’s Husband and he apologized to me and as much as my inner 15 year old wanted to gush or chit chat…fortunately I maintained composure and thus, dignity. “Oh you’re fine.”

      Really, how else to manage..?

      Give – Not the best opener in general but whatevs.

      Big Wheel – So soon? Okay. Sure…!

      Cornflake Girl – I’m so sick of this being in every show on every tour (so it seems) but if nothing else, you have to admit the piano solo is a crowd pleaser.

      Bells For Her – Didn’t pay much attention. I’ve heard it live so much. It was beautiful but I just felt non-responsive.

      Space Dog – A fav of mine, it was “fine.” Not bad. Not super amazing…but I’ll take a classic any day over something like ‘Ribbons Undone’ or ‘Police Me’ – Those songs are enough to make me walk out.

      Flavor – Love!!!

      Hotel – I’m used to her screwing it up so I found myself waiting for it… but the mistake never came… flawless.

      Tear In Your Hand – Of course it’ll pop up at the last show! C’mon. Who doubted?

      Welcome To England – It’s fine. Not a fav but not horrid.

      Jamaica Inn – Never in the mood for this song so when it started I kinda groaned a bit but then it just seemed far prettier than on the album and thus, I loved it.

      – - Silent All These Years – It’s the national anthem of Tori fans when you think about it. You can’t help but remember the first time you heard it. love it.

      Improv/Cool On Your Island – Oh Tori, this is why we love you…I associate the song with failure actually. The album it hails from was dubbed as much and now here she is all glam’d out playing it with conviction 20 years later…you go girl.

      Lady In Blue – Snooze…Perfect. Just not into the song.

      The Power Of… – YESSSS!!!! It was a very clear, concise performance of the song.

      Talula – Heard it at sound check so it didn’t surprise but it also was a very accurate pitch-perfect rendering. She was very much ‘on’ it here.

      Precious Things – Who doesn’t love this song. It’s the audience members that lose their minds during it I’ll never understand. I usually watch them instead of Tori at this point…The lighting for the actual song was far better than it was during ADP now that I think about it.

      Strong Black Vine – Didn’t think I’d dig it anymore than I did on the album but was surprised to like it much more! It’s one of those “it’s better live’ moments.

      Raspberry – I never found this song to hit the spot like it did back on the 98’ tour… and tonight it finally did in my opinion. She did a FANTASTIC vocal improv towards the end that you just didn’t want to end.

      She’s Your Cocaine – Santa was a surprise… kinda..odd. But enjoyable!! It was great to see her out and about again!

      Body & Soul – Maybe it was the song, maybe it was the hottie in the cast (yes Mr. Row V-5ish, you) but it exudes the sensuality Tori often speaks of and therefore was the cherry on top this show needed. Such a fun time indeed…

      I think it was a great evening had by all – It would have been nice had the girl on the other side of me not chew her gum like a goddamn cow, or the guy two rows in front taken a sedative because he was absolutely out of his mind ridiculous-hyper (aka: I felt embarrassed for him) – There’s always gonna be those d-bags that come to the show and decide they’ll either harmonize with Tori, or never sit down and “hand-dance” through the songs, or my fav – text/twitter the whole time (rude!) – But I find if you purposefully avoid the first 5-8 rows or so… you can avoid this people and that mind-boggling behavior.

      I promise you, if you make the choice to act like an adult at these shows, you WILL still have a fantastic night. I sure did, but wish more people would just give it a TRY. At least once!

    8. Shawn says:

      Having been to around ten Tori shows of varying quality, I was a little skeptical about tonight’s performance. Tori was pretty solid and gained momentum through the setlist with a pretty explosive finish. The crowd, however, was probably the most obnoxious crowd I’d seen at a Tori show. Perhaps it was just the fact I was surrounded by people that either sang/talked/screamed loudly throughout the show, but it seemed that any time Tori made a gesture or put a dramatic pause in a touching song or belted a note, the entire crowd roared into applause with a few screams and it seemed to diminish some of the experience.

      With that aside, the set list opened with a few back to back crowd pleasers and I was worried that the rest of the set list would be plagued with less unique material. However, as it elapsed, I was consistently surprised with some song choices, particularly Space Dog, Hotel, Talula, Digital Ghost and She’s Your Cocaine, which was phenomenal. While her energy seemed a little subdued for the first half of the set, everything after the Lizard Lounge packed impeccable gusto, resulting in a very solid overall show.

      The introduction to Raspberry Swirl was incredibly long and I was thinking she was changing into something more weather appropriate, as the entire venue was horrifically hot and humid. Little did I know she was changing into Santa. I had a bit of a smile and a chuckle when she came out, but it was the icing on the cake… a really great surprise to end the US leg of the tour with.

    9. Jen says:

      All I have to say is WOW!!! The show was awesome right from the beginning. Tori is so amazing, and her voice is even more beautiful seeing her live! basically just more WOW! This is only my second time seeing Tori play and she simply amazes me! The last time I saw her was on the Scarlet’s Walk tour and she was great then,,, but even better now!! So glad she ended the tour here in Boston!

    10. Elizabeth says:

      I also saw the NY show and this was definitely the better of the two, though they were both good! Pretty cool that a doll came out, though another other than Santa would’ve been good. The Lizard Lounge was wonderful, really moving versions of SATY and COYI with improv in between. Tori wore a long-sleeved blue/gray dress with silver leggings, but it was sweltering out!

    11. Corey says:

      What a great experience for my first Tori show. I thought it was a great mix of newer and older songs. I had a few in mind that I wanted to hear before the show started and she played almost all of them! One of the best parts was that my wife (who isn’t really a Tori fan) loved the show. I heard “Wow!” and “What a great tune!” a bunch of times from her and that was awesome. The best comment of the night though had to be “She don’t stop moving does she?” No, and she didn’t last night. The sound was great. She really played to the audience. And for the encore? People just lost their minds when Santa came out!
      I’ve been to alot of shows in my time, some good, some not so good, this one ranks right up there with the best I’ve ever been to. What a great group of fans. Tori comes back to Boston again, I’m so there.

    12. Andrew says:

      Santa was rippin’ awesome. The encore was only topped by back to back rockin’ versions of Big Wheel and Cornflake Girl. Tori came out with high energy and ended the show on the same vibe.

    13. Timothy says:

      This was my 35th Tori concert, my third in Boston and my second at the Pavillion. Boston has always been a bit special for me – it was here where I spent some time chatting with Tori at the ’05 Meet and Greet. I had met her before, but the M&G in ’05 was quiet, intimate and a bit more personal. My last Boston show was captured on the Original Bootlegs – what a great way to remember the show! So, I’m not surprised to report that I had another great Boston experience. The show was brilliant!! A great way to end the NA tour and MY East Coast tour starting in DC. Thanks Tori!!!!

    14. Bea says:

      Last night’s show was amazing. Tori’s voice was full force last night. She didn’t seem to mind having a beautiful voice and singing (rather than posturing or vocalizing like last tour still great shows then too!)
      The band was on fire and seemed really into it as well which was nice because all of the songs were seamless! I loved Jon’s various basses!
      Jamaica Inn was powerful and intense. Talula surprised me in a great way. Strong Black Vine was better than I expected. I hadn’t loved the song on the CD, but Tori’s worked her magic on me and I will hear this song in a new way from now on.
      The crowd was not as nutty as I anticipated (thank heavens). But I did sit center stage nearer the back which may have helped me stay away from the most insane of the crowd. (Watching music videos while at a Tori show. Idiot!)

    15. happy-but-mad says:

      The show was amazing. It felt like Tori really had a connection with the audience. It was a great set list, with highlights for me being Give, a great Cornflake Girl, a thought-provoking Flavor, Tear In Your Hand, Lady In Blue (got really intense towards the end), Talula (my favourite of the night), and all of the encore. Santa was a huge surprise, and I think it showed that she was loving the crowd and wanted to do something special.

      I noticed that a lot of people have complained about obnoxious audience behaviour at many of the previous concerts. But I thought the Boston crowd was, for the most part, surprisingly well-behaved. We were seated in the row right behind the VIP boxes (WTF was up with VIP boxes?! I thought that was so fascist!), and from what I could tell, almost everyone was having a great time while also being considerate…

      … all except for one evil woman sitting right in front of me (in the VIP box, no less), who ruined the entire night for us. She continuously was talking loudly to her boyfriend/husband (not 20 seconds ever went by without her talking), surfing the web on her iphone, constantly blocking my view by putting her arms up to mess with her hair, dramatically shifting her weight, more talking/yelling, more iphone, more hair-messing with her arms up… during Jamaica Inn, we finally (after gathering the strength) asked her if she could please be more quiet. She turned around and said “No, I will not”. We said that it was distracting to us, and she said, smirking, “too bad!”.

      And that was just the beginning. She kept turning to us, looking us in the face, and glaring. She would then sarcastically stand up and “Shhhhh” everyone in our direction several times, mocking our desire for her to be quiet. The worst was during Talula, which I (along with everyone else) was really getting into and enjoying (even despite that horrible woman). But all of a sudden, in the middle of the song she stood up, turned around, gestured to our entire area, and shouted: “Everyone here is boring! You are all so boring!” presumably because we were seated, enjoying the concert, not constantly talking, not gesturing wildly, and not on our iphones.

      Sorry- didn’t mean to rant. I only go to one of these shows per tour, and she totally ruined it. I could tell that it was a great show, a great crowd, and great energy. Except for one truly evil woman. Why do I get all the luck?! I looked around to see if other people were acting like this, and it was ONLY HER! The people behind me were also visibly upset by her.

      But the show! Only drawback was nothing from Scarlet’s Walk- but maybe that would have detracted from the show’s rocking-out theme. Lots of higher-energy songs in there, especially towards the end. I was really excited to hear Santa play Raspberry Swirl and She’s Your Cocaine, with all her gesturing and dancing. Songs that were really nice, but I could have done without: Jamaica Inn, Orange Knickers (not a fan of Beekeeper), Digital Ghost, Bells for Her, and Space Dog- the latter two only because I ALWAYS get them at concerts in New England… But overall, it was a great set list.

      Other tidbits: during the pre-Cornflake Girl chat, she noted how insanely hot it was in Boston, that it was “lizard” weather :). And how happy she was when she heard that the NA leg of the tour would end in Boston. She also told us during the Cool On Your Island improv that in less than 48 hours, she would be mixing the Christmas album!

      Thanks Tori, and thanks to the crowd. Except for that one woman. You don’t get a thank you!

    16. Brian says:

      I’ve seen Tori many, many times on every tour since the mid-nineties. She is always incredible; the most consistently engaging and emotional performer I’ve seen! Amazing!! I’m just going to give my general impressions of the show, not go through song by song. I definitely think that Tori likes the B of A Pavillion as a venue; I believe that the last time that I saw her here that she also ended a leg of her tour here. So I was anticipating a very special show from her. And we got it! It seemed that she crafted her set list to include some special crowd favorites that she doesn’t play that often. Hearing “Cool On Your Island” during the Lizard Lounge was definitely a highlight for me! Her energy was extremely good all night, and her voice and playing sounded great (as always). I went to the show with my sister, and I predicted that she’d play “Silent All These Years,” even though she had only played it once so far this tour. And she did! That was definitely the emotional crest of the wave at this show. Ok, so here’s the part of the show that disappointed me. I think that the audience let Tori down a bit at this show. The audience was standing for the first several songs of her set, but at around the third song the entire audience rapidly sat down all en masse. It was very strange to me; it looked like a huge set of dominos falling (kind of like a reverse wave, everyone sat down sequentially, section by section). People seemed embarrassed and self-conscious about not wanting to stand (which is understandable if the people behind you want you down). I’ve seen this sometimes happen at Tori shows during slow songs, but I think that people generally stand more than sit (I believe that people stood the entire time the last time I saw her at this venue, but I could be wrong). People might sit more at a place like the Orpheum, but that is more due to the stadium seating. I honestly didn’t mind the rest of being able to sit, but I think that sitting has a tendency to drain a performer’s energy. When Tori played “Silent,” my sister immediately stood up (this is a very important song to her). So I stood up with her, and someone behind me was telling me to sit down- but I just couldn’t. And Tori was looking straight at us for a decent part of this song. I think that standing indicates that the song means something to you. Anyway, I might be way off base- but I got the sense that the constant standing and sitting of the audience was distracting to Tori. As a performer myself, that would probably distract me, too. I actually thought that she might have changed her encore a bit because the audience energy didn’t really warrant a truly spectacular ending. The final song felt slightly anti-climactic to me. And Tori rushed off the stage much more quickly than normal. She normally gives a long wave and shakes the hands of fans. She didn’t do that tonight. My sister pointed out that the venue might have told the band to get right off the stage immediately at 10:45pm, so it’s possible that Tori was reacting to a curfew enforced by the B of A security. I hope that this was the case. I love the fact that Tori really seems to like Boston (and the beautiful venue at B of A Pavillion). I’m hoping that this show didn’t dull her impressions of it.

    17. Stacey says:

      What a long and wicked hot day! I stood in line for three hours or so for the Meet and Greet but it was worth it. I also met these two great ladies from Canada, Marcy and Michelle. They were great company for us during the wait. I hope you guys read Undented and had a great time at the show.

      On to the show. It was great, but I don’t think I have ever been to a bad Tori show. The set list was not my favorite, I have seen her do a lot of the songs before but, she was still so wonderful. My friend and I were listening to Tori on the drive to Boston and heard “She’s Your Cocaine” and realized we had never seen her do that song and she did it, as Santa no less.

      I always like seeing “Bells for Her,” “Cool on Your Island,” and “Precious Things.” Three of my favorite songs. I was also excited to see “Strong Black Vine” which is one of my favorites from AATS.

      The Encore was the best part of the show for me. While the band was jamming and she was off-stage I told my friend, jokingly, that she was going to come back out as one of the Posse. When Santa emerged, I nearly lost my mind. She was the one Posse member we did not get to see that we wanted to see on her last tour and out she comes with “She’s Your Cocaine!” Santa really rocked the encore last night. “Raspberry Swirl” has never been one of my favorite songs, but I have a new love for it after hearing Santa belt it out.

      All in all, the show was really great and my only complaint is that she only did one Boston show instead of the usual two. I can’t wait until her next tour, I will be bringing my almost 8-year-old daughter next time and it will be her first concert ever.

    18. Peter D says:

      This was my fifth time seeing Tori in Boston, and like every time before, she did not disappoint! Even though she played for a little more than two hours, the entire show just flew by! I would say what the highlights of the show were for me, but I would probably end up writing almost every song!

      All of the songs from the new album were absolutely amazing live! I was only sad she didn’t play Fast Horse from the new album or anything from “Scarlet’s Walk”, but hopefully there will be many more tours to come!

      From the beginning of the show Tori definitely let it be known that she was sad to be leaving for the European leg of the tour, and referenced her love for her fans and the fact that she was leaving throughout the night in various songs. Particular songs where I remember this standing out and where she gestured are Bells for Her (“Can’t stop loving you..”), Tear in Your Hand (“Maybe it’s time to wave goodbye now…”), and The Power of Orange Knickers (“Time to leave me now…”), along with her improv.

      For “The Beekeper” songs, I’ve never really been a huge fan of Jamaica Inn or The Power of Orange Knickers, but I must say, these songs were really unbelievable live and with the band. I’ll definitely have to revisit them on the album.

      After Strong Black Vine, with the amazing improv at the end, I could not believe when Santa came out for the encore!! When Big Wheel was played second I had a feeling that something unexpected and different was planned for the encore, but I never would have guessed to see Santa! Santa had not been one of the dolls at the two shows in Boston during the ADP tour, so it was such a great surprise to get to see her play Raspberry Swirl, She’s Your Cocaine, and Body and Soul—all of which I had never heard live before!

      Overall, it was a spectacular night, with great songs and great energy!! I can’t wait to see her again!

    19. Sarah says:

      Last night was my first real introduction to Tori’s music. The concert tickets were a gift for my father, who absolutely loves and appreciates her music in a way that I didn’t really understand until last night. As soon as her fingers touched the keys, it all made sense. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen my dad that happy. My mother, sister and I were almost equally as mesmerized by her entire performance. I found myself tearing up periodically throughout each song she played (although “play” almost isn’t a strong enough word to properly describe what she does) during the Lizard Lounge.
      After the concert the four of us were still in a bit of a daze after witnessing such physical and emotional prowess over those instruments. Then we got to the parking garage and realized that due to some recent car issues, two keys are needed—one to unlock the doors and the other to start the ignition. We, of course, had forgotten in our excitement upon finally getting to Boston (we live over two hours away) and had accidentally locked the door key inside the car. Thankfully one of the parking attendants helped us (for over 30 min) by ramming a piece of metal through a small slit between the top of the window and roof of the car and somehow pressing the “unlock” button. He was pretty awesome, especially since Triple-A told us it would be at least a 90 minute wait!
      All in all, even with our silly parking issues, the 10 dollar beers and the night road work junk, I’ve never seen a better performance. Our family will cherish the memories created last night for years and years to come.

    20. prettygoodwaitress says:

      Tori… and Santa… were on fire! They seemed to know exactly what I wanted to hear tonight; even The Power Of Orange Knickers was amazing tonight. HIGHLIGHTS of the night! Digital Ghost, Lady in Blue, Talula, and Santa’s entire set during the encore! I don’t know why but she just has so much more energy than Tori when she does Body&Soul. it’s different, but amazing. I could definitely see the Pip influence in Strong Black Vine too! one annoying thing last night was that some people next to me were constantly talking and tweeting on their cellphones… very distracting, and very rude to the performer!

      overall, one of my favourite nights of the tour (i went to the new jersey, new york, and phili shows), but this was definitely my favourite.

    21. Monica O'Brien says:

      Yeah, I really agree with much that has been said. Setlist = meh.

      Performance = AMAZING. The end of Lady in Blue, when she said, “I can play too” and them launched into the piano sent MAJOR chills up my spine. She REALLY meant it. SATY was gorgeous. I guess for me, the thing that gets me every time with Tori live is that she is SO SINCERE in every word sang and note played that the songs truly come alive and personal.

      The end of her improv said something about how, even though she’s leaving us now, the “girls” will be always be here. That made me cry pretty hard. What a gorgeous sentiment, because her songs really are living, evolving beings.

    22. Michelle says:

      This is my first Tori concert. It was amazing – better than my expectations – truly. I want to see her again. I’ve been listening to her music for the past 5 years or so. I wasn’t keeping up with what was going on with her but now I am. She really delivers a first rate show. It seems that this was the perfect show to see her for the first time. It was hot but definitely forgot about it at times b/c she’s so fantastic.

    23. Mark Bednarz says:

      This was an INTENSE night!

      The B of A crew was really cool to everyone waiting out front – set up a hose to sprinkle on us all to keep us from frying out there – REALLY APPRECIATED!!!

      I was fortunate enough to be in on the meet-n-greet, although a little saddened that it was so rushed. My thanks go out to Brian, Brendan, the Enfield girls, and OMG – forgot your name, but I won’t forget about the Brooklyn Bridge! You all made my time before the show all the more enjoyable :) Thanks so much!!!

      I wasn’t too fond of One EskimO, but I’m glad that they came out and were able to make a bunch of people happy.

      Tori’s entire setlist was UNBELIEVABLY AWESOME!!! She kept us all up on our feet for the first few songs and really was nailing them. I loved Give from the studio album, and she made it all the better live.

      There were songs spread throughout the show that just hit me with emotion. Just as I’d think I was recovering, she’d bring out another one – it was truly an experience!

      This was the best Raspberry Swirl I’ve ever heard live. Loved what she did with Precious Things too – very intense. She really gave it her all for us in Boston and I’m truly thankful for this night!

    24. Char says:

      What a great last show! The meet and greet was splendid. Tori was in the best mood and her energy at the meet and greet was phenomenal WHICH meant that was about to carry over to the show and oh how it did!

      I had a fantastic seat, thank you Mindy and Tori for the seat… what a gift.

      I could literally engage in Tori’s energy… it was magical and she was on fire. Though the set was not my most favorite…. she sure made up for it with her energy and impeccable lyrics/playing/energy.

      The highlight for me was Lady In Blue… holy wow… that was incredibly live.

      Santa was good fun and a great way to end the US tour.

      I just want to say it was a blessing to go to 10 shows this tour and Boston was the best way to end it… Boston rocks. I worked my butt off with no vacation for over a year to get to these shows…and it was so worth it. Tori (M.T.) is in such a magical place spiritually it literally is oozing out of all aspects of her professional being (that of course is ONLY my opinion).

      I had wonderful interactions with Tori, Mindy, Tori’s staff and every fan I met along the way at all the shows.

      I have been around since 92 and not always have I been able to interact and do meet and greets but as I have gotten older and my career is a smattering less demanding I have made a point to experience ALL of Tori which means her fans….

      Thank you all for being so gracious and friendly and holding great energy. I chose to stay out of any drama and wow, what a great over-all experience.

      Thank you UNDENTED for all that you do!

    25. Jerry says:

      How perfect and fitting for everyone’s favorite doll (Sorry, Tori) ;) to end the North American tour, especially with the inclusion of so many of her songs this year and the Blondie music before and after each set maybe kind of foreshadowing this.

      Even though Pele and ADP were probably my two favorites, I really liked hearing all the Beekeeper songs this tour, in keeping with the sin theme. Tori’s performance of Orange Knickers was about as good as she gets.

      She definitely needed the vibes from the audience, and maybe we didn’t seem as enthusiastic about some songs like Bells for Her and Jamaica Inn for some reason. Maybe it was in my head. I was kind of in the zone during Bells and Flavor where I think her words are directed right at me.

      But she brought us back in with the Lizard Lounge. The improv was very moving and probably one of the best ones I’ve heard. I love when she named the last six or seven cities in reverse order and then looked forward, letting us know if we couldn’t make it to Europe or Australia, the girls would always be with us.

      Everything after the Lizard Lounge seemed to flow fantastically and the rest of the show just went too fast. Maybe Talula was a little better when she debuted it (I think) in Detroit, but generally all the girls just got better and better the more the band played them live. I love Tori solo, but the shows definitely have an energy with the band that energizes me to no end, no matter how little sleep I got the night before. We’ll miss you Tori!

    26. Maddy says:


      This was my first Tori show. And what a show it was!
      What can I say other than that it was amazing. I am pretty much speechless. The temperature was hot, the songs were hotter, and the energy was ON FIRE. This was an upbeat show. However, on the slow side, Silent All These Years knocked me over. I cried and cried… It was only recently that I really felt the song and that performance brought the events of those times back. Jeez and then the improv… I was just thinking the whole time “You don’t have to go!!!” (in my sobbing mess). She didn’t play any of the songs I was really hoping for but nonetheless, I can’t imagine how the show could have been any better. Not a low point to the night… well except for the fact that it had to end.

      I could try to do a song by song but it would last forever and it all gelled together too much for me to write a cohesive blow by blow. There are just too many high points to count. I loved this night so dearly, from Bells for Her’s intro (which I thought was Virginia and then was convinced was Devils and Gods before Bells’ lyrics started) to SATY’s understated emotional power, to Strong Black Vine’s explosive ending, to the return of an old friend; every aspect combined to make a show that is truly unforgettable.

    27. Jennifer says:

      After giving it a couple of weeks to reflect…what a fantastic show. I didn’t need weeks to tell you that actually, but I went back through her set list and compared to other cities and HOW LUCKY WE WERE IN BOSTON!!! Tori did an amazing job. This was my third show, the first with her band for me, and I was ecstatic. I even made a CD of this set list but from previous live cd’s (legally, paid for) and it was worth every penny. I hope I get to see Tori a million more times. Best songs were Cornflake Girl (the first time I’ve seen it live), Flavor, Cool On Your Island was soooo heartfelt and beautiful, she rocked on Lady In Blue, and she kept the energy going all the way to the end. I don’t know how she does it.

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