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In Memory Of Violet's Husband, Kim Flint
1969 - 2010

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    Tori is touring in 2017 to support the release of Native Invader. The European legs runs from early September through early October and the North American leg runs from late October to early December. We do not know if additional dates elsewhere will be added.

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    Native Invader (album, 2017)



    Date August 31, 2009
    City Undented Fantasyland
    Venue Twitter

    Where everybody gets upgraded and nobody gets up to pee or get more drinks — in fact, your drinks magically refill themselves and your bladder never fills!

    Note: This is not a real concert! It’s just the Undented Dork Posse blowing off some steam in between the Sinful Attraction tour legs…

    If you want to watch a stream of the entire show, start to finish (minus Datura, which is on Vimeo), @terravixfirma has conveniently made it into a handy YouTube playlist.

    Set List

    Main Set

    • Bad Company
    • Blood Roses
    • Bachelorette
    • Dragon
    • Upside Down
    • Real Men
    • Purple People
    • Muhammad My Friend
    • Barons of Suburbia
    • Here. In My Head
    • London Girls
    • Riot Poof
    • Yes, Anastasia
    • Father Lucifer
    • Cooling
    • Ode to the Banana King (Part 1)
    • Sister Janet
    • Spark
    • Flying Dutchman
    • Desperado
    • Caught A Lite Sneeze
    • Girl
    • iieee
    • Alamo
    • Scarlet’s Walk
    • Only Women Bleed


    • Datura


    Bad Company

    Blood Roses



    Upside Down

    Real Men

    Purple People

    Muhammad My Friend

    Barons of Suburbia

    Here. In My Head

    London Girls

    Riot Poof

    Yes, Anastasia

    Father Lucifer


    Ode to the Banana King (Part 1)

    Sister Janet


    Flying Dutchman


    Caught A Lite Sneeze




    Scarlet’s Walk

    Only Women Bleed


    #1 Most Requested Song from Violetxoxox on Vimeo.


    1. EmilyRO says:


      Thanks guys for doing this – what a fabulous idea to get us through the lil’ wait until the European leg!

      Also, this was a fantastic exercise in excavating the best of Tori out of the catacombs of YouTube – what a beautiful unintended consequence!

      My highlights:
      Blood Roses
      London Girls
      Riot Proof
      Caught A Lite Sneeze
      …and DATURA (my personal request)

      And I have to admit, this was the trigger to push me over the edge and finally join twitter! (although it was perfectly easy to play along even without an account – I didn’t join until around Purple People!)

      Fun, fun, fun for a Monday night! Looking forward to your future twittery plans…!

    2. Ashley (@ToriFan247) says:

      Thanks for the fun tonight, and all the hard work that went into doing this. I really appreciate all you guys do keep this site up and running!

      I feel like I just came home from a show, and have that aftershow afterglow! Thanks for the surprises, and all the bee sides. I got several of the requests I sent in, so I’m pretty happy. Great Job, and thanks for posting quality videos of the songs requested, as I’m sure you had to sift thru some that weren’t so great.

      Thanks again!

    3. Khaled.T says:

      absolutely LOVED it. thank’s V :)

    4. AtomsEyes says:

      wow Violet … thank you!

      you played everything i requested
      (flying dutchman, suburbia, riot poof, datura)

      and i hope you are really proud of what you created for Datura because it it BRILLIANT.

      you captured the essence of the song beautifully.
      i know Tori would be proud.
      i hope U figure out a way to get her camp to view it.
      Thanks again for a great night!

    5. jamesblount3 says:

      This was so much fun. It was just as exciting as the nightly live set feeds from all of the tour so far! Full of surprises, too. These videos are so fun and DATURA was AMAZING! How appropriate and well done! Thanks for all that you do in the interactive Tori Universe! and for a countdown of AMAZING Tori moments!

      Also, I was really excited that Dragon, Upside Down, Barons of Suburbia, Here. In My Head, Riot Poof, Spark, Desperado, Girl, iieee, and Scarlet’s Walk made the (hopefully first of many) fantasy show!

    6. Levy says:

      Well, I’m not really a Tori Amos fan, though I liked her first album, but I got free tickets, so there. I was kinda worried about going hearing how people who usually attend her gigs can be, err, rather dedicated, but hey, they were a cool bunch actually (though I did find all that screaming kinda funny – I mean, this was almost like classical music LOL).

      Anywayz, the woman plays piano nicely and she has a nice voice, but what bothered me were the songs choices. I mean, I practically heard none of them before! Where was Crucify? Precious Things? WHERE WAS CORNFLAKE GIRL? Shouldn’t somebody think about people wandering to the show by chance?

      Well, that’s it. And yeah, I would probably go and see this Tori woman live again (if I get the free tickets LOL). See ya!

    7. MarianneRose says:

      Nice job guys! loved Datura! loved the setlist… highlights Bad Company lol and Sister Janet and Ieee! I miss that song!

      you guys rock!

    8. Slayerkitty says:

      Wow. Wow. Wow. GREAT JOB!!! Applause!

    9. michaelkelly says:

      This was a ton of fun! I had my laptop plugged into my tv and was watching on the couch, running to the computer in anticipation after each song. =) And the Datura video…quite impressed!! It’s awesome!! Please do it again. Great mix of songs and eras and it was a very innovative idea!

    10. Sakre says:

      That Austin show when she opened with Bad Company was my first Tori show :) Fantastic to see the video.

    11. Mcryaz says:

      Thanks a bunch for all your hard work. It was fun!

    12. @NicholasBashour says:

      I had a good time following along. The whole experience of waiting for the next song and wondering what it will be, and then watching and enjoying it was certainly entertaining. I had hoped for more selections out of Scarlet’s Walk and choirgirl, though :P crazy, strange, Taxi Ride, Northern Lad, Liquid Diamonds. Maybe next time. There is a next time, right? Before the start of the Australian tour? I’m just sayin… :P

    13. Lisa071573 says:

      Awesome idea Violet! I love it :) (and seeing the finished product explains why my request, Copacabana, wasn’t included ;)). I hope you guys do another fantasy night :)

    14. TommylovesTori says:

      Violet-what a freakin awesome show and wonderful idea!!
      seeing Tori only once (in NYC) on her U.S. leg of the tour wasnt’ enough for me so this was a treat!
      although i didn’t get to watch the show as you twittered, i did afterwards… one song i was certain would have appeared (but didn’t) was Zero Point which is truly a masterpiece…oh, and no Cruel …

      and, ofcourse, the best

      thanks for the great entertainment…and lets cross our fingers Tori is watching!

    15. Josh says:

      Violet the show was phenominal, and although I didn’t get to watch the show as you twittered. I did after words. highlights for me were,
      blood roses, iiee, barons of suburbia, father lucifer
      sister janet, bad company, and dragon. everything was really great though.

      thanks for the enlightening entertainment. I hope there will be another fantasy night.

    16. Valerie says:

      Very cool Violet! Awesome idea…fun & easy to follow, and a creative idea that will surely catch on!

      Thx for including my picks:
      Upside Down
      Barons of Suburbia
      Here. In My Head
      Yes, Anastasia
      Flying Dutchman
      Caught A Lite Sneeze (with the drumming…my fav performance ever!!! thx for listening :)
      and of course, Datura, excellent job! So trippy & floaty…will you share the story of the film footage?

      And to some great surprises I wish I requested:
      Bad Company
      Riot Poof

      2nd requests for next time:
      Take To The Sky – my fav song!
      Zero Point
      Cruel or Smokey Joe – we need Pip!
      My Favorite Things (my request on that tour)

      Thanks! You rule :)

    17. Mark-Alexis says:

      Wonderful idea. Wonderful execution. And a totally wonderful way – as someone else put it – of rescuing Tori from the catacombs of youtube…

      also, I want that boy in the video for “Datura”. bad. ;)



    18. Jessie says:

      That was alot of fun!! Thank you. :) Loved to see the changes from over the years. Really enjoyed Barons of Suburbia.

    19. Aaron says:

      First things first, truly, thank you for Undented, and thank you for this!!

      Real Men. OMG. Stunning. Just stunning. I was worried at first, would she say “faggot”, would she get clipped or bleeped, since it was on a TV show? She is so brave. AHHH so so so good.

      And Caught a Lite Sneeze! AH-freaking—MAZING!! I obviously do not spend enough time youtube surfing!!!

      After all these years, to see one of these performances and it can still be pure magic. I know I’m in the right crowd here to appreciate it :D

    20. Chris says:

      I don’t get the requests for Datura. It’s not a song that would translate live very well, IMHO

    21. another_pilot says:

      Great ideam great job! Thank you very much. My personal request was “Caught A Lite Sneeze”.

    22. Andrea says:

      Very creative!! I’m not surprised by the set list at all – I loved it. Ode to the Banana King (Part I) is such a brilliant song. I can’t remember the last time she played this live. I did not see her on the US tour, but my husband and I are taking are honeymoon in Rome, Italy and will be seeing her the last night we are there. Watching these videos has pushed me over the edge of excitement! Something I noticed: It’s interesting to me to see how the audiences “behaved” back in the day (very respectful). This really was a lot of fun. Thank you for taking the time to put it together.

    23. MelindaLu says:

      Wow.. Violet! The encore was spectacular and I loved every moment of it. So weird and wonderful. Loved the whole concept and thank you for all of your devotion to the Tori community! I didn’t get my requests in on time, but many of them were right there… Flying Dutchman, iieee, Riot Poof. Yes, let’s please do it again soon!

    24. christian says:

      Nice choice; was really impressed of Desperado. It is a pity that Tori doesn´t do more shows like this one today.

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